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Reviewed 23rd October 2008

"Hi, Unless something has changed since me and my ex went there in 2006/7 season, I can honestly say, that this is the worst [--] hole I have ever had the misfortune to stay in. I am a seasoned India veteren, my lady of the time wasn't. I had told her how great the place was, how everyone was friendly. How wrong was I? We got to the "hotel" after a 10 1/2 hour flight plus transfer. On arrival, we were given a room on the top of the complex. as soon as we walked through the door, we were greeted by a dirty room, stained sheets, blocked sink and more dust than a Sahara desert storm. The ants wern't too friendly either! Then, as if by magic, our "room boy" turned up and asked us if we needed the mini bar restocked? We politely declined and said we would see him by the bar. The bar outside by the pool was near on impossible to get to cos of the bloody flies. Think body buried in a shallow grave nearby multiplied by ten. We asked for a transfer, but were told there was nothing else available. Cue taxi, and off to Candolim, where we found a clean room, in a nice hotel with great facilities for..... 600 rupees a night (8 quid). To summerise, this hotel is a total "skip rat palace" I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy" It might be worth taking it as part of a cheap package, if like us, you were prepared to ditch the accom and find something a bit better locally. North Goa is full of good hotels and guest houses, where you really can get a nice room by a pool with room service for less than a tenner a night. This only makes sense if you pay less than £300 for your package. Goa is mint, the Dom Joao isn't! "

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  • Travel date: 23rd October 2008

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