Coco Bodu Hithi

4 star hotel

About Coco Bodu Hithi

  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • free internet
  • fitness center
  • bar lounge
  • spa
  • wifi
  • suites
  • free wireless internet in room
  • air conditioning
  • room service
  • dry cleaning
  • non smoking rooms
  • laundry service
  • concierge desk
  • flatscreen tv
  • family rooms
  • banquet room
  • multilingual staff
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • housekeeping
  • free breakfast
  • minibar
  • private balcony
  • beach
  • sauna
  • hot tub
  • tennis court
  • poolside bar
  • infinity pool
  • private beach
  • tv channel one russia
  • tv rtr planeta russia
  • butler service

Reviews summary

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10 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Very nice, but .....

Reviewed Sun 4th of November 2012

"We (me and my wife) have spent one week in a escape water villa for vacation.

Our villa on the water was great with a beautifull view on the ocean. You can sweam (and snork with the hotel equipment) with a lot of fish directly from your deck. (magnificient !! )

The bad points are :
- the food which is not at the level of a 5 star hotel.
- the management who walk from you without a smile or a hello. (for the price we have paid, they can do an effort)"

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  • Travel date: Tue 30th of October 2007

Coco Palm Bodi Huthi

Reviewed Sun 16th of December 2012

"Recently return from Coco Palm Bodi Huthi. The resort is outstanding. We stayed in a beach villa which was amazing. I have been to several resorts in Maldives and this has to be one of the best.

My only complaint would be the price of meals and drinks in resort. Whilst I appreciate the fact that its 5* I think the price were seriously over inflated. £9.00 for cheese and biscuit (and I mean biscuit!!!)

Think it great, but Evason resorts are better.

D & N"

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  • Travel date: Wed 10th of October 2007

Wonderful honeymoon

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"Wonderful resort - all staff extremely friendly. Nice little touches - cold flannels and cocktails on arrival. Champagne and fruit in room. Villa extremely luxurious with huge 'teacup' bath and private pool big enough to swim in at the back. Twice daily room service. Restaurants both excellent food and service. Spa service and treatments excellent. Things to look out for - huge bats flying through the trees. herons and cute hermit crabs. Tip - some of the sand is quite stony so take some waterproof shoes for in the sea. Otherwise just enjoy!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 10th of October 2007

beautiful island, great escape

Reviewed Tue 25th of December 2012

"beautiful island, limited water sports though, can see alot of marine life, fishes, sharks, eagle ray, lovely water villas. good food. resort is pretty new, so they are still improving on the amenities. nice infinity pool. really beautiful. crabs crawling on the beach at night. very windy. dvd and large lcd tv in room. bath is fantastic. very clean. lovely, great. snorkel equipment is foc."

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  • Travel date: Mon 8th of October 2007

Good resort, fabulous rooms

Reviewed Mon 24th of December 2012


- incredibly stylish rooms - best we have ever seen - even compared to lots of places in MiddleEast, such as the Chedi in Oman or the Evason in Thailand or the Bora Bora in Polynesia)
- good house reef for the snorkellers & divers
- no annoying bugs (at least in the water villa we had)
- hasslefree and fast speed boat transfer to airport
- professional, well equipped dive center
- magnifically located spa and fitness center

Weaknesses (in fact rather 'weaker points' compared to other 5 star resorts):

- service was o.k., but nothing to rave about (especially the waiters could have been more attentive)
- food was good, but clearly not above average compared to other resorts in that price category
- the leisure activities too pricey (if you pay 400€ for a room, why should I pay an additional 10€ for an hour of kayaking??)
- the beach is not in all places perfect. This was no problem for us, but people who seek the perfect (non-eroded) beach may be dissappointed

Despite the small drawbacks pointed out above, I would still recommend the Coco Palm Bodu Hithi. The rooms are fabulous and all in all we had a great, very relaxing holiday."

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  • Travel date: Sat 7th of July 2007

We found Paradise at Bodu Hithi

Reviewed Sun 4th of November 2012

"I should start off by saying I had mixed feelings about writing a review: I didn’t want people to find out about this gem, but that would be unfair since I always plan our trips using other’s people experience on this website, so here it goes:

We stayed at Bodu Hithi for a week last May and could not find one single thing to complain about. We wanted to go to a 5 star hotel but didn’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money since this was just a week getaway for us. Being already low season, the hotel was only half-full, which added to the peace and quiet.

The rooms: the best feature of this resort. We stayed at an island villa, which was large, modern, beautifully -and tastefully- decorated. It has a quite large plunge pool with an amazing deck and a bed and shower outdoors in the back, plus another deck in the front with yet another couch/bed to lie down and enjoy a good read overlooking the sea.
It might sound like a cliché, but to be lying at night outside with nothing else than the stars over your head is a wonderful experience. We loved the huge round bathtub in the middle of the room.
The big flat screen TV in your villa is a nice gadget, too. But we didn’t even switch it on during our stay. Just take some nice lounge music with you. The ambience will put you in the mood to have a bottle of wine on your deck while watching the sunset or just enjoying the breeze.

The sea is beautiful and you can snorkel right in front of your door, where you’ll find beautiful corals and all kinds of fish. I recommend taking rubber shoes since there is plenty of coral in some parts of the beach. Some beach villas have direct view to the sea; some are hidden behind green walls of palm trees and bushes. If you like to see the ocean from your deck, you should try to get a room between no. 325 and 342.

The staff were very nice and helpful without intruding.

Prices: It’s not cheap, but you need to keep in mind you are in a 5-star hotel, in a secluded, far away island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, of course the prices are not going to be the same as in your local pizzeria!

Food: I’m a very picky eater. And even I found every time 2 or 3 different things I liked. The food might not be impressive, but it’s a buffet: good quality, fresh, tasty food. And about queuing to get your eggs in the morning, well, being a buffet –of which your travel agent informs you when booking- that’s what you’ll get (in a such laid-back atmosphere, I didn’t mind this at all; it’s not as if you had to wait more than a few minutes anyway).

If you’re tired of eating at the buffet every day, you can also dine in you room (with a good variety of menus) or choose one of the two other restaurants on the island. Since you are not eating in the restaurant the meal you’ve paid for, you’ll get a US$ 30.

A few examples: we had a very good bottle of white wine for USD 40, which is reasonable (you can also get a bottle of wine for USD 15/20 if you’d like). The drinks at the bar: USD 12 for a piña colada/daiquiri; USD 7 for a Riccard. In the souvenir store my husband bought goggles since he had forgotten his and they charged him USD 15. While not cheap, prices are reasonable.

The Spa: wonderful. set over the water, all treatment rooms are very private and face the sea, each with a deck, plunge pool and loungers. Again, the prices are not as in your local beauty parlor (i.e.: USD 55 for a pedicure). I noticed a reviewer wrote “USD 90 for a pedicure”, she must have made a mistake; they charged 90 for a pedicure + manicure.

As long as people keep in mind where they are they won't be surprised. You cannot expect to go to a 5* hotel and bargain over the extras.

Noise: there was very little noise, no planes flying over our heads and no construction at the time we were there, though they were planning to do something because we saw new mounds of sand on our last day. If there’s exceptional work on the island or near your villa, you receive a message from the front desk to avoid unpleasant surprises (such as fumigating to kill the few bugs or mosquitoes between 11:00 and 12:00pm).

We’ll definitely be going back to this amazing resort!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 13th of June 2007

Why did I panic? May in Maldives was tanfabulous!

Reviewed Thu 1st of November 2012

"Firstly, take a look at my video in my profile and that should give you an idea of a day in the week of my life chilling in one of the best locations and resorts I've ever stayed in (May 18 to 27) and I've stayed in some pretty fabulous places!

I'd never been to the Maldives before, but always wanted to go. Ideally, I thought that I'd visit barefoot and arm-in-arm with the love of my life and have a truly memorable experience. Since that love my life still, shall we say, eludes me - I thought it prudent (particularly in post-tsunami reality) to visit the Maldives before they disappeared (a more likely prospect than my finding said love!). And a truly memorable experience was had.

Alone, I took the flight to Male direct from Heathrow Sri Lankan Airlines (in a truly retro 70s plane - and that's the kindest description I can give) and some 10 hours later (squirming in the smallest seat known to man) I arrived in Male at noon. Without any delay, I hopped on to a speedboat (not quite the Mission Impossible kind that I had envisaged, but no matter - the scenery already made up for that!) for the 30 minute transfer to Bodu Hithi.

BH seemed almost deserted - I think it was about 50% full which was absolutely fine by me. Quite often, I was the only person on the beach/spa/bar decking. The poshest Escape Water Villas were not complete, nor were a couple of bars (wine bar and cellar bar, I dimly recall). This made no difference since the key restaurants: Air and Aqua were fully functioning - serving thee most delicious morsels I've tasted for a long time (particularly considering that you are a captive audience with no alternative, unless you want to dive for squid yourself). All tastes were catered for: European (British, Italian, Spanish, German etc), Korean, Japanese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Maldavian, Chinese...etc. Wine and spirits were pricey (at £7/$14 a glass) but that didn't affect me too much as I was having a bit of a detox. There was a lovely bar beside Air with a great looking pool (with alternating halogen lights, really effective and made for some great photos).

The accommodation was truly amazing. A tip: whilst they say that the sunset side of the island is the most coveted, I think it's madness, as you can watch the sunset from the decking by the spa or sipping a (pricey!) White Russian by the main pool and/or restaurant. The locale of the sunset-side Island Villas may therefore not be quite as private as you may think in high season. I preferred to the seclusion of the sunrise side (when noone is up and you can watch the sun rise from your lounger). I stayed in 327 Island Villa (sunrise side) and loved it. Right on the beach, stunning views - fabulous facilities (including your own pool, which whilst not Olympic proportions, was more than a plunge pool and you could get a few good lengths in).

My slight gripes were:

- the water (all Evian at £3 a pop, bar a 1litre freebie local water you got each morning - why not sell the local - and I'm sure much cheaper - water?);

- the limited and pricey room service menu (and that's coming from a Brit who took advantage of the US dollar bonus exchange rates (the currency used in the resort - Americans must be crippled!));

- the boutique shop (small, with basics and limited - very limited - gift options); and

- the honeymooners (kiddddding - although what is WITH the matching his and her outfits, people?),

but really, I am racking my brain here for shortcomings!

The staff (despite the horrific hours I was hearing about them working!) were truly wonderful and made me feel right at ease without any overt perving, which is always irritating and unnerving when you are a single laydee traveller - particularly at night when the island, I think to add to the whole ambient romantic mood, is extremely dimly lit (which I like: why have bright artifictial lighting when you get that 9 to5 at work?).

The Spa - OH the Spa! The Spa was my friend all week and the location was stunning. Think looking at sharks and fishies through the glass floor panel whilst being pummelled and/or soothed and then after said pummellage, sipping lemongrass iced tea on a lounger outside on the decking (a good way of imagining what it would be like in a water villa, which made me glad I'd opted for an island villa with the perfect beach to jump around in)) .The treatments were varied and executed to a standard at least equal to that in London (Ayu was a particularly gifted therapist). To conclude: my treatments were a mind altering experience - I drifted back to my villa after each appointment truly relaxed and/or invigorated depending on the treatment of the day.

I didn't check out the diving or snorkelling (no need to snorkel - the sea is so clear you can see all the underwater shenanigans without having to hear your heavy breathing and have someone else's plastic pinch your face), so can't comment about the adequacy or otherwise. BH doesn't offer dolphin swimming/boat trips (the dolphins alledgedly don't frequent the environs of BH), which I thought a shame. In addition to the diving and snorkelling, there were sail boats and tennis and volleyball courts but, yes - you guessed it - I didn't check those out either. Don't judge me, I was having a Marlene Dietrich holiday.

To sum up, I can recommend BH 150% percent. Not once did I see rain (despite claims of a tsunami and/or sea surge and constant rain predictions in all of the forecasts), except when my decking was wet when I peeked out a couple of mornings (for about 5 minutes until the sun came out - it is HOT there!) and on the last night - which admittedly DID make the speedboat journey home rather less sedate (read: rather "choppy" and not for the feint-hearted: particularly clambering aboard)."

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  • Travel date: Tue 5th of June 2007

The good and bad of bodhu hithi !!!!

Reviewed Mon 24th of December 2012

"Bodhu Hithi is what maldives is at its best and worst. FIrst lets start with the good point: The rooms. Whatever the category the rooms
are just incredible. I advise either the island villa or directly the
escape water villa. The water villa is expensive and not worth it compared to the escape water villa. The sea is amazing and nice corals. The staff is very helpful and very nice. So what is bad?
The price! The price of the room looks cheap compared to other resort
but everything else is incredibly expensive. Even prices in London and tokyo look cheap compared to bodhu hithi. A simple meal is minimum 70 USD per person if you keep it simple and 100 if you take some wine. And nothing is free.

The second bad point is the main restaurant which look like a canteen. For instance you have to queue to get your eggs in the morning. When you pay 800 USD the night you do expect a very high quality service. So bodhu hithi is a luxury place but not an exclusive place.

Also the resort was not finish and not full. So when it will be at full capacity it will be overcrowded.

Conclusion: I loved this place as our room was just incredible and the service very good. The food was very average and every extra and food incredibly expensive ...."

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  • Travel date: Wed 2nd of May 2007

The Beautiful Maldives

Reviewed Sun 16th of December 2012

"We stayed at Bodu Hithi for 11 nights at the end of February 2007. The Trip from Male on Speedboat was fast and we arrived at the island some 40 minutes later, we were met at the end of the boardwalk by our Butler who then escorted us to our Escape Water Villa. The Villa was nicely decorated to a good standard using dark wood but had the strangest bath and hand basins made of a plywood material which I feel will not last the test of time as the Bath had already a dark permanent water stain. Outside on the deck it is wonderful with a decent size plunge pool and two sun loungers and steps down into the lagoon. We also had a small coral reef right at the bottom of the step ladder with the most amazing fish I have ever seen and plenty of different varieties. There are two restaurants on the Island The Air, where you have breakfast and Buffet Dinner and can sit inside or outside, when you are able to get a seat as a lot of guests seem to hovver around as soon as it opens to grab the outside seats, however when it gets dark you cannot see anything on the table as it is only illuminated by a very small candle, some may say this is Romantic, however I do like to see what I am eating.The Aqua which is more A la Carte and has an inside eating area and various decks out into the lagoon which is very romantic but once again dark, you cannot see a thing on the table, the waiters come with small battery torches so you can choose from the menu then take them away and when your food is then brought to the table you are left to eat in the darkness. There is also a bar by the pool area, with various board games at the tables and chess sets, In my opinion the bar area lacked atmosphere and the music was very bland with no real good 'tunes' although around twice a week a band would visit the resort and on the whole was not bad. The Dive Centre was excellent and very well run and my husband was more than pleased with the five dives that he went on, although no one spoke to him on the boat apart from the Dive instructors which was very indicitive of the whole island, not particular friendly clientel, kept themselves to themselves and only spoke to say hello when spoken to first. We had a sunset cruise which was beautiful and an private dining dinner on the sand spit at the end of the island, cooked by our Butler which was very Romantic and nice, in fact our Butler we could not fault he was there at our every beck and call if we needed him but left us in privacy if we wanted. The island itself is quite pretty and you can stroll just about right round it on the beach, but you do need to watch the coral that is plentiful on some parts of the sand. The Spa is good and the Girls are really nice although quite expensive for some treatments $90 for a pedicure and $135 for a body massage. There is a small shop selling souveniers and bric a brac and a spa shop with lotions and potions. All the staff are really nice and friendly and try to make your stay good. Would I go back? The answer to that I feel at this time is no, not enough of an atmosphere and the need to sort out the darkness issue at the restaurants. Do I feel the resort is 5 star? in some aspects yes but in some no they just have not quite got it right yet, hopfully that will come. Price wise I feel it is expensive and not up to the standard that they are charging and I heard a whisper that these prices are only an introductory price and next year they will have gone up at least 20%, they will have to pull out all the stops then. I have tried to be fair in my review but after all this is only my opinion."

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  • Travel date: Tue 3rd of April 2007

We had a great time at Coco Palm Bodu Hithi!

Reviewed Thu 1st of November 2012

"We stayed at the Coco Palm Bodu Hithi from Jan 24-28. Overall, our stay was exceptional. The resort was not 100% operational, and there was still some construction going on, but one can choose to make this the highlight of their stay or instead enjoy all the wonderful things this resort has to offer and have an exceptional experience. We chose to do the latter. Let me first highlight what was not completed: beach villas on the spa side of the island, escape residences and wine bar. Everything else was completed.

The highlight of this resort for us was the water villa in which we stayed (#410). The ambiance they have created in the villas is exceptional. The villas a are spacious, with top quality finishes. The huge deck and plunge pool are ideal for some private relaxing. The bathroom and outdoor shower are to die for! And, as soon as you venture out into the ocean water outside the villa, you are greeted with many colourful fish.

The pool area is really beautiful and the Latitude bar has friendly and prompt service. The drink prices were quite normal given the nature of the location (i.e. 5 star hotel in a remote island nation). The food was excellent in all three restaurants we tried. (The squid in the Aqua restaurant was my favourite). The spa is something else...floating above the Indian Ocean, with a wide array of treatment options. Each treatment room looks out to the Indian Ocean and has it's own loungers and plunge pool from some after treatment relaxing.

The snorkelling around the island is amazing - I think we spent 3/4 of our time in the water! We also took the snorkelling excursion ($22USD) which was excellent. We saw manta rays, beautiful coral and thousands of colourful fish. We also took the morning fishing excursion ($108USD per couple) which was interesting, albeit we only caught two fish."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 12th of February 2007

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