Hotel Jasmine Palace

Temple Road, Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) 695521 India
3 star hotel


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VERY disappointing!!


"I decided to book this hotel after reading the reviews and while I am aware that what suits one person doesn't necessarily suit another, I felt that on the whole the majority of reviews on the Jasmine Palace were positive.

I am most definately NOT a pernickety person but I am obviously in the minority as I found the hotel to be, as what can only be descibed at best, disappointing & mediocre.

I arrived at the same time as a tour group - not the hotel's fault - and so it was almost an hour before I was attended to & shown my room.

I was assigned the room right next to reception which in itself didn't bode well as I had paid for a room in the new block.

To say the room was dirty would be an understatement!! The bathroom had a VERY odd smell & the toilet looked like it hadn't been cleaned for weeks!! The bed linen was dirty, stained, damp & stank to high heaven. There were wires sticking out if the wall where a light fitting was obviously meant to be & bare wires coming from the air-conditioning unit. The door & one of the windows on to the balcony would not close properly - a little alarming as the room was on the ground floor.

When I went to reception to complain & ask to move rooms I was told that the hotel was busy & there were no other rooms available for a single lady! When I pointed out that I had actually paid for a room in the new block - and showed them my cofirmation - a room suddenly became available but only with the added bonus of a supplement to pay because I was upgrading!!!!

The rooms in the new block were a big improvement - they were clean for a start! There was the issue with the air-con, as other people have mentioned & the fact that the cleaning staff seemed obsessed with switching things off - the plug in mosquito repellant, chargers for camera batteries etc.

The pool was not too bad, a bit "unfinished" in places & towards the end of my stay could've done with a bit of a clean.

I ate in both restaurants during my stay and although the breakfast was a bit monotonous there was a good choice of other dishes & the food & the service were good.

There is a HUGE selection of books in reception that would keep even the biggest bookworm busy for two or three years.

When I came to check out & settle my bill I was told that I could not pay by credit card & could only settle in cash, when I explained that I hadn't enough cash I was told I had to go to the Junction to use the atm & some one would come with me!! The credit card machine was not working (possible) I HAD TO PAY CASH!! I returned to my room to get my bag & then returned to reception to find two other guests checking out & paying by CREDIT CARD!!!!!!!

When the receptionist saw me he announced that the machine was working now - 'a miracle!' - He didn't know what it was 'one minute it isn't working - the next, yes it is!' A miracle indeed!!!!

The resort itself I didn't feel that comfortable in, you are constantly stared at on the beach - & I'm certainly not a super model type that would be expected to be stared at! - it was quite disconcerting & not really a very pleasant experience. Lighthouse Beach was quite littered & dirty although Hawa Beach is better.

I did some "exploring" & the usual touristy things while I was here & I LOVED the Hill Country (wish I'd stayed there!) it was FABULOUS!! And the tea & spice plantation areas were beautiful, as were the backwaters (get a boat with air-con!)

I was extremely disappointed with my stay here - both the hotel & the resort of Kovalam itself - I had been wanting to come here for ages and it was all a bit of a let down! I would come to Kerala again (to the Hill Country) but not to Kovalam & DEFINATELY NOT the Jasmine Palace!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of May 2008

Little gem of a hotel, shame about the restaurant


"We have just returned from a two week stay at the Jasmine Palace at Kovalam. The hotel is a basic two start hotel that is kept very clean by a wonderful team of cleaning staff. The hotel is situated in an ideal location close to Hawah and Lighthouse Beaches at the bottom of cardiac hill.

We arrived a day late as the My Travel 747 aircraft developed a fault on its initial climb out from Gatwick and had to return there, we where accommodated at the Hilton overnight and flew out the following day on a different aircraft.

We upgraded to a superior room in the new block before arrival, the room was fine however it could have done with a bit more storage space. We found the hotel staff from the reception staff to the cleaners to be helpful and cheerful and always willing to help and of course not forgetting the cheery night guard who always helped you on your way with a torch at night when we where returning to the hotel.

However the hotel in our opinion is let down badly by the on site restaurant, the staff have no common sense of courtesy and the service was always indifferent. The standard of cleanness in the restaurant left a lot to be desired and whole impression the restaurant gave made you think that it was not part of what is a little gem of a hotel by Indian standards. We did not eat there once in the evening as there are far better places to eat a short walk away with far cheaper prices and better quality food. During our stay there not many people seem to eat there in the evening, however they put on Indian dancing shows on a Sunday and Thursday evening's to pull the people in.

We where on Bed and Breakfast and this consisted of an egg, toast, juice and tea or coffee, anything extra had to be paid for. At times we did not bother going for breakfast and just ate in the Rainbow Court next door which has a far better standard of food..

As others have mentioned the other major issue with this hotel is the air conditioning where the cleaners seem turn off the power at the fuse box at the top of the stairs. In our first three days there, we had to ask for the air condition to be turned back on two separate occasions. On the first occasion I took the air conditioning remote control with me to the reception, the cleaning lad actually ran in front of me to the block. When I eventually arrived in the room he took the remote control from me and said that I was not using it properly, however he had not realised that my wife had actually watched him putting the switch back on in the fuse box. On the second occasion the following day I had words with Sunil the hotel owner about this as we felt that since we had paid for this service then this practise should be stopped. I even mentioned to him that we where aware of this problem before we travelled and he should check hotel review sites and check what people where saying about his hotel.. During the remainder of our stay every time we returned to our rooms the air conditioning was on.

This is a little gem of a hotel in a great location it’s a shame its let down by an indifferent restaurant. If the problem with the air conditioning and restaurant where addressed we would have no hesitation in staying there gain."

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  • Travel date: Wed 19th of March 2008

Nice small hotel shame about resort.


"We stayed at the Jasmine Palace for two weeks and would say the hotel itself was really nice, it was basic but clean. The staff were really friendly and approachable and always smiling.
We ate in the restaurant on a couple of occasions and I would say the food was good although sometimes a bit tasteless.
The Air Conditioning did go off in the morning but you could switch it back on in the corridor and usually the fan was sufficient if this did happen. We didn't let it spoil our holiday.
The pool was quite dirty when we arrived but we did overhear our rep asking the hotel to clean it , the next day it was much cleaner. It was quiet around the pool and it was nice to escape the hawkers. This brings me onto Kovalam, Lighthouse beach was quite dirty and the sand black it was also incredibly busy, Hawa beach was slightly better and it was nice to watch the fisherman pulling in their catch in the mornings but was still quite dirty. Ashok beach was much cleaner and quieter. Also I was shocked by the amount of Rubbish which of course attracted the Crows..(lots of them) not very nice! We understand that in India there is a Rubbish problem but have never seen it this bad and have travelled around. The Hawkers on the beach were a nightmare, even after saying no on a number of occasions they would still keep trying...very annoying but quite funny, I saw a number of people loosing their tempers with them.
Unfortunately everyone in the hotel was ill whilst we were there (including us), we were told that some of the restaurants on the front didn't use fresh prawns/fish even though they showed an amazing catch to entice people in. They would actually use Frozen prawns/fish which I think may have caused a lot of sickness. All in all a relaxing holiday but came away slightly dissapointed."

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  • Travel date: Mon 24th of March 2008

Air Conditioning Issues


"Something to be aware of if you're staying at this hotel. The management take it upon themsleves to switch off the air conditioning during the day. I assume they do this so the cleaners don't take advantage of it but whether you are using it or not - off it goes!!! On a saturday (flight day) it goes off about 7am! Also you may find on returning to your room in the evening it is still not back on. They outright deny doing this & if you complain they say you aren't working the controls properly & they'll send someone up to show you how to use it, then they switch it back on before they come to your room!!!

They isolate the air con from the laundry cupboards via the trip switch. The cupboards are on each floor (in the main building) & the key is always left in the lock.

If you find yourself without air con then rather than arguing with the staff about it, just open the cupboard, find your room number & turn it back on!

Hope this is helpful to you."

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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of March 2008

friendly hotel, disappoiting resort


"Just returned from Kerala and were probably at the Jasmine Palace at the same time as the previous review so interesting to compare the two!

Firstly our flight was excellent - we upgraded to premium economy and it was well worth it - there were 6 seats across in two's plenty of leg room and width. Had a look at economy and it looked very cramped so to me well worth the extra £200 for such a long flight. You get unlimited drinks and the service was very good. There was also a very speedy check in at Gatwick and our luggage came off first when we arrived at Trivandrum which was also a bonus.

The hotel was basic but clean - again we upgraded to a superior room in the new block which had aircon, TV and a view over the sunlounger area. The aircon did go off at times and we complained to the rep about this. The rooms were cleaned daily and were adequate for our stay. The staff were very friendly and helpful, especially reception. We ate a couple of times at the restaurant and foudn the food good. Breakfasts were fine a bit samey.

I found the pool on our first day but to be honest it was too small and noisey for my liking so we headed to the beaches. Lighthouse and Hawa beach are quite dirty and busy, so we would often get a rickshaw for about 50 rupees around the cove to Lobster beach - this was far nicer, much cleaner, comfy sunloungers managed by really frienddly and helpful guys and very few sellers. Only downside is the sea is really rough, one poor lady at our resort dislocated her knee due to being knocked over in the sea by the waves. I wore a bikini on the beach and didn't get gawped at but I am not in my 20's maybe that was why. I did find the constant sound of people spitting on Hawa beach very offputting and there were constant bad smells.

Restaurants on the whole were good - we only ate vegetarian and fish during our stay and didn't suffer from tummy trouble during the 3 weeks. Garzia along the front of Lighthouse had particularly good prawns.

Mossies - I took vitamin B during my stay and every evening covered myself in mossieguard, got a couple of bites the first day then nothing and the mossies usually love me so my precautions did the trick.

Overall Kovalam was too English for me and also it was an older crowd I'm in my 40's but we were one of the younger couples there!

We stayed for 3 nights in Varkala this is so much nicer than Kovalam, a much more mixed crowd of nationalities and much younger. The beach is great but not good if you have walking difficulties as there are no drinks sold on the beach and you have to walk up about 50 steps to get some so not for the unfit either! The sunbeds on this beach are relly uncomfortable and the beach boys very miserable. A few sellers but little hassle. Restaurants were also very good can't recommen the red snapper highly enough and very cheap. Reminded me of a nicer cleaner Palolem in South Goa. we stayed at a hotel called Thirumbaddi - basic but did the trick although didn't have a record of my reservation when I arrived!

We spent 2 nights in the tiger sanctuary at Periyar, we got a taxi to drive us there and pick us up - it's a long journey 6 hours. We stayed at Aranya Nivas in the park because it had a pool. Rooms were nice and big but we didn't realise that after 6pm you can't leave the park so you are stuck eating at the restaurant, food was ok, limited drinks offering no diet coke which for me is a disaster! Not surprising didn't see any tigers but saw plenty of monkeys and we went to elephant junction and were the only ones there which was great.

Overall we had a really nice holiday which got better as time went on. Weather was warm and sunny for most of the time around 30 degrees. Everyone we met was polite and friendly. Didn't see much poverty around a few beggars but no real hassle. I thought prices were reasonable but probably extortionate compared to the rest of India but cheap for us coming from London. We lived like kings and only spent £700 between us in 3 weeks.

If you go to the market in Trivandrum beware of the meat section (to be honest wouldn't bother going, nothing worth buying) it is disgusting and I trod on a chickens head which was horrible!

I have the number of Hari who was our rickshaw driver he was great and spoke fab English - get in touch if you want it."

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  • Travel date: Fri 15th of February 2008

Lovely small hotel


"We stayed in Kovalam in Jan 2008 for 2 weeks. It was our first time in Kerala, but we have been to Goa several times before so are used to Indian style hotels.

First, the flight. Thomas Cook/My travel airlines from Gatwick to Trivandrum - it was appaling. I have travelled on many airlines, often long haul, and several times to India. Seeing as this was a charter airline I wasn;' expecting much. But it was the most uncomfortable and cramped flight I have ever been on. 9 1/2 hours on the way there and 11 1/2 on the way back (because of the wind direction). They have squeezed 8 seats across in a 767 - I am not a big person at all and my legs were touching the sides of the seat and my knees touched the seat in front ( I am only 5 ft 4). The food was dire, and not even served in trays, you were given a paper mat and a bag to hang in front of you to put the rubbish in. The staff were OK but not friendly, and we got missed out for drinks several times. Not only that but they ran out of wine and hot drinks (how can you run out of coffee???) within 2 hrs of us taking off on the way home. It is a means to an end, but expect to be really uncomfortable.

Once you get there though it improves. The hotel was rated in the brochure as a 2 star - as are a lot of hotels in India, there aren't too many luxury resorts. I would say that this was about right, as along with most hotels in the area it is quite basic. But don't let that put you off, it really is perfectly adequate and probably tat the top of its rating.

The hotel is in a really good location, just off Beach Road at the bottom of the hill (known as ‘cardiac hill’ - it is VERY steep) and is just a couple of minutes walk from the beach shops and restaurants. It is located in between the two main beaches, Lighthouse Beach and Hawah Beach. There is also a back way along the stream to the beach.

The rooms are variable - there are 4 floors in the old block and 2 floors in the new block (I didn;t see these but I am told they are better than the old block) and they are in varying states of age for decoration. Initially we were put in a room without A /C, although it did have a fan. It was on the ground floor and was a bit drab, needs a lick of paint, but perfectly OK. However we wanted A/C so we were moved, but we had to pay extra. They initially asked 15 per night but we eventually got it for 10. It is a lot, but we decided we needed A/C as it was extremely humid espcially at night, and it made us a lot more comfortable.

Our new room on the top floor was much nicer - recently built I am told, and with a better standard of decoration, and also a TV (but no English channels so not much point in having it). It also had a more comfortable bed with a thicker mattress.

The hotel is in small but tidy grounds with a grassy area with sunbeds at the back and lots of coconut palms.

One thing worth noting, despite what it says in the brochure there is no swimming pool, although you can use the one in the next door hotel – we never did this but it looked OK, if quite small.

The hotel restaurant was fairly mediocre – the breakfast was typical Indian hotel fare of toast, juice and coffee with other items on the menu to buy. We ate dinner there once and it was not good, fairly bland and indifferent service. It is fine for a drink or a night cap though, although the staff were a bit miserable and seemed quite keen to get rid of you once it gets past 11 pm

One other problem with the hotel was with the A/C - we along with other guests had problems with it. Although it is indiviually controlled in each room, they have some central controls of the power and it was switched off every morning at about 9.30-10. we asked them about this and they said it was switched off 'during the cleaning', no further explanation and nothing was done about this despite us asking' However it never came back on again until the evening and even then we had to go and ask for it to be turned on in our room nearly every night. They also started cleaning the rooms earlier on Saturdays as that is the change over day and people leave at 6.30 am - they turned it off at 7 am on Saturdays.

The resort of Kovalam is quite touristy by Indian standards, Lighthouse beach is the main strip and is basically one long row of shack style restaurants and souvenir/clothes shops. There are about 30 restaurants in the strip and the alleys behind – there are really none that stood out more than any other, all have virtually identical menus and prices so just pick which you fancy. Plenty of choice of good Indian food – especially vegetarian, and loads of fresh fish. Most people seemed to avoid the meat which seemed generally quite scraggy and tough and not worth bothering with. The service of food is quite slow, but this is because they cook it fresh which is good. We had no problems with food poisoning at all there. We did stick to Indian food and avoided buffets, and anything not cooked fresh, salads and ice and this would be my advice.

Kerala is quite restrictive regarding alcohol – most places don’t have licences and don’t have beer or drinks on the menu. They will usually get it for you, but it is expensive by Indian standards (about 100 rupees – £1.30 for a beer and 140 (£2) for gin and tonic) and the bottle will come wrapped in newspaper or a brown bag which you put under the table and you have to drink it from a mug to disguise the contents. Not muchof a problem though!

The beaches are quite OK, but they are quite small (especially if you are used to the big beaches in Goa) and the sunbeds are quite expensive – 200-300 rupees for two per day. Also, the beaches are used a lot by local people and you must be prepared for people to look at you and even come and chat to you. Women shuld beware – if you wear a bikini this will be regarded as very odd indeed and you will get a LOT of male stares, and even videoing/photos - unfortunately groups of young men come to the beach purely to see scantily clad women. My advice would be not to wear a bikini there, you will feel really uncomfortable, unless you go to other quieter beaches. Lots of women did it, but it is one area where you really need to be sensitive to local culture. I would advise a Tshirt and shorts for swimming.

We did an overnight trip for 2 nights. The first night was in Periyar (in the hills) and then a night on a houseboat in the back waters. It was a long journey - 4 hours on the train (leaving at 6 am) then 4 hours drive to the hills. Definitely worth it though. We stayed in the Wildernest hotel in kumily, which was good. We had a two hour boat ride round the lake in the reserve – very pleasant but they are big noisy boats with lots of people so you don’t really see any wildlife unless you are lucky. Kumily is THE place to buy spices, loads of them and very cheap. We went for a trip round a spice plantation which was really interesting, and a tea factory.

The highlight of our trip was a day and night on a houseboat – pottering along in the backwaters is fascinating, seeing all the people who live there (they have no roads and do everything by boat) and it was very relaxing. There were just the two of us on the boat with 4 staff - a guide, captain, driver and chef. We had someof the best food we have had in India and it was great. You have the choice of A/C or non A/C boat – we initially chose non A/C, but found it extremely humid in the room and so asked if we could use it – it cost about £20 but we were more comfortable. The boats are lovely, but the bedrooms are quite basic, although they do have a full bathroom. A bit like being in a caravan or similar really, but the outside of the boat is great. Two tips – take lots of mossie spray and long light clothes, they are viscious, and also take a bottle of duty free if you want a drink as they only have water on the boat.
Generally, superb holiday – highly recommended!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 5th of February 2008

Nice hotel, shame about the air con


"Nice clean hotel. Reception staff are friendly and the grounds are well maintained.
We paid for the upgrade to the superior room specifically for guaranteed air con but it appeared to have been a waste of time as the hotel decides that whilst the cleaners are working they will disable all of the air con in the block. Not too much of issue if it is for a couple of hours in the morning as we were told. However, on a number of occasions the air con was off from 7am until we complained at 4pm. We may as well have stayed in the basic rooms!
Overall the hotel is fine - location great."

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  • Travel date: Mon 17th of December 2007

Overpriced Upgrades !


"Stayed here for 3 weeks 1/3/07 - 23/3/07. It is very well positioned,at the bottom of a steep hill,on the flat only 100yds from Hawah & Lighthouse Beaches which have many shops & restaurants.Rooms are basic but cleaned daily with fresh towels & bedding every other day.The pool & restaurant could have been cleaner but this IS India ! Be sure to book your room type before you travel (ie air con or room in new block which have tv & remote air con) as Sunil,the owner will ask for as much as he can get away with for upgrades !
An English couple who now live there kindly passed on the of their taxi driver & he took us on the overnight houseboat trip (fabulous !) & to Land's End (also worth it) for far less than the reps were asking. His name is "Hari" 93493 22820.
The best restaurants on the front were "Swiss Cafe" & "Malibar" unless you like seafood in which case you'll be spoilt for choice !"

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  • Travel date: Thu 29th of March 2007

Excellent position


"We have no complaints whatsoever about this hotel and would definitely stay here again when we return in the future. It was in a brilliant position - on a proper road! We were between Hawa Beach and the end of Lighthouse Beach which was a very good spot to be as we had the benefit of both beaches and all the restaurants all within a few minutes walking distance and no hills. Our room was very spacious and cleaned every day with clean towels and bed linen every other day. A nice large, clean bathroom with soap also provided regularly. We were in a superior room which I would recommend as we had air conditioning which is needed to make your stay comfortable. A ceiling fan was provided in all rooms. We also had a refrigerator in the room which was full of water (15 rps), Pepsi and other soft drinks on our arrival and topped up daily and charged to our room at the end of our stay. There was also a very cheap laundry service, 15 rps per item. Our room overlooked the very well tended gardens at the back from a large veranda/balcony with cane furniture. Beyond the gardens were masses of palm trees/paddy fields with paths through to the back of Lighthouse Beach which were nice to walk through. The restuarant was open from 7:30 a.m. through to midnight every day and was by the pool which was well maintained. The staff were all very friendly from reception staff, cleaners to the night watchmen who were always available with a smile and their torches when we returned at night. There is no need to take any books with you as the hotel has a fantastic library which would keep you going for many months even years. Breakfast consisted of fresh fruit juice, toast, tea/coffee and 2 eggs - fried, boiled or omelette, extras were available at extra cost. The hotel also hosted Kathakali evenings on a Sundary from 5:00 p.m. makeup to dancing which finished at about 8:30 p.m. This was held in the outside restuarant area by the pool and was open to non-residents. There was a fee of 175 rps for this. On leaving the hotel and turning left you were on Hawa Beach to your right and Lighthouse Beach to your left - about 5 minutes from hotel to sunbed. If you turned right out of the hotel you came to a small path on your right which took you through the reclaimed paddy fields and the back of the hotel and eventually to the back of Lighthouse Beach and the Lonely Planet Restuarant. You didn't have to do the run through the rickshaw and taxi drivers this way although a torch was handy in case of power cuts in the evening. The hotel also had connections to the Agasheswara Ayurvedics Panchakarma Clinic where we went for 3 full body massages at approx £10 for 1 1/2 hrs which included a body peel and herbal facial followed by a herbal bath. Well worth a visit. This was also charged to your room at the hotel. Mastercard was accepted for all payments at the hotel and there were also money changing facilities and safe deposit."

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  • Travel date: Tue 30th of January 2007

Good hotel, fantastic service.


"We spent Christmas and New Year in Kovalam staying at the Jasmine Palace hotel and had a fantastic time. The hotel definitely fits the small and friendly category, nothing was too much trouble for the staff who seemed endlessly smiling and cheerful.

From what I understand there are two types of room, we upgraded to a room in the new block as it had air conditioning, it was large enough and had a balcony overlooking the palm trees, very peaceful. We also had a TV and a fridge containing soft drinks and water (7up and Pepsi were 15 rupees a bottle so roughly 18p) which was great and there was plenty of hot water every time we used the shower. We talked to some people staying in the main section of the hotel who didn't get hot water the entire time they were there so I guess it might pay to upgrade and it only cost about £3 per night or so extra. No TV's in the standard rooms either.

My husband had an auyaverdic massage organised through the hotel which he really enjoyed, there are lots of different ones to choose from and the hotel can arrange it all for you with no fuss. Worth noting that the massage is done naked (you not them!)

The restaurant at the hotel is called the Rainbow and the food is what they called multi-cuisine. Something for everyone, good Indian food and chips if you want them! Breakfast was included in the price and consisted of juice, tea or coffee, toast and eggs of your choice. Plenty of other things to choose from but they cost a little extra (try the porridge with banana and coconut). Lots of things to choose from for lunch and dinner although my one slight criticism is that the restaurant wasn't kept as immaculately clean as the main hotel area - still we ate there plenty of times with no problem.

Good size pool and plenty of sun beds at any time of day, plenty of umbrellas and shade.

Kovalam itself is nice, walking along the main seafront street can sometimes be a little tiring, trying to dodge the shop and restaurant owners trying to get you to buy, but I would say that a polite no thanks does the trick straight away, unlike some parts of Goa. Plenty of places to eat, we liked Fusion for a treat but our favourite was The Rock Cafe, laid back but great food and service. Beer is served in mugs (lots of places do this to avoid problems with the police) and you must try the stuffed chapatti’s - excellent.

We went to two trips the first was the Kerala Highlights tour which was for 3 days and visited the wildlife sanctuary at Periyar and in around Cochin. Usual things, tea plantation, spice plantation, traditional dance etc. About 5 hours travelling each day but enjoyed getting out and seeing a bit of the state. Periyar was beautiful but if you go expecting to see lots of wildlife, you may be disappointed - aside from birds we only saw wild boar and they were miles away. Cochin is a total madhouse but still a fascinating place to visit.

2nd trip was the Backwater Tour from Alleppey, this was our highlight, a fabulous houseboat all to ourselves, 3 crew including a chef (great food). I t was so relaxing cruising around the backwaters and you really get an idea about people's day to day lives. I could go on for ever about this trip so email me if you want any details or photos.

Finally I have to mention the tailors opposite the hotel, we got some trousers made and a blouse and they were great, never had anything made to measure before and the prices were extremely reasonable. They are so friendly and helpful there, they even have a copy of the Next Directory to help you choose!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 8th of January 2007

Holiday of a life time


"My daughter and I have just returned from a 2 week holiday staying at Jasmine Palace Hotel, Kovalam. We booked the hotel directly. We arrived at 4 a.m. and easily got a taxi from the airport to the hotel. Neither of us have ever undertaken such a trip and we did not know what to expect. At 4 in the morning we were very nervous and were aware that the journey from the airport did not resemble any European holiday resorts. However, we were not disappointed, Kovalam is magic. Our room at the Jasmine Palace in the hotel's new extension was spacious with a very large bed, a nice balcony, fridge with ample space for food, water, milk etc. We took a travel kettle which was well used. The room had ceiling fan and air con. We also took ear plugs as air con can be noisy and anoying if you are a light sleeper. The pool is good, very clean and plenty of shade is provided by the surrounding coconut palms. The staff are very friendly and nothing is too much trouble. The standard breakfast is good, toast, juice tea/coffee and eggs. There is also a breakfast menu if you require a larger choice at very little cost. The Hotel is a 5 minuite walk to the nearest beach. However, a 50 rupee Tuk Tuk ride to lobster beach or other surrounding beaches is well worth it. The restaurants by the beach are excellent. Neither of us had Deli belli. There are so many trips to do and these can all be arranged with Sunil, the restaurant manager, very good value for money. The Tuk Tuks and taxis are outside the hotel. Our favourite was washing, feeding and riding the elephants at Neeyadam. We could go on forever, but we will leave it to you to discover the wonders of Kerela.

We could not have had a better holiday and I could not have had a better travel companian, I will treasure this holiday with my daughter for the rest of my life - how lucky am I.


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  • Travel date: Tue 9th of February 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 3 Dining
  • 3 Amenities
  • 3 Food

Recently returned from 3 weeks in the Ja...


"Recently returned from 3 weeks in the Jasmine Palace. We had rooms in the new block which were clean and spacious with a good sized balcony.

The room had ceiling fan and air con ( which was efficient but noisy ) at times the air con was switched off in the afternoon which can be a problem if you want a siesta. The staff were very pleasant, courteous and frequently funny, to me they gave the place the edge over others.

O.K. I agree the breakfast wasn't brilliant but the food overall was good and there are so many great places to eat food is certainly not a problem in the area. The pool is small but the beach is a few minutes’ walk away.

I would certainly return to the Jasmine Palace if visiting the area again."

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  • Travel date: Fri 25th of January 2008
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