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  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • free internet
  • bar lounge
  • free parking
  • suites
  • public wifi
  • wheelchair access
  • air conditioning
  • smoking rooms available
  • meeting room
  • non smoking rooms
  • concierge desk
  • flatscreen tv
  • family rooms
  • multilingual staff
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • arabic amenities
  • baggage storage
  • parking
  • housekeeping
  • coffee shop amenities
  • currency exchange
  • english amenities
  • french amenities
  • 24 hour front desk
  • snack bar
  • telephone
  • free breakfast
  • breakfast available
  • german amenities
  • italian amenities
  • sun terrace
  • beach
  • gift shop amenities
  • wake up service alarm clock
  • reduced mobility rooms
  • nightclub dj
  • table tennis
  • kids activities
  • tennis court
  • poolside bar
  • private beach
  • tv channel one russia
  • evening entertainment
  • entertainment staff
  • safe

Reviews summary

( 457 reviews)

37 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Would only go for 1 week!

Reviewed Sat 17th of November 2012

"First impressions of the hotel were good, although we had to be moved rooms and were charged £20 sterling to do so,we wanted a pool and sea view and we wer given a smelly back view which was very unsafe as people could easily break into ur room through the balcony. The receptionist then gave our £20 back to us a week into our stay as he obviously felt bad about taking our money.

I wasnt expecting much from the food but o my god, it was terrible!! They would use leftovers from the breakfast to make something for the lunch and it was almost the same thing everday. They used the terrible bolagnaise sauce to make soup, pizza and pasta sauce. It was horrible. After a week there is only so much bolagnaise sauce u can have.

The entertainment was great in our first week as Leo was really friendly and would chat to anyone, but then Sam (male giggallo) the head of the entertainment team sacked him becasue he was jealous all of the tourists loved him and hated Sam. Im serious, keep an eye out for Sam he is soo rude and grumpy and he is ment to be entertaining!!!! He asked us to go to the foam party one night as he was working on comission and we said no, then he said "tourists are **** !" Even all of the other staff in the hotel hate Sam, The receptionist told us he gets paid money to show older women a good time if u get me!!

by the way, the foam party is free on a saturday night for everone so dont go during the week! My boyfriend also got his Ipod stolen from the pool on our first day and we then heard all of his music being played at the pool bar a few days later, but we couldnt prove that they had stolen it.

Be aware of the staff around the pool and watch ur belongings.
The rooms were OK, basic but nice and the airconditioning was great especially after coming in from a really hot day at the beach!.. The hotel has its very own private beach and private pool bar at the beach which was so handy, drink on tap. We met some really nice people b our pool, there were alot of french and german and also a few lovely english families.

One thing i must say is that the locals are very aware of the currency. I was buying a chanel handbag at the hotel shop and they charged me in sterling instead of tunisian dinar. U can change ur money at the reception in the hotel. I would deffinitely go into port el Kantaiou, as we got 2 steak dinners and drinks for £19 sterling which is around 40 dinar.

The boys at the hotel shop are chancers!!, when we were leaving we gave them a few of my boyfriends tops in exchange for another handbag, and a football towel. The staff at the hotel wernt very friendl, but infairness we met a few nice barmen. If u giv them a small tip everynight they'll sort u out for drinks.

The entertainment was great when Leo was there, we played archer and water polo nearly every day. wen he was sacked everyone was so upset, some of the children wer crying and one of the english girls we met had a fight with Grumpy, giggallo sam!, The whole atmosphere around the pool died when Leo left. the night entertainment is the same every week so if ur there for 2 weeks ul c the same show twice. I won "miss neptunia beach hotel" wen i was there, which was a good night so i would watch that as everyone gets involved.

There were alot of couples at this hotel, more so than families.

The weather was great when we were there from 5th july-19th july 09. It was up in the 40s. We never got any injections b4 we went and i was worried about catching malaria, but neither of us were bitten by a mosqito once. There are alot of them b the pool but almost none on the beach (which is on ur doorstep).

Overall, this is not a bad hotel, it could be great. If they got rid of Sam!! lol. but i would deffinitel go back to Tunisia just not the same hotel."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 1st of September 2009

Stay clear

Reviewed Tue 25th of August 2009

"Although Neptunia Beach advertises All Inclusive Service, it definitely is NOT. The usual or basic niceties you expect from all-inclusive throughout the day like snacks (pizza slices sandwiches or chips) ice creams for the children kids club or entertainment for the children. What we did get Neptunia Beach All Inclusive was 10.00am to 10.00pm (not midnight) was a very restricted bar service with attitude from bar staff after 10.00pm everything had a charge. One cheap ice-lolly was delivered with a waiter with a cooler box to the children by the pool between 3pm and 4pm if you were lucky (no lollies were given out on Sundays!).
Once a lolly was given, he left. Pancakes and Panini’s were made occasionally during the day by the poolside but you had to pay for them. Daughter cut her foot on broken glass around the pool when wearing crocs was told to take them off no shoes allowed but glass definitely! Daytime entertainment for children was darts, water polo, or water gym, the children’s clubroom was closed. The pizza room was closed! Tried complaining as sister hotel across the road was better, to no avail. The dining hall was unclean as health inspectors had called twice whilst we were there, food was very poor compared to sister hotel across the road – Liberty Hotel. Food repetitive, (okay if you like eggs for breakfast, lunch and tea). A Family hotel it is not as there are loud out door disco's and foam parties until at least 3.00 a.m.
In total very, very poor service Not what you pay for Stay clear of Neptunia Beach.

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  • Travel date: Mon 24th of August 2009


Reviewed Mon 17th of August 2009

"Forget what everyone else has said thats bad about the hotel, we just got back about an hour or so ago and i couldnt be more sad to have left. The weather for starters is amazing, its always hot but it is nice when theres a breeze as it can become to hot otherwise but the pool is there for you to cool down. The beach is right by the ibiza bar so you dont have to walk miles for drinks (the walk from neptunia though not liberty). The food is bearable, there could be a bit more choice but they have the basics of what everyone likes; chocolate croissants for breakfast, rolls and salad and chips for lunch and meal times chicken escalopes, pizza, lasagne and puddings there is always something. The staff there are just to amazing for words to describe. Reception may not be the best but the waitors are very nice but i got moaned at as occasionally they would chat me up a bit. The animation team; Mimi and Alex are always friendly, they will come over and say hi and have a chat and they play water polo with the kids and darts and so on. There is plenty to do and i dont regret going. I am still in contact with Alex though as i would miss him to much otherwise. The only thing i could fault is when i was in the sea with my brother and i got stung by a jelly fish but rub sand in it and the stinging soon goes but they only come out when the waves are big and when your very far in. If you haven't been and want to try something different try it and you wont be disappointed. We did have probems with our room but when dad asked for the manager they were soon quick to upgrade us to president suite which was very nice indeed. the furnishings are quite basic but if your only there for a week or so then its all you need you dont expect it to be the same as how you like it at home. Water areobics was taught as well and i have to say was very good fun."

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  • Travel date: Sat 15th of August 2009

great time

Reviewed Tue 21st of July 2009

"We went here not knowing what to expect and wasn't disappointed. Staff very friendly from the moment you walk through the door. Got to room by stairs (no lifts ) room very basic but clean and comfortable, had a great sea view and pool. Food is very basic but always found something different to eat every day, food was always cooked very well, breakfast if you want fried eggs or omlette ask the staff they will cook it for you. Animation team work really hard through the day to get you involved, and in the evening Sam and the team put a good show on for you. We found a lot of friends there and had a lot of fun and going back this september, a good cheap holiday. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 17th of July 2009

First time to Tunisia

Reviewed Thu 21st of May 2009

"This was our first visit to Tunisia ao we were not sure what to expect. My husband booked the Neptunia Beach hotel via the TV. The hotel room was really good and had a balcony with a beautiful view of the pool area and sea. The hotel was very quiet only 12 people. We had breakfast in the Neptunia which was quite basic, bread, figs, boiled eggs but very acceptable and you could ask the chef to do you an omelette which was superb. As we were all inclusive our lunch and evening meals were at the sister hotel the "Liberty, Ramada" a four star hotel. The food was excellent with lots of choices salads, hot food, fish, lamb,beef,pork vegetables yummy desserts and fresh fruit my favourite being the sweet strawberries. The first day we were allocated a table for the duration of our holiday so no mad scramble to get there before our continental friends of which there were many, the majority being French. We could use all the facilities at the Liberty which were all very good but we preferred the quietness of the Neptunia and also the fact that you could walk straight onto the beach.
We booked a trip to Tunis & Carthage with the rep for Sunset holidays & lowcost beds It was really enjoyable and our guide was very knowlegeable and did a very good job giving information in German French and English. We also booked a camel safari with Ali Baba which was also good and has been described elsewhere in these reviews. We did get ripped off a little by this guy with a horse & cart outside the hotel but it was our own stupid fault and also we asked to go to a mosque when we meant the Mausole (take a taxi for about eight T dinars).
The staff in the Neptunia were all friendly especially Walid at reception. I would recommend going to the Neptunia during May and going all inclusive as you get the benefits of the Liberty Hotel at a cheaper price."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 21st of May 2009

Our 'holiday' at Neptunia Beach

Reviewed Mon 10th of November 2008

"Me and my boyfriend went on our first holiday together to Neptunia Beach Hotel in September of this year. To say the least - we wernt very impressed.

We didnt expect a 5 star hotel as this is obviously not what we booked.

Well. What can i say? We were ripped off left right and centre. The shop staff at the hotel will do anything to get some money out of you.

When we arrived, we were checked in by a lovely gentleman at reception and then our suitcases carried to our room (Which seemed to be in a different part to the actual hotel complex completly)by a very polite young man who refused to let my boyfriend carry his own suitcases up the stairs!

Our room was OK. I mean it was basic but it was very clean - it suited us for a week where we wanted to spend most of the time on the beach anyway (which is only a stones throw away)

Once we had settled in we went to go get a drink and just sit by the pool - we then found out that only coke, lemonade, one type of local beer, some kind of orange stuff and cups of teas were free. Oh - and bottles of water, which came in really handy seeing as it was 42 degrees! But the bar staff were very rude. Expecially to the British!

We were then approached by what we thought at the time was a hotel rep. He then introduced us to 'Ali Barba' who took us on a morning long camel trip with bread making etc and a day on a pirate ship which has lovely. But the guy who we though was a hotel rep managed to get over £160 out of us. He also gave us a cigarette lighter and told us it was a present. Then when he left - he picked up ours a put it in his pocket! It turns out he was the owner of the shop within the hotel. The day we arrived he took us so Monastir the neaarby town - he explained it to us as though it as a 'trip' but it was just the shop owner and his friend, me and my boyfriend all in this little taxi. He took us to a Mosque that was shut and a Museum that was closed. Then he took us to his friends leather shop where he tried to worm £300 out of me for a handbag!!! There are so many times he tried to rip us off. and this is all in the first day!

The rest of our holiday was nice. But whilst i was there i lost over a stone. I didnt eat a thing but a bread roll a day. the food was disgusting. And its not just me being typically British!! It was truely awful! on our first evening there was some BIG chunks of bone with little meat on them in the brown watery sauce. It was all served like a school canteen - except help yourself. The bread was left out all day - so in the evening it was impossible to bite through. The only fresh fruit available was out in the open and covered in dirty flies. As were the salads and puddings. I would of had the rice but that always had fish in it. My boyfriend picked up a croissant and felt how rock solid it was so dropped it in the bin - It sounded like he had just smashed a brick!

Over all the hotel itself is nice. The gentlemen at reception, the cleaners and the sheesha man are all lovey and would genuinely would do anything to help you. The bar staff and the shop owner are however rude, nasty and have no respect for you. To go to this hotel you have to be confident - and unfortunatly - we were no good at just saying NO. I would recommend this hotel but nots its food. So dont go all inclusive. Saying that though - there is nowhere nearby that you can get to too each out. I would give this one a miss...."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 9th of November 2008

it was a nice looking hotel we had booke...

Reviewed Thu 18th of September 2008

"it was a nice looking hotel we had booked four rooms but when arrived we were told that we have got two rooms that was for four people.
i was in room 101 with husband ,son and girlfriend one bedroom did not have door on
so in morning complained had to wait for manager ,cut long storyshort gave us another room 6days later plus 8 all inclusive bands for liberty hotel across the road.
room 101 has a disco under it so most nights it was boom boom boom,
food had flies round all the time. sun area nice, pool nice , staff nice

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 18th of September 2008

this hotel gives all inclusive a bad nam...

Reviewed Thu 18th of September 2008

"this hotel gives all inclusive a bad name the food is very poor half of the people had the runs some had a doctor out .the drink selection was very limited and poor standard when they wanted to serve you that is.the staff are male apart from a woman cleaner who i tipped because she does a good job poor woman. with all those dodgy stomachs .what sights she must see.the entertainment staff entertain to suit themselves.loud music of what they want to hear .you need your earplugs.the water sports dominate the beach dont take your snorkel theres nowhere to swim you are roped off in a confined area you cant swing a cat around in .the water is very acidic and murky when the wind blows .lying on the beach fills your nose with petrol fumes because the boats and the jet skis are on top of you not out at sea like most places.the restaurant is like a canteen .though this holiday is 3 star and you dont pay a lot of money is no excuse for making people ill. i tried to make the most of this holiday i did nt moan and create i just said never again .i was polite through out the week and smiling.and the music is very loud take your own drinks it helps have a nice holiday i did nt"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 18th of September 2008

I have stayed in this hotel several time...

Reviewed Fri 18th of July 2008

"I have stayed in this hotel several times and each time has been very enjoyable all the staff are pleasent and it gives you a chance to make new friends it was the first holiday i had abroad and the best the weather the beach the hotel and the entertainment are all exeptional. you can have enjoyable days out at a minimum cost including camel riding, quad biking and a pirate ship ride which involvind fishing, belly dancers and a tunisian BBQ. I have enjoyed all of these you can also enjoy facilities of the 4 star sister hotel the liberty hotel there is a spa an indoor and outdoor pool a henna studio a karoke bar and a large night club both the hotels extend to every one need each hotel contains a games room and a shop. there is day and night entertainment and 1 night every week there is a beach party which is very enjoyable i truly recommend this hotel to you i hope this has helped you if you do chose this hotel enjoy, it is a great hotel and if you do not chose it i hope this helped give you an insight on what sought of hotel you wish to stay in, Thank You. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 18th of July 2008

First thing i would like to say is that...

Reviewed Wed 2nd of July 2008

"First thing i would like to say is that most of the other reviews here are neither here nor there. Im seeing either 1 out of 10 or 10 out of 10, obviously these cannot all be accurate so please read my thoughts on the place for an honest review.

I have just got back from a week at Neptunia beach hotel and i have had a great holiday. So, in a nutshell, here are the goods, the averages and the bads about the hotel

The Hotel itself is very nice and includes a shop, 2 bars (one in the reception area and one next to the beach), a night club, swimming pool, a pizza shop, Games Room, Table Tennis table, play area with slides, Tennis Courts and mini golf (altho the golf seemed to be overgrown and had lots of ants!)

The "Animation" team were great fun for all the family and they really worked hard all day. They set up games of Water Polo in the pool, Archery and Boulles as well as the evening entertainment shows.

One review i read says their entertainment shows consisted of nothing but drag....well i have to put that review to bed because it really was not the case. Each night the entertainment team put on a different show, whether it was a magic act, Lord of the Dance, Grease and so on. I didnt actually see ANY drag at all.

There was a fantastic beach party which involved foam and 2 free drinks.

You can use the facilities over the road at the 4 star Liberty Hotel for free. We did this on one occasion, the pool there is a lot bigger and there is more space.

The hotel is right by the beach where you can do Jet Ski-ing, go on the Banana boats, Rubber Rings, Parachute flights and play Beach Volley Ball (locals not associated with the hotel however will see you and try and sell you something you dont want, but just be firm and say no)

The Maid service is Good, the rooms get cleaned every day as you would expect but they also tidy up your mess, which at first you feel is a little intrusive but it actually really helps.

All rooms (I think - it looked like it) get a balcony which has chairs and a table on as well as an airer to dry clothes. One review stated the sliding doors onto these balconys did not have a lock on. I assure you they do as we used it!!

There is always a couple of taxi's waiting outside the hotel if you wanted an excursion into Monastir or Sousse too which is really handy.

The Food.
There were some bizarre combinations but i actually liked the food there. Some days more than others. Breakfasts werent very good. It was either croissants, Salad, some weird cereal or depending on the day, sausages in a green sauce (eek) or Rice. There were also bread rolls baguettes and jam so it wasnt too bad.

One review i saw says there was no food for kids. That review was from a few years ago now so maybe its changed, but in 7 days i didnt see any Rabbit on the menu or any fish heads and tails. They had Chips, Spaghetti Bolognaise at most lunchtimes, Pasta, Rice, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Salads. The food was fine.
The puddings were always good too.

The bathroom in the room was ok but it could have been better. You have to remember youre in Tunisia, its Africa. The shower head wasnt the best and the toilet roll holder was broken on one side, but all these are minor points. Generally it was fine.

Although the maid service in general was good, there were 2 things id like to point out. The first is we put some Laundry into wash one morning which you have to pay for, which is fine. They said we'd get it back tomorrow, which is not great but we accepted. The following day the laundry lady said it wouldnt be ready until the next day (2 days after submitting it) We said that wasnt acceptable so she said ok, she'll get it ready for 5pm. She didnt and we got it the following day afterall. That was annoying but they realised their error and didnt charge us for it, also the clothes were brilliantly clean when returned.

Harrassment in the hotel is too much. The first few days you will be pestered to death by the Ali Baba team trying to sell you Camel rides and Quad biking trips. And the guy in the shop tries to sell you anything he can. The camel ride was actually very good so you may as well give in and the pestering will stop. We left it a few days before going on the trip and everytime they saw us, they were over blagging us to buy buy buy.

The Staff. This is the staff at the bar and reception. Some are fine, but some cant seem to crack a smile no matter what. Asking for 4 drinks or so on 1 all inclusive card will result in a groan and a face like a camel. Speaking French to them will definitely help you here because i saw some French lads chatting away happily and they got a laugh out of them.

Our room was fine, the only issue was there were no drawers to put clothes into, but there was a wardrobe. Also the TV didnt work because the plug socket was broken, but that wasnt really an issue as we didnt go to watch Telly.

Depending on what time of year you go i guess, but the Flies there were so annoying. They were everywhere. The first few days the flies were in the restaurant but after one of our party complained about this, the situation improved as the zapper was turned on and the bar / restaurant area were fumigated, which didnt smell great at first but it did the trick. Eating outside is probably your best bet because believe it or not, there seemed to be less flies out there.

Take plenty of insect repellant, and some form of insect bite cream. There are mosquitos at night time and plenty of my party got bitten. However, we didnt see a single cockroach, which is good.

Remember this is only a 3 star hotel and you definitely get what you pay for.

If youre an easy going person and are going for sunshine and to relax, then this is the place for you. If youre expecting a higher level of service then go over the road to the Liberty."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 2nd of July 2008

I would have to say to anyone wishing to...

Reviewed Fri 23rd of May 2008

"I would have to say to anyone wishing to holiday in this hotel to be careful! Firstly its classed as All Inclusive, yet nothing is included. It should be Full Board plus drinks. You get your drinks from 10am until 10pm (nightly entertainment starts at 9.45pm - what a surprise!) All your drinks are half measures but then they whinge at you if you ask for two of everything! The hotel seems to be ran by the staff no matter what position they hold - porter, barman, reception - they all just make the rules up as they go along. Not really sure what the porter was for as we never saw him lift a finger once even though recption asked him to help us on more than one ocasion. Be careful of the staff as they will try to get money out of you any way they can - they will scam you when changing money and also when you ask about services the hotel offers they rub their hands together and let you know 'prices' but then if you say you'll think about it then they always make sure to tell you to go back to them and noone else. If you say the price is too high they will automatically reduce it for you, this money is going straight into their pockets. You'd expect this in the medina's but not in your hotel.
The 'entertainment' is apaulling everything is drag related, they seem to get their kicks out of dressing up as women and they sterotype women as being cheap hookers. If you dont want to watch the entertainment and stay in the bar they will determine when you go to bed by switching off the lights, this is usually around 11pm, give or take half an hour.
If you are unfortunate like us and have iffy weather then there is absolutely nothing to do. Nothing is put on within the hotel to help pass the time.
The food was outrageous, i like going to foreign places and eating their cuisine but this was dreadful. The served cabbage with EVERYTHING - even breakfast consisted of roast potatoes and cabbage. The quality of the food, the way it was cooked, the combinations of what it was served with it was all terrible. Ocaisionally they would put on something that looked edible and then they wouldnt back this up with something that would go with it so you were still left at a loss?!
Bit difficult to know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but from experience i know that the doctors turn up pretty sharpish when there's an emergency and will treat you and not charge too much, initial treatment, three injections on three consecutive days and a packet of painkillers knocked me back about 50quid. However on returning to the UK i did go on to discover that they did completely the opposite to what they should have done in the initial treatment - so if you do find youself being stung by a stingray whilst paddling in the sea (and believe me you'll know - the pain is REALLY INTENSE!) dont do as the doctor says and put ice on your swollen foot - you need to put it in water as hot as you can handle and this helps to draw the poison out of your body..!!
And lastly if you have been to Tunisia before and had a really lovely holiday in a really lovely hotel - rebook into the same hotel to avoid major disapointment - that was my biggest mistake - thinking that all hotels in the resort would be relatively the same standard - how mistaken i was! If you want a fantastic holiday in Tunisia then try Thalassa Village - which just happens to be the next hotel along! I could see it from my balcony and that was like rubbing salt into the wound! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 23rd of May 2008

This hotel is rated a 3* we would not ev...

Reviewed Wed 30th of January 2008

"This hotel is rated a 3* we would not even rate this hotel a 3*. Hotel hygiene is of a very poor standard. Toilets in the reception area were absolutely filthy. Dirty toilet paper on the floor. Broken locks on the doors. You do have to pay for food/drink even water after 10pm. But more importantly the food. For an all inclusive hotel the food is totally inedible unless you like eating warm undercooked plates of slop. The food is then put back out the following day and it is the same food day in day out. Salads are warm with flies swarming all over it. Dead cockroaches left on the floor in the restaurant. We paid for an all inclusive package and had to eat in the local town every day. We are not fussy eaters and expect the food to be different in other countries, but this was disgraceful. We complained to our tour operator but unfortunately they were not prepared to accept ay of our complaints apart from “They will take our complaints on board”. We met several English speaking people at this hotel and were all of the same opinion and were all eating out after the first day. The head waiter the day before we left wanted to know why no one was eating in the restaurant! We did complain the rep whilst on holiday, but, according to our tour operator they have no record of this! Very convenient.

Don’t waste your money on this hotel especially if you book it through Sunmaster as you will have no comeback with any complaint made.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 30th of January 2008

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Top traveller tips for Neptunia Beach

  • Cilla by Cilla

    "Beautiful beaches, close to Sousse where there are shops "

  • Cilla by Cilla

    "Tunis nuseum and the ruins at Carthage "

  • jacquie13 by jacquie13

    "quad biking a must 2hrs solid for £20 a turkish bath is a must but do it in the first few days . "

  • Katie09 by Katie09

    "Absolutley want to go back, its amazing anyone who hasn't been i really recommend it. "

  • ash_mcgx by ash_mcgx

    "Lovel beaches, Not much to do outside hotel unless u get a taxi into Port El Kantaiou "

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