Pineapple Beach Club Antigua

Long Bay St. Phillip's, Willikies Antigua
4 star hotel

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August 2003

Reviewed Thu 11th of October 2012

"As a family of 4, we stayed in a beach front room #231 - just 3 steps off the beach and what a beach, probably one of the best in Antigua.

The hotel staff are very accomodating and it really is difficult to find fault with this hotel. For the price it really is good value for money.

Dale, the catering manager went out of his way to ensure that our special dietry needs were taken of as well arrange a special banquet on our 20th wedding anniversary.

The quality of the food is excellent as well as the range of offerings.

Look out for Monique and her cheery smile and nature at the bar. Smile at her with a 'thumbs up' sign and I'm sure she will serve you a Mount gay rum and diet coke !"

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  • Travel date: Tue 9th of September 2003

wonderful time

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"We stayed at the Grand Pineapple during the week of August 3rd, 2003 and had a great time. We were a little concerned about the recent post that had a very bad rating, but those worries were unfounded. The beach and grounds were wonderful. The food, (variety, quanity and quality) were excellent. The service was what we expected (a little slow one night at the Italian place) and the staff was friendly and helpful. We never had a problem waiting for a drink the bar and the grill. Things you must consider doing include the trip to Bird Island, shopping trip to St. Johns and you must have several lunches at the Outhouse."

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  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of August 2003

The Ugly

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"The only thing that saves this place from being a complete disaster is
that the food at the resort was pretty good. That is the diners were
decent and the $20 lobster was worth it (thanks room 131 :-). Anyway, i
used trip advisor (may have been a mistake too) and felt I better put
my 2 cents in before others make the mistake of thinking this is a 4
star resort. IT IS NOT!. It is actually a complete joke to think that,
I would say very low 3 star maybe a decent 2 star. I should have
listened to my travel agent that warned me. Let me mention that I am
not some picky person that complains. I never do. I even had $100 in
singles to tip the staff and am always polite and smiling and always
say hello to everone. I went with my gf and we met others at the resort
who felt the exact same thing you are about to read.

First the good- as mentioned, the diners were good, the pinapple grille
food was excellent-really good. the outhouse was great with bottle beer
and cans of soda overlooking the sea with BBQ, mary was a courts were nice, and you could ask for premium
alcohol and get it at the 1 (yes ONE)bar that they really had (the
bottle beers at the outhouse I guess is what they considered another
bar, and the bar at the other restaurant opened 2 nights a week could
be the other bar they say they have) but that was it, ONE true useable
bar. They had a lot of beach chairs. Reception was good, easy no wait
to check in or out, we were upgraded to a garden room which was
adequate, comparable to a Motel 6 or Red Roof Inn- nothing fancy about
this place at all, no marble, no jacuzzi, no double sinks, all really
old musty smells, in dire need of upgrading.

The bad- The service is horid. The worst I have ever seen after
visiting about 10 resorts. 95% of time there is 1 bartender, tending
their one bar and trust me she will move as slow as you have ever seen
anyone move- slower. The whole staff moves in slow motion (it's truly
unreal). The bartender is also the bar back, so u could be the only
person who wants a drink but it may still take a few minutes while she
is doing something else (like not looking at you).
I waited 30 minutes at the snack bar to place my order once and that was not atypical. The staff will not look you in the eye when they answer a question, perhaps this is a custom, to me it is completely rude. They do not seem to have any pride at all in their resort and no respect for the clients.

There are so many rude things that happened, i can't even believe i
spent any money here, i would only tell my worst enemy to go here. Our
last night, my gf and I and another couple were drinking at the bar and
the lights were just shut off by the bartender on us at 11 pm without a
''last call' without a warning, without a good bye, and we all were
drops away from finishing our drinks. The bartnder did not say a word
and just left us in the lights at all. Other groups were in
the lounge at the time and we were all so annoyed it became a complaint
session to each other about how bad this resort is. They all felt a
"last call" would have been nice. Many times the staff rolled their
eyes at us or seemed annoyed if we asked for a premium drink (absolute
and tonic etc). Not once did anyone on staff ask how my trip is, where
we were from, what excursions we have been on etc.... the staff just
seemed not to care at all, not friendly. I remember once someone was
laughing ( I wont mention who)and it struck me how out of place that

The blender was broken (for 4 days), yes I guess they had 1 blender in
the whole resort, the shuffle board was broken, the ping pong table was
broken, the self serve soda fountain broken, my remote for tv was
broken, my toliet barely flushed, the board games were all about 7-12
years old, the water volleyball was not existant (must have been
broken), there no music on the beach, no daytime entertainment, never
heard the DJ once try to get the crowd into doing anything, and night
time entertainment is bingo, a fire eater (kind 0f neat), and 2 bands,
There are not enough pool towels so a few times we were stuck all day
with one wet towel and they never had clean towels before 9:00 am which
did not help when you went on an excursion that left at 8:30 (and yes
the very rude girl working at the towels did not care at all). There
were not enough towels for the room (does this sound like a 4 star
resort?). we never got towels until after the morning towels were
washed at 5 pm. the first night the electric went out 3 times. there
was mold all along the shower base, the bathtub was only big enough for
a 10 year old. not one hot tub or jacuzzi to be seen anywhere, the
pools were small (one was nice, one was very small, neither you can do
laps in) The lunch restaurant (Topaz) is open aired and we competed
with 50+ birds a meal. we saw 10 birds at one table after someone got
up, the birds were just eating off the plates and the staff did not
care, so you have bird crap all over the railings, on the chairs, on
the tables and probably on the plates it is gross. The breakfast buffet
is really weak (though chocolate pancakes were good the presentation is
disgusting and the fruits were not good at all). Birds and flies

No frozen drinks in pinapples on the beach served to me like i imagined

No cabana boys (None). Therefore at the beach, if you want a drink you
have to get up and walk about 5 minutes to the bar, when you come back
to your chair I assure you that the ice melted or you drank it on the
way or it is no longer a frozen drink. I have never been to a resort
with no one, not once, asking you if they could get you a drink. That
may have been the most disappointing thing for me. We played volleyball
at the end of the beach for hours and we would be so thirsty yet to get
drinks we had to stop the game and walk 5+ minutes to the bar to get
water. I have never been to a resort like this. No beach bar and no one
to serve you while you lay out.... ugh for $300 a night i expected
more. The italian restaurant is basically the same restaurant as the
topaz, just in another section with italian banners and our tablecloth
had a nice big hole in it (typical). the food was ok there as well.
pretty good. As for the resort, again, it was so dirty. They are very
understaffed, I only saw one time in 9 days someone cleaning the pool
(even after it rained and there were leaves and bugs all over the pool,
no one cleaned it and it rained everyday) I saw all the time, dirty
plates with birds and bugs just laying around the pool area. the beach
had cups laying around for hours. they just do not have a good staff. I
can not believe what i paid for this place and what i got. My beach
towel looked like a dish rag and many were ripped with holes. Our
friends had blood droplets on their sheets and i am certain i had blood
on my beach towel.

I bought a trip from sean on the beach, he was nice and the trip was
legit. went around the island all day on the katamarans, it was fun. We
met a few nice couple aon the devils briodge walk and they too thought
that the staff did not like them for some reason (because the staff was
so rude to all of us). The Nice staff- Monique (only female staff that
seemed to smile), Everton, Kevin, (front desk was all good and so were
the tour people). others were just so rude, i cant even describe it. I
would never do an Allegro, an occidental again nor would i ever
reccomend this resort. email me if you have specific questions. the
list goes on."

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  • Travel date: Sun 27th of July 2003

Fantastic Vacation Resort

Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"If you want a vacation with an excellent view, relaxing environment and great services, this is the place for you! Do not miss Mary's outhouse!
Great chicken and ribs and the Pinot beer is out of this world. The "shack" has a huge history of names and places and Mary is one of the nicest people in the world (grandmother). Don't miss the Island Safari tour or shopping in St. Johns. The ocean view rooms will blow you away.
76 steps up, but it is worth it. Pineapple bar and grill is ready to serve any drinks at any time. You can stay at the resort all day or go out and sight see. Not crowded, easy to get beach chairs. Service was very good and food also. So much to do or nothing to do. Your choice!
Will go back again."

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  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of July 2003

Grand Pineapple, pretty good deal for the money

Reviewed Mon 12th of November 2012

"My husband & I stayed here in February 2003 for 1 week through Apple Vacations. We most appreciated the small & intimate setting...definitely not a mega all inclusive so the personal attention is much better. Food was plentiful and service good although definitley "island paced" so don't expect speed! Drinks were fine but bar really needed more than the one bartender that was usually there...especially in the evening when there was quite a wait time. Our favorite place was the Outhouse for BBQ with Miss Mary and a cold beer overlooking the beautiful coastline. The hike up is well worth it but be prepared to chare the walk with the many goats and occasional mongoose. Room was spacious with a breathtaking view (on the third floor in the newer buildings). Very clean and quiet. Pools are lovely and clean as well.
The resort's private beach was quiet ...there was seaweed on one side but water was much better a bit farther down. The grounds were gorgeous & lush and very well tended. We especially enjoyed our daily visit to the tortoises' little home located near the reception area. Overall, if you are looking for a low key, slow paced, intimate, quiet, smaller retreat, you will find that here. The snorkeling is not great but the sail around the island was beautiful. We've been all over the Caribbean the last 20 years and although Antigua is not our favorite, it does have it's own charm and on a scale of 1 - 10 the Grand Pineapple is a 7 as a good deal for your money."

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  • Travel date: Wed 25th of June 2003

Magical Pineapple

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"I chose the Grand Pineapple Resort because of the good reviews it had on this web site. They were not wrong.In particular, the food is excellent, always a wide variety and well presented. If you choose a hot dish, the plate comes hot as well as the food. My personal favourite was the escargots in pernod sauce appetiser(Topaz restaurant)-but the point is, if you didn't want escargots there were salads, soups, and other appetisers to choose from. When it comes to feeding a wide variety of people, choice is essential. You can get a drinkable wine included with the meal, but I found that if you are prepared to pay a little more you can get an excellent french or italian wine. Extra charges are rare at the Pineapple, but I did not mind paying for a top class wine, as they must be expensive to import into the island.Staff- They have some long-serving staff members who are just wonderful. Out of the 180 staff employed there, one or two don't smile a lot, but this is more than made up for by the others. The management is accessible. If you have a problem, just talk to one of them.Weather- The forecasts before I went said mostly cloudy every day, and I couldn't relate this to the historic average of 8 hours sun a day. I think the big weather forecast companies just haven't got to grips with Antigua's island climate. It was sunny all the time I was there, but with a refreshing breeze. Thisistravel has a good weather forecast section which gives forecasts of hours of sun as well as cloud etc.The Outhouse- Do you ever want to get away from your smart hotel to a simple local shack/bar, to have a beer, meet people and/or just look at a wonderful view? Well it's here, up the hill and round a corner. (And the beer's free!)"

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  • Travel date: Sun 15th of June 2003

Antigua is the BEST and so is Pineapple Beach!!!

Reviewed Tue 11th of December 2012

"Occidental Pineapple Beach Resort May 17 24th 2003 We chose Antigua as our honeymoon destination as we wanted a place where we could explore the entire island and not be stuck in one spot. What convinced me were all of the positive reviews I have read about.and the pics of the great beaches! : )Okay here we goWe arrived in the afternoon at the resort only to be greeted by a man named Shaka who handed us a complimentary fruit punch cocktail. We waited a few minutes then were taken to our room. ROOM We had room 405, which is a standard room. We had thought about asking for an upgrade but decided to see our room before we made any decisions. We were pleased with what we saw and decided that an upgrade was not needed. Quite frankly we didn't plan on spending too much time in there anyway : ) For those who are interested, located in the room is a Queen sized bed, a dresser, two side tables with lamps, a TV, a phone and a safe. No radio or clock so if you want to know the time, best to bring your own.STAFF Our experience at Pineapple Beach was a pleasant one. The staff was amazing!!! I have heard people complain a bit about the staff, but I found them to be overly attentive, kind, friendly and they always had a smile on their face. They always made an effort to say hello be it the head manager of the restaurant, the cook or the leaf blower! They were all very courteous and made an effort to make our stay there a memorable one. My one complaint: I needed an iron to iron some of my clothes. It took two phone calls and a visit to the reception to get it. I'm not sure why it took as long as it did (6 hours) as everything else was perfect....when I did go in person , they had it to me in a few minutes. Oh our second to last day we got a nice surprise of two nicely bundled up t-shirts that said: "Pineapple Beach" on the front and "Don't disturb, I'm on my honeymoon" on the back... very cute! FOOD Excellent! We found the food VERY good at the Topaz restaurant. Thiso keep in mind we had nothing to compare it to. However, the food was tasty, it was hot when it was supposed to be, cold when it was supposed to be, and the presentation was wonderful as well. The chef, Peter, came out periodically to mingle with the guests and to make sure everything was okay. Pineapple Grill I thought the food was not bad. My husband liked it better than I did. My only complaint was that I couldn't cut my steak as it was very tough. Other than that everything else was great particularly the atmosphere. While eating a man named Calypso Joe and his partner (sorry I forgot his name) played a few songs.they were very talented and very funny!! : ) The Outhouse What can I tell you about this place.such a little gem. It's a bit of a trek up a hill, but well worth it! A lady named Mary will serve you ribs and chicken (BBQ) along with any drink you want and salad etc. The view is spectacular and the chicken is AWESOME!!! And Mary.what a genuinely sweet sweet lady. Such a pleasure to have met her. GROUNDS The grounds were beautiful, well kept with lots of greenery and flowers. There was always plenty of staff blowing leaves, cleaning the lamp shades, dusting etc. etc. Not one complaint in this department at all. BEACH Not a huge beach, but a nice one. I was a bit reluctant to stay here based on the fact that it is on the Atlantic side and I thought the waves would be out of hand for my liking. This however could not be further from the truth. It is nestled in a cove and so the waves are very minimal if any. We tried our hand at snorkeling here but didn't go past the barrier that is put up (too chicken!!) We heard that snorkeling is best at the end of the beach, but we never ventured out to try it. The vendors are minimal. There are a few 'stores' set up toward the end of the beach, so if you want to peruse you may. We only had one gentleman come up to us on the beach asking us if we wanted to buy some jewellery. We said no and he left with a smile on his face. We never beaches are notorious for vendors bothering you, but this should not be a worry at Pineapple Grill. TOURS/TRIPS Shirley Heights We went to Shirley Heights on a Sunday evening. This was a nice trip. Here you could see a live steel band (very good), buy some souvenirs or get your hair braided (found them to be a bit pushy with the hair). They offer to do it for $2 a braid, but you CAN bargain with them. You can eat there and drink there too (didn't do that as we weren't hungry). Shirley Heights is up on a hill so the view of Nelson's Dockyard and the sunset is spectacular!! Don't forget to bring a camera for this trip!St. John's shopping trip The bus left Pineapple at 9:00 and returned at 12:15. This, to us, was more than enough time. We did some souvenir shopping in town and visited a casino there, but we were done about 11:00am. Mind you we didn't stop for lunch or anything as others did.Eli's Eco tour Well what can I say! This tour was amazing! The tour starts at about 10am and ends about 4:15 so you get a whole day's worth here. Eli and Francis take you around some of the island with a verbal commentary from Eli about the important and interesting points that you see along the way. This is one of the things I like the most about Elihe really REALLY knows his stuff. While anyone can memorize and give a 'tour speech' and know nothing else, this is not the case with Eli. You can ask him anything and he is able to answer you. He is like a walking encyclopedia!! It's amazing. As well, he is super friendly and laid back. While there are many things to do on this tour (some more adventurous than others) he never makes you feel like a chicken or inferior because you want to relax on the boat as opposed to going for a hike etc. He does everything he can to accommodate you and your needs. Okay more of the tour: You make a few stops, one of them at Bird Island, to have a little hike (worth every minute of it!) and then back down to eat a yummy lunch! Then , the highlight , not only of the trip (for me) but of my ler done anything like this before. For me it was an event just to be in water where I couldn't touch the ground!! There was a point where I didn't think I could do it, I was a bit scared quite frankly. But Eli's 'it's not a big deal' attitude helped me though it, not to mention him holding me by the arm so I wouldn't drown, while I put my mask on : ) )Okay , I don't think He thought I would drown, but I thought I would! Anyway, when I put my face into the ocean, I almost lost my breath (and not because I was breathing through a small tube my snorkel) but because of the spectacular view below me. To this day I still can't explain how I felt when I saw all of those fish swimming in their own little community, in their own little (or rather big) world. I was scared but exhilarated at the same time. What an experience that was.something I will never EVER forget. Thanks Eli and Francis!! : )The Excellence Barbuda trip This was a great trip! This was a whole day trip and every minute was enjoyable. We made the trip in a power Catamaran in about an hour and a half. I was blown away at the colour of the water!!! It was a beautiful translucent green colour I had only seen in magazines! We stopped at one part of the island only to be met by some local Barbudans (?) who wisk you away in a small motor boat. From here they take you to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary where you get a close up glimpse of these grand and spectacular birds. We were brought back, boarded the boat and treated to a tasty lunch of your choice of chicken, fish or steak. Yummie! After, we were taken to another part of the island where we had the choice of 'chilling' on the island or snorkeling. We were brought back to where we were picked up (Dickenson Bay) at about 4:00pm Small review of JOLLY BEACH RESORT: Just a quick note on Jolly Beach Resort. When we were to leave Antigua (May 24th) we were told that the plane was overbooked, but like 20 or so people! ( I have found out since then that this is 'normal' in the airline world go figurnada). Anyway, because of this , we stayed over in Antigua one more night (not a big loss mind you!). We were put up in the Jolly Beach resort. My husband fell in love with the beach there!! It is much larger than the PBR , but I can't tell you much else as we did not have the pleasure of swimming in it.ROOMS of Jolly Beach The room we had, I'm assuming was a standard one. It was nice. It had a King sized bed, two side tables, TV with remote and a nicely lit bathroom, with a noisy but fairly efficient air conditioner. Oh, and we had a balcony! Overall, very nice!GROUNDS of JB The grounds were well kept. The building was a much 'grander' scale than PBR. For me, personally I liked the look of the PBR grounds better. But not to say that Jolly Beach was bad at all. I didn't get to see much of the resort as we arrived in the evening and left early the next morning.SERVICE at JB The service at PBR was MUCH MUCH better. Not to say of course that any of the staff at JB were rude by any means, but to me they were just doing their job and didn't much go out of their way for you as they did at PBR. Some were quite nice and friendly though.FOOD Neither I nor my husband liked the food here. The selection was minimal and the quality wasn't that great. Now, had I gone to JB first and not tasted PBR , I might have a different opinion (okay maybe not), but we were certainly spoiled by the quality of the food at PBR. Also, at PBR they were very aware of when you finished your meal (when eating buffet style) and cleaned up your table before you returned with your next helping. Whereas at JB, each time we went up (keep in mind we only had two meals there) and returned to the table, they were full of our old plates. It wasn't until a minute or so later, that they came to clean up our old dishes.Well I think that's it. I'm sure I've left out some things, but as always if you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'll try my best to answer them."

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  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of June 2003

Loved the Pineapple- May 10-17,2003 Betty &Larry

Reviewed Tue 11th of December 2012

"My husband and I had never been out of the States before. Wewanted to go some place that we would not come home wondering why we hadspent the money to go there. I searched the internet for a place that hadgood reviews. When I came across the reviews for the Pineapple, I waspleasantly surprised. I went to our travel agent and booked a waterfrontroom at the Pineapple for the week of May 10 through May 17. We flewnon-stop from Philadelphia to Antigua. When we first arrived, I was alittle disappointed with the scenery. I found out, later, that Antigua hasbeen in a drought for 3 years. Unfortuantely, it did not make a great sightout of the plane window. Everything looked brown and dry. (It should look better now, as it started to rain when we left.) However, when we got to the resort, it was beautiful. The grounds are very well tended. While checking in, they offer you a rum punch. If you are not much of a drinker, beware. (Even those who occasionaly drink, said they had been effected.) The punch packs quite a PUNCH! Our room's view was really great. We would lie in bed (with the drapes open) and be able to see the sun rise over the hill and water. (Room 511) The room was clean and had ample room for the two of us. We would sit on our patio and have morning coffee. The roomoffered a view uninterrupted by people walking past, yet was close to thebeach. And, the sound of the waves would lull us to sleep each night. Themoisturizer and shampoos are terrific. They are great after a day in the sun. Meals were very good and plentiful. They had enough of a variety that we never got tired of it. My husband discovered that the coconut and sliced almonds in cold cereal was a real tasty treat. (He is usually not much of acoconut eater.) The fresh fruit was great. I decided, before we got there,that I would try some new dishes. I did and I enjoyed them. I was evenbrave enough to try the goat meat. It was seasoned so that it reminded meof the Skyline Chili flavoring. The rib steak at the Pineapple Grill wasexcellent and Chef's Pietro was good, also. We even got to the Outhouse oneday and signed our name on a board. (Be sure to take a marker along, and ifpossible, a board as there isn't much room left.)We had taken snorkelequipment (borrowed from our son and daugher-in-law) along. We had never snorkeled before, so we took the free snorkel lesson on Tuesday and were inthe water, seeing beautiful fish, within a few minutes. The reef right offthe beach offered enough variety of fish and coral to keep us going backfor days afterward. You can easily walk and swim out to it. Be sure to usefins, however, as they do keep you off the coral ( to avoid damaging thecoral and avoid scrapes and cuts to yourself). Be sure to take a disposableunderwater camera along. We did get some really nice pictures with ours.When you go for breakfast, pick up an extra bagel. It is easy to transportthrough the water and you can use it to feed the fish when you gosnorkeling. They love it and you will too.The beach was gorgeous and thecolors of the water are indescribable. We picked Antigua beacuse it did not have nude sunbathing. We did, however, see about 5 or 6 women who did topless sunbathing. It was not a big problem as you could avoid the areas they were sitting. The resort can arrange for excursions on water or land. My husband did do the $20 reef fishing trip and caught the biggest one ofthat trip. (not saying much, as it was only about 8 inches long.) He did enjoy it. We understand they do better other trips. We also took a horseback ride, which went on the beach for a short distance and then went into the town, back streets. It did give us a chance to see how the localslive and our guide (John) was fun to talk to. We also took the ShirleyHeights trip, which we are still trying to decide if it was worth it. Thesunset was pretty and they did have a steel drum band there. We did theshopping trip to St. John's and did bring back beautiful tablecloth andnapkin sets for our daughters-in-law and some trinkets for the others.Mostly, we enjoyed the beautiful beach and water. (I think we did take a short dip in the one pool. It was very nice, but with the beach, we wanted to take advantage of that.) Be sure to do the walk to Devil's Bridge. It isworth the walk!As for the staff, we always got a smile and hello fromeveryone. I was amazed at how easily they remembered your name. (Tracy at the snack bar had met us the first day we arrived and we didn't see heruntil four days later. She came up with our names as if she had just seenus the day before.) Novella is such a sweetheart! She helped our sonsarrange to have a surprise bouquet delivered to our room (wishes for agreat vacation and Mother's Day). She is also very helpful with making arrangements for dinners, excursions, or whatever. You can tell she likes her job. She puts such personality into it. I don't think we met anyone whowasn't pleasant. When I was looking for a resort, I was looking for something that wouldn't cater to just young/firm couples. (being not young,nor firm anymore) However, I felt comfortable enough at the Pineapple toeven wear a (somewhat) skimpy (for me) two piece bathing suit. There were families, younger couples, honeymooning couples and older couples. Would we go back? You bet. I would recommend (as a matter of fact, we have) the Pineapple to anyone. We feel we got our money's worth and don't regret apenny we spent. I would definitely request a waterfront room again; and, Iwould probably ask for room 511 again. The palm tree right outside the room, the view, the privacy and beach accessability can't be beat.The only disappointing thing about our trip was at the airport when departing. Our taxi pulled up, Larry started getting our luggage out and a red cap came and took them right out of his hand, carried them two feet, set them on the sidewalk and waited for a tip. They do it to everyone, so be forwarned. Other than that, everyone else was pleasant and friendly. We also met some very nice couples there. Hi to Nick and Kathy from N.Y.; Hi to Chris andKris in D.C.; and Hi to Jason and Amy from Indianapolis. (I hope I got the names all correct.)"

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  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of June 2003

No problem

Reviewed Mon 12th of November 2012

"We stayed at this hotel for four days while on business. I found the grounds to be beautiful, the rooms adequate (except for the constantly running toilet), relativly clean, and without enough towels. The food was okay, had to wait forever for everything though. We did not get a blanket for our bed until our last night- they kept saying "No problem" but would never solve anything. The beach was nice, the night entertaiment good. We went to the game room one night and the staff member "keeping watch" was so sound asleep, we thought he was dead. A little weird. The beach was really nice, and the island was great. The biggest problem I had was that staff had provided a collegue with my room number, and had it upgraded, without my permission or asking me, if it was okay. I felt that my privacy was violated and giving this type of info out could be very dangerous. I don't think I would stay there again."

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  • Travel date: Sat 31st of May 2003

Great value at Pineapple Beach

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"If you want a great, affordable All-Inclusive Caribbean vacation, this place can not be beat! We just returned from our 4th visit to this resort over 12 years and fins it better each time. Located on a quiet cove, this laid back place has a warm staff, excellent food and as much or as little to do as you want. Nightly there is entertainment such as a band or dance troupe. We highly recommend Allegro Pineapple Beach. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Jeff Perkins"

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  • Travel date: Thu 14th of February 2002


Reviewed Tue 8th of September 2015

"We have just celebrated our 40th wedding Anniversary at the Grand Pineapple in Antigua it was fantastic. The room was spotless, staff faultless. Overall it was one of the best holidays so far. I would advise anyone looking for a brilliant holiday to look no further than the Grand Pineapple.

The food is brilliant not to mention 'Aunt Mary's Grill', it is finger licking' good.All in all everything was perfect, can't wait to go back. Don't forget to ask for Sanjay when you get there, remember the name Sanjay, she is one of the managers who will make sure you have a great holiday."

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  • Travel date: Sun 30th of August 2015

Funfilled time!!!!

Reviewed Tue 27th of August 2013

"My family and I had stayed at Pineapple for a few nights, what an amazing, peaceful get away it was.
We felt right at home from the moment we got to the resort.
The staff and management were great, they all ensured that my family had a memorable stay.
The food was great especially, the dinners at the grill restaurant, Mary's out house on the hill for lunch, and the snack bar.
Our ocean view room, wow, we could not have asked for a better view or a better room.
Thank you everyone at Pineapple!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 27th of August 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

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Pineapple Beach Club Antigua is also called

  • Grand Pineapple Beach Antigua
  • Occidental Grand Pineapple Beach Hotel
  • Grand Pineapple Beach Hotel

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