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  • 2 room
  • 5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 4 service
  • 5 value
  • 5 food
  • 3 cleanliness
  • 5 location

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New Year's Eve Disaster

Reviewed Thu 19th of April 2018

"This hotel is fantastic for the price. It's a little tired looking in the bedrooms, bathrooms and lobby but overall this is a great place to stay for families, especially ones who don't like to spend a fortune on hotels. The buffet breakfast (included in room rate), buffet lunch and dinner are wonderful with lots of variety. Just don't stay over New Year's Eve. Every establishment in Goa has been given the right by the local government to play music as loudly and for as long as they wish. The hotel next door, Planet Hollywood, played music so loudly that the entire Kenilworth vibrated until 5 a.m. on January 1st. I can only describe it as hell as we tried to sleep. I have three children who, by 3 a.m., were all in tears with exhaustion and exasperation at the horrendous so-called music pumping through our floor, ceiling, glass door and tables. The Kenilworth staff was very apologetic, but as the same thing happened last year shame on them for allowing it to happen again and without any warning to its guests. I was apoplectic with rage at this situation and demanded our room charges be removed for that night. Two days later I was offered a fruit plate and a bottle of wine. This is customer service at its worst. This hotel would die a quick death in the West where the customer must be made happy. Other than that nightmare, we had a great stay. Goa is beautiful and the Kenilworth is a great place to stay...just not on New Year's Eve."

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  • Travel date: Fri 6th of January 2017

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

'A bed-towel is missing Sir!'

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"I am an Indian, and stayed at the Kenilworth Resort Goa in May 2006 with my wife and 2 small kids. I booked the deluxe sea-view room (pool view) and took a 3 n - 4d package.

The checking out was a strange experience. The desk officer tells me "Sir, one bed towel is missing!" I was aghast and was very angry with myself. We opened all our bags (4 big ones!) and did not find the missing towel. Despite that, the desk officer took some time before confirming on the phone with someone (shall i let them go?) and then telling me "You may go Sir. Thank you." Being put in such a situation was - well - humiliating at best, atrocious at worst. I never felt so awkward in my travelling life ever !! Later on, my wife told me that on day 1, they had indeed put an extra towel on the extra bed in the room, but from day 2 they had forgotten to do that. Also, while putting the extra bed, their amateurish behaviour was evident (bigger mattress, smaller bed frame).

Otherwise, this is definitely NOT a five star resort. It is a 3 star property desperately decked up to project a 5 star image.

* Staff in general - on checkin - are friendly and smiling.
* They do check if you are comfortable or not (call u twice or thrice during your stay)
* Poolside is very good (one slide and a jacuzzi as well - good)
* very good beach - though unbearably hot in daytime
* some limited watersports (though costly)
* good sunken bar in the pool
* small but good video games parlour, and unwinding zone
* very poor dinner menu - the experience is pathetic especially when the spread is outside near the poolside
* reasonably ok breakfast and lunch menu
* EXCELLENT welcome tray in the room (full of luscious fruits - many of them!) and a wine bottle (surprisingly, across all Goa hotels, the same brand of welcome wine bottle can be seen - they need to check with each other!)
* OK OK toliet and bathroom facilities - hot water does not flow instantly in the taps.. takes a few seconds - can take you by surprise if under the shower with a lot of expectations
* friendly staff at the poolside
* ELECTRIC CURRENT in the beachside shower - my family had a tryst with near-disaster when returning from the beach, we decided to take a shower and were shocked - literally ! There was electric current in the shower water.

Otherwise, overall an average plus experience. May go back."

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  • Travel date: Sat 27th of May 2006

Very poor management attitude and behaviour

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"I have just spent a week with my girlfriend at this resort.Unfortunately I would strongly advise travellers not to stay at the Kenilworth.
The hotel itself is kept relatively clean although I would agree with other reviews which stated that the bathrooms were not spotless. My room was quite dirty and I had to ask for it to be cleaned again when I arrived.
The pool area is very nice and quite relaxed although you do need to be quick in the morning getting a good spot.
The significant problem at the hotel is the noise level.The room was located in the hotel area close to the gym and also the nightclub.The nightclub music/dj continued every night until 2.30am and the gym music commenced at 7.30am.The hotel is also a stopoff for aircrew who were incredibly noisy till 3.30am one night.We had to repeatedly complain to management about the level of noise and the only time anything was done was when the aircrew were told to keep quiet.The duty managers in general were rude and unhelpful.Upon complaining at the end of our stay that we had three nights sleep ruined due to noise levels the duty managers only offered a refund of approximately £10 on our combined room and food bill of £770.We were also dishonestly advised that the room charge was nothing to do with the kenilworth as we booked through savion travel. I will also add that savion despite having received an advanced payment and an agreement that,as normal practice we would pay the balance on checkout,continued to chase for money throughout our stay including a phone call direct to the room at 7.30am.Upon querying the insulting refund figure and refusing to pay all the food bill the duty managers refused to release our luggage and refused to allow us to leave even going to the extreme of using 4 security guards to close and block the hotel gates.A compromise was reached with a £40 refund which can only be described as pathetic.The attitude of the duty managers was disgraceful and insulting.They have no understanding of customer relations and were not bothered at all about our complaint or their own behaviour.We will be complaining to the head office.
Whilst the rooms were ok and the breakfasts and dinner buffets were average we would strongly advise people not to visit this resort. If anything goes wrong or you have a complaint it will not be addressed and you will not receive any proper compensation.Whilst you would hope that nothing would go wrong during your stay the noise levels were clearly excessive. It goes without saying that we will not be staying at a kenilworth resort again."

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of April 2006

Best Holiday Ever!!!!

Reviewed Wed 10th of October 2012

"I have just come back from two weeks of absolute paradise!!!!

The hotel is not justified enough at all and i will be posting some pictures shortly to let it be known at the extent to which the Kenilworth is the best hotel EVER to stay at.

Not only are the grounds well kept,spacious,clean and tidy. The people working there could never do enough to make your stay the best.

My boyfriend proposed to me while we were there and the staff could not do more to make the night as enchanting and perfect as it was. They helped him organise a meal on the beach at sun set and i could not have asked for anything more - the place and people are amazing.

The pool area is lovely - plenty of sun beds and the food even though a bit pricey (compared to the shacks) was nice. The breakfast gievn is a variety of English and Indian but anything you want for breakfast can and will be prepared by them if asked.

The beach shacks are a must for lunch times and dinners as they are cheap and very tasty!!! Rosary are one of our favourites - the people who own it are lovely.

Resturants to visit are Pentagon,Martins Corner,Fusion,Dehli Darbar in Panjim. NEVER GO TO JOE CONS because they are cons and the food is not great at all!!!

We had a taxi man for the whole duration of our holiday from the beach. His name was Simon and his brother John. They were the nicest and most reasonable Taxi drivers we had and i would recommend them then the hotel Taxi drivers as you can not barter with them and they are more expensive.

Over all i can not fault this place, much better than the north in regards to beaches,people,no stress.

Its a must!!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of March 2006

We didnt want to leave!

Reviewed Tue 6th of November 2012

"The best recommendation for any hotel is that when you meet people staying there they have been coming back year after year - this is the case with the Kenilworth!

I do not feel the brochure pictures do the place justice. The Hotel and Pool/Grounds are lovely. The location is good too. Not in a busy area but in easy reach of Colva and/or Margeo.

ACCOMMODATION - our ititial 4 days was spent in one of their 'Delux Beach Tents' right by the beach - we were told we were being upgraded but subsequently found out that it was just a ploy as they were overbooked! Any-way, I enjoyed staying in the tents, I would not want to do it for 2 weeks but 4 nights was great! can lay on the bed and see the sea right in front of you!....very nice way to start the holiday although at night you have to contend with the noise from the Dogs, Crows and Monkeys!!

The room we were then allocated (66) was in the far corner of the hotel and I liked the location alot.

If I have one criticism at all though and this is contary to all the other reviews - I did not think they were 'spotlessly clean' at all. Maybe it is just me but the Bathroom need a good scrub and behind the bed (I dropped something - I wasn't being that fussy!) there was loads of hair, dust and cobwebs :((

As mentioned in the past reivews there is an issue in this hotel with the noise levels or thin walls. All I can suggest is 'EAR PLUGS' did the trick for me!

FOOD - only ate in the hotel twice - it was ok but I am not keen on food being kept in serving trays for hours on end!
The breakfast was good though!
The Hotels Indian Restaurant is very good too!....I dont think the waiters were too happy mind that I asked them to leave our food on the table so we could help ourselves (as you do with Indian) instead of them standing next to us the entire meal and spooning food onto our plates!!

The best beach shacks we tried were Lloyds (on the right)....Rosary's (on the left) for either lunch or a cheap dinner.

In the evening you can get a taxi from outside the hotel to take you to a nearby restaurant - they usually give you a return price of about 300 rupees!
The best restuaants we tried were the Pentagon (very nice), Martins Corner (very large - a little commercial but an extensive menu at good prices) and finally my favourite - FUSION!..this is near to the Pentagon and you will need to Book a table. The menu is quite select but very good indeed and not that pricey either!

BEACH/POOL - the pools at the Kenilworth are in good condition and I really enjoyed them. Unfortunately as is so often the case you will need to get your finger out to procure a sunbed!!...lets not go there eh!!
I am a great beach lover and spend hours in the sea but only went to the beach on 2 occasions during this holiday. The beach was really nice with great sand, the sea was warm and calm during the moring but gets a little choppy from 12ish onwards.
The problem I had was being hassled. Yes, I did stay no thank you - several times but still they came. Even when you are having a conversation or even eating in the beach shacks they come over and are quite persistant.
I consider myself to be a strong person but opted for the pool in preference to the beach as I just didnt have the energy in the end.

TRIPS - there are lots of things to do and see either with your tour operator OR by yourself. We did a little of both and enjoyed them all.
There are various markets if you feel the need - the biggest one being in North Goa on a Wednesday. It costs around 1000 rupees return to get there in a taxi.
We did a 3 day trips on the train down south to Karnataka and even though we were both exhausted on return it was a great experience and the countryside is stunning!.

So all in all, one of the best holidays I have ever had. My partner had an upset tummy for the entire trip which was a shame but even so he thoroughly enjoyed it too!!

One last thing - be very careful about drink prices - especially in the hotel!!...the local beer is 'Kingfisher' and is less than a £1 for a large bottle - stick to that if you dont want to get stung!!

I would suggest a licenced cab from outside the hotel and not from one of the guys on the beach - you will know the difference as the beach guys are not allowed to pick you up from the hotel!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 20th of March 2006

Wonderfully comfortable hotel

Reviewed Tue 6th of November 2012

"We have just returned from a lovely four week stay in the Kenilworth hotel. We arrived stressed, tired and thoroughly worn out. We have returned to the UK refreshed, tanned, and feeling great, Some of this could be put down to the charm of Goa and the sunshine but a lot is down to the charming, helpful staff and the peaceful atmosphere of the Kenilworth.
We have been to Goa twice before and have never felt so at home and comfortable as in the Kenilworth. It's location is perfect only 15 mins from the airport and fairly central for most sightseeing and yet is is not too touristy and commercial. Our room was spacious and very comfy, good air-con, television, mini-bar, good bathroom and absolutely spotlessly clean. During the four weeks we had no insect visitors in the room whatsoever, not even a fly! The staff are very helpful and try so hard to please that they make you feel faintly guilty for letting them do things for you. We are not used to such service.

The food is excellant and not all indian although the room service menu is a little limited. The local beach shacks are good and I would recommend the Rosary which is on the left as you come onto the beach. It is family run and they are really friendly. Lloyds beach shack on the right is also good, which a good selection and cheap prices.

We went camping on a trip to Khola Beach overnight and this was great, really good fun and also a beautiful location.

All in all, I can say that if you are planning a trip to this part of Goa then the Kenilworth is a really good choice of hotel and is also good value for money.
If at all possible, do try to book Premium Seats if going by Monarch - well worth the extra money.

Can,t wait to go again"

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  • Travel date: Mon 27th of February 2006

nothing too much trouble

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"On arrival at the Kenilworth you are greeted by a very smart security guard and a waiter with cold drinks. Reception is very organised and the rooms are not too far from reception for dragging suitcases, although the porters are very quick to bring your luggage for you.
The rooms, as does the hotel, have an old colonial feel, with a separate terrace where there are wicker chairs and a table. The beds are comfortable and the rooms are kept spotlessly clean. The shower is efficient and there is always plenty of hot water. There is air conditioning which would be essential in March/April when the weather is more humid especially in the evenings. Remember to use your "Do not disturb" sign though as the cleaners are eager to start your room in the morning!
The staff throughout the hotel are very polite and helpful with nothing being too much trouble.
Breakfast is buffet style and contrary to some reports does not just consist of curry although there are Indian foods available if you prefer. There is also cereal, fruit, eggs (freshly done by chef), potatoes,sausage, ham etc.
The food in the hotel in the evening is mostly buffet style and is very good quality.
Outside the hotel there are numerous restaurants within a short taxi drive - the driver will give you the price and then wait for you to finish your meal to take you home.
Pool/Beach towels are available from the pool area but they are very keen to collect these in before 5.30pm or your name and room number are highlighted in their book for the next day!
The beach is a short stroll past the well laid out pool areas. There is more of a breeze on the beach and you can eat and drink all day at the beach shacks for about £2.50 each. I wouldn't worry about eating there as I have visited Goa 4 times and have never had a bad stomach. However I do eat mostly fish and seafood which is fresh every day. A lovely refreshing drink is fresh lime soda which costs about 20p.
The vendors on the beach are quick to spot a new face so you will probably be accosted frequently on your first day! However they are friendly and will get you anything you want to buy coming back with it the following day or later the same day depending on the request. If you don't want to buy anything they do take no thank you for an answer.
Jewellery especially precious stones is a very good buy and there a number of shops a taxi journey away.
There are quite a few sights and trips eg Old Goa, Panjim (Goa capital) Boat trip down the river at sunset, Anjuna market, North Goa (more bars and nightlife).
On the whole the Kenilworth is a lovely relaxing hotel with friendly helpful staff and Goa is one of the most welcoming places I have visited."

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  • Travel date: Wed 8th of February 2006

The Kenilworth is FANTASTIC!

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2012

"We have just returned from 2 sunkissed weeks at the Kenilworth Hotel. It was our first trip to Goa and it is the most fantastic place which everyone should pay a visit to. The hotel on first impressions is very grand and you are greeted by very efficient staff. The rooms are gorgeous and they each have a separate conservatory type room overlooking the gardens. They have everything you could possibly need and are of a very high standard. The swimming pool area is stunning, it is the 2nd largest pool in Goa and it is very pretty surrounded by landscaped gardens. The food is first class and very reasonably prices and as a vegetarian I was spoilt for choice which makes a nice change! There are 2 bars and 3 restaurant areas to choose from and a casino is about to be opened up there too. The staff are absolutely excellent and are completely programmed to making sure you have the best time and everything is to your satisfaction. They are all very genuine, kind, polite and professional, nothing is too much trouble for them. The beach is a 5 minute walk through the gardens from the main hotel rooms and is a large broad sweep of sand which goes on forever. There are beack shacks all along the sand and Lloyds is particularly worth paying a visit to as the food is lovely and John and Rocky who run the shack are very nice guys who will bring you lovely drinks and food to your sunbed all day! There are some beach sellers selling various goods but they are not annoying and we actually ended up becoming good friends with a husband and wife who sell goods on the beach. They actually had some very nice things and we bought all our christmas shopping from the comfort of our sunbeds! You can get taxis to surrounding villages for nightlife and they will wait for you until you are ready to come back to the hotel. Again the cost is incredibly reasonable. I could tell you so much about this wonderful hotel and Goa itself but all I can say is that I cannot recommend this hotel and this resort highly enough. I have travelled to a lot of places and this one takes a lot of beating. Goa itself has so much to offer and is a great place to explore. We are already planning our next trip there next year!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of December 2005


Reviewed Sun 2nd of December 2012

"We have just returned from 2 weeks at the Kennilworth. Very nice resort. Rooms very nice and pool is excellent.
Few downs. We booked the package with all meals included. Unfortunately that means Indian Curry for breakfast lunch and dinner!!!!There was no European choices on the buffet.
Unless you were keen to lay around the pool all day there was absolutley nothing else to do.
Happy hour at the Lobby bar was great except they take 30 mins to mix the cocktail."

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  • Travel date: Sun 16th of October 2005

Very nice resort

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2012

"Well, first of all you have to realise that this is India and not Europe....
This a great resort, spacy rooms, a very large pool, lots of free sunbeds with free towels and a hardworking staff. Large garden, do not sit under the coconutpalms, you might get a headache :o).
The climate in february is perfect, not to hot and sunshine all day long.
Fantastic sunsets every evening at the beach. The sandy beach is never crowded, but the strong tide makes it difficult if you are going for a swim. And certainly not recommended for children.
Like all other hotels some rooms are situated with a bad view or close to noise. But a small effort in the reception and you will get a nice room.
If you go to the beach do this:

1) Get your daily beach/pool towel
2) Turn right on the beach and go to the Star Fish (one of many shacks, this one is painted green)
3) The owner and his staff will guide you to sunbeds, free, but they expect you to buy some drinks and lunch. Do it, the price is ridiculous and they make a great tandoori-chicken. A coke costs 50 cents, a very large beer is 1 Euro.
4) 5 minutes after you have placed your body on the sunbed, the salesmen/women arrives with all the usual stuff. Ignore them or have fun, bargaining. if they give you a price, fx 100, offer them 8, and do not go further than 20.

Back to Kenilworth, there is no problem at all here. Well, of cause: Do not eat icecream and take care what you eat. Never the less, you will get a delhi-belli once or twice, this is India..."

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  • Travel date: Fri 19th of August 2005

Wonderful relaxing holiday

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"This was our second holiday at Kenilworth Beach Resort, our last holiday being in April 2002. We loved the hotel and the staff are exceptionally friendly. However, when we visited the hotel in 2002, the gym and "spa" were in what can only be described as a dungeon with no windows! However, this has been completely refurbished and the gym now has full height windows looking over the beautiful gardens and pool. Like many people we were worried about getting food poisoning in India but we had no problems at all and nor did anyone we spoke to. Although we were only booked for bed and breakfast, we had the evening meal at the hotel almost every night as the Goan buffet was so delicious. I am vegetatrian and it is one of the few places where I get more choice than the carnivors, although there were always a couple of meat dishes and lots of seafood. Our only complaint is with the sound-proofing in the rooms as we could clearly hear people in the corridors and adjoining rooms. This would not have been such a problem except that many of the people staying in the hotel were in large groups, either on business conferences or airline staff. Consequently, when they returned to their rooms late at night and often in the early hours of the morning, chatting in the corridors etc. our sleep was disturbed. Had it not been for this our holiday would have been perfect and we would thoroughly recommend the hotel."

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  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of April 2005

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