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  • 3 room
  • 4 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 2 service
  • 2 dining
  • 2 food

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Do not eat the food

Reviewed Thu 18th of February 2010

"We stayed for the first 2 weeks in February, travelling with Manos, (Thomas Cook). It was our 5th visit to Calungute so we had realistic expectations of the quality and standard of hotel cooking. But this was not only the worst in terms of taste but we have never been so ill with upset stomachs. After 2 days we called the doctor, and this is my best advice, do not hesitate to call one. He came within 20 minutes and charged 500 rupees (£7), plus 110 rupees for the medicine. It was only at the end of 2 weeks that we realised that out of 50 or so gests at least 10 were ill.

Otherwise the hotel rooms and facilities were clean, tidy and total package was good value.

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  • Travel date: Wed 17th of February 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 2 Food

I found this hotel to be very basic thou...

Reviewed Sat 29th of December 2007

"I found this hotel to be very basic though the room itself was the biggest I’ve ever stayed in with its own fridge. There was no charge for the air conditioning either.

The pool was clean (though I never used it as the beach was so close).everything was clean and tidy.

I though the barmen might have been a bit more "smiley”, they didn’t seem to be enjoying their jobs very much, but aside from that I’ll be going back to the same hotel as its location is perfect and also the food was really nice and cheap."

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  • Travel date: Sat 29th of December 2007

I too had heard some nasty things about...

Reviewed Mon 24th of December 2007

"I too had heard some nasty things about this hotel but when we arrived we were stunned by the cleanliness and the service too. Though I must say the barmen were a bit surly and didn’t smile very often which seemed strange as everybody else in the whole of Goa always had a smile on their faces.

The hotel was perfectly situated, we didn’t have to walk more than 10 mins to get wherever we wanted to go.

I will definitely be using this hotel again next year.

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  • Travel date: Mon 24th of December 2007

After reading a lot of negative comments...

Reviewed Mon 3rd of December 2007

"After reading a lot of negative comments about the Tio Carmino, I was wandering what we let ourselves in for.

On arrival at the hotel,(after the worst flight I have had in my life.) I was horrified when we entered the room.

I was expecting something basic and that is what we got. We were put in one of the back rooms which I would not recommend.

The bathroom was not to bad and would have been better if there had have been a hot water tap on the sink as they come in handy for shaving and other things.

However, the rooms where kept immaculate with the cleaner doing a great job. The sheets were changed regularly and the hotel staff were very friendly and couldn't do enough for the guests. It was a pity there was no entertainment in the hotel.

Mind you, when we were there, there wasn't a lot of places with entertainment. If I ever go back to Goa, it will be after the Christmas period."

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  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of December 2007

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