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Antigua & Barbuda
Idyllic tropical beach with white sand, turquoise ocean water and blue sky at Antigua island in Caribbean.
The Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda are located in the centre of the Leeward island group and make up part of the Lesser Antilles.

Of the two islands, Antigua is the biggest and has a much more established tourism infrastructure. With numerous resorts and hotels dotted around the island and plenty of white sandy beaches and coves it is a very popular destination for holidaymakers arriving all year round to enjoy the tropical weather. There are also plenty of watersports on offer, with the breeze coming in off the Atlantic providing the ideal conditions for windsurfing and other wind powered sports.

In contrast, Barbuda remains relatively undeveloped and only a few hotels have been built on the island. As with Antigua there are miles of exotic beaches to explore as well as plenty of opportunities to go diving among the reefs.

With both islands located so close to the equator seasonal variations in temperature and climate are minimal. Visitors can expect a year round average temperature in the mid 20s with increases around the summer months of May to November.

Flights to Antigua land at the V.C. Bird International Airport located in the north-east of the island. Access to Barbuda, which lies approximately 30 miles north, is either by boat or a short plane ride.

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