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Reviewed Fri 21st of August 2009


Food better at lunch than evening but good overall
Air Con in rooms good
Maid service good
Pool Good
Sun Longer service Brilliant, (help from staff daily)
Entertainment for kids, Good Not good for adults
Beach lush, sea clear (watch out for little jelly fish , sting but not harmful)
Book club
location to nearest airport good
taxi service good
weather brill


Choice of spirits
plastic cups most of time
annoying sales tactics
scrounging (but polite) entertainement staff. (They'll ask for anything once they know you)
Some miserable faces behind bar and reception (you only see them for a few mins though)
same music daily around pool but relaxing non the least.

Seriously, if you have children this location is good. if your looking for lively nights don't bother. We went for a relaxing pool side holiday in the sun and thats what we got. We loved the place and would recommend.

PLEASE, if you have children and you want to go on a cruise, DO NOT GO ON THE ROBINSON cruise. This was all day and took 2 hours sailing to get to an island with hardly any shade and nothing to do. the food on this trip is not for children too. Spicy sausage and a grilled whole fish.

When you go into town you WILL be pestered to look into shops and pestered to buy. Tell them the shop next door offered you at least 50% less.

LOCK your bags on the way home


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  • Travel date: Thu 20th of August 2009

I booked our holiday with on the beach a...

Reviewed Wed 17th of September 2008

"I booked our holiday with on the beach as they were the only one's I could find that provided our hotel (that we normally stay in) on a half board basis. After I had booked and then read the reviews I did start to panic a bit and thought what the hell have I done. I got all the info off of the website and contacted them direct and booked over the phone (hence NO extra costs), as you should all be aware it doesn't matter who you book with, if you pay by credit cards you have to pay a fee for this facility. I was given a direct number to contact the sales person dealing with my hols and everytime I contacted them I got through, I received all the confirmation etc by email and 3 weeks before our departure the tickets arrived. Everything went smoothly and I will be booking with them again in the future and will also recommend to friends and family.
I personally think that all those that have gripes with booking on the net should book in the high street travel agents. "

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  • Travel date: Wed 17th of September 2008

the staff their are so friendly,,, the a...

Reviewed Fri 1st of August 2008

"the staff their are so friendly,,, the animation team are brilliant entertainment love them all,,, the maids r so nice nd very friendly!!! Our room was cleaned everyday and towels washed each day!!!! the food was well laid out every nite!!! their is bingo every nite and then a show straight after wards,,, the club is in the hotel grounds,,, skanes el hana is just brilliant and the people are so kind and friendly,,, cant wait 2 go back"

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  • Travel date: Fri 1st of August 2008

well wat can i say all the staff at the...

Reviewed Mon 18th of February 2008

"well wat can i say all the staff at the hotel are brilliant i got a little girl with me and they are great with kids!...even tho it is the winter time in feb and there not much entertainment they really did there best to keep her entertained and she loved every minute of it along with the rest of us that was there...the food is beautiful and the rooms are really clean and nice cant fault a single thing will definatley reccomend the hotel "

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  • Travel date: Mon 18th of February 2008

Where do I start???? I have been to quit...

Reviewed Thu 17th of January 2008

"Where do I start???? I have been to quite a few holiday resorts that would resemble that of Skanes El Hana and I can say without a doubt that it was by far the best! Landing at the hotel at 4.30am, my 4 friends and I didn't even have to lift our own bags from the bus! They were waiting for us in our rooms! The rooms were clean and neat. Clean bed sheets and towels every day with the room cleaned for us, what more could you ask for! Also a fabulous view of the beach and Mediterranean sea from our 3rd floor balcony, bliss!!

The staff of this hotel have to be some of the friendliest people I have ever met especially Momo, Joe and the rest of the animation team. The kiddies disco could even be described as slightly entertaining for adults, followed by bingo then the animation show. I have to say that my friends and I were quite literally on the floor with laughter some nights! As it wasn't peak season when we made our trip the nightly entertainment was held in an upstairs function room which could get quite hot and sweaty while shakin' it at the disco.

I think what made our holiday truly enjoyable was the nights we spent in the American Bar (it rocks!!!). When we asked what time it closed at we were simply told it would stay open until we were ready for bed! Mossin, the barman kept us entertained with new jokes and card tricks and even let us try our hands on the grand piano! After a conversation about our favourite music, we went in the next night to find that Ahmeen, the other barman had bought all the cds we named and played them for us every night!

The pool area is amazing, looks like it jumped right off the page of a brochure. Music was played all day which was much appreciated and the animation team were there all day playing games and chatting to people, making us feel extremely welcome. Two days out of the seven we were there tour operators were walking around the pool giving the opportunity to go on day trips which were very enjoyable. We were offered to go on a boat trip but decided on a trip riding camels!

The food wasn't fantastic but it was varied and tasteful, the poolside restaurant was very handy! The alcohol was very cheap with a bottle of beer working out at just over a euro! Overall I think this is a fantastic destination, beautiful beaches, great entertainment and wonderful people! Whether you want a relaxing holiday or a bit of craic we got both at the Skanes El Hana."

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  • Travel date: Thu 17th of January 2008

Just home from one of the best holidays...

Reviewed Mon 15th of October 2007

"Just home from one of the best holidays I have been on! Having been to other hotels in Skanes, Skanes el Hana is by far the best for total relaxation.

On arrival (at around 4am after a 5 minute bus journey from the airport) we were greeted by staff and helped to our rooms with our luggage which was greatly appreciated. All staff are extremely helpful, friendly, and polite and are able to speak in up to 7 different languages. This helpfulness was continued throughout the holiday which puts you at ease.

The pools are immaculate and the beach is wonderful. With about a 10 second walk from the pool to the beach you couldn’t ask for more. It is also kept clean and is never too busy. It isn't your typical beach in Majorca, Ibiza or other such places where you have to fight your way for a space - Plenty of room with staff on hand to go to the hotel and fetch you food or drinks (as lazy as that sounds) whenever you please and for about 80p a day you can hire a sunlounger. On the beach you also have the chance to paraglide, water-ski, horse ride, camel ride, jet ski, and play volleyball so you are not stuck for things to do!

With several places of interest near to Skanes, a 'noddy train' is provided which is an experience not to be missed. This takes you into Monastir, which has a wonderful shopping centre with good quality gifts, slightly more expensive than haggling in a little shop but in Tunisia, you can't really call it expensive! Such a cheap place so take advantage! Regular buses are also available outside the hotel to Monastir. A taxi rank is provided outside Skanes El Hana but be careful, the drivers aren't afraid to over price the trip so make sure you agree on a price before you get in! An idea is to ask reception what sort of price to look for so you know when you are being scammed!

The room I was in was lovely with a fantastic sea view. Unfortunately it was right underneath the disco on the 5th floor which meant I was awake until the disco ended so if you have the chance, ask for a room on a lower floor! The cleaners did a good job everyday, never a half done job!

The entertainment staff do a great job! During the day they organise activities and at night they provide fun for all ages too! A mini disco for the kids, followed by Bingo, a show put on by the entertainment team, then a disco! They work extremely hard and put effort into everything they do - with only a small audience to please it must be difficult for them but they put on a good show! They get to know all guests very well and make a big impact on your holiday!

Food is good with plenty to choose from and the waiting staff are very helpful and kind as are the chefs. You may feel obliged to tip waiters every time you are brought a drink and start to think that you are giving too much but remember - 1 deenar is only 40p!The little creperie next to the pool is NOT to be missed and the pizza place is also great value for money with about £3 for a pizza and chips!

Tunisia is a fantastic place for a cheap holiday, where you can benefit from the cultures of the country also. Skanes El Hana isn't an overly busy hotel so relaxing is easy and staff help you as much as they possibly can.


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  • Travel date: Mon 15th of October 2007

The hotel looked good upon arrival, unti...

Reviewed Tue 21st of August 2007

"The hotel looked good upon arrival, until we encountered the reception staff, who conducted several conversations to other members of staff whilst supposedly attending to us. They were curt, rude and unhelpful (as they were all week).

When we finally did get into our room, it was shabby and not too clean. Bed linen and towels, I guess, had at one time been white, but were now a kind of chewing gum grey! There was cigarette ash on the loo floor when we arrived - and it stayed there all week.

All the public areas were in great need of refurbishment, the furniture shabby and stained. The loos in these areas were not cleaned regularly. Apart from the dining rooms there were no non-smoking areas.

The large terraced area, where the evening entertainment took place, was furnished with cheap plastic garden furniture, the floor was stained and dirty.

The holiday brochure advertised a Jacuzzi, indoor swimming pool, Moorish cafe, wine bar - none of which were available.

Whilst the entertainment staff worked extremely hard, the overall entertainment was very 'Butlins' and on one evening entertainment had to be paid for.

Although the pool was large, it was over ten feet deep, with no shallow area - so it was either sink or swim! The children’s pool was well used.

The standard of food was not too bad - well cooked and plentiful - but the menu somewhat repetitive. The waiting staff were efficient and friendly

Overall the standard of the hotel was poor - I don't know how it got a 4 star rating. I would not re-visit Skanes El Hana and would not recommend it."

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  • Travel date: Tue 21st of August 2007

I go to Tunisia every year with all my f...

Reviewed Wed 25th of July 2007

"I go to Tunisia every year with all my family and we love it. August 06 we went to Skanes El Hana for our first time at that hotel and we loved it. we arrived at 10 o'clock at night and my brother and I went out of the hotel for a look round and it was great.

There are 3 pools, 2 pool tables and a great bar called the "American Bar" where you are welcome to drink until 6:00am. We are going again in Aug 07 and I am really looking forward to going on the go karts which are just a 5 minute walk down a little mud track road.

Another positive is the beach - just a 20 second walk out of the hotel door !!! I would certainly recommend this hotel for people who want a relaxing and hot holiday."

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  • Travel date: Wed 25th of July 2007

Well where do I start. The Skanes is the...

Reviewed Thu 12th of July 2007

"Well where do I start. The Skanes is the most fantastic place I have ever been. From the moment you walk in the door, you are greeted with an enormous smile and everyone bends over backwards to help you. The staff are fantastic, friendly, helpful and being that most of them can speak 7 languages, the most nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. When changing money just double check that it is right as the bank manager has a tendency of short changing you.

The rooms are cleaned every morning, new sheets, new towels when needed. The food takes a little getting used to, but different every night.

The pools were always clean and tidy. The beach fantastic. Plenty of games and water sports to do.

Service was excellent, whatever your needs there was always someone there to help.

The entertainment team were brill. A mini disco for the kids and adult entertainment after. There is a nightclub that starts at eleven for anyone who wishes to strut their stuff! The markets there are great, but remember you have to barter for everything!

If you have any females in your group you will be offered camels for them, which just adds to the charm. There are taxis parked up outside the hotel ready to take you wherever you need to go, but you have to barter with them as well! After asking a few taxi drivers why there is no fixed prices they said that its because they like to haggle on everything so just be warned.

Having said all this, this was the best ever and I am now saving the pennies to go back there as soon as I can, so sorry kids but it is beans on toast for the next two months :>)"

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  • Travel date: Thu 12th of July 2007

I have been to this hotel 6 times now an...

Reviewed Tue 26th of June 2007

"I have been to this hotel 6 times now and I love it!

I first went in July 05 with my cousin and my aunty, I really enjoyed it and had to go back, when I did I took my sister and cousin with me and we been there ever since.

The food is ok; I don’t really eat a lot when I go there because I get too excited!

The rooms are really lovely and clean and very roomy, the pool area is brilliant and the staff are amazing!

The animation staff work so hard 'bless them'

We play lots of games e.g., water polo, darts, vollyball, and then we just joke around with the animation staff,

The nightlife is so good and DJ majed is so funny and plays really good tunes!
The prices of everything in the hotel are very reasonable and you get a lot for your money!

The entertainment is brill, Momo works so hard with the mini disco, and the entertainment is really really good,

The deco is abit old fashioned but hey ho who cares!

I have loved Skanes el Hana since I first went in July 05, and is where I met my boyfriend! And made friends with everyone there!

My sister and I will be coming back in Oct 07! If you’re going in Oct 07 hopefully we'll see you there."

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of June 2007

What can I say? The Hotel Skanes El Hana...

Reviewed Wed 23rd of May 2007

"What can I say? The Hotel Skanes El Hana. We have visited in excess of 15 times over the last 12 years or so.

We have always found it to be very clean and comfortable, although in later years the decor has started to show the strain a little.

However this does not detract from its overall appeal.

There are nicer looking hotels nearby, but we have made an annual pilgrimage to see our friends at the Skanes because we love the relaxed feel about the place.

The staff are very accommodating if a little brusque at times, but that is their way. Just remember this is North Africa not Europe.

We first started going because it was cheap, but now as we have been able to afford more exotic holidays, we find ourselves wanting a fix of total R&R in our favourite place.

Just booked a week off work for June, and booked flights this morning, a quick e mail to our good friend the hotel manager Zouhair, and we are on our way.

The room will be basic but clean, the telly will not work, we will not die of starvation, and we will not go home feeling ripped off!

We will however go home feeling totally refreshed, and asking ourselves why we pay thousands of pounds going on cruises and such, when we have the most relaxing holidays here!

So pack up your cases and get out there. Keep an open mind and enjoy yourselves you are after all on holiday.

Thanks for reading."

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  • Travel date: Wed 23rd of May 2007

I first visited this hotel when I was 9...

Reviewed Wed 18th of April 2007

"I first visited this hotel when I was 9 years old. I am now 25 and decided to treat my parents to a return visit to re-live our old holiday.

When we arrived, we noticed that the hotel has worn quite considerably, however this is expectable after 16 years! It is such a shame that more money hasn't been put into the general upkeep and refurbishment of the hotel.

All of this however is cosmetic work. Whilst we were there, one of the floors was closed for refurbishment and lots of walls were being newly painted so at least some effort was being made in readiness for the new season.

The hotel is very clean and more than adequate for a holiday. I admit that perhaps the rating of 4* is not particularly justified these days; however the hotel offers an incredibly friendly and safe environment for adults and children alike.

The staff must be commended. All waiters are very attentive and friendly (perhaps some too much so!). As I visited out of season, I was able to spend a great deal of time chatting to various members of staff, learning about their culture and practising my French.

The entertainment staff deserve a medal! They all work incredibly long hours, six days a week and are on hand to make sure you're all enjoying your holidays. The animation shows every evening are well planned and practised.

The shows are amazing if you consider how small the animation team is and how little preparation time they have.

February was a particularly difficult time for the animation team to put on nightly entertainment due to the shortage of guests in the hotel but they managed to pull it off every night!

If you are visiting Tunisia with a young daughter, or you are a young girl yourself, please be aware that most Tunisian young men (sorry about the generalisation) try to get a date with you!

My father had eight marriage proposals for me in two days- he was starting to despair!

Certain members of staff find it very difficult to accept no for an answer and will become very persistent. Unfortunately, this is not a trait only shown in the hotel, but everywhere in Tunisia.

Just be very careful and try to make sure you're never alone. I found that if you even smiled at a guy in a friendly gesture (as we would in the UK); it was taken to mean that you wanted to go for a drink with him.

Be very aware also that many of the Tunisian men that I encountered had wives or girlfriends (mostly in the UK).

The food is pretty standard, but there are always many choices. I'm a pretty fussy eater but there was always something there to suit my tastes. The staff working in the pizzeria are fabulous and they also do a mean fresh pizza!

Be aware that tipping waiters can become quite expensive as you feel obliged to tip with every drink. If you can get into the habit of giving a tip at the end of the night, that would be sensible.

Overall, I would recommend this hotel to everyone. I haven't been able to find a holiday so cheap for such good quality. Give it a chance and don't judge the hotel solely on the decor!

Concentrate on looking at the staff and the effort that they put in to make sure your holiday is enjoyable, the lovely food and the beautiful view from your bedroom window of the sea lapping on the beach.

What else do you need?"

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  • Travel date: Wed 18th of April 2007

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