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I must admit I was concerned about the t...

Reviewed Thu 18th of September 2008

"I must admit I was concerned about the time of year and previous reviews that I read but we were very happy with CoCo Bay Resort. It was a fantastic family holiday for us and we all enjoyed it very much.

The restaurant was a bit hot in the evening and could do with a fan, but we did get use to it.

The bar staff were great and mixed some lovely punches and cocktails. All day!

Food was "too much" if anything, but very nicely done, great chef! Thanks and Lovely ladies cooking eggs for breakfast - however you liked them.

Everyone was so helpful and friendly and could not do enough for you.

I would suggest the air conditioned rooms as if you are not use to the heat and humidity you will find it a must.

Rooms are lovely and cleaned everyday - by very nice and friendly ladies.

The grounds are well kept and full of palms and lovely flowering shrubs. Well done to the gardeners.

Reception staff always friendly and helpful and again could not do enough for you.

The restaurant staff were great in remembering us all and offering wine and drinks and way too much food, but always smiling and happy to help.

The pool was a dream and with the most beautiful views, also the beach was clean and "Captian" Valmore was most helpful with the Holby Cat and Sunburst. My husband sailed everday and enjoyed it so much. He was hoping for a windsurfer but was very pleased with his Holby Cat.

The beach next to CoCo had a great bar called "The Nest" and it was fantastic, super food - for a change and the view from the bar was out of this world - a MUST!!!!!

We went as a family (three kids in their early 20's) and we all had a great holiday and one we will remember fondly forever!

Thanks so much to all at CoCo Bay""

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  • Travel date: Thu 18th of September 2008

We visited Cocobay for our Honeymoon, wh...

Reviewed Sat 6th of September 2008

"We visited Cocobay for our Honeymoon, what a wonderfully romantic and relaxing venue.

When we arrived we were greeted with a cold towel and a rum punch, we were shown to our seaview cottage, which whilst basic, was more than adequate. The large bed with overhead fan was extremely comfortable.

once settled and changed we went to the pool. If there is a better view from a pool than here i would love to see it.

The food at the resort is as follows.
Breakfast - Buffet style with a choice of, Fruit, Cereal, pancakes, Bacon, and a range of freshly cooked eggs (boiled, fried, scrambled etc)

Lunch - Again Buffet style, with a range of salads, local fish and meats and certain days Burger and Chips, Fish and Chips.

Dinner - Sheer restaurant was not open when we visited. Rafters requires you to dress in Long trousers and a collared shirt for Gents and ladies to dress smart casual. The food is good, however if you are choosy and don't like new foods, this will cause a problem as the choices are limited. You could ask for chips if so inclined.

Be sure to take a transformer to increase the voltage from 110 to 220 if travelling from the UK, we could not find one on the island and this caused a problem.

The staff at the resort could be better, there were a couple of staff members wo went out of their way ( Oriel - Barman and the Maitre D) these 2 alone were always friendly and wanted you to have the most amazing time. The rest of the staff at times were reluctant to serve, This is being addressed.

This is definitely NOT an active holiday, there is a pool, sailing and Kayaking, that is it, whilst you can go on excursions, if you are looking for a lively venue this is not the resort for you.

Overall the stay was tremedous, we were relaxed after 3 days. We will definitely be returning and can't wait to see the view form the pool again.


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  • Travel date: Sat 6th of September 2008

We stayed here on our honeymoon and I lo...

Reviewed Tue 29th of July 2008

"We stayed here on our honeymoon and I loved the resort. It is so beautiful. We stayed in one of the seaview rooms and it was paradise.

It was so good we are going back in three weeks and I cannot wait.

If you get a chance to eat at Sheer do so. Possibly the best meal I have ever had and I have tried several top London restaurants. The atmosphere in the restaurant is so romantic as you have your meal in a very private booth overlooking the sea."

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  • Travel date: Tue 29th of July 2008

The staff added a real personal touch to...

Reviewed Fri 25th of July 2008

"The staff added a real personal touch to our stay, they were really flexible and willing to please at all times. The rooms were delightfully decorated at this adults only boutique hotel with outdoor showers and a beautiful sea view, which allowed you to watch the sun rise and set. The beach offered white sands and crystal clear waters in this fantastic destination, which has 365 beaches. The breakfast and lunch menu were more appetizing that the dinner menu. Fantastic hotel, which offered value for money."

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  • Travel date: Fri 25th of July 2008

We were at Cocobay for our honeymoon. We...

Reviewed Tue 11th of September 2007

"We were at Cocobay for our honeymoon. We could not fault it. Some of the reviews on here state the rooms were basic but we thought they were beautiful. Pastel coloured cottages with hammocks overlooking the turquoise sea, we could not have asked for more.

We booked with virgin who were wonderful from start to finish. We stated we were on our honeymoon and the staff put rose petals on our bed and a bottle of chilled champagne in our room on arrival.

I always get mosquito bitten whilst abroad but after covering myself with repellents it wasn't a problem, the beds have a mosquito net over them and mosquito burners were also in our room.

The area is a little hilly but its certainly worth it for the views! My husband enjoyed the sail boats (free of charge) whilst I relaxed and read my book! The pool is gorgeous and overlooks the sea.

The food was delightful. I am vegetarian and enjoyed all the meals, my husband is a big meat eater and there was always something he enjoyed on the menu.

The staff are very friendly. The bar stayed open till 12ish but the staff didn't object to us helping ourselves after this time! I would definitely go again."

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  • Travel date: Tue 11th of September 2007

We went to the Cocobay resort in Antigua...

Reviewed Sun 24th of June 2007

"We went to the Cocobay resort in Antigua for our honeymoon, after reading several reviews was a little cautious on what to find.

Don’t know why I worried from the moment we stepped out of our taxi we were greeted with outstanding beauty, friendly reliable staff, excellent food and drink and the most fantastic views from our cottage, we had the most fantastic holiday meeting several over guests who were on the 4-5 visits to Cocobay we will certainly be returning.

I can highly recommend that if you visit you must do the Wadadli cat circumnavigation tour wow what a fun day out couldn't fault it, also the eco tour and safari, kayaking not our forte but what a scream on the speed boats and jeeps guides were fantastic Elmo and sponge bob must receive a special mention.

Cocobay and Antigua were just fantastic the best honeymoon we could of dreamt of."

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  • Travel date: Sun 24th of June 2007

Just arrived back from our third holiday...

Reviewed Thu 8th of March 2007

"Just arrived back from our third holiday here.

The moment you arrive and receive your first rum punch it is sheer relaxation.

The staff are all very friendly and helpful and yes David mixes a mean cocktail!

The rooms are lovely - no air conditioning just a ceiling fan which we have always found fine. Your own decking with chairs and a hammock - ideal for afternoon lazing.

We picked Cocobay because there is no on site 'clubs' and no children under 12 (we've been there and done that).

We look for relaxation and you certainly get that here.

We are certainly considering booking for next year."

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  • Travel date: Thu 8th of March 2007

We had a very enjoyable experience at th...

Reviewed Thu 7th of December 2006

"We had a very enjoyable experience at the resort. The chalets were delightful although air conditioning was a missing feature we would have welcomed. The bathroom was extra special with opening doors to the sea although still with full privacy.

The food in the restaurant was very good although lunchtime's was hit and miss if you did not like fish. Saturday is burger and chips day which was amusing on our first day if not disappointing.

The staff were lovely and could not do enough for you. The cocktails were always wonderful!

The only drawback was the sand fly bites. They bit everyone, except a lucky few, and we were no exception. We were advised to purchase mosquito spray but it did not work because they were sand flies and we did not know this until later into the holiday. We believe this has something to do with the lake behind Cocobay resort.

The hotel had quite a lot of weddings while we there and there were two particularly large wedding parties staying. This caused problems as they always wanted to sit together around the pool and could be noisy. The hotel is more suited to couples or small groups of 4 and so the large wedding parties did not quite fit in with the hotel's image.

However, we made some wonderful friends and have some special memories from our trip there.

However, we wouldn't revisit the resort again."

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  • Travel date: Thu 7th of December 2006

We went to Coco bay for our honeymoon, a...

Reviewed Sat 5th of August 2006

"We went to Coco bay for our honeymoon, and we were not disappointed. Many reviews state that the rooms are very basic, which had me a little bit worried. However we did not find this to be the case, apart from TV and air-conditioning we found the rooms to be more that satisfactory.

The food was exceptional, the fresh fish everyday was to die for. Although some people felt there was too much fish, and very little else. I personally didn't find this but sometimes the buffet lunch only had fish as an option. However in the evenings the menu was much more diverse.

The staff were superb, it was nice that the manager of the hotel was always seen walking around so that you could always find him if you had any problems or questions.

The only problem we had was with sandfly bites. The hotel did have a problem with these with many guests suffering. No insect repellent worked and they were quite painful, however no more so than any other type of bite. If you go somewhere like Antigua you do expect insect bites.

Overall a wonderful getaway which we would definitely recommend and revisit."

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  • Travel date: Sat 5th of August 2006

I went to Cocobay resort in March 2006....

Reviewed Sun 7th of May 2006

"I went to Cocobay resort in March 2006. The rooms were great but we were not told it was very hilly. Anyone with walking problems, it was definitely a no, no. The meals were not 100% in fact we ended up paying for different meals. Which was more expense. No one tells you about the insects biting you. My legs and arms were absolutely covered in bites.

We were in Antigua in 2005 at the Royal and had no problems whatsoever with bites. The marks are still on my legs quite a few guests had the same problem. The maids were very helpful. Well all the staff could not do enough for you. The taxi drivers were great, Talk to them about where you are going and you will get a good deal. We were not bothered with vendors on the beach. A woman was there permanent and she did not bother you.

I went in a party of 4 and none of us would go back to Cocobay."

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  • Travel date: Sun 7th of May 2006

Lovely setting with beautiful scenery, H...

Reviewed Thu 9th of February 2006

"Lovely setting with beautiful scenery,
How would you like to eat every one of your meals looking out onto the Caribbean sea?

The resort is set on a point of land with sea either side in very tranquil surroundings.

The staff were very friendly.

I would however point out that the huts are basic but suit the climate .the only drawback is that when its hot there is no air-conditioning and this is its major drawback!!!!!
I include the restaurant in this matter as well, they rely on the cool breeze to cool you down ...

Beware the breeze is not always about!!!!!!
The food was excellent although the menu seemed to be on a loop of 8 days returning to the first days choice again.

Breakfast was a buffet style fresh fruit cereal and cooked food
Lunch was much the same and
Dinner/ tea was a dress up and sit down and waiter/waitress service

Two beaches within walking distance were nice and quiet although all beaches can be used by the public..

I would recommend the Eli’s eco tour, this is a trip on a boat around the island visiting various parts and snorkelling for all persons

A day trip to Montserrat is recommended this still has an active volcano which had been erupted the day before our trip ......
Your trip is on the island and travel to different parts of the volcano and shown the devastation it cause many years ago closing off half the island

We also recommend a visit to Shirley’s heights .on Sunday nights for the bbq and live music and a day visit to nelsons dockyard
There are many more places to visit with 365 beaches you just don’t have enough time to visit them all...

The people are friendly and helpful especially when you get lost and although most are very poor. We felt very safe there.
Don’t expect high speed service though as it's Caribbean time

We would definitely recommend the island for a holiday and the resort,
Although would I would recommend that you look for somewhere with air conditioning."

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  • Travel date: Thu 9th of February 2006

We went to stay at Cocobay in Nov 2005 a...

Reviewed Tue 8th of November 2005

"We went to stay at Cocobay in Nov 2005 and had a wonderful time. The little holiday shacks you stay in are brilliant. We had a Sea View and the scenery was to die for ( yes it is really paradise).

Watch out for David the barman he makes wicked cocktails but all staff are friendly cannot do enough to make your stay a memorable one.
Will definitely book this again

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  • Travel date: Tue 8th of November 2005

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