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I had it all in one resort in Kerala, In...

Reviewed 1st January 2005

"I had it all in one resort in Kerala, India - the things that weary men wishes for in their lifetime. In this perhaps only existing paradise on earth, I got the treat that is worth every penny I spent and a visit where moments were meant to last forever. It is Kumarakom Lake Resort and I had the name going through all the travel search engines available over the net. When I clicked on the hotels website, I suddenly felt the urge to fly and this you will find out upon visiting the site yourself. So, my wife and I easily booked for a week’s stay and arrived safely at Cochin International Airport, 70 kilometres away with 10 minutes enjoyable boat ride from the Kumarakom Lake Resort. The rest is historically depicted as we entered our presidential suite, wooden furniture, oval shaped mirrors, brass inlayed tables, murals depicting mythology, all a representation of traditional Kerala homestead. Just outside the bedroom is a breathtaking site of the meandering pool. Far beyond, one captures the water world vastness of Lake Vembanad, which we enjoyed very much through a boating expedition via ‘kettuvallams’, the traditional rice ferry with living hut converted into cosy houseboats. The blue green surrounding is hypnotically calming while on the other hand, the gastronomical treat is enlivening as Oriental, Continental, Mughalai, Desi Indian or Naadan Keralite cuisines are fully satiating. Finally, the ‘ayurveda’ is ageless as this 5000-year old practice of healing the body and mind, the system of medicine skilfully mastered by the Keralites is set to transport one’s tired body to serenity and the mind cleared of pollutions brought about by the hassles of the outside world. In few words, I will capture my Kumarakom Lake Resort experience as invigoratingly superb. And for those who wanted to capture their own experience of a lifetime, just try this soul-enriching trip."

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  • Travel date: 1st January 2005

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