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Palm Beach at Aruba
Palm Beach at Aruba
The Caribbean island of Aruba lies around 15 miles off of the coast of Venezuela and is a mere 6 miles in width, at its widest point, and 20 miles long.

The island is quite flat with the south and west coasts having clean, white, sandy beaches looking out over the Caribbean Sea. One of the most popular resorts is Palm Beach which has a lively atmosphere with plenty of watersports to choose from, as well as restaurants, shops and even casinos. The resort of Eagle Beach, on the north-west coast, is a little more laid back without the high rise hotels that are found at Palm Beach. The capital, Oranjestad, is located on the south coast and is a popular stop off point for many cruise ships. With an abundance of shops this area can become very busy with tourists, especially when cruise ships are in port.

The temperature remains around 30°C throughout the year with very little rain. Due to its position, just outside the hurricane belt, Aruba rarely feels any effects of the storms that can potentially devastate many of the other Caribbean islands.

Flights to the island land at the Queen Beatrix International Airport which is located 1.5 miles outside of the capital.

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