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  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • free internet
  • restaurant
  • fitness center
  • bar lounge
  • wifi
  • air conditioning
  • room service
  • concierge desk
  • bath shower
  • multilingual staff
  • breakfast buffet
  • outdoor pool
  • baggage storage
  • parking
  • currency exchange
  • english amenities
  • french amenities
  • 24 hour front desk
  • telephone
  • german amenities
  • beach
  • private beach
  • interconnected rooms available
  • safe

Reviews summary

( 30 reviews)
  • 4 room
  • 4 pool
  • 3 beach
  • 5 service
  • 3 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 3 food

30 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Hotel from hell

Reviewed Tue 18th of January 2011

"Well me and my bf went to tunisa for two week winter break this is where we ended up on sunday 9 th of jan well looking at the pics u think this is nice but oh my god we got there I swear we must have been the only guest in whole hotel no where to change money sea view a joke then to top it off they moved us I could near enough understand that out side pool maybe closed as wheather up and down but everything I mean gym spa inside pool the restaurant the bar only thing open was a snack bar and loads of tunisai people and building site so out n the sticks clearly not safe we moved to new hotel do not advice this hotel at all nothing like the pics please take note . Nothing open . "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 16th of January 2011

Best Holiday Ever!!

Reviewed Fri 1st of October 2010

"Stayed there for a week - lovely hotel - you get what you pay for, staff were ever so helpful and friendly, would definately go back :) "

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  • Travel date: Mon 20th of September 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 3 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 3 Food

the hotel was very clean but the food is...

Reviewed Tue 3rd of June 2008

"the hotel was very clean but the food is disgusting no entertainment the beach was dirty the rooms were basic but very clean the staff were very friendly would go back to tunisia but not that hotel "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 3rd of June 2008

My sister and I have been to Tunisia thr...

Reviewed Sun 25th of May 2008

"My sister and I have been to Tunisia three times and my mum twice, we decided to go to another hotel. On previous occassions we stayed at The Golf Residence in Port El Kantoui which is also a three star but is in the process of being upgraded to a four star.

The Dreams Beach is not a patch on the Golf Residence. We were firstly put in a very nice room with an adjoining door to my mums room which she was sharing with her neighbour. I was asked to be moved the following morning. This room was on the first floor and right above the generator, the room was very clean and large but the noise from the generator was too much, also someone ought to shoot the dogs which howled and barked all night from some waste land behind the hotel.

We were moved to two separate rooms although they kept the rooms next door to each other up on the fourth floor and further away from the generator and I could still hear the dogs but not as much.

The hotel staff were very nice and nothing was a problem for them. The food on the whole was quite bland, although not a great deal of choice i still ate throughout the holiday unlike M who never ate anything and was ill for the full fortnight.

They do have a Tunisian night once a week which is very nice, the Tunisian food is delicious, but you have to remember that the hotel has to cater for a variety of cultures so they can't please every single person, someone is clearly going to complain. The head waiter asked my mum and I what sort of things he needed to put on the menu for the English, we asked why for the English surely he has to please everyone, he answered that most of the tourist which go there are English so its best to have something which we would like. He is very approachable so if you do go then have a word if you arent happy, its the only way things will be put right.

There was O'Connors bar but this normally was like walking into a haze of smoke and as three in my group are non smokers and I am asthmatic I found this suitable for about an hour then was ready to go back to the hotel. (I think becuase we can go anywhere here now and not smell of stale cigarettes we have been spoilt). I was told O'Connors do some very nice food through the day if you do need to eat away from the hotel.

There was no entertainment on, but this we were told was because we went at the start of the season, so maybe by the summer holidays the entertainment will be sorted.

We did go to Tunis and Hergler which were very nice. My sister went on the Pirate boat which was booked through the hotel with Shaggy, who likes to sit and listen to your I pod all day or transfer music via blue tooth!!! (Music mad) but a friendly guy. Our group travelled to the Golf Residence for the entertainment on a few nights and also went to laze by the pool there which is spotless. The pool at Dreams Beach was very very small, if you didnt get there first thing in the morning you had no chance and I wouldn't sit on the Beach as I didnt feel it was very clean. I lay there one day only to have a waft of dog poo, only to find that someone was walking their dog and it did a one on the beach near to where I was sunning myself, and IT STANK. He left it there and that was the end of my visit to the beach.

There was a flood in the hotel which ran along the corridor of the fourth floor and eventually ended up on the floor in the hotel foyer. The day after the flood they laid new carpets and I decided to walk down the staircase rather than disturb the carpet laying by the lift. I did this and slipped on the marble staircase and hurt my back, fortunatley this was four days before I was due home so didnt bother going to the hospital. I asked for the accident book to be told they dont hold one, I recorded it by writing down the incident and handing it to the receptionist, who then handed it to her manager and when Joecef the rep came to the hotel he knew about the accident and was reporting it to his manager. The hotel wanted to get the doctor and also Shaggys brother offered to take me to hospital, so they were very supportive but I thought top myself up with painkillers till I get home. I did have insurance but thought there was nothing anyone could do for a bad back.

All in all, I love Tunisia but I wouldnt go back to the Dreams Beach, the staff were friendly and helpful, no entertainment, nothing to do for young children. Food not so good, nowhere to go unless you pay taxis, I would definately go back to the Golf Residence as we travelled to the Golf for some of their evening entertainment and also to laze by their pool, but unfortunately the Dreams Beach does not live up to the name. . sorry. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 25th of May 2008

We booked a week’s holiday on a half b...

Reviewed Fri 2nd of November 2007

"We booked a week’s holiday on a half board basis, and read comments on this site before we traveled. The rooms were cleaned daily and staff were very friendly, food was poor most of the time, the dining area was poor with dirty tablecloths that were not changed daily. Also napkins that had been folded that had been previously used, food was not labelled and the only time we saw a chef was to deliver food to locals who frequently used the hotel. The food locals ordered was served direct from the kitchen and their plates held high so we could not see the food. No entertainment was at the hotel, taxis are plentiful so we found our entertainment outside of the hotel in local bars etc.

The beach area was very dirty with locals using the closed down beach cafe entrances as a toilet. The area was very quiet which we liked, no water sports were available on the beach, if you are after a sun holiday on the beach this is not the place to be. Beach is small and the sun is there for only a few hours in the day. The hotel could benefit from a makeover as the rooms are a little dated.

Saying that we booked a fantastic two day trip to the Sahara which we definitely recommend - got a lot for the money, we booked this with the rep. Were disappointed reps were not available at the hotel, most of the time you are on your own, would not go back to this hotel again.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 2nd of November 2007

Don’t go!! Worst holiday ever. Food wa...

Reviewed Fri 21st of September 2007

"Don’t go!! Worst holiday ever. Food was disgusting. You couldn’t swim in the sea because it was full of jelly fish (yes we have the sting marks to prove it!!).

The men harassed you all the time, especially at the medinas. You didn’t feel safe at night and certainly couldn’t go out alone.

The worse thing about this hotel was the raw sewage running down the middle of the road that the hotel was situated on, disgusting smell the whole time.

The panoramic bar on the top floor was lovely, but was too loud and went on far too late into the night, disturbing your sleep. You couldn’t sleep during the day either as the music from the hotel pool was so loud.

All in all a very bad experience that we won’t be doing again, good luck."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 21st of September 2007

My fiancé and I arrived at Dreams Beach...

Reviewed Tue 24th of July 2007

"My fiancé and I arrived at Dreams Beach in the middle of the night to be greeted by very friendly staff. The room was basic but clean with ample storage.

When we took a walk to see what was about we were very disappointed, as the hotel seemed to be situated in the middle of nowhere. It was only the following day we realised that everything is a taxi ride away which was no bother as the taxis are so cheap.

Really the only thing near the Dreams Beach Hotel is the beach which is a stone’s throw from the hotel's front door. Tonnes of water sports and excursions available and the beach was gorgeous.

One big problem for us was the beds in the hotel - it was like sleeping on concrete. We had booked a double room and the bed consisted of 2 single mattresses on a slab of concrete.
On the odd occasion that we actually managed to sleep, we both woke up with sore backs which wasn’t great, it was more comfortable to go and sleep on the beach during the day.

I had read some other reviews before we went and we arrived to find the place pretty much as we expected. There was no outdoor pool though which was really disappointing.

There is however some building work taking place at the minute and I think they are having an outdoor pool put in. The indoor pool was ice cold and tiny and the hotel description claims there is a fitness suite and spa etc which is misleading as the fitness suite consists of about 5 pieces of equipment.

We were half board so our breakfast and dinner was included though we only ate at the hotel once. Breakfast was ok though it is hard to tell what some of the stuff they lay out actually is.

Dinner was poor. The meat was absolutely rotten - raw in the middle, so we ended up eating rice and chips for dinner! We just ate out every other night after that. It is so cheap to have a meal out, approx £22 for 2 main courses, desert, bottle of wine and beers.

Check out The Saloon Steak House in Sousse town centre, we went back time and time again as the food and the service was second to none and the whole atmosphere is excellent.

Overall we enjoyed our holiday in Tunisia, there are some amazing restaurants etc in Sousse centre and also in the Port and various ways to get there and back, - travelling in the Tuk Tuks was different! We went camel riding and quad biking and also to a water park.

We would go back to Tunisia though I don’t think we would go to the Dreams Beach Hotel again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 24th of July 2007

I went on a last-minute bargain holiday...

Reviewed Mon 9th of July 2007

"I went on a last-minute bargain holiday with my daughter and we had a wonderful holiday. The weather was awful; cloud and rain almost every day, so we booked to go on the trips with the rep. They were all fantastic; we saw amazing sights and travelled all over the country for a very reasonable charge.

The rep for the tours (Saphir Voyages) was very knowledgeable and friendly and as we travelled to the desert and further south, the sun even came out! I highly recommend the Desert Adventure and the African Dream.

Back at the hotel we found the food varied and interesting and managed to put on a few pounds. The room was spacious and clean and had a lovely view.

The indoor pool is small, but big enough to swim, the gym has a few machines, but quite enough for a holiday work-out. The massage and treatments were fantastic and very cheap; we felt really pampered and the staff were very friendly; we were so relaxed we went back to our room after hours in the spa and fell asleep.

The only downside to the holiday was the incessant hassle from local men; this is not a place for women travelling alone. All the female travellers had this problem and is can be quite daunting to be followed every where once you leave the hotel. This was not a problem on the trips.

The awful weather forced us to do something more than lie on the beach every day and this ended up being a very enjoyable and memorable holiday."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 9th of July 2007

To be fair, you must realise you are in...

Reviewed Fri 29th of June 2007

"To be fair, you must realise you are in a third world country, cleanliness was good, hotel room good, hotel staff very good although poor command of the English language.

Most guests were ignorant Russians, or Germans, other guests very friendly.

Food, don’t expect anything spectacular, and be prepared to eat out (very cheap), good hotel for kids with both indoor pool, and outdoor pool, and the sea a stones through from the beach.

Big downside for my family, that most evenings the main bar was full of locals getting a far better service than the guests.

Taking the above into account the hotel is ideally situated equidistant from the main port of Kantoui, and Sousse, and we found a very good base for an exploration holiday, one very course comment is that the beach was filthy."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 29th of June 2007

Hi my husband I stayed in Dreams beach h...

Reviewed Thu 5th of April 2007

"Hi my husband I stayed in Dreams beach hotel bed an breakfast for a wonderful week. Don't be put off by the location!! At first I thought it was situated in an industrial site. It was heaven!!

We had the best of both worlds peace an quiet in the hotel beach 1st class, clean, smooth, golden hot sand, everything available at the hotel including excellent food fab variety, great self service, hygiene good, entertainment at night in the hotel at no added expense.

Top class roof top bar with class view. Lots of small cafes, restaurants, ice-cream stall etc on beach front. There is even a old guy called " smily miley " who does excursions cheap from paragliding to deep sea diving to cruising sinbads ship all for a few pounds.

If that's not good enough walk into Sousse get the hot sun, exercise or taxi it for £1.00 if you don't fancy the walk! A week was not enough for me I’m so impressed I have booked this September for 2 weeks, so much to do eg: historical sites. souks, medinas culture and pleasure to sample it would take me a year.

I think it will be the next Dubai only it is less expensive no code or clothes restrictions very multicultural even though it is a Muslim country, due to respect for all faiths the country would suit all cultures and age groups.

I would never like to see it like the next Spain full of drunken British louts who only destroy countries and prevent people going back. Thank god For some restrictions an modesty in Tunisia and the friendly people in Dreams beach Hotel who spoil you . My view not to be missed before it gets too touristy.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 5th of April 2007

I have to say that our experience with T...

Reviewed Fri 23rd of March 2007

"I have to say that our experience with Tunisia was not a good one. This was mainly at fault with the hotel. The name is dreams Beach - more like nightmare, it was awful! We stayed for 10 nights on a half board basis.

When we arrived and were shown to our room, I cried, because it was not what we expected at all. The hotel looked dirty and very basis. The food was awful. The best thing was the bread and that was just a basic French stick!

The only thing that was good about the hotel, were the pool lads. They always looked out for us and made sure they got us sun beds OK, drinks and made the experience a bit more fun by playing with the kids and messing around - the ONLY good entertainment we had! Our last night was a celebration, we went to the bar on the top floor, were there was some hilarious entertainment (not purposely hilarious, no comedian's or anything) - two blokes miming the keyboard and singing! I almost threw myself off the building!

The local down the beach, snubbed us and made us feel very unwelcome.

We thought we could escape the hotel by going to the local 'Irish' pub - there was nothing 'Irish' about the place - only the flag outside! And it was the only place in the area, unless you got a Taxi or walked for 45 minutes to the next town, Port El Kantaoui.

I would recommend Port El Kantaoui which was much more beautiful. If you are planning a holiday to Tunisia, avoid the Dreams Beach Hotel and go for a all-inclusive hotel and if you like booked loads of trips out! The weather was beautiful but there is only so much sunbathing you can take! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 23rd of March 2007

nice and peacefull starf all ok

Reviewed Thu 8th of November 2012

"this hotel is ok its right on the sea problem its right in the middle of the to main shopping centers but we had a very good time will go again have a good time."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 6th of March 2007

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