About Casa De Goa Boutique Resort

  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • free internet
  • restaurant
  • bar lounge
  • free parking
  • spa
  • suites
  • air conditioning
  • room service
  • dry cleaning
  • non smoking rooms
  • laundry service
  • flatscreen tv
  • concierge desk
  • bath shower
  • hair dryer
  • multilingual staff
  • airport transportation
  • breakfast buffet
  • outdoor pool
  • baggage storage
  • bbq facilities
  • parking
  • car hire
  • housekeeping
  • bottled water
  • currency exchange
  • coffee shop amenities
  • english amenities
  • fax photocopying
  • 24 hour front desk
  • ironing service
  • massage
  • salon
  • shared lounge tv area
  • snack bar
  • free breakfast
  • minibar
  • private balcony
  • newspaper
  • sun terrace
  • pool beach towels
  • hot tub
  • desk
  • hindi
  • coffee tea maker
  • dvd cd player
  • butler service
  • safe

Reviews summary

( 909 reviews)

10 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

No problem , No Wow

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2012

"We stayed in a Casahina (cottage) for 12 nights in January2008. We decided to stay there after a previous stay in Calangute. We were attracted by the glimpse of the pool area/ gardens through the front gates, the daily display of flowers floating in water by the entrance and the location, which was superb for our favourite beach shack ( Dommat) and restaurants.We booked direct and the staff dealt with our enquiries and booking efficiently.
After we booked the hotel received some poor reviews so we arrived with misgivings. In fairness our approach was also biased by having first stayed in a wonderful hotel elsewhere in Goa which we had been very sad to leave. We were not therefore in the best frame of mind to deal with a demand for 200 rupees per night extra to use a safe deposit box, particularly as the Hotel has prominent notices urging guests to use them! The reception staff dealt with our outrage very well and it was agreed that the fee had been included in the cost of the Casahina, however we know that guests in other suites/rooms were being charged. We were also taken aback to discover that the tea and coffee making facilities advertised were not inclusive and that each sachet of coffee and tea was chargeable ( and at quite a hefty rate by local standards).The actual accommodation was spotless and the Cashinas are very large and airy- in fact the ceilings are so high that listening to the TV is difficult as the sound echos! At first we felt the towels and bed linen were of poor quality but the enthusiasm with which the towels were shaped into swans. flowers/ships etc by the cleaning staff gradually overcame this niggle.The air conditioning and fans were quiet and effective. The pool area is superb with the most comfy loungers we have experienced in a long time. All the staff we encountered were friendly and helpful.We did not have to get anything replaced or repaired.
Although everything we booked for and require of a hotel were there, somehow the ambience lacks the wow that we expected in this price range (and got elsewhere for less) . The breakfasts are the epitome of the problem. They are held in the main reception area, which is part of the hotel across the road from the Casahinas/suites . This caters mainly for Russian package tourists and the breakfast is of package standards served in a dark and crowded area, is monotonous and limited in range, items and cutlery often run out and take a while to replace. Having eaten it on some days we skipped on others and were not tempted to try any other food there.
We were impressed by security, there are uniformed guards at all times and lockable drawers in the rooms as well as the safe deposit in the main reception.It also seemed that there was internet available although we did not use the facility. Our bill was accurate. But.. the promised phone call to wake us for an early departure to the airport did not happen, if you need to take an alarm clock!
We have no reason not to go back but no incentive to book in a hurry."

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  • Travel date: Wed 30th of January 2008

Horrible experience

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"This was one of the worst vacation experiences I have ever had. I booked this resort since my travel agent suggested it.

When we reached things were ok but by the evening the AC and the lights kept switching off. They would switch on only after 5 mintues again. No one at the reception was willing to help. THe manager was not found anywhere. He was apparently TOO BUSY to help out his guests. They refused to move us to another room stating the hotel was full but that was untrue.
Apparently the next morning we were told there was a problem with the fuse of our room but there was nothing they could do to help since we were visiting over the weekend.

I finally moved to my regular hotel. I had to forego my entire booking amount and pay a higher tarriff to book another room at the last moment.

I am never returning to this hotel and I advise anyone who is planning to use this resort to beware. The service is lazy and the food is average but the attitude of the managment is simply pathetic."

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  • Travel date: Thu 3rd of January 2008


Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"I think there must have been some changes made at Casa De Goa since the reviews above were written!!

The hotel is very very clean, the staff were both friendly and helpful and all in all we had a fantastic time!!

The breakfast which a reviewer above said was left in the open, is now served by a chef who is on duty who serves you the whole time and everything is covered and kept hot on burners.
We ate in the hotel every morning and never had any problems.

Its a short walk from Calungute centre and the security guard made sure that you are never hassled inside the complex. The pool was immaculately clean and well maintaned.

I thoroughly recommend this hotel and would not hesitate staying there again."

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  • Travel date: Tue 18th of September 2007


Reviewed Wed 19th of December 2012

"We (me and my sister) stayed at Casa De Goa in April 2006 and the experience wasn't that bad. Therefore, we stayed again in March 2007. The service was not as good as the previous year. New staff were miserable and were not happy to help. The food was of a bad standard and so we never ate there.

If you decide to stay there, PLEASE be very careful!!!!! Everytime we went out we locked our door. One night we came back to the hotel at 10.30pm to change. We were greeted by the security and front desk staff and left 20 mins later. The staff saw us come in and leave....the room was empty.

An hour later we returned to our room only to find that my sisters mobile phone was missing. The phone case was on the bed but no phone! I went to speak to the reception staff who were not willing to help. I asked them to phone the manager and ask her to come to the hotel...she was not willing. I even spoke to her myself as there were only 4 staff on duty so it would have been easier to find the thief!!!

She was very uncooperative and said "i'm asleep". The police were called but they wouldn't come to the hotel. We had to go to the police station but we didn't want to leave the thief incase he got rid of the phone. Even the chef and other kitchen staff came to see what was going on when they arrived. The chef was so rude to us and starting swearing at us infront of other guests who came for breakfast!!!!

We waited in reception until 6am for the manager. My sister was in tears and no one cared!!! The manager said she would arrive at 6am. At 6am we called her, only for her to say she will be there at 7am. When it came to 7am...she said 9am.....at this point we went back to our room to rest. She arrived at 10am and was no help whatsoever!!!!

We demanded to see the hotel owner.....he arrived. He was more interested in chatting up me and my sister than helping us!!! Offering wine etc.. we were not impressed. He asked us if we would let him handle it his way and he would get the phone back, we agreed. For the following two days, we got no answers and decided to leave.

We were not prepared to pay the hotel bill as the mobile phone was worth twice the amount. On trying to leave the hotel.....the manager got the security to lock the gates and they wouldn't let us out!! We had a couple of friends waiting outside to take us to a new hotel. Hotel guests were having breakfast and watching everything!!! It was really embarrassing as the reception area is right next to the breakfast area. It was a traumatic experience that we wouldn't wish upon anybody....please please do not book this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of September 2007

Pathetic Service at Casa de Goa

Reviewed Sun 21st of October 2012

"Stayed here with family in July 07 during the rains and realised that the hotel is not well managed at all. The room service & house keeping are pathetic and not worth even a single star. I was on a package and had a great cottage by the pool (that reminds me it is a fantastic resort in terms of layout and accomodation), but the staff is extremely lukewarm and do not exhibit any professional training etc.,

Food though tastes well arrives easily after 45-60 minutes from your order. I had to argue with the reservation manager and yes, please ensure you check your final bill as they billed me for 1500/- which they had already collected. While i would not term this as a oversight, it showed that they just don't care.

Time for the resort host Rosario to sit up and take notice before this good resort becomes the laughing stock of Goa."

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  • Travel date: Wed 1st of August 2007

Stay away!!!

Reviewed Wed 28th of November 2012

"We travelled to Goa in March 07 and booked this hotel online after we saw the hotel website and a plus was that it is very near to the Calangute beach.

Casa de goa is divided by the road in 2 areas - one where there are standard rooms and the opposite side have the suites.

Though the site claims that all rooms overlook the swimming pool, it is not true. There are as many rooms on the backside of the pool which overlook some construction site, etc!!! Unfortunately, we were put up in one such room overlooking a construction site and the maintenence area of the hotel - how romantic if you are in Goa for your anniversary.

Secondly, if you are expecting any service at all......just forget about it. The staff is just not bothered - to say the least. The staff is as unfriendly and rude as possible. We requested to be shifted to a suite (on paying Rs.1000 extra ofcourse)or a pool facing room - but these requests were simply ignored. Though there were rooms available, we were being told that it would be available tomorrow - every single day!!!! Any calls made to reception/room service etc. were only answered after a minimum of 10 rings. It took us more than one hour to just check out as the bell boy who was to carry the luggage showed up after 4 calls to the reception and 45 mins. Secondly, also check all the bills, you might be charged for something you didnt have.

A word of caution if you are going to rent a bike to go around in goa - dont rent it from the hotel staff who rent out their personal bikes - as this is not allowed in Goa. You can only rent bikes which are tourist vehicles (the ones with a black and yellow number plate). The hotel staff would never tell you this. You might have to shell out 50 bucks extra but it is better than a traffic police catching you midway.

So, my word of advice would be - STAY AWAY FROM CASA DE GOA, CALANGUTE. You might just risk spoiling a great experience called GOA!!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 27th of March 2007

Below average

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"We stayed at Casa de Goa in mid-Jan for 3 nights. We has booked 3 of their effieciency cottages with breakfast only plan. One can skip the breakfast, omelletes made hours before left on buffet table, cold bread, flies around juices and fruits. After first day, we ate outside. The cottages have kitchen area but without any gas range or microwave or any other appliance to cook food. Don't be fooled by 1-bed,LR and kitchen as advertised.
Pool was clean but noisy, waiters constantly staring at sun-bathing women.

The worst part was room service, we had a broken A/C and inspite of several requests was not fixed. A/C mechanic came in to make temporary fixes and the A/C gave up middle of the night with noisy leak. Not one apology or offer to change room. Management had don't care attitude mostly!

Location: About 10-15 mins walk to the beach"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 16th of March 2007

Not bad

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"Stayed here in May, 2006. The room was nice and clean, and the pool was welcome during the fairly hot and humid days!

I did have some problems with the first room they gave me which had ants all over the bed. When I complained to the front desk, they sent a guy up with a can of raid!!! Eventually, they gave me another room, and I didn't have any more problems.

The food was good and room service was not bad. Overall , I would give the staff service a 3.25/5... not great, but not terrible."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 7th of February 2007

Very disappointing

Reviewed Wed 28th of November 2012

"My husband and I stayed at Case De Goa for 4 nights. The location was good and the pool attractive.

On check the staff were not welcoming at all.

We found that the rooms were of a good standard however, not particularly clean. The showers were lukewarm for about 20 seconds then turned cold. When we asked the hotel staff about this we were told that the tap had to be turned on and off every few seconds. They did not say that on their hotel website! A bucket of hot water would have been better! We pretty much had cold showers everyday.

At night we were kept awake until very late by the staff area just behind our room. There was a lot of talking and carrying on without regard for hotel guests. The next morning at 6am we were woken by banging, again from the staff area next to our room. When we complained to the hotel staff, it stopped for about 20 minutes then continued and again for the next 3 mornings.

On our first morning we had the complimentary breakfast from the hotel. It was very meagre and served by a very glum staff member. This was topped off by a cocroach in my scrambled eggs. Needless to say, we did not eat the free breakfast again or eat any other meals in the hotel.

On our last morning we asked the hotel staff for a wakeup call for an early flight. Shockingly we did not get one! Lucky we had woken up ourselves. When leaving at 5.15am, we were the ones giving the wakeup call to the staff who were on the ground sleeping in the reception area!

The room was not serviced daily as is standard in a hotel. When it was the towels were not replaced and there was no floor mat. When we asked we were bought a dirty mat to place on the floor.

On check out items appeared on our bill that we had not consumed. We told the staff this and instead of accepting our explanation we were treated as if we were being dishonest. We had absolutely no reason to lie and if it was ours we would have happily paid.

We were very disappointed with the staff and management who clearly were not concerned about guests having an enjoyable holiday. In all of our interactions the staff were not friendly at all and it was almost like we were bothering them. This hotel definitely did not live up to the name of a "boutique hotel". We would not stay here again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of February 2007

Best Hotel in Goa without a doubt...

Reviewed Wed 19th of December 2012

"We have stayed twice at the Casa de Goa and returning this November, we love the service that comes with the very good accomodation which is clean and has two lovely pools. We prefer the villas but the main hotels rooms are very good. the bed linen is change every day, the chef is first class as is the food...
We love the place.........but the main attraction for us is the excellent service from the best staff in any hotel we have stayed in!!
We hope to keep going to this hotel again and again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 5th of November 2006

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