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Five Islands, St. John's Antigua
3 star hotel

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Reviewed Thu 15th of January 2009

"We stayed at this hotel we got there by default we were book into the blue heron another rex resort hotel, 2 days before we were due to fly we were told we were being upgraded to the halycon cove, we arrived at this hotel and it was dreadful no entertainment and worst of all no bar staff they kept disappearing so we called our tour operator the following morning TROPICAL SKY and they were wonderful told us to visit jolly beach and the hawksbill we went to both and picked the hawksbill within 10 minutes of us saying we wanted to go there TROPICAL SKY had arranged it and it was wonderful nice and peaceful pool was tiny and cold staff were friendly food was good we will return and we would go with Tropical Sky . co . uk"

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  • Travel date: Wed 14th of January 2009

Just came back from a lovely break from...

Reviewed Fri 22nd of August 2008

"Just came back from a lovely break from Antigua as part of a three Island holiday. the Hawksbill was are second Island. It is set in beautiful surroundings, the rooms our basic but clean and you don't spend time in them anyway, we had a room along from the reception in the main part that had a lovely high ceiling and as we were elevated we got a lovely sea breeze through the room. We looked at upgrading to a beach front bungalow but they were not as nice as the room we already had so stayed put.

We arrived at midnight and Ben the night man had a plate of cold food kept back for us and a couple of glasses of champagne which was very welcome.

The food is nice enough, not over caribbean which was disappointing but certainly tasty and edible, the house wine is good too. The staff are a mixture, i wouldn't describe any of them as rude, some laid back, David McCoy on the bar is lovely and nothing is too much trouble for him, say hi to him for me! Millie was fun too. Make sure you say good morning to Merlene who cooks the pancakes and eggs.

Very friendly as in the other guests that stayed. Our rep wasn't perticularily good. We arranged to go to Shirley Heights which is a must but please do not bother with the Hotel Shuttle which drops you there at 4.30 and wants to bring you back at 7.30 in time for dinner! which we were not told until he dropped us off! (still had to pay him though) We arranged to come back by ourselves as the Steel Band plays at 6-8 and then a reggae band between 8-12, fab atmosphere, vendors food and a big bar fully stocked and not over priced, fabulous views if you get a clear night.

If you should venture down to the Nudist beach which is lovely, please ask reception for a cool box as there is nothing down there by way of refreshments and facilities and it's a long walk back to get a beer. You will undoubtly came across a man called Oliver who sells excurtions at a much cheaper price then the reps, he has been there for years and thats how he makes his living, very nice interesting man, do not be put off by appearences, tell him Lesley and Mags sent you. It's very secluded and rustic and a bit rocky for entering the sea for a swim, but you will see the most spectacular sunsets! you can see Montserrat on a clear day too.

Just as a warning on the other beaches especially just past the watersports cabin, be careful of not walking into the umberellas! made of steel rim and they hurt if you catch your head, trust me!

All in all a lovely time spent, would recomend all inclusive as you are at the most Southern point on the Island and there is nothing within a walking distance. Did a boat trip with Treasure Island which was fine but the guide to snorkel was no use whatsoever, had people swimming up on to the reef and it wasn't that clear out there, so do the trip but don't bother with the snorkel."

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  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of August 2008

Having enjoyed our first visit last Apri...

Reviewed Mon 4th of February 2008

"Having enjoyed our first visit last April we had been looking forward to our return visit for the past 8 months. We were in no way disappointed with our return visit. We were warmly greeted by eveyone of the staff who we met last year, and felt that they were genuinely pleased to see us again.
Once again we made good friends with some of the other guests, as, like our previous experience, it seems that the majority of people, young or old, who go to the Hawksbill are happy to engage in conversation.
Last year we stayed in one of the Beachfront club rooms on Palm Beach but this year we had one of the club rooms at Honeymoon Cove. These are slightly smaller but more modern and the view from our balcony across Seagrape beach was spectacular.
The food, entertainment and level of service was as good as ever, although on a couple of occasions when the hotel was almost completely full the dinning room staff did struggle to maintain the usual high level of service.
The hotel is set in an idyllic location with 4 great beaches, including the only clothing optional beach on the island.
We are now looking forward to our next visit scheduled for April, but must thank Richard and all of the Hawksville staff, especially David, Adrian (sorry we missed saying goodbye), Jermaine, Millie, La Toya (your smile brightens every day), Sylvia, William, and Gillian for making our vacation so perfect that April just cannot come soon
Janet & John

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  • Travel date: Mon 4th of February 2008

Location --------- The Hawksbill is set...

Reviewed Fri 25th of January 2008

The Hawksbill is set in a beautiful location right on the beach, there are plenty of gardens to wander around in and the scenery is beautiful. With the 3 beaches on offer you are never fighting for sunbeds or locations and often we were only ones on the beach.

The food was really good on the whole. Breakfasts consist of delicious freshly baked muffins, a chef to cook pancakes, eggs, omelettes etc with a choice of your own ingredients. Dinner time wasn’t really used fully by myself until near the end of the holiday however the hamburgers, chips and other items cooked freshly on the bbq were gorgeous. Evening time is formal attire, in which it is either a buffet or a formal served on dinner. One night is a "meet the manager" night, and this is the one time I didn’t like the food it all seemed to be spicy, but one meal out of 21 isn’t bad.

I really didn’t see a problem unlike some people with the accommodation, having seen in what the natives live in en route from the airport the hotel standard for a 3* is good I feel. The beds were comfy, the sinks and shower all worked fine. And the rooms were kept clean and tidy

The staff were warm and welcoming, often having a laugh with us, and always smiling. I have read some reviews on other sites, saying the service is slow or they are rude. I never experienced this, and when you are on holiday waiting a minute for a drink isn’t the end of a world and certainly isn’t worth judging a hotel on.

Good Points
* Location - is peaceful, quiet and beautiful, having looked all over the island by boat the Hawksbill definitely has the most relaxing and scenic coastline
* Food - 90% of it was delicious and fresh
* Price - what you pay for is definitely worth it
* Garden tour - definitely do this is you do go to Hawksbill, very interesting

Bad Points
*Pool - very small, but with the sea so close by isn’t really needed
*Entertainment - if you are young there isn’t a lot to do.

Final note:
This resort seems very popular with people coming back year after year, often this is a person 40+, I myself at the time was 24 but enjoyed it, and am going back this year in June."

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  • Travel date: Fri 25th of January 2008

We actually went in 2004. We had a fanta...

Reviewed Tue 6th of February 2007

"We actually went in 2004. We had a fantastic holiday there and felt compelled to write a review because of the extremely bad one added.

I wanted to add a realistic review.

The resort is in beautiful surroundings, the main restaurant, bar and reception give a fantastic view of the bay and beaches. You have three beaches choose from (one of which is the only naturist beach, in which you can find your own little pitch and hardly see a soul all day!)

The accommodation was my only disappointment when we first got there, as they are a tad basic, but we had booked last minute and didn't realise it was 3*, if I had known there would have been no disappointments at all, as it all about pre conceptions!!

The rooms are on, or a few seconds from the beach, which is great! No TV, which was never missed.

Comfortable beds, shutters for windows, it felt basic but that all seemed to add to everything in the holiday as we didn't spend time in our room, only to sleep or get ready, we spent our whole time on the beach or in the sea.

Yes the pool is small, but to honest we did not go in it, why would you when you have the choice of those beautiful beaches.

Having never nude sunbathed before, my fiancé and I took the plunge...it was great.
We would take some drinks, water and cakes from breakfast and go right to the end of the beach. We felt like we were on our own private desert island.

Breakfast is buffet, lots of choice and delicious. BBQ's.....again lots of choice and very nice.

The evening meals were on some nights buffet, again lots of choices, so always something you like, get there early enough and the food will be piping hot! Other nights there was a sit down meal, waiter service, again no complaints.

I had never tried green banana soup before but decided to give it a go.....surprisingly absolutely delicious!

You can either go and keep yourself to yourself, but there are plenty of people to talk to there too, depending on what you like.

We got chatting to an elderly lady who goes every year for about 3-4 weeks at a time, and has been for 20 odd years. (It can't be that bad can it?!)

The staff are so laid back, you may (if you are British) take it as being aloof, they are not, and they are just laid back.

You can take a taxi into town and will probably get a guided tour and a friendly chat too!
If you decide to go, don't expect 5* accommodation, expect a taste of Antiguan life and food.

I have been to many 5* hotels all over the world, so I have a grip of reality!!

It's all down to what you make of it... would I go back? Well put it this way, if we have enough money left out of our budget, we would like to go there for our honeymoon.

Your holiday is what you make it...Enjoy x"

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  • Travel date: Tue 6th of February 2007

Just spent an excellent eight days, bein...

Reviewed Wed 6th of September 2006

"Just spent an excellent eight days, being looked after in every way.

Having read negative things about the hotel was concerned but found nothing at all to grouse about. Location excellent. Food for a 3* excellent. Staff more than helpful. Rooms airy

Would I go back? Tomorrow if I could!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 6th of September 2006

I've only rated this "1" as "0" wasn't a...

Reviewed Wed 8th of March 2006

"I've only rated this "1" as "0" wasn't available. The hotel is undoubtedly set in a beautiful bay but that is it's only redeeming feature. The hotel is dated, falling apart and dirty. The food was awful - lukewarm and, far from the Caribbean Fayre we were promised, gave choices such as spaghetti hoops in tomato sauce and chicken cordon bleu(gh).

The service was appalling, the staff uninterested and rude - especially management. The hotel had no record of our booking when we arrived, didn't give us the room we had paid an upgrade for and generally ignored us. We paid a large amount to escape (and that's how it felt) and transfer to another resort.

A final point - Kuoni do not see a problem with describing a pool that you can not "swim" in as a "swimming" pool - I'm 6'2" and the pool was 6x6! In my mind that's a plunge pool! General advice? Don't go."

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  • Travel date: Wed 8th of March 2006

A unique experience

Reviewed Thu 22nd of November 2012

"The Hawksbill is not a resort for everyone, but it has a charm that doesn't exist at any other resort in the Caribbean. This was our 4th visit to the resort over the past 6 years and we have always found the staff more than friendly. True they have individual personalities but are warm and genuine people, definately not of the "have a nice day" types. I cannot agree with various reviews describing them as rude and unhelpful. These comments seem to reveal more about the holidaymakers themselves rather than the staff. If you are looking for a luxury hotel, tv, aircon, kids club, entertainments and late night action etc.
then please give the Hawksbill a miss. For us the only blot on the landscape is the new managers decision to make the resort all inclusive. This, along with price cuts, smacks of desperation to get bookings up and may have a severe detrimental imact on the huge number of repeat visitors. Many of the new first time visitors would be more at home in Cyprus, Mallorca or Crete and will judge the resort purely on the cocktails, entertainment, number of sun loungers, size of pool etc. They are unlikely to be repeat visitors.

Richard, please re-consider the all inclusive decision and save the Hawlbill from anonymity."

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  • Travel date: Mon 8th of December 2003

absolutely wonderful no better place to go in antigua

Reviewed Sat 27th of October 2012

"there is no better place in antigua than the hawksbill hotel excellent service throughout and a management team that care about their staff and their guests from mr & mrs menzies 1st time charity auction winners keep up the good work"

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  • Travel date: Thu 23rd of October 2003

paradise is the hawksbill

Reviewed Sat 8th of December 2012

"we have just had three weeks in heaven, the hawksbill beach resort is by far the best resort we have stayed at in 15 years visiting the carribean. We would like to thank all at hawksbill for making our stay so special. The hawksbill is every thing you need for a relaxing time."

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  • Travel date: Sun 12th of October 2003

Paradise Personified

Reviewed Sat 17th of November 2012

"My first visit to the Hawksbill was in 1994 - my first impression and feeling was - I have died and gone to Heaven! That feeling has not changed since, and I have been there at every opportunity - about 14 times in all....the location is idyllic, the staff are always welcoming and so friendly. I travel alone and it is like a 'second home'. Although I have not managed a visit this year...I have not ruled it out...every hopeful! Many hotels are just 'fun-in-the-sun' resorts and could be located anywhere in the world - but The Hawksbill is unique with it's undeniable truely Caribbean atmosphere...I leave a little piece of my heart there each visit - which is why, like so many other guests, I hope to be a life-long repeater."

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  • Travel date: Tue 7th of October 2003

Our second home

Reviewed Sat 17th of November 2012

"My sister and I have been vacationing at the Hawksbill for the past 19 years. It has become our second home. When we arrive we are greeted like family. We have made many friends and each year we arrange our vacation dates so we can all be there at the same time. The beaches are beautiful, the people are and staff are just wonderful. It's just a beautiful, quiet and relaxing resort that we can't wait to get to every year."

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  • Travel date: Sun 5th of October 2003

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