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Hotel vith River View, magnificent

Reviewed Thu 8th of January 2009

"We have been told that the best way to appreciate Bangkok was by staying by the river, it was true. The river is lively and Bangkok perspective from it is elegant and inspiring. Boats, ferries, long tail boats and vendors make the river alive like no one and the Golden View gave us peace of mind.

Staying at the Peninsula is a dream because of the impeccable and warm service and the hotel itself, a very well kept building.

We enjoyed the pool in the morning and the spa services, the room and the restaurants. Unfortunately the gym is a little small.

The most enjoiable thing was the use of their ferries which go everywhere, the Oriental , the River City shopping mall, the mass transportation train. We used also the Oriental and the Sheraton ferry (a beauty for the river, old fashioned and superb).

We didn't have time to explore the city cause the river area is the place where we wanted to stay , you'll see it by yourself.

Two friends or ours stayed at a private luxury apartment next door from the Peninsula ( and they were happy as well, visiting us for dinners and coctkails.

Overall an unforgettable experience at the Peninsula, will go back.


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  • Travel date: Thu 8th of January 2009

Oh my god! Complete luxury! Few things t...

Reviewed Fri 20th of October 2006

"Oh my god! Complete luxury! Few things to back this claim up! You stand on the carpet and sink down half a foot! Its that thick and fluffy! There is a T.V you can watch whilst in the bath! There is a phone right next to the toilet! You can open the curtains whilst still in bed, by remote! There is a helicopter pad! There are loads of posh people! (They look at you a bit strange if you have a backpack on though! People who are staying at the Shangri-La hotel opposite get jealous! You room has an office including fax and stuff! House vodka is Smirnoff and house whisky is Glenfiddich! There is a man that plays piano in the bar! Henry, who is a star!

Well that just about sums it up! It only converts to about £50 a night but it is the most amazing value for £50 you can get! Even if you are backpacking its worth a stay just to sleep somewhere that posh!

We stayed for 4 nights before going to Koh Samui and loved every minute of it! You cannot fault the place at all, lovely staff, even better food and the most amazing rooms! Make sure you spend that little bit extra and get one with a balcony though! They overlook the river and it is a lovely place to have your evening meal on!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 20th of October 2006

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  • CarloRoma by CarloRoma

    "Bangkok must be discovered slowly, take your time. "

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