Fihalhohi Island Resort

4 star hotel

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  • 4 room
  • 4.5 beach
  • 3 service
  • 5 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 2 value
  • 4 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 3 location

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paradise spoilt

Reviewed Thu 21st of March 2013

" we stayed in awaterbungalow very good reception staff had a bad attitude arrogant and unhelpful waiter in resteraunt miserable did not take notice of peoples requests and you were asked to leave by 9:30 food average if you wish to pay your bill by cash or travellers cheque beware your signiture has to be identical and any notes have to be in pristine condition in fact brand new or they will not be accepted this happened to us and we were made to feel like criminals they made us feel like we were trying to pull a fast one i felt very upset by this as other people were in reception at the time it felt like they were trying to show me up we have been to this island twice and will never return also beware drinks and wine are very expensive"

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  • Travel date: Wed 20th of March 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 1 Service
  • 2 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

Perfect for lovers of rusticity and simplicity ... but for how long?

Reviewed Mon 18th of April 2011

"This was our 4th Maldives island and before I start my review, here is a quick overview of how well Fiha did in terms of our expectations based on our previous trips to other Maldives islands:
EXPECTATION Shared table in restaurant
REALITY Had own table throughout.

EXPECTATION Outdoor bathroom
REALITY None of the beach villas has one.

EXPECTATION Average food
REALITY Truly excellent food.

EXPECTATION Good snorkelling and reef .
REALITY Best yet

EXPECTATION Busier than other islands
REALITY As expected

EXPECTATION More children
REALITY As expected

EXPECTATION Not being AI might be a bit of a pain
REALITY Easy peasy. No problem whatsoever.

EXPECTATION Less remote feeling to the island
REALITY Just as remote as the others

EXPECTATION Radio mast would be unnoticeable when on island
REALITY As expected

EXPECTATION Room not quite ‘Ideal Home’ but clean and no problem
REALITY As expected

EXPECTATION We would overspend & have to top up on credit card
REALITYSpent only the dollars we had taken.

Now to the review itself.

Thomson from Manchester, 25kg each plus 5kg hand. Both directions took off on time but return flight landed 40 mins. early. Seat configuration was 2–3-2 so in order to ensure that we were together, we had pre-booked a window and an isle seat but noticed lots of the centre seats of the rows of 3 were empty. If you were to book the 2 end seats of one of these you would be very likely to get the middle one too! Meals were OK apart from the awful dry, chewy chocolate croissant for breakfast on the way out. The boat transfer was quick, smooth and easy and we were on the island just under 2 hours after landing in Male. Coming home, we left the island at 7.30am and a pod of dolphins appeared at the island harbour to wave us off. Stunning and tear-jerking!

Close-by Rannalhi clearly visible. Music from there drifts over to Fiha at night. Biyadhoo, Velassaru, Rihiveli & Olhuveli visible on the horizon. The North beach is wide, long and absolutely gorgeous, always lots of room even at high tide. Lots of trees for shade but if you want to be out of the sun but away from everyone else, do what we did and take a sun umbrella so you can move around the beach and still have shade. Quite densely populated for a smallish island but we had the beach almost to ourselves until 3pm-ish when everyone suddenly emerged from the undergrowth to walk along the beach. Snorkelling was the best I have experienced, the reef healthy, colourful and close to shore. Dolphins can be often be seen swimming around the island and eagle rays are 10 a penny.

We had booked a classic room but were rather hoping that we might be upgraded to a semi-detached comfort bungalow. We weren’t, but were delighted with our room 57 which was in the best position of any, spacious, a bit dark and lacked ‘wow!’ but was clean and everything worked. We were surprised to find that none of the beach villas has an outside bathroom but the shower was hot and powerful and soap was provided. The towels have seen better days and the bed sheets were filo pastry thin but did it matter? Not a jot. The bed was fine but the pillows are very thick and hard and I was glad that I was able to refill my pillowcase each night with the 2 scatter cushions that I had taken from home to use on the sun beds. The air con was excellent and so quiet that we kept it fully on every night. Remember to take a 3–2 adaptor for a men’s shaver as there is no shaver socket. The door locks from the inside by pressing the button in the centre of the knob before you close it so make sure you have your key!
Best room no’s: 31 – 62 are on a wide beach with sun all day. ALL the classics are on the best beach but 53 – 60 are in the best position of all. Beyond no. 60 the beach (nearest the WV’s) gets crowded with all the WV refugees who, being unable to sit on their very hot sun decks, decide to escape to their sun beds on that part of the beach. It is the ONLY part of the beach to get crowded apart from those places where the beach narrows at high tide. Rooms to avoid: 1 – 24 (narrow beach at high tide, lose sun in pm). Rooms between Blue Lagoon and dive centre have no beach except 87 – 94.
Food is very good, especially the soups, salads, curries, variety of potato dishes and fruit salads. There is an abundance of fish, also chicken, casseroles and pasta. We really enjoyed all our meals but were glad to be on HB as we certainly didn’t need lunch! The contentious issue of table sharing had reared its head before we went and although we were open minded about sharing, extenuating circumstances had prompted us to e-mail the island beforehand to request a table on our own. We were grateful to the management that this was promptly arranged. There were, however lots of other tables for 2 so it does not appear to be a problem. We had a lovely waiter and the restaurant manager did a circuit of the tables each night to check that everyone was happy. The restaurant is very hot so the small Chinese fan that I had taken with me was a godsend. The Fishermans bar has music and low key entertainment but we preferred the relaxed peace of the music-free Blue Lagoon for lunchtime, sunset and star-gazing drinks.
Cost of drinks and snacks (all plus 13.5%): Beer $3.80, Wine $13 (carafe half ltr); Water $2.50 (1.5 ltr). Beach bar snacks are available until 6.30pm: Cheeseburger, coleslaw & chips $9, Pizza $5.50, Chips $4, Salad $6, Candlelit dinner from $28 - $58 (but you could try and win one at the bingo night) Being skinflints we saved ourselves over £50 by drinking purified tap water. Saddos eh?

If you really have to do it (!) internet is $5 (30 mins) $8 (1 hr), wi-fi in lobby and Fishermans bar.
Dolphin trip $35 through reception (Fri’s 8.30 – noon by dhoni) but $30 through water sports centre (any day/time you like by small speedboat with only 2 other people) Guess which we did! It was a highlight, with lots of dolphins leaping about and showing off. Get on the boat last so that you get the seats in the bow.
Make sure you take mattresses for the sun beds as they are not provided. A torch is vital for walking back to your room along the beach at night. They fog the island so mozzies were not a problem. We had only 2 bites between us!
We took English stamps for our PC’s and gave them to a couple who were going home before us (thanks again, if you are reading this!) Everyone therefore received them before our return.

This was a busier island than the others but for most of the time there was no sign of anyone. There were also more children but as they were all either babies or very young they stayed in the shade with their mothers and we didn’t see them except at meals.
A member of the management told us that 2 years ago there had been plans to build more water villas and a swimming pool but when the recession kicked in, plans were put on hold. Who knows how long this lovely island will stay as it is? Yes, it needs updating and decorating but at present it remains another of the dying breed of low key, no nonsense, rustic islands that we love. Would we return? You bet!

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  • Travel date: Fri 15th of April 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

After reading several unpleasant reviews...

Reviewed Mon 14th of January 2008

"After reading several unpleasant reviews about this resort we were a little nervous about taking our 2 week honeymoon here. What a pleasant surprise when we arrived!

We booked with Eclipse (the cheaper online sister company of First Choice) and paid extra for additional leg room. The flight was good with the option to pay £5 for additional films and the "On Demand" service which you get with the Star Class Premier.

On arrival, we went through customs with no trouble, met the rep, and were directed to a cafe outside the airport where we could get a drink whilst waiting for everyone else. About 20 minutes later we were taken to our taxi (speed boat!) and swept off to the island.

We were met with fruit cocktails and cool towel and our luggage was taken to our rooms whilst we checked in. The staff were very helpful and keen to do anything they could for you.

The rooms were cleaned twice a day with fresh towels each time (in the morning they would change the bathroom towels and in the evening they would change the beach towels).

If you're after 5 star luxury rooms then you may be a bit disappointed but if you're a normal person then the rooms are great.

The food was excellent with a huge variety of different options in a buffet style. If you wanted to eat nothing but English food you could (they even had cottage pie!) but if you fancied trying something a little different then that was also possible. You're assigned a waiter when you first eat and he is then your waiter for the holiday. Ahmed was great and decorated our table a couple of times and by the 3rd day had our drinks waiting for us when we sat down (we must have been predictable!).

The snorkelling was amazing with trips to reefs going twice a day. Puffer fish, giant moray eels, rays were common sights and we even found Nemo! I also highly recommend doing the scuba diving resort course. The team there are really friendly and good at their jobs!

On waking up in the morning you'd look out the window to see a very happy looking man raking up the palm leaves from the beach (these were used in the restaurant to weave little animal/fish figures which were then put on your table!) and in general I would highly recommend this place. There weren't loads of activities to do, no squash courts, no sauna, gym or anything like that which was totally perfect for a relaxing holiday on an island.

I would definitely go again!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 14th of January 2008


Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"We went to the island on the 8th of Jan and found the place to be pure paradise.
We kept pinching ourselves that we had found such a bargain, its like being on a bounty wrapper!
Here are some tips...
*Book a water bungalow, it is definately worth the $90 per night and you wont regret it.
*take water shoes and snorkel gear as ist expensive on the island and the coral is a killer
*take books etc to entertain you, of course there are no TV's
*Prepare yourself for the 60 minute boat transfer across rough water!
*Swim out past the shallows to explore the house reef, its one of the best in the area
*Be careful in the sun, it is super powerful here and with factor 30 regularly applied, we both burned on the 1st day!
*Enjoy the wild life, the fruit bats are the size of large birds / small cats! completely harmless and very entertaining.. as are the hermit crabs and stingrays/sharks

There is a good mix of brits, germans, italians, dutch and some russian, but it all made for a healthy atmosphere!

Biggest tip, dont take the islands offer to upgrade to Club Feru when they are overbooked. Its an absolute crap hole and looks like a cheap butlins from the 70's.
We lost out on our last 2 days as we were "upgraded to the all incluseive sister island that is much better than Fihalhohi", its a pile of crap that is situated at the end of MALE airport and overlooks a factory.. they are knocking it down in 2 years to build houses on it for the locals...... so you get the idea of how crap it is!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 20th of January 2007

Loved the place - fantastic

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"This is a great place and although rated 3* plus its brilliant value for money. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful and always remember you. It takes just 10 minutes to walk around the island, there are many many different kinds of fish to see even just paddling! There are also turtles and lots of heron! The sunset fishing is really good too. It really does look how it is on the TV - crystal blue/green water, gorgeous! The reception staff love English football too and even let us watch Liverpool matches in the Heron Hall! The entertainment programme was brilliant with lots of different things going on each night. Drinks are reasonable $3.50 for coke $5.00 for a beer $6.50 for spirits and mixer."

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  • Travel date: Thu 11th of January 2007

good 1st timer island!

Reviewed Sat 27th of October 2012

"this was the 3rd visit to the maldives for my husband and I. the 1st visit we went to Fun Island, and the second to Kuredu. I think for any one who is new to the maldives this island will be just perfect, and there is very little wrong with it, but to compair it to Kuredu for example, it isnt quite so picture-esq, for example you dont have the long rolling stretches of white beach here at this resort, just a section which everyone flees to. the accomodation is good, you get what you pay for, it is a budget resort, again compaired to the last resort- doesnt look quite so nice, but there is nothing at all wrong with it and was kept very clean, infact the whole place is spotless.

the only complaints we had was in the restraunt, they do allow smokers to continue to smoke in there, which isnt very nice for the non smokers. the food as someone else said is samey,- in that if you like rice,pasta and curry every night you'll be fine (and i do mean "every night!!!) my husband managed fine with the food but i have plainer tastes so i did struggle.

we arrived on the island the day after boxing day for the new years celebrations, they did go to quite an effort with the decors, and for new years eve there were lots of party freebees,a nice meal of turkey etc,and was a lively pleasant evening that made a nice change.

as I say, if this is your 1st visit to the maldives, dont take my niggles in this review too seriously for you will not have another island to compair it to, its is a nice budget resort, i would suggest however to make it a little more memorable that you book a water bungalow for they did look very nice indeed.

lastly we flew with First Choice airways, and they are a brilliant airline, good facilities, good service, they also took out 100 seats from their aircrafts to allow for extra legroom. this was a 2nd honeymoon for us so we went all out and used their premier class, leather seats, crockery, champange before take off, it made things a little more special. we would recommend this airline to anyone. we flew with Qatar airlines last time which again have similar benifits but as standard, both put Monrach to shame!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 11th of January 2007

Beyond Paradise......

Reviewed Mon 22nd of October 2012

"Like the previous review my partner and I arrived at Fihalhohi on 6th September doubt we were also on the same speed boat...what an experience!!!!
Dispite the miserable weather and choppy boat ride my partner and I were amazed when we saw the island, absolute paradise. We were greeted at the jetty (pier still in tact at this stage!) by the friendly staff and were offered cool towels which we were very grateful for, the Maldives are so humid.
After a light snack we were shown to our room. We had booked a comfort room through first choice which are one up from the classic rooms. Although I didnt see a classic room another couple we met said they were more or less the same just smaller. Anyway, the comfort room (No 22 I think) was lovely. Really spacious and clean with fantastic views of the Indian Ocean. Our room was cleaned twice a day and the beds sheets were put into pretty patterns every evening.
We managed to get a water bungalow for the last few nights of our two week stay for about $90 per night. Well worth the money. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I walked in. The bungalow was beautiful, big four poster bed with views over the ocean. We left the curtains open on an evening...what a view to wake up to. The bungalow had a seperate area with a fridge and coffee making facilities and a desk over looking the ocean with a CD player.
There was a seperate dressing room area with dressing table, massive wardrobes and a big mirror, plenty of space. The bathroom in the bungalow was beautiful, the bath looked out onto the decked area and sea and also had a seperate shower and toilet.
The decked area was huge and had its own table and chairs, and two sunloungers with cushions for extra comfort. No water bungalow would be complete without steps into the sea which of course this had. It was like being on your own private island!
Previous reviews have stated that the island was busy. When we went we often felt like the only people there! (well apart from some noisy italians ;o)), the beach was not crowded in the slightest. The ocean and sea life at Fihalhohi will take some beating. I have never seen sea so clear and sand so white in my life. The house reef was out of this world. We saw clown fish, moray eels, lion fish, octopus, a turtle, dolphins, sharks and rays. There was one sting ray that used to sit under our water bungalow....he was very scary looking but harmless....about a metre in length!!
We went on a few trips during our stay, sunset fishing (as the night fishing was cancelled) and the dolphin safari. This was excellent and we managed to get some excellent video footage. the only downside being it was a little long. We were on the boat around four hours. My boyfriend did scuba diving (I was too scared!) and he is now hooked....he says its the most amazing thing he has ever done.
The food on the Island was good considering the majority has to be imported. We enjoyed the breakfasts the most. There was a lot of choice at meal times with a lot of local fish and curry dishes and some lovely sweets. By no means a five star restaurant but we never went hungry.
The staff on the island were some of the nicest and welcoming people I have ever met, especially Traveen and Ali (our waiter). The staff really do make the island unforgetable.
Our bill at the end of the holiday came to around $1600, we were pleasantly surprised. We didnt count the pennies at all and had as many drinks as we wanted (usually including around 2-3 cocktails a night) and often ate at the beach bar (they do lovely snacks). We did expect it to be a lot more.
The only downside to our trip was some of the other guests on the Island. A lot of the other nationalities came accross as very arrogant and couldnt bare to crack a smile. Not the islands fault in anyway but a shame all the same.
One thing I would point out that I havent heard many people mention is the intensity of the sun. Now I have been to a lot of places but I have never ever felt sun as intense as I did in the Maldives. At points (especially in our second week) it was unbearable. My boyfriend could not lie in it at all and I too really struggled. I normally tan with the best of them but coming back home I was bearly off white. Even though I tried to wear a reasonably high factor (15) I often felt like my skin was blistering with the intensity of the sun. A bit scary!!....Just beware and slap on plenty of high factor!
All in all I cant recommend Fihalhohi enough. It really was the best holiday we have ever had and can't wait to return in the future.

Any questions, please email me.


P.S Hi Scott and Odette!!!! xx"

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  • Travel date: Sun 7th of January 2007

Excellent value for money

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"We stayed on Fiha 13th to 27th Dec. Although the weather was cloudy and showery the temperature ensures you don't have to stay indoors. The rooms are clean and tidy and quite spacious, we shared with our 13 year old son and still had enough room to not be tripping over each other. We were in a comfort room although the classic rooms didn't seem much smaller.

The food on a whole is excellent although on occassion it can seem a bit repetitive, saying that though we never went hungry. The Christmas eve gala dinner was outstanding and it was a very nice touch to get up on Christmas morning to a surpise hanging on the outside of the room door containing a card and sweets along with some small toy fish.

The cost of the drinks and things on the island is not excessive. We drank mainly wine with my son having plenty of soft drinks at meal times and alcohol free cocktails on an evening. We averaged our bill over the 2 weeks and only spent $15 per day, (between us, not each) so really cannot moan about prices.

The service charge that people mention is only on the restaurant and bar bills. We did not pay a service charge on the diving, shop purchases or internet connection which we had to buy to keep our son happy for a couple of nights.

Now the diving!! Wow!! The dive school is excellent and the house reef is outstanding. All the dive school people are instructors, Mike, Chris, Steffi, Annali. When you first book with them you have to do an orientation dive and do some skills to show you know what you are doing, one of which is a mask removal (which I have never enjoyed doing), but these are done on the house reef where there is a small outcrop of rock and a huge moray watches the whole proceedings which was quite entertaining. All three of us dive but are quite inexperienced and we have improved incredibly with the advise that was always given if they thought you needed it. Would definitely recommend this island to anyone thinking of taking an open water diving course, safety is definitely a priority here and you always felt secure going diving. Would recommend island to anyone!!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 5th of January 2007

Fihalhohi Island is very pretty with a g...

Reviewed Wed 3rd of January 2007

"Fihalhohi Island is very pretty with a good barrier reef, and lots of tropical fishes.

Unfortunately the atmosphere wasn't as good as we thought. The non-motorised sport were not included in the package.

The comfort rooms weren't quite so comfortable (a lot of the rooms like ours had a lot of humidity coming through the walls).

The food was very repetitive and not fresh, so quite a few people had tummy bugs at some point on holiday.

While we accept that it was a budget resort, I didn't expect to have all these problems.

A couple of days before departure we asked to see a summary of our itemised bill. The statement was produced, and when we started to go through it we realised that it
must have been some mistake, as we had been overcharged on several occasions!

The resort had a happy hour for cocktails during 6 and 8pm, and a promotion on Australian wines during the first week of our stay.

However on the final bill they always charged us the standard rate, rather than the promotional rate. This made quite a difference to our final bill!

During the stay we weren't given any receipts, occasionally we were asked to signed for goods consumed, but not always. So we were unable to take the matter any further without any bill copy proof.

When we queried the statement and asked to see the bill, they were very slow to produce the bills, in-fact it took them days. Eventually the day before departure they showed us some bills.

At that point we knew we had been incorrectly charged and we had no choice but to pay the additional unreasonable charges! The extra charges amounted approx to $100 or so for the two of us.

The day before departure the First Choice Rep got in touch with us, and I explained the situation to her. She said she was sorry to hear about the overcharging incident but unfortunately this had nothing to do with First Choice.

This is not our first holiday to the Maldives, we have been to Holiday Island and Kuramati Island previously and we loved both Islands.

Needless to say, we will not consider or recommend anyone we know a holiday at Fihalhohi Island resort."

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  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of January 2007


Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2012

"Stayed at Fihalhohi in September 06. Ok so I'm a little late writing a review but I just totally forgot. I went to fihalhohi with my parents, last year I stayed at Biyadhoo with my partner (he was unfortunatley not able to come away this year) and have to say Fihalhohi was much better.
We arrived on (i think) 6th september. I had read before coming away that the weather wasnt great so was a bit apprehensive about that.... and had good cause to be! it rained pretty much non stop (or so it felt) for the first 6 days. Im just glad we were staying for 2 weeks. The weather was so bad I got scared! It blew the end of the pier away! (it was nearly rebuilt by the time we left though)
When the weather got good though, it was lovely. Just gorgeous. The sea was a little rough (i mean rough by Maldives standards, it was a millpond really!!!) but I think this was just taking time to settle down after the storms. Snorkelling was fab once the sun came out. Seen so many things, sharks, manta rays, sting rays.. even a turtle! It was beautiful
The food was nice. I am not a fussy eater and am easily pleased so to be honest I always enjoyed my meals. I can imagine if u are a fussy eater you may sometimes struggle on the theme nights. My mum is a vegetarian though and she never went hungry.
The drinks are pretty expensive (we were full board). Think the bar bill for 3 of us came to about $1000 for 2 weeks. Compared to what both me and my parents had paid last year for drinks this did seem quite steep.
We didnt do any of the trips, although both myself (when i went with my bf to biyadhoo) and my parents (who stayed on fihalhohi in 05) did the trip to the capital, Male. Ive done it once and wouldnt bother again to be honest. Wouldnt reccomend it to anyone. Theres nothing worth buying there apart from the same sort of tat u can get in the hotel. Its hot and dirty. I dont mean to sound like a snob saying that, Ive lived in Hong Kong which in the market areas is filthy, and been to very poor countries before. Just didnt enjoy the experience of Male.
If you want nightlife dont come here! There is NOTHING to do. This didnt bother me, but if you do like something to do at night this really isnt the place. I got into the swing of having a couple of drinks then being ready for bed anyway so I didnt mind there not being a lot of entertainment.
Staff are really friendly. Apart from STEFAN the diving instructor. Maybe other people have had good epxeriences with him but he was a complete arrogant fool to us. Had a problem because to get to the food each night we had to walk past his table-whats the big deal with that?? he ended up shouting at me and my mum in the dining area!!!! how very rude. He seemed to be the exception to the rule though and everyone else was very friendly and attentive. Defintley deserve the tips.
I have read reviews saying this island seemed overcrowded. We went in September which isnt the peak season granted, but I didnt find this at all. When my parentd had been the previous year thy went in December which is getting into the busy season and they didnt think it was too crowded either.
Overall I would reccomend this island to anyone. Its beautiful, chilled and the staff are very warm and welcoming."

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  • Travel date: Tue 2nd of January 2007

Paradise-worth every penny

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"We have been back just over 2 weeks now from our first visit to the Maldives and for our first time, we were not disappointed one little bit. Having booked with First Choice, we found the service and flight very good, plane journey was very comfy and rep, Zita very helpful. The transfer to Fiha took just under an hour by speedboat, which i was dreading, having had previous bad experiences on boats but there was nothing to worry about. Seeing all the lagoons and islands was breath-taking.

On arrival to Fiha, we were shown to our room. We stayed in a water bungalow and found it fantastic value for money, our bungalow was cleaned every day twice a day. The separate shower looked liked it'd seen better days but not to worry because there was a bath tub over looking into the sea, so cant really complain!

Weather wise, i guess we were just really unlucky as it rained most of the fortnight we were there but this did not ruin our holiday one bit, having never been snorkeling, i am now truly addicted and found this the perfect way to spend my time during wet weather. The house reef is the most amazing thing i have ever seen and according to other guests who have visitied other islands, it is one of the best around.

For all our meals, we were lucky enough to have our own table and were looked after extremely well by our waiter, Ahmed but all other waiters were very friendly and would always greet us. Food wise, everything was a bit samey, a lot of tuna fish and curry but that said, we never went hungry. The only downside to the restaurant is the lack of division between smokers and non-smokers, a real problem when you are surrounded by chain smoking Germans.

I am very surprised too previous comments as to the island being over crowded. The times when we did get out on the beach, it was like having our own private beach. There was a noisy group of Italians but we just moved away and easily found our own private spot. The only time we saw a large group of people was during meal times, I have no idea where these people were during the day!!

We went on a couple of excursions, we saw dolphins, which was amazing and went to Guraidhoo for a shopping trip. This was good for picking up some presents but be warned, it is hard work, locals were almost too pushy in getting you to buy from their shops which more or less all sold the same things.

All in all, i think Fiha is excellent value for money and for us to have such a good time with poor weather...then it must be special! Already have the brochures for next year."

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  • Travel date: Fri 15th of December 2006

Lovely island and reef but not a secluded paradise!

Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2012

"Hotel: We was happily surprised for the hotel layout. It is a very small island but smartly distributed. We went for our honeymoon and it was disappointing that is not a quiet place, its so over crowded! Also the hotel is very child friendly, so it is not the typical romantic hideaway, it is full of families and you are always surrounded by loads of people!!, I think that this is important to know depending the kind of holiday you are looking for! You have internet access, a dive centre, a shop (very overpriced, so if you like munchies I would advice to take loads from home as can cost you a fortune!!) , 2 bars (each divided in two), a massive restaurant, games room, billiards room, a cinema room, badminton court, volleyball and a sports centre. There is entertainment every night such as karaoke, disco or crab races…

Beach: The sand is absolutely gorgeous! Its like a velvet and the hotel staff keep it (as the rest of the island) immaculate clean!! The only let down is that the beach is a bit narrow, specially where we was located, that means that its always a pretty crowded, you don’t have a lot of privacy, almost no privacy at all. When you arrive they allocate you 2 beach chairs and 2 beach towels, that is very handy so you don’t need to worry about it or fighting for a place in the beach for the rest of your holiday specially when is so mega busy!

Reef: This deserve its own little title as it is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! AMAZING!I couldn’t go out from the water!!! You have a fantastic drop off just few meters from the beach and it is so rich that I cant describe it with words. There are Sting rays, eels, octopus, parrot fish, baby sharks, turtles, nemos and dorys!!haha…you name it and its there!!

Food: hummm… I did like it, the quality is very good, specially pastries and desserts! But the bad point is that 14 days of buffet, morning, lunch and dinner can be boring, even if they pick different themes everyday (like Italian, Chinese, Mexican,etc) the main ingredients are almost the same, spicy, curry type, etc. I enjoyed my Maldivian Tuna and I was very happy with it…but ppl like my husband that don’t each fish, find themselves in a problem!! we find ourselves lots of times having breakfast or lunch at the Blue lagoon, just to change and sit down and relax for a while!! The breakfast as also plenty of choices, for English or continental style, I highly recommend the pancakes and waffles, and as I said before all the pastries and cakes are amazing!

Bars: The Fisherman Bar its where most of the evening events take place and where ppl goes after dinner and they do the most amazing cocktails!!! I loved Girls Friday, Mai tai and Pina Colada! The prices are ok, alcoholic cocktails between u$s 6.50-7.50, non-alcoholic about u$s4.00, a pint of beer u$s 3.50. In a side it is the Coral Bay Café, where they do nice cakes, ice cream and sausage or chicken rolls at ridiculous cheap prices! Then, located on the beach you have the Blue Lagoon and Surf Café. The food is brilliant there and it well worth the extra money!! There you can have snacks like burgers, pizzas (one of the best I ever had!),hot dogs or if you had a late morning, breakfast, that it is massive!!!!!!! and it’s cost between u$s3.50-7.50. Go for the candlelight dinner at the Blue lagoon, its perfect!!

Staff: One of the weakest point of the island, I think, specially staff at the restaurant. The rest of the staff is adorable. But in the restaurant, if you are not their table they complete ignore you, when our waiter was off nobody helped us and we only wanted a glass!! Very bad, also I knew some people that was told off in several opportunities for going to dinner at 9.00pm… hello? We don’t want to hurry on holidays! Plus dinner time is till 9.30pm!! Weird… Also I think that it would be good that the management invest money in English curses for the staff as they struggle to talk with tourists, it would be so helpful for them and it would made their work easier!!

Room: We had the Classic rooms and even if they are very basic, we don’t feel that we need more in Maldives. The size was huge, bigger than Comfort, but this ones has nicer furniture. They keep it very clean, and as we was in a Classic we had to pay u$s10 per day to use the AC. The bed is massive and very comfy. You have a mini fridge and a dress room. The laundry service is very cheap.

Overall, Fihalhohi its great value for money and we would be back, as the person before me well said, if it was the better price as it is not the typical quiet deserted hideaway that you expect in Maldives!! There is a lot of room for improvement but for now there are doing fine!!! Definitely recommended for a budget traveller!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of November 2006

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  • Wid by Wid

    "Go for a classic room not a comnfort, if you want to ensure you are on the best beach. "

  • laburnum by laburnum

    "take a credit card dont drink wine "

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