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big no !

Reviewed Thu 24th of October 2013

"- ordinary room with damaged furniture and fittings. Visually clean towels but they are worn off, off white and not soft.
- very ordinary cheap and boring food selections, worn off cutlery and plates with lots of grayish scratches on the cheap white ceramic plates, cheap cutlery with lots of scratches and damages.
- not enough ventilation in the restaurant. Always hot and steamy. Thousands of fruit flies at top of the fruit trays, cheese platters, sweets etc.
- No constant WI-FI connection. I spent all my 7days holiday to trying to connect WiFi.. Its connect for a few sec and disconnect, then log in again and again and again and again. So very annoying... the connection is dead slow. The government blocks social media such as Viber, whatsapp etc. facebook and skype was ok but useless with no proper connection.
- the staff come and ask to join table in restaurant. We couldn't say No. And they talk so much, ask lots of private questions.
- The bars offer very little selection. Bar staff are not that qualified, they hardly smile.
- The bed of the water is full of with broken sharp corals, no one swim in it. Everyone goes to swimming pool.
- Animations are very poor. Entertainment is cheap, noisy and boring..
- Air conditioner in rooms works well.. water pressure is good in showers. Good size of wardrobe with hangers. Nice waterfront view from every rooms. Beautiful white sands.

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  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of October 2013

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  • 3 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 2 Value
  • 2 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

Amazing holiday destination.

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"Where do we start?

Overrall our stay was amazing. The service; the food; the activities; the room and the location were all exceptional.

We arrived very late at night, which meant the boat trip from the airport to the island was all in the dark of night and so was our trip back to the airport eight nights later, but that can't be helped as that's the only time available when flying Singapore Airlines. The boat ride was still excellent as you could see the other resorts with all their lights on. Its only about a 30 minute trip. We were quite tired but enjoyed the fresh air.

On arrival at the island the GOs (Gracious Organisers) met us at the jetty and we were all welcomed to the island by the general manager of the island who spoke English, French and Italian. Each person/couple was then escorted to their room by a GO and given a brief spiel about the island. Our room had the lights and the airconditioning on to make the room even more inviting. There was a platter of sandwiches and bananas as well as a soft drink and some cold water. All the staff were very friendly, the only thing we noticed was that the GOs tended to speak a lot more to the French speaking holiday makers than to the other language speakers. This didn't really bother us, just something we noticed and made them aware of when they asked us to complete a questionnaire about our stay.

The next morning we had breakfast and then met at the theatre at the pre-arranged time to be given a tour of the island and another overview of the activities and how things worked.

The food was generally very good, however after 7 days of eating buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner you do get a little tired of having to get up to get a plate of food. We had lots of sweet pineapple during our stay. We ate at the free a la carte restaurant one night, but we didn't really like what was on offer, the location of the a la carte restaurant was lovely though, right on the edge of the water with lights in the water so you could see the waves. The all day snacking is more like all day bar as there wasn't really any food around outside of breakfast, lunch and dinner. However we did take advantage of the all day bar and had at least 5 drinks each day. The virgin chichi which is a pina colada without alcohol was excellent. There was no shortage of drinking water available. All you had to do was ask for it!

Each day a variety of activities were on, there was a snorkelling trip which left at 10AM and 2PM and took you out to a reef 30 minutes each way for a 45 minute snorkel adventure. There was kayaking, sailing, table tennis tournaments, bocce ball, aqua gym, beach volleyball, beach soccer etc. We especially enjoyed the aqua aerobics and pool games in the morning.
The GOs ran special tournaments normally at 2PM and 5PM each day for a different sport where you could win gold, silver and bronze medals.
For those who want to snorkel around the island we recommend that you buy your snorkel gear at home as you can only borrow snorkel equipment when going on the excursions and to buy snorkel gear in the shops is around $50 USD. There is a great area to snorkel on the opposite end of the island to where the over the lagoon bungalows are. There were excursions available to go to Male and other islands, but we didn't find that we needed to get off the island. We spent most of our time relaxing and taking advantage of the free activities. We did our shopping on the island and at the airport and came away with plenty of momentos. Keep an eye out for the daily specials at the shop as these really brought the prices down.

We stayed in room 326 which was a garden view room in the two story blocks, the room did however have views of the ocean as well. The room was very nice and comfortable. We were given new bottles of water each day when the room was made up by housekeeping.

The island was amazing, it is only 800M x 200M, but you wouldn't believe there were around 400 people of the island, except at meals (Maybe there were lots of honeymooners who kept to their rooms). The ocean was always nice and warm, as was the pool, there was never any problems getting into the water, unlike when you go to the beach in Sydney. Some parts of the island had very rough coral debris instead of sand, so it may be a good idea to bring some shoes that can go in the water, although we didn't have any and didn't hurt our feet too much. Other reviews have mentioned mosquitoes, we didn't have any problems with mosquitoes. The grounds keepers spray the island every afternoon between 4PM and 6PM to ensure the mosquito population stays away, we didn't have any problems with this as we'd rather see clouds of pesticide for a few minutes than be scratching and swatting for days.

We were fortunate to experience very good weather. It rained twice for a very short time in the 8 days we spent on Kani. It was quite humid all week so we spent a lot of time under water.

This is one of the most amazing places we have ever been to. The pictures on the website are more accurate than you would ever believe. Just to prove it we have added some more :)

We had a fantastic time and would love to go back. We've got a baby on the way who was conceived there, so we definitely have great memories of Club Med Kani."

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  • Travel date: Sat 18th of August 2007

Must stay in a Lagoon Suite

Reviewed Fri 2nd of November 2012

"Club Med Kani was the only choice for our honeymoon and we were happy with our decision. The Lagoon Suites made the stay I would not recommend staying in any other room type if it’s your honeymoon. The size of the suite is amazing, the décor is beautiful and bathroom is fantastic. As mentioned in other reviews the bath is great, not much hot water to fill it up but we have a bath every night at sunset drinking champagne looking out at the sea it was so romantic. The deck has 2 chairs to relax on and stairs down to the water and a fresh water shower to wash yourself down. The water is so lovely and warm and the visibility is amazing. The colours of the water is breathtaking and the fish swimming around are friendly.

The island staff are very friendly and always saying hello and it seemed like every hour housekeeping came in to clean the room so for those first days make sure you put the do not disturb bag on the door, even then they still called and knocked on the doors. We ended up locking the door so they didn’t come in.

The food was good but I was not as impressed as Cherating, there was not much for my husband who has limited taste buds so he filled up on the Snacking options at the other restaurant which was great as they had burgers, club sandwiches and fried rice which were all delicious. The All Inclusive concept is great, it’s such a relief not to have to worry about carrying cash around or conversion rates. We took advantage of the open bar but did note they don’t serve alcoholic drinks at breakfast. I know its breakfast but your on holiday so normal rules don’t apply :)

They Spa ladies were lovely and we enjoyed a couples Balinese massage. The lady at the Boutique was not as friendly but we only went there to buy postcards and chocolate.

Coming from an amazing birthday a few years ago at Club Med Cherating, a high standard had been set which I don’t think Kani achieved. There were nowhere near as many activities to do and Cherating had just finished its refurbishment so the grounds and common area were looking stunning. Not to take away from the grounds staff at Kani who were always sweeping and cleaning everything. I know Kani is a smaller island and is more of a couples Club Med so that maybe why there was not as much to do on the island. We did try out aqua aerobics, snorkeling and the catamarans. I thought that because there were no kids clubs there wouldn’t be as many children but there were and they were very noisy and in your face which was a real shame.

All in all it was a great honeymoon, I’m glad we did it but would not go back. Cherating is still tops in my books"

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  • Travel date: Tue 14th of August 2007

A wonderful honeymoon!

Reviewed Fri 2nd of November 2012

"My wife and I spent our honeymoon at Club Med in May 2007. I got a lot of useful information from other reviews so I thought it would be only fair that I give something back to the community :) So here goes:

Getting There: I happened to be in India prior to the trip so it was a short 1.5 hour flight from Bangalore, India to Male. Male airport is small but exteremly clean and efficient. It took about 30 min to clear immigration and customs (all our time was spent waiting for our checked luggage).Outside the terminal all the major hotels have booths and so we headed straight for the Club Med one. We had pre-paid for airport transfers (about $35/person) and this is a must as you have to get on a boat (or sea plane) to get to any of the resorts. I dont think it is too easy to find a boat taxi to take you to your resort so definately use the transfer service offered by your resort.

Checking in: We were greeted at the Club Med jetty by one of the GO's and taken to reception area. As most of the other reviews have mentioned we were served the unappetizing welcome drink but the GO's were friendly and described the island and its facilities to us. The whole process was pretty quick and then we were taken to our Lagoon Suite.

The room: The lagoon suite is amazing and the pictures online dont do it justice. There is a lovely deck and you can literally jump right into the water from your room. The best part of the room I think is the bathtub and the view from it! Unfortunately, unless you have a suite at the very end with an unobstructed view of the ocean you dont have too much privacy as people in neighbouring suites or the beach could see in.

The Island: The place looked absolutely beautiful, just like the pictures. You have the lagoon suites at one end. The reception, bars, pool, restaurants are at the center of the island. And as you keep going to the other end there is a soccer field and basketball court (surpringly no gym). The beach suites are scattered throughout the island. The sand is not soft and does contain pieces of corral so you are better off wearing footwear as you walk around the island. The water is not too deep and you can probably walk out about 50 feet and still be in only waist high water.

Activities: There are quite a few water sports and activities throughout the day. The annoying thing is that you have to sign up for them in the morning and some of more popular ones (like sailing) get full early. There are some pool activities organized by the GO's (water aerobics, fun competitions etc). At night there is always the "Crazy Signs". I have never been to a Club Med before but I could tell that Crazy Signs would probably have been more fun and interesting in other resorts. Only a handful of guests participated and by 11:30pm the bar was empty and everyone was in bed. I have to say that the GO's are exteremely enthusiastic and try hard to get the guests motivated but I think the people who come to Male more of the honeymooner type and prefer doing their own thing.

Excursions: We did the Male tour and the Blue Lagoon excursion. We figured we had to visit Male just because it is the capital and the only city there. The place was very small and essentially a tourist trap. The sights weren't all that interesting (a park, Male's largest mosque, the presidential residence etc). The guide (who doesnt work for Club Med) didnt really care about us and spent half his time on his cellphone. At the end of the trip you end up in a sovenier store with all the other tourists and they proceed to rip you off. FYI, whatever price you are qouted you can probably bargain it down to half that.

The blue lagoon trip was a lot different. We went snorkelling and it was breathtaking. The water was crystal clear and there were lots of beautiful fish. (Try and bring a waterproof camera because the one sold on the island will set you back $50 and it isnt all that great). It so happened that there were only 4 people on the trip so you felt you had the ocean to yourself. The guides (this time around who are Club Med employees) were super-friendly and very accomodating. They went out of their way to make sure we had a good time. After snorkelling we were taken to this sandbank in the middle of the ocean. Straight out of a postcard! And then we visited a local village which was a lot more interesting than Male. The locals were very friendly and we had a pretty good insight into the local lifestyle.

Food: The first couple of days the food was okay. But after the 7th day there I was glad to be heading home. The quality and vareity of food is average. A lot of sea food and mainly italian and asian cuisine. I read in the other reviews that the fine dining wasnt really worth it so I didnt bother to try it out.

Weather: In 80s-90's(F) everyday. Hot and sunny. We went right at the start of monsoon season so I was a little concerned. But it rained only 3 times and each time it didnt last for more than 5 min!

Cost: Came to about $4000US for 7 days. Pricey for sure but it was my honeymoon and I really wanted to come to Maldives so had no choice :) But the price was all-inclusive (food and drink) and some of the other resorts certianly take advantage of the fact that you are stuck on the island for days and charge you exorbitant amounts for food.

My wife and I had a wonderful time there. Maldives was more beautiful than I expected and Club Med was a great place to stay at. The only reason why I didnt give it a 5/5 is because of the food. Will definately recommend this resort."

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of July 2007

Best Club Med in Asia?

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"Have been to a couple other villages in Asia (Malaysia and Phuket) and we found this to be the best. The Lagoon Suites are pricey but worth every penny as you are right on the water. Beaches are just as amazing as the pics on the website. Snorkeling excursions are included (2X a day) and for the hardcore, a full scuba staff to take you out on dives twice a day (for a fee).

Only downsides were that you do occassionally see kids running around as there is no mini club. Also, there is nothing outside the village on the island except...water. Meaning if you want to go hang with the locals or even go to a different hotel like the Four Seasons to check out their bar, you need to hire a water taxi or something and that is not very easy. Of course, some people come just for that level of seclusion....

In short, Kani rocks!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 8th of July 2007

Some people clearly do not know what they're talking about!

Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2012

"Club Med Kani and Escapade at Dubai

Our stay was from the 26 Mar to 3 Apr 2007 – a great time to visit the Maldives and, especially, Club Med Kani. The weather was superb – 30 mins of rain the whole nine days and superb weather for the rest. Though the village was full and the Easter rush was yet to start, we felt that the village was well laid out and well run, with no sense of it being crowded.

Prior to our travels to Kani we took the Club Med Dubai Escapade, staying at the Hotel Movenpick Bur Dubai, which was excellent. Our arrival to Malé with Emirates Airlines was delayed owing to terrorist activities in Sri Lanka. Our flights to and from Paris to Malé, via Dubai, were with Emirates Airlines, which were also superb – good economy airline food and service. However, immigration control at Dubai was horrendous – over one hour to wait to have your passport checked and then no private transfers from the airport so 12 of Club Med clients had to wait nearly two hours for one person to finally get through security. (Le Riad, Marrakech has private transfers and we think Club Med should have this for all their GM Proche members as well as for all Vivre Exceptionelle clients.)

The escapade around Dubai is good value overall but the scheduling needs to be looked at. We arrived at the hotel after 0230 am. and to then leave at 0900 for a tour of the city, museum visit, art centre visit, etc. is pushing it. The desert safari in specially adapted Toyota Land Cruisers was superb and the desert evening in an Arabian encampment is a great idea but took too long to get going and after the long night and day many asked to leave early. The second day was much better balanced and the lunch at the Movenpick Bur Dubai was much better than the one provided on the first day at another hotel. The shopping was great and the malls impressive, overall. The evening dinner on a traditional dhow was pleasant in terms of the setting but the food was basic and uninspiring.

The Club Med Kani boat jetty is within five minutes of the airport and the 35 minute speedboat trip was fast, efficient and very scenic as you passed various other islands on the way and were chased by flying fish. Our reception at Kani was very friendly, in true Club Med tradition, and we were swiftly transferred to our lagoon suite on stilts. Barbara, Chef Du Village, and her assistant Norma, greet you personally. The lagoon suites are very spacious and well fitted out but the best are those towards the end of the rows eg. nos. 160-164. We were in 161 and were not really overlooked by anyone else – with views towards the lagoon, the Indian Ocean and the coral sand beach. The lagoon suites are well worth the extra cost and are the best Club Med accommodation we have stayed in (nb. previous visits to Columbus Isle and Le Riad, Marrakech). From your own private terrace you can step down to the beautiful clear waters of the lagoon to swim or snorkel or walk out to the reef edge when the tide is low enough (most of the time). As others have reported, the beaches are not fine powdered white sand but most of the beach areas can be walked barefoot. This is not advisable, however, for walking in the lagoon area immediately off the beach where there are various sized pieces of coral to cut your feet – soft gello sandals or trainers are advised. It is well worth exploring the lagoon immediately by your lagoon suite, on foot or with snorkel, as within a few metres you will find fish living under and close to rocks – with many colours and sizes easily seen and even more impressive with a snorkel. (NB buy your own snorkel before you fly as the ones in the shop are 45 euros). Snorkelling off the main reef is even more stunning with small shark, turtles and barracudas evident alongside a myriad of coral fish at every turn.

Electric sockets are mainly UK three pin but there is also American and French style. An adapter is provided free of charge.

The village is kept beautifully clean and tidy by an industrious team of grounds-staff who work throughout the day, whatever the heat, to keep the gardens in pristine condition. You may even be presented with a tropical flower as you pass them cutting flowers for room displays. In the centre of the village is an enormous banyan tree said to be 120 years old, around which the village’s White Night event is set – where you eat under the stars at tables and chairs bedecked in white linen. Previous reports mentioned ants, worms on the path and mosquitoes but during our visit there was no evidence of any of these.

Barbara and her staff are excellent – very friendly, knowledgeable and keen to offer the personal touch. As we have always found, using each member’s staff name, always gets a positive response and improves the service you get, even more than it already is. Particularly good staff are Patty, Bandara, Donna, Gill, Milantha, Hiro and Danny in the Iru and Sunset Bars, John and Rahman in the Kandu restaurant, Kawser and Alam in the main dining area, and Kiki at the sailing centre. They are all keen to please and go out of their way to help you eg. finding a good table, making up new cocktails and giving you prompt cheerful service. If going on the Robinson Desert Island excursion (more of that later) it is well worth the extra cash, particularly if your guide is Federico, an Italian GO with a great sense of humour if an over zealous user of the whistle!

The all-inclusive package is, as always great, though the all day ice-cream facility has been withdrawn for technical reasons – shame! The buffet for breakfast, lunch and evening dinner is reasonable but lacks diversity with perhaps 60% of each buffet being similar to previous days. The buffet evenings at Columbus Isle are far superior. What was pleasing was the high number of tables set for two – enabling couples to have their special moments or mix in with others. No bottled water is available at meal-times unless you go to the bars to collect it yourself. We are suspicious of hotel tap water following serious digestive problems at Le Riad, Marrakech caused by the local water, which is also used for the ice cubes. This is the same at Kani and we were advised that the water was drinkable, so we took them at their word only to have serious diarrhoea for the first two days. Only Imodium and anti-biotics sorted things out. Many other guests reported similar problems.

The Kandu restaurant offers a fine dining alternative and, according to the publicity, you have to book this at 0800 at Reception on the day you want to eat. If you’re not asked at Reception if you want the fine dining you will be offered the ‘free dinner’, which is of reasonable quality. Club Med seems to ignore comments that this speciality restaurant reservation arrangement is nothing but inconvenient. Indeed, you are told that if you do not get up early to be at Reception for 0745 to be first in the queue you will miss out. Yet we found out that any honeymooners can reserve at anytime, you can reserve through a travel agent before you travel and if the fine dining option is your preference, you can reserve that at any time. This is not explained in any of the information packs in the village. What a fuss when the fine dining option (at €30 pp extra) is nothing special. The Kandu is good for a late lunch (1400 to 1500) where a number of simple options are available – the setting is superb and there are few who take up the option so you can often have the place to yourself.

The cooking lessons for Sushi and Crème Caramel were excellent and both the head and sous-chefs tutor you personally. Sheik, the latter, is very keen to improve on lessons and the whole dining experience and is receptive to suggestions.

A number of excursions are on offer – of differing prices and interests. The most popular is the Robinson Crusoe day - at €280 a head it seems expensive but the day is well worth it overall. The day starts with a flight in a twin prop Maldivian Air Taxi hydro-plane – not luxurious and very noisy but the views of atolls, populated or otherwise, are superb and the experience of taking off and landing on the sea is tremendous. Our trip saw us travel to Rashdoo atoll where we had a brief tour of the main village and a visit to a welcoming souvenir shop. Then we travelled by dhow to a coral reef for 45 mins of superb snorkelling. A short stay on a perfect coral beach, following a very dodgy transfer to shore with 14 of us on a flat-decked rowing boat sized speedboat to allow us to get in behind the reef for 30 minutes of sunbathing and swimming. This was followed by a similarly dodgy transfer back to the dhow before the next stage of the flight to another atholl where you flew over, at low altitude, the spectacular coral atoll before landing at the water’s edge of the most perfect white coral beach – stepping from the plane directly onto the shore. We stayed here for a good lobster barbecue provided by the atoll’s summer inhabitants of 4 Bangladeshi guys who ran this as a business.

The lobster and fish were excellent though the salads were a bit basic. ‘Free drinks’ were provided for the entire stay and everyone had the opportunity to experience being on a desert island for 2 hours, as well as taking time for more idyllic snorkelling or taking the rays. The colours of the sea and sky were incredible and unforgettable. Then a return flight by hydroplane back to Kani, with the added bonus of flying over the whole village before a smooth landing by the sailing club. A great trip but take high factor lotion and clothing to help cover up from the intense sun."

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  • Travel date: Fri 27th of April 2007

no worth the money!!!

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"Hi guys,
We just came back from a 6 days holiday at Kani was our honeymoon ...well what can i say...we spend 6000 euros and
we felt screwed up... Let's start:
The welcome drink was a glass of poor lemon iced tea
The food was terrible the pasta dishes were uneatable, and all the rest was just of a very poor quality , the fruit didn't taste of anything the water was mineralised water, the fruit juices the drinks everything was cheap and poor. I spent six nights eating just boiled rice and i know 12 people that got diarrea because of the salads and row vegies nasty carrots, so be careful.
The entertainment was patetic the members of the staff will do a half of an hour show and after that will dance on the dance floor with loud and noisy disco music, not really the best for couples, infact nobody apart from them would dance.
At around 6 pm the all island was infested by the spray of mosquitos repellent mhhh fantastic!!!
The fine dining restaurant? We paid 70 euro to do not eat anything, the lobester was icy cold and smelled very fishy my husband got 39 fever the day after.
700 euro per day? It is just ridiculus
Be aware the main beach is full of sea grass and broken corals do not expect fine withe beach.
Kids and families everywhere .....
Thank you club med to ruin our holiday wanting to spend very little money in the most important things: food drinks and enterteinment....It is a pity because the island itself is pretty and the gardens are very well mainteined is just that probably they want to make the most out of our money with the minimun effort ...bad bad bad"

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  • Travel date: Thu 29th of March 2007

What happened to the Club Med spirit?

Reviewed Tue 16th of October 2012

"We have been Club Med customers for over a decade having stayed at the following resorts on our holidays: Bora Bora, Moorea, Bali, Phuket, Faru, Kani, Cancun, Turks. The last time we were at Kani was in September, the year of the tsunami. We booked our trip to Kani for March 2007 and looked forward to it with much joy and trepidation. It was our 5th year of staying in Kani. Sadly, we will not be going back. Please don't get me wrong: if you have never been on a Club Med vacation, and , this is your first time in Maldives, you'll love Kani, for there's nothing wrong with the resort. Here is why we will not be going back:
1) since the renovation of the resort post tsunami, the prices have tripled for the american market; granted it's more upscale, it really makes no differenece to us, for, if we have wanted upscale, we would have booked at the Four Seasons or Kanuhura. We wanted the Club med experience
2) there is no longer the nice Club Med fun welcoming and the "bid adieu"; it always made us feel home, when arriving at the pontoon in Kani or Bora Bora the GOs were there to greet you, clapping to the tune of one of the songs from Crazy signs; unfortunately, sadly, those are now gone and arrivals and departures are handled impersonally, sort of like cattles.
3) they have replaced the wonderful welcoming cocktail (citrus, fruit juice) with some diluted, unsavory iced tea that looks cheap and tastes even worse; they call it traditional, but it's really crap; shame, considering that it's the first impression upon arriving, not to mention the resort being all inclussive;
4) the interaction between GOs and GMs is minimal to nonexistent; we loved that in Club med and we made great friends that way;
5) there is no more GM show; sad, again; I remember in Bali when the show had GM kids doing acrobatics--simply amazing; Kani used to involve GM in shows as well but that is gone; now they have involvement in the form of sports at night, but, if you are like me, not much into sports, it really sucks;
6) the shows are not funny anymore; we miss all the French humour we so used to enjoy (we are americans), the drag shows, the pantomimes, all GONE; now all you get is dancing, everynight different, but still it's just dancing;
7) lots and lots of kids (ok, admiteddly not a Kani fault) but in the previous year, there were hardly any kids there, mostly honeymooners; this March it was the invasion of kids as if entire schools had come there on holiday; I did not pay close to $ 800 /night to go there to hear kids screaming, and bouncing their footballs off my lounge chair; even the GOs were secretly complaining to us about the kids saying that they could not understand how the offices were booking them in such large numbers; Kani should be adverstised as kid-friendly--then, those of us who seek quiet and seclusion would know better than to book there; again; I don't blame families, everyone should enjoy Maldives, including kids-I just did not expect nor want to see so many;
8) impersonal, impersonal, impersonal;"

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  • Travel date: Wed 21st of March 2007

Honeymoon in Paradise

Reviewed Fri 30th of November 2012

"WOW....we could not of hoped for anything better!

Our honeymoon was as it should be a-once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We stayed in the lagoon suites for 6 nights, it is beutiful and very spacious with spectacular views. Our first one was facing a busy beach and the 'night club' - not ideal for honeymooners - We requested to be moved to a more 'secluded' bungalow and were promised that we could the next day. The next day the reservations manager was off. Then the next day we went to her again and she said that there was nothing now?! but we could move the next day. We then got the most private bungalow facing nothing but sunset for 3 nights. Everything is open and lots of wood and glass everywhere so that you feel that you are floating on the azure waters.

The best is having a foam bath in the freestanding bath. The bed has a mosquito net that you could need, but it also makes it very romantic. The guy that serviced our bungalow was so friendly and we were sad to leave him behind when changing bungalow, but we have pictures and video and the new person was just as friendly.

The food is insane, we both gained 6kg in a week and that's a lot for someone that only weights 52kg. But you can't stop every dish and day is a different experience.

Believe it or not it did rain for a couple of days, but never the whole day and we even snorkeled in the rain. There is also just so much to do - you don't miss a beat.

Most of our time was spent in or on the water. Kayaking out to the 2 little islands was mind-blowing - we even had one to ourselves all day, we just pulled our kayak onto the beach and there you go - our own deserted island. Learning how to sail a Catmaran was great fun, I can even steer it!

The island is not big and we from one end to the other...very beautiful, very romantic.

The all day inclusive coctails are great and lounging by the rim-flowing pool is ideal. We even won a gold medal in volley polo :)

I have to say this is the last paradise on earth. When enter tthe 27 degree water you enter another world. Before your knees even touch water there are schools of colorful fish. We bought our own snorkel and flippers and explored the channel around our water bungalow - schools of blue, red, yellow, orange, purple fish, eals, clown fish, lion fish, jelly fish, whatever your heart could imagine... And the Coral Garden where we went to with the boat takes your breath away - I was like a little kid! There were even dolphins!

We were both very sad on our last night as she sun set...and I had to choke back the tears with our last meal when all the serving staff came to say goodbye and how great it had been to meat us. These people are so friendly and we left a bit of our hearts with them.

I want to go baaaaack...soon. ENJOY"

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  • Travel date: Fri 9th of March 2007

Mixed emotions

Reviewed Fri 30th of November 2012

"We stayed at the Club Med Kani from 8/2 till 15/2.
Overall the experience can be rated as above average but it could be much better. The food is was above Club Med standards (at least the Greek Club Med standards) and the rooms we stayed (lagoon suites) were beautifull and spacious. One problem was the lack of proper room service, which could come handy as the suites are placed the furthest to the main restaurant and at least there should be some option for such service.
One dissapointment was the lack of any kind of water taxi service from the hotel to close resorts. For example, we wanted to book a dinner at the nearby "Four seasons" resort and the only way to go there was by taking a 45 minute boat ride to Male and then another 45 minte back to Four seasons, as the 2 resorts wree only 5 minutes away by boat froim each other.
Also, I was a bit taken back by the extra charge of 50 euro per person that the Club Med boat charges from Male to the resort and back, as there is no other way to go to the secluded resort. For a week we spent around 5500 euros for 2 people at the resort, I would expect the boat to the resort to be inclusive in the price.
The last negative point is the cockroach problem in the lagoon suites. We were finding at least 3-4 of them every night in the room. It is a problem that others might find very annoying and it should be taken care of by CM.
Overall the rooms were spacious and very clean, but friends of mine that came allong and were in Kani last year as well, told us that the villas are more spacious, have a jacuzzi also and cost 2 thirds of what we were charged for the lagoon suites.
Overall the experience was good. The Maldives are too beautifull to be ruined by a few bugs and overcharges and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I just think I will choose anothe resort the next time, so I can at least make proper comparisons."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 23rd of February 2007

Clube Med delivers what it promises

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"We stayed at Kani 16-23 of JAN 2007, 3 adults and 1 small child. This is our second stay in Kani after February 2004. we were overall extremely satisfied with our stay.

We booked a week before and got ‘the last rooms’. Since club med airline seats were our extremely helpful travel agent (Zenith in Gland, Switzerland) booked independent travel with edelweiss air direct from Zurich, which then became a big saving over the regular club med price!

Edelweiss air is the best charter company I have ever been in, comparable to a regular airline economy (punctual, Ok food, films, staff, space all OK) – and direct!

So what is great in KANI?
1.rooms were very big and airconditioned with balcony
2.main dining hall buffet is great, varied, plentiful
3.plenty of chairs on the beach, plenty of shade, beach on north side is very nice
4.Eurodivers team excellent (I dived 7 times in 5 days), well organized, friendly, competent
5.GO’s friendly, helpful with our kid
6.Activities never booked out (eg snorkelling trip), enough boats available
7.Island well maintained
8.short (bumpy) transfer to airport
9.All inclusive is great value, drinks included, no cheating on alcoholic drinks
10.Spa good and reasonably priced

What is good but not great?
1.The fine dining experience is OK, but is it really the club med spirit?
2.Beach has some coral in sand, not a barefoot island
3.Bathroom needs updating (club rooms)
4.A lot of dead coral in sea (admittedly not Club Med’s fault), diving not the most spectacular in Maldives

What is not good?
Nothing I can think of

If you remember that this is an upmarket Club Med and not an upmarket hotel, then this is perfect. Very keen Divers and Luxury snobs will probably be better off somewhere else. I would highly recommend Kani as a great Club med operation and will consider returning to this resort which I think is great value"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 26th of January 2007

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