About Ondas do Mar Beach Resort

  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • bar lounge
  • free parking
  • public wifi
  • room service
  • air conditioning
  • refrigerator
  • laundry service
  • bath shower
  • breakfast buffet
  • outdoor pool
  • english amenities
  • free breakfast
  • private balcony
  • indoor pool
  • complimentary toiletries

Reviews summary

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14 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog


Reviewed Fri 17th of April 2009

"When we arrived the outside of the hotel was a little tired, that was the only thing that was.
The welcome was lovely they couldn't do enough to help us and unlike some of the other hotels they didn't expect to be tipped.
The room was lovely, so clean with plenty of space. It was open plan with a large bed, leading through to a lounge area with two arm chairs and TV, and a balcony that looked over the pool.
The pool area was managed very well always someone to move a sunbed for you and the sunbeds were very comfortable.
Someone came and smoked all the plants on a nightly basis so you were not over-run in bugs!
The breakfast was good, choice of eggs, cornflakes, juice, tea, coffee and toast (although little hard).
You can get room service from the restaurant which was a really nice touch when you want to have a lazy day.
The laundry service is prompt in by 11am and they will return it the following day.

The shop on the corner by the hotel stocks everything you could need and they exchange money at one of the better rates.

Although the hotel is a little off of the main area it is a pleasant 20 minute walk in to the centre and the beach which is a 10 minute walk is beautiful beach much quieter with some wonderful shacks and not as many sellers.

I would recommend this hotel to couples who want a relaxed stay and beautiful beaches.

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  • Travel date: Fri 17th of April 2009

never again

Reviewed Sat 22nd of December 2012

"We go to Goa each year and know what to expect so booked 10 months in advance to get the right place.
What a mistake, we booked a room with a pool view which we were assured we would get, but ended up overlooking a building site and slum out of two windows and pigeons and usual pigeon dirt out of the other.
We were also treated to the sesspit emptying until the smell got to much and we had to go in doors,,,we did ask for a pool view after all but didn't state pool of what.
Members of staff used other rooms in the building and spent most of the night re-arranging furniture, then at around 5.30 the laundry started just before the roosters.

The food in Goa is fabulous but not here I have never eaten a chichen curry were I spent the whole time removing small bones
hence I left it, it actually resembled a small rodent hacked into sections.The breakfast was no better and we only used one of the fourteen vochures we were given.

On the good side the the bedding towels etc. were clean every day and the staff were always very polite.

The main problem lies with the tour operators showing pictures 10 yrs out of date and not acrtually of where you are going to stay
hence I have undertaken legal proceedings.

We also "lost" a ladies watch from the room

As a final point never fly to Goa with Monach. We flew the 10 hours cramped liked sardines in a short haul flight plane paid extra for monach plus which no one knew anything about. It could have been worst we could have paid £200 extra each for Monach Premium and been cramped in the same seats as economy as some on the flight were."

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  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of February 2008

Hotel was very clean and fresh, clean to...

Reviewed Tue 12th of February 2008

"Hotel was very clean and fresh, clean towels every day clean sheets five times in two weeks, staff first class. would go back anytime. Very near to Bonnies Bar where you are made very welcome nice bar snacks and great staff."

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  • Travel date: Tue 12th of February 2008

an experience to cherish

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2012

"We came back from Goa with fond memories & a very bad tan. It was my first trip with my friends when none of them decided to back out...so it was really special. We reached Goa on Oct 8,2006..& the first thing we noticed was that it had rained. The smell of wet mud..wow can't forget it till today.
We had already booked a guest house called POUSADA in Panaji but it was nothing close to the beach,so we decided to move out & search for a beach resort / hotel. Luckily a few months back a group of our friends had stayed at Ondas Do Mar Resort, within a few minutes we had there number & the call was made & every detail was finalised...we were checking in the next morning.
The first all of my friends asked at the reception once we reached the resort was how far is the beach? A FEW STEPS, was the reply....so we decided to check it out & the gentleman was right,it was hardly 2minutes from the resort.
We were so thrilled, quickly had our breakfast, dumped all our bags in the room & ran to the beach.....& rest as they say is history.
We booked two A.C rooms for Rs 1350 per day. The rooms are spacious & have a nice big bed, a television, fridge, a big bath & they also have an adjoining kitchen & the resort serves complimentary breakfast aswell.
Our room's back door opened up by the poolside, its a great place for your morning tea & breakfast.
The resort is one of the best budget resorts in Goa, the staffs very polite & went out of there way to help us & made our stay with them a great experience. We really hope to return back very soon."

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  • Travel date: Sun 20th of January 2008

Not quite a home from home - not quite the Ritz

Reviewed Wed 12th of December 2012

"The Kamat Holiday Home is situated in South Calangute just off the main road that runs parallel with the coastline. The rooms are very basic but reasonably clean. Each has a little balcony and the view inevitably depends upon which room you get. We were in phase 2 which is sandwiched between a primary school (other reviews tell you that this can be noisy) and a residential compound (complete with cockle-doodle-doos at 4am). Damn roosters! So best stay in phase one as it's the main complex where the swimming pool and restaurant is located (ask for a south or west facing balcony). It can only be quieter.

Our 'home' consisted of a bedroom, a little room with a sink (not quite a kitchenette), a main room with TV and balcony, and a fridge. The bathroom consisted of a toilet, a shower (actually quite good) and
a sink. So not bad at all in terms of facilities but the generally impression was that the place was a little tired and in need of revamping.

For those of you who are fans of modern air travel the air conditioning unit will be a delight as it sounds like a jet engine. When ours was on it was difficult to get to sleep but it did at least drown out the dawn calls of the roosters down below.

A big plus (which has been commented on many times) is the Tandoor Restaurant. I am no snob and very partial to a chicken tikka masala. Indeed, I would count myself as somewhat of an officianado of the dish. I have not tasted better than the fare at the Tandoor. Recommended.

On balance, I am sure better accomodation exists in Calangute. Indeed,
down the road towards the beach (Holiday Street) we found an number of
places that had better rooms. Rooms were available even over Christmas.

The area of South Calangute is superb. Goa at its most organised and yet you still know you are in India. The people in Goa are extremely friendly and whilst their main aim is to get you to use their services
(obviously) their sales pitch is delivered with a smile and sincerity you do not get in many parts of the world.

If you have booked a package deal (we did) and the Kamat Holiday Homes
is the only option available/in your price range do not fear. Its good
enough not to blight your holiday. However, if four or five star luxury is your thing you should not stay there."

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  • Travel date: Sat 5th of January 2008

Ok for the money

Reviewed Sat 20th of October 2012

"given how cheep it is to stay at the kamat hotel i found it good. room was basic but clean and had two toilets ! it overlooked pool, which was very clean. food at the hotel was very inexpensive and of good quality. laundry always collected and returned on time. staff at reception always helpful. used a taxi driver called sam he drove the nightrider taxi - he was good fun and drove us every day and was always on time and good value for money - infact he saved us a bomb as we used him instead of tour operators for excersions."

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  • Travel date: Sun 11th of February 2007


Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"Kamat Holiday Homes was a massive disappointment to someone who has been to India for the last 5 years. There are different phases, Phase 1 is right by the pool and amenities,and phase 2 & 3 miles away.

With a child i booked phase 1, now this may have been the reps fault i don't know but when we arrived we were placed in a room miles away fom anywhere.

I spoke to the manager and expressed my dissappointment,as our room was not ready even though we had been delayed 25hours.

On my tickets it said i had apool facing room and to sleep 3. We were nowhere near a pool and only had too beds.

To say i was not pleased with the service or standard of the pool would be an understatement.

If you would like to stay in a 3* hotel then i would avoid this like the plague.

The Nizmar Resort is a proper 3* hotel and would recommend it to anyone,fantastic staff, great food and very clean.

The Kamat Holiday homes should be re rated."

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  • Travel date: Wed 24th of January 2007

Stayed here for 2 weeks, very enjoyable....

Reviewed Wed 13th of December 2006

"Stayed here for 2 weeks, very enjoyable.

Apartment was quite large with kitchen, lounge, and bathroom with balcony although basic, was very accommodating.

What was essentially included was the air conditioning, due to the extreme hot weather outside.

Plenty of shops and bars nearby and not too far to the beach although there is a pool.

Watch out for the annoying taxi drivers outside the hotel.

Well recommended. Enjoy!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 13th of December 2006

wonderful stay in the wonders of ondas do mar resort

Reviewed Wed 12th of December 2012

"we visited this small & beautiful resort in the month of april 2006.
it was a short visit but we got back with fond memories.the staff of the resort are very friendly,caring & helpful.the rooms are equally comfortable & spacious.
situated near one of the famous beaches of goa 'calangute' at a throwaway distance.the stay was an absolute incredible experience for us.
it is important to have a day or 2 extra in hand when you plan a stay in ondas to get the feel of the comfort & hospitality of the resort.
the pool side just draws the attention it is lovely & u can spend hours together along the poolside which servers u with all kind of facilities from breakfast to dinner & needless to say u are in goa & you don't enjoy your favourite drink 'you name it & they have it'
ideal place to relax & its money worth a stay.
overall it was a great stay at the ondas & we all look forward to go back & stay with ondas if we ever plan a trip to goa.this time we will try to make it during the season between oct - dec.
with lots of best wishes to all at the ondas."

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  • Travel date: Mon 17th of April 2006

not bad

Reviewed Sat 10th of November 2012

"We stayed there last year. Nice hotel overall but instead of our room overlooking the pool we were round the back above the laundry. We were woken every morning at 5.30 with the noise. Though the staff were polite when we complained, they had no other rooms as it was overbooked. We think they may have been the staffs quarters. Food was good though and the pool area nice, not too busy, lots of facilities on site. Been back for a meal a few times but wouldnt stay there again."

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  • Travel date: Wed 8th of March 2006

Great kebabs but...

Reviewed Wed 10th of October 2012

"Just got back after satying 2 weeks at the Kamat. The first room they showed us was wholly inadequate and was in the main complex. It was spacious but bare and unclean so we asked for a room at phase 2 a few minutes walk which was much better.

The staff are courteous and helpful, and the location isnt too bad. The pool area is good and not too crowded and they also have a kids pool too.

The best thing about this place is the restaurant(Tandoor) and the kebabs and tikka dishes in particular. Had some of the best Indian food Ive ever tasted here and would certainly go back and eat there."

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  • Travel date: Tue 17th of January 2006

Just back from the Kamat booked a cheap...

Reviewed Sat 3rd of December 2005

"Just back from the Kamat booked a cheap flight (Dormhouse Accom) & booked the Kamat with Somewhere2stay.

The rooms are small apartments with a bedroom ,sitting room with satellite TV Star(Sky) sports & film channels. A kitchen area with a fridge & separate bathroom. The bedroom has aircon & the lounge a ceiling fan. The breakfast is basic but ok. Directly opposite their is an English bar ,The Moonshine, where you can get full English breakfast including Tetleys tea when you get the craving. It is located well 10 mins from Calangute beach & only 10 mins in a taxi to Candolim.

I have been to Goa several times & would recommend the Kamat as a good budget hotel as some are very basic. Try Cactus bar 5 mins up the Candolim road ,owned by Kenni & Ram. They do great food & will stay open till you get tired."

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  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of December 2005

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