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24 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Holiday from hell

Reviewed Tue 24th of December 2013

"This was a holiday which my friend my son and his girlfriend went on, we arrived on Thursday my son due late Friday. when we arrived we was told bar was closed and to go to bed, we couldn't get a bottle of water or anything to eat everything closed and the hotel was in darkness as they turned all the lights out early evening.
We had to find our room with a torch on my phone, when we found our room it wasn't the nicest but thought it will do, we went down to breakfast and was shocked there was birds eating the bread cats roaming around no thing was covered so fly's were on all the food, the drinks was fizzy no juice or water available we could not eat the food it was disgusting and all the same things, rats dead in the food court outside.
Air conditioning turned off so we got so hot in the night it was unbearable the room backed on to a night club so had noise from this thumping all night, they had no currency we could change we had to wait, till money arrived the hotel was in the middle of nowhere so spent all are money on food taxis and getting around, no excursions, we felt unsafe as men working in the hotel was not leaving us alone, the trouble we had to move hotels was just unreal, as we were not on same tour operator as my son, we had to wait to see rep who then said my son was not able to move, the bookable holiday company closed at 2pm sat and he hadn't turned up till 3pm, we could not do anything till Monday, the company knew we was not happy but couldn't do nothing eventually we was offered a move to another hotel on Tuesday but not my son till wed but he would have to pay for his night, as we was going home Thursday seemed no point in moving by this time our holiday was over, "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 19th of December 2013

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Reviewed Thu 22nd of October 2009

"I honestly am not to sure where to start writing about this hotel, me and my girlfriend booked this last minute and was hoping for a good holiday for a good price. We are both hard working people and certainly not stuck up and appreciate different countries and there way of life etc,
Upon arrival you honestly feel that this is a top hotel with a lovely reception area.
This is where we started to get very worried that we had made a mistake, on the 1st night we found 'PUBIC HAIR' in our fresh beds and on the towels even when they were changed??? the sheets, pillows and covers all smelt of someone elses sweat! There was pubes on the toilet floor and certain mysterious stains on the headboard and chair. The air con made a loud banging noise but did not work at all. There was no double bed just 2 singles so those late night cuddles went out of the window. The door lock was loose and on average spent a good 5 minutes everytime trying to get in the room! The balcony doors were difficult to open and shut due to there being no handles. The shower curtain was dirty. The view we had was straight into the dining room so we had to spend most of the time with the curtains drawn for any kind of privacy / getting ready etc. And to top it off 4 nights into the holiday we had a make up bag stolen, can only assume it was the maid.
We arrived just in time to make evening dinner and was a bit taken back with what we found, the tables and chairs were filthy with food stains on etc and there idea of cleaning them was to get a tea towel and whack it against the chair when your trying to eat on the table opposite and dodging the clouds of dust wofting over, not happy! on numerous occasions breakfast, lunch or dinner we were having to ask for a knife and fork. The food is really really bad, the only things we were able to eat was potatoes, carbs etc altho credit where credit is due they did make some nice pancakes fresh in the mornings and a pasta dish in front of you for the evening. It got to the stage by about day 3 we had to go out for a meal just to get some half decent meat as we were really struggling.
The flys, after reading some reviews on here it is true, they were everywhere in the restaurant constantly dive bombing you when you were eating, you couldnt eat your meal in piece and quiet for constantly knocking the flys away, it was in a strange way quite funny to watch because it looked like everyone in the restaurant had a nervous twitch! The food wasnt covered so the flys were all over it like a rash. The real issue with this hotel about the flys is that a few hundred meters away there is a sewage stream so you can bet your bottom dollar they are from there!!! Disgusting hey!! I had a bad stomach 4 times from eating in this restaurant and spent numerous hours on the toilet. The last 2 nights i refused to go anywhere near the restaurant as i just couldnt take anymore and found a lovely marina in el porta kandowy or something like that, where you could eat nice food and enjoy it without the nervous twitch. This cost about £20 round trip in a taxi and we were luckily enough on both nights to share the cost with another english couple who also had enough. It was well worth spending the money on.
Ive been on all inclusive holidays before and have a good selection on alcholic drinks or the local equilavant, but here you dont get that selection. Included was, watered down vodka and it was because the barman even agreed and told me, Gin, Pastisse, Whisky was on our original list however at the bar they had crossed it out, which upset a certain scottish couple we met. Beer was ok, and another spirit but cant remember the name.
soft drinks were ok, but the most annoying thing was getting your drinks served in plastic cups, i can fully understand when your around the pool side but in the evening when inside why not glasses?? you can get a glass if you pester the barman constantly but
they are so begrudding to give them out even after they get tipped!!!
Water is avaliable from dispensing units but they wont let you fill up your water bottles from them as my girlfriend found out after getting a mouthfull from the head barman which upset her, you get that feeling that he wouldnt have reacted in that manner if i had been with her! so, you have to buy bottles of water from behind the bar to take upto the room. Or they will allow you to take 20 plastic cups up, how pathetic is that!
I bought some goggles in there to teach my girlfriend to swim under water but after getting them out of the packaging the elastic band snapped, i returned to the shop to get them changed and was clear that i hadnt even got round to using them but the shop owner wasnt interested AT ALL, he just kept saying ' why break?' 'you buy new ones', after goin round and round in circles i told him to stick em and refused to go back in the shop. This makes me sound an argumentive person but i asure you im not but he just got my goat up because its the culture of take take take but no give out there.
You have to pay for the cushions on the sunbed and icecreams but tip the pool side bar staff and they are friendly enough, keep tipping everyday and by the end of your holiday they cant do enough for you.
There is good activities on the beach, jet skis etc and the sea and sand are great.
These guys are great and work very hard all day long for about 15 hours, trying to get you invloved in sports / activities during the day. the night time entertainment has a bit to be deisired but its not there fault just lack of equipement and funding.
Were very rude in general espically when it came to changing money, almost as if they jealous of you and didnt like the fact you could change money, its a shame and i appreciate they dont get paid very much out there however ITS NOT MY FAULT we too dont get paid very much in England so get of our backs please.
Its not the best, nothing to do around / outside the hotel and you have to get a taxi to go anywhere, tip the security man and he will sort the taxis out for you and let you know how much to pay as the taxis will try it on, we always agreed a price before getting in, if your not happy with the price or you think you are getting ripped off, walk away and they will soon be running down the road after you.
Do not pay for a transfer from the airport to the hotel, think we paid around £40 for the pair of us but its a stone throw away, or 5 dinas in a taxi £2.50 english. Dont do what a couple we met did and pay 20 dinas ( not there fault but guess the taxi man was laughing all the way to the hotel )
There is no way i would ever go back to this hotel and had not been for meeting a great couple out there our holiday would have been totally disappointing. I would consider goin back to Tunisia but not to that location or hotel. I know i have listed all the bad points but it is really hard to find any positive points about this hotel and location. Such a shame..... the choice is yours.....if you do go here i wish you luck and you never know they might pull there socks up and actually make it a real 4 star hotel, even the locals are under the impression its a 3 star. HAPPY HOLIDAY"

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  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of October 2009

pie n mash? stay at home

Reviewed Tue 13th of October 2009

"Firstly..we a family of 4 adults and 1 5 year old....... returned last week after spending 2 weeks here..... having read the reviews (after i had booked it as it rwas a decent price) i have to say i was really worried and taking into account the reviews i had read was planning how we could all get back home quickly...i neednt have worried...we had a fantastic time...but if you want British food..stay in Britain or go to Magaluff etc.

This hotel is owned by a German chain Primasol....therefore the guests are mainly German we made friends with a couple of German families and they where a miss when they went home a week after we arrived.

Anyway do you realy think we British are the benchmark of good behaviour...like any other race of people you get good and bad

Anyway..there are some tricks of the trade on how to get really good service....its called tipping..the guys on the bar make about £150 a month....the Germans dont seem to tip.....get a few rounds of drinks...and tip the barman a pound...you generally get plastic glasses for saftey..but if you want an actual glass...ask for one....if you want more ice...ask and you will get a glass full for you to use.
Honestly we gave the guys a couple of quid a day and they did everything but role out the red carpet.
In the restraunt do the same to one of the guys at the beginning of your holiday and you will find a table kept and set for you complete with flowers napkin swans and candles.
If you treat these people decently you will be rewarded with really good service.
The food is varied and you can always find something to eat...it isnt pie n mash...but we had hand calved roast beef, fresh tuna steaks pasta cooked as you like it with what you want in it....salads where good.

Flies is a big thing in the reviews......i have to say in the first week we didnt have any problems whatsoever but the last week we did have a couple of days where they did drive us crazy....but what they can do about it i wouldnt know

the only complaint we had was the lack of air con......apparently they turned it off on Sept 15th as its then winter for them....for us it was 87 degrees in the room.
But i suppose the heat is what we travelled for so if i want the cold i should holiday in Blackpool.

Anyway go on holiday with an open mind...tip the lads a £1 or 2 a day and have a fantastic time

PS watch out for the mozzies....we tried everything and couldnt avoid a bite or two

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 10th of October 2009

Awful - do not go to this hotel.

Reviewed Fri 28th of August 2009

"Returned 4 days ago and will not be going back to this hotel. Lovely pools though watch the grids around them as they are really loose and as people walk on them they flick up, someone will hurt their foot one day. Great sun, lovely beach and clear sea and water sports including jet skis and banana ride etc at extra cost. What lets this hotel down is the disgusting food, the amount of flies on the disgusting food and the warm drinks. We have been on all inclusive holidays for the last 4 years, always booking 4 star, all have been fine until this one. The 4 star rating should be reduced to 2 star. This is the first hotel where we haven't had a fridge in the room and where we have had to buy bottles of water for the room each day. During the day you can help yourself to water from the dispensers but the water is warm and there is a distinct lack of ice which if you do manage to get hold of some is given grudgingly. The drinks dispensers with coke, lemonade and fanta dispense warm drinks (when they are working), again the lack of ice doesn't help which is not great for children who want a cold drink. The coolest drink is the lager which is about 2% proof (no good for the poor kids who can't have it). The spirits aren't upto much either. We had to go to the manager and complain that there was no ice-cream available for the kids, a freezer was then brought out with 2 varieties in it for us to buy (so much for all inclusive!) as the days went on more varieties were added. Only once in the 2 weeks we were there did the restaurant serve up ice-cream. As for the food, the restaurant serves up a variety of awful stuff, lots of boney meats (god knows what they are), octopus in sauce, mushy overcooked vegetables, salads that you wouldn't want to touch as they looked as though they had been brought out again from the previous meal, chips, french stick and pasta was the majority of our meals (and we aren't fussy, we try everything but the food was so rank). If you like flies then you will enjoy the food as they are everywhere, the restaurant is supposedly air conditioned but you just sit and melt in it. The drinks in the restaurant are also warm. The snack bar outside is not a very clean looking area, some of the same food as in the restaurant is brought down at lunchtime for you to eat, but again covered in flies. There is also a guy barbequing some sort of fish and meat but it's not good, he also serves up pizza which is 80% dough, 15% tomatoe sauce and 5% cheese if you are lucky enough to get a piece with any on it. Greasy doughnuts are served up mid afternoon. The staff work very long hours for very little money, if you slip them a couple of coins you get slightly more out of them. There are 3 bars to get drinks from apart from the restaurant, the inside Orient bar serves slightly cooler drinks but you have to be dressed to go in here, not in your swim wear, the poolside bar and the bar by the entertainment area. This bar is a complete joke it is where all the evening entertainment takes place but it closes at 5pm and only serves cocktails in the evening which you have to pay for (so much for all inc), the waiters come round with a menu trying to sell you cocktails, if you want other drinks you have to go to the pool bar - it's a complete joke! Te entertainment staff work very hard, again very long hours for very little money. They try their best but some of their acts are hard to understand what they are supposed to be doing. There are some good dancers amongst them.
Overall we didn't really enjoy the holiday, the days were bearable but having to go for food was the worst bit, even the kids got so they were skipping lunch because they didn't want to go into the restaurant (ages 8 and 5). The evenings were very much the same and drawn out. We met a great English family on our second day and spent the rest of our holiday with them and got on really well and this made our holiday.

Note: DO not pay the transfer fees to get to the hotel from the airport, we paid £44 return, the airport is less than a mile away, you could actually pull your suitcases and walk it in 10 mins. Get a taxi at the airport, it will cost you less than a fiver. Better still DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL.

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  • Travel date: Thu 27th of August 2009

Eye Opener!

Reviewed Tue 11th of August 2009

"The hotel in my opinion is not worth four stars!! The rooms are beyond basic with mould around baths and sink. There was hair on the bathoom floor which was not mine and dispite asking several times for the room to be cleaned the hair remained. There are no facilities in the rooms such as safes, mini bars, ironing board or anything. It took two days to provide toilet roll, it was lucky I had travelled with my own tissue supplies. By the way you cannot swing a cat in the loo, if you sit fully down and you are taller than 5ft 8inc you WILL bang your head on the wall, this is no joke. Our view from the room was of a wall and the adjoining corridor so there was no privacy. The curtains had to remain close and with poor lighting it was pretty dismal. The hotel does have good lobby space however the space is not used wisely, too many smokers!! This is a real problem if you are a non-smoker travelling with children. The room descriptions I keep seeing on-line are not reflective of what is available, in fact I believe it is pictures of a different hotel entirely. The hotel is of very poor quality. The staff are very friendly and seem genuinly interested in knowing more about outside Tunisia. The hotel has a serious problem with flies and could do a lot more to alleviate this. It has one restaurant and the fly problem was extremely off putting! We ate under napkins! The snack areas were just the same, food being contaminated with flies. I was advised not to travel outside of the resort, being a female on my own with two children! We attended the camel ride experience which was a welcome break. Not a pleasant experience and we would most definately NOT return."

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  • Travel date: Tue 11th of August 2009

Such a laugh...

Reviewed Wed 24th of June 2009

"After reading some reviews of this place I was really worried about going. All I can say is don't listen to the negative reviews. As soon as we arrived at the hotel i knew it was going to be a lovely place to stay. As soon as you walk in you are greeted with a lovely reception with comfy chairs which looks like 4-poster beds, it is gorgeous in there. The pool is lovely and there is also a small pool up some stairs which is a nice little hideaway.

I will admit the rooms are basic which is why i've only given it a 9 out of 10... but im one of them people who is never in their room on holiday, i like to be out enjoying everything so the room didnt matter to me. One day after the maid cleaned our room she put little flowers on our beds which was sweet.

I found the food lovely..yeah there are some flies in the restaraunt but we all felt it was noting major. There was a good variety of food and there was always something i liked. Don't listen to those who say the booze is waterd down!! When it comes to the spirit measurements...they dont do things by half!! There is beer, red, white and rose wine to drink all included in the all inclusive option.

The animation staff were fantastic and you could have such a laugh with them, yeah every hour or so they came round to have a chat with you to see how your holiday was going and also to ask if you wanted to play a variety of sports including Volleyball and Archery. My partner loved all the sports they were playing which gave me a bit of peace and quiet to relax hehe! All the games were free of charge too. I really couldnt fault the annimation team...loved them. The shows were really good to watch too and you can see they put real effort into them. The kareoke night is such a laugh so I deffinatley reccomend going to that night.

One of our party left his passport & everything in the Taxi on the way in...dont listen to those who criticise the people there. The receptionist phoned a taxi straight away and the taxi driver knew who drove us to the hotel and was even going to take my friend to the taxi drivers house to make sure he got his stuff back! We managed to get everything back within 15 mins and everyone was so lovely and helpfull.

The hotel has a mixture of races and whilst we were there is was mainly English. Yeah there were a few germans there but that wasnt an issue in the slightest!! Was a laugh playing sports with them and everyone staying there were so friendly, it was like we were all a group as everyone knew each other which was really nice.

I'be been going to Tunisia for a number of years and i've never had a bad experience. I will deffinately return to Tunisa and back to this hotel. Its a perfect place for having a relaxing time as well as having a laugh and meeting new people."

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  • Travel date: Wed 24th of June 2009

Absolutely Fantastic!!!

Reviewed Mon 15th of June 2009

"Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion but it’s a completely different culture out there and they do things a lot differently. I've never been to Tunisia before and was very scared because all people kept saying was there perverts and pestering you to buy things but to be honest you got the odd few no more than you would get anywhere else. The bar staff were brilliant! If you make a joke and laugh with them there make your holiday very very enjoyable. The management were brilliant - if you weren't happy about something then it would be sorted out within a couple of hours. Please don’t forget you have peak and non-peak times so sometimes the entertainment won't be brilliant. When we were there the animation team were absolutely fantastic!! We went to Tunisia to see them do Irish river dancing!! Hilarious. They work so many long hours that some nights it would be a little shorter than others. They start about 10am have breakfast then its beach games sea/pool aerobics kids clubs etc.... then they have dinner and done actually finish until 3am the following morning as there rehearsing for the following night. They really made the holiday. The food was brilliant. One advise... If you want to enjoy your holiday talk to everyone and don't always think there out to get something as some are very lonely. "

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  • Travel date: Sat 13th of June 2009

Don't go!

Reviewed Fri 3rd of April 2009

"we expected tunisia to be a great holiday, we were wrong! the hotel was nice and it was clean (apart from when we arrived and went into our room we noticed the bed smelt of urine, i couldn't believe it!) The toilet wasn't too clean either. the hotel manager always said hello and was friendly but the other people on reception couldn't speak no english at all.nor could most of the bar staff and they never smiled or said hello. most of the entertainers were friendly but the entertainment was very poor as there was only about half an hour each night and it was usually just watching egyptian dancing or bingo. I didn't really like tunisia overall as there wasn't much to do there and you are advised not to go out at night or you could be mugged.there was nothing to do on a night time and there was nothing to do in the hotel it was sooooo boring! there was only a few english people there and they thought the same. we would never go back to tunisia again. you couldn't even go for a walk from the hotel there was nowhere to walk, you had to get a taxi if you wanted to go anywhere,and even if you went into town you got hastled by people from every shop.they would grab your arm trying to take you into their shop and trying to get you to buy things what you clearly told them you didn't want it was so annoying and were so fed up with it.everyone was asking you for money,kids in the street mem trying to sell you rags.they just try to rip you off with everything.they tried to charge us 50 dinars for a horse and cart tour around sousse and we said no and he followed us and wouldnt leave us alone and in the end he was offering us it for 5 dinars!Also we had paid for all inclusive, but you don't actually get all inclusive.there was very few drinks free, you had to pay for most of them.and the food, it was the same thing nearly every day,veal or vegetables or salad basicly. so no i wouldn't advise tunisia as a holiday as there is nothing to do!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 3rd of April 2009

fab hotel

Reviewed Sun 22nd of March 2009

"where can i start
from the moment i arrived i was welcomed got a great room with the most amaging view over the pool and out to the sea.Food was nice i tried all sorts to differnet dishes.staff were wonderful big clap to them from the maids,bar staff waiter receiption mangers and then the anim team all i can say is wow they never stop from morning to night chicko maggie ally alex slim thank you for the great fun also i met some fab people their from scotland and england also chez and algerlia we all had a right laugh monica you are fab lol.as for the hotel is was so clean pool was wee bit cold due to the time of year beach was peacful and clean.i will come back to this hotel for sure and im already missing it."

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  • Travel date: Sun 22nd of March 2009

New Staff

Reviewed Mon 16th of March 2009

"My wife and myself stayed at the PRIMASOL GOLDEN BEACH between the 8th and 15th of March 2009. We cannot fault the staff whe were all very polite and went out of their way to help us. The head of the booking in desk, MOUNIR, was very helpful and went out of his way to arrange a trip to El Jem for us.
The only 2 things that would have made this a 10 out of 10 holiday were
A non smoking bar/room ( we are both non smokers)
The night time entertainment could have been longer.
Andy & Glynis Payne

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  • Travel date: Mon 16th of March 2009

Xmas at the Golden Beach

Reviewed Thu 22nd of January 2009

"Not being a great lover of Christmas, I’ve had too many of them for my liking, this year (2008) my daughter Katie asked if Janice and myself would join her husband Jez and our grandaughter Megan on a trip to Tunisia. We were delighted and relieved that Katie did all the hard work trawling the net for a suitable destination. She came up trumps with an early flight on Christmas Eve landing at Monastir just after lunch. The four star Hotel Primasol Golden Beach was a 2 minute taxi ride from the airport so we checked in with plenty of time to explore the surrounds and beach.
As we made our way back through the gardens little Megan (20 months old) was treated to her first encounter with Father Christmas. Not just any old Santa but a dodgy looking Arab chap on the back of a camel. This could lead to some lasting confusion in those special years ahead as Megs will be faced with people trying to convince her that Santa’s chosen form of transport is indeed a bunch of reindeer!! Santa duly handed out presents to all the children and then after a photo session disappeared back down the beach, superb. The hotel had arranged a special Gala dinner and evening’s entertainment. The dinner was excellent and a foretaste of things to come. After reading some horrendous reports on the various holiday forums we were expecting the worse but I have to say we were all well pleased with the varied menu and presentation of the buffet style meals. As a bonus the wines were quite reasonable and the beer to my surprise very good indeed. Our entertainment on Christmas Eve was live music during the Gala dinner followed by a brilliant dance and drum display by a local folk troupe.
Throughout the weeks holiday the animation team provided us with enthusiastic entertainment including comedy night, their very own version of Lord of the Dance alá Abdul Flatley and of course the obligatory multi lingual Bingo. There was also a Fakir night when the Fakir not only amazed us with his ability to survive being impaled on various sharp objects including swords, broken glass and all manner of objects covered in nails but, topped it off by introducing his audience to a variety of snakes, lizards and a decidedly threatening monkey. Little Megan was mesmerised.
A trip into Sousse was our first venture out of the complex and an interesting trip it turned out. We were taken on an aging mini bus by a Libyan guy whose father owned the Hotel Shop. We, the Brits, for some reason are always sceptical about anything that’s free and my lot were no different. But aside from a trip to a couple of selected shops in the medina it was just as he promised, free.
Of course the Medina can be a daunting prospect for tourists no matter how experienced but in fairness our guide made the visit very enjoyable. I was given the full treatment in the Carpet Shop but what would you know, it turned out to be very interesting. They must have shown me 50 or more carpets although from the off I insisted I wouldn’t be buying. They never gave up but I have to say I was never over pressured. Asked if I had a particular favourite I decided to be honest and pointed out a very impressive Royal Blue and Gold number that was one of the first ones I saw. They did no more than roll it out again before trying the old sales pitch. I respectfully declined to buy but was astonished to find the price under 200 quid including delivery. If I could find a place for it in my home I think I would have bought it, shame. A friendly hand shake and a mint tea later we were on our way again through the narrow streets of the Medina. We visited the Government shop facing the Port and were surprised to see a lot of the fixed price goods were actually more expensive than in the Medina. And so back to our transport and the 25 minute drive to the Golden Beach for Supper. It was at this point we realised this was Christmas day and we had missed out on the Queens speech, too much to drink and too much to eat.
A relaxing time at the hotel was in order the following day and the chance to do a little reading on the Beach. Our reading was interrupted by a bunch of our German cousin’s asking Janice and I to join a Tunisian and a Czechoslovakian for an international French Boules match. Janice was in sparkling form but we couldn’t prevent the Germans from taking the honours.
Another trip to Sousse for the Camel Market the next day wasn’t quite the success that we had hoped for. Travelling in on the local transport was very cheap but the market was more than bustling, it was mayhem. We didn’t last too long in what was a Tunisian free for all so opted for a taxi back into Sousse for a return to the Medina. It never ceases to amaze me how these traders never give up on a sale. You can spend half an hour bartering for a matter of pence but at the end of the day you will never ever find the true base value of anything for sure.
Car Hire in Tunisia for me is a must and if you want to see the real Tunisia, take the plunge. Don’t be afraid of the Tunisian driving, it is largely very good and I for one never end up stressed as we often do in UK. I chose to walk from the Hotel to the airport (about 15 minutes when you cut through the Station) to check out the prices. I was quoted £60 per day at the hotel and similar at the airport with Eurocar and Avis but, opposite Eurocar there’s a company called Fashion Rent a Car who hired me a newish VW Polo for £55 for two days. Fuel is just over 50p per litre.
A trip to El Jem took just over an hour. It has to be the best time of the year to visit this magnificent arena although with only a handful of tourists for company you are prime targets for the traders. We bought some nice silk scarves, had our pictures taken with the camels and chatted to the young traders before heading back to Monastir. One sight that had the girls squirming were the butchers shops in the villages en route, the sight of sheep and goats carcasses hanging outside, dripping with blood was just too much for them.
A trip down memory lane for us the next day as we returned to Old Hammamet. A coffee in the rooftop restaurant and a visit to the Medina and shops before leaving with a lovely backdrop of the sun setting over the sea.
A brilliant week at the Golden Beach where Megan was treated so well by all the staff especially the animation team and waiters. Could we have asked for any more? Maybe a couple of degrees higher temperature but overall – perfect, good food, good company and lots of laughs. Did I personally miss Christmas – no, not one bit!!
As for the poor reviews on this site, what the hell do people want? I have been to many many hotels all over Europe and North Africa and the staff here were as friendly and helpful as anywhere I've been. They nearly all spoke at least three languages not including their own. Many of the Germans spoke very good English and were extremely sociable - be fair with you're reviews, many people rely on them.

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  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of January 2009

not recommended,staff is rude, no manners

Reviewed Mon 10th of November 2008

Holiday to Tunisia, Monastir, Golden Beach Hotel November 2008

Me and my partner booked this holiday about 7 months ago and got a really good deal. £520 All Inclusive for both of us.

It was first time to Tunisia therefore we were so excited and could not wait for that 7 months to go pass.

Once we got there we were welcomed by the reception manager and we asked if we could have a nice room with a nice view. The rooms are very old, the toilet stank and once I went to the balcony I could only see the restaurant, other blocks and a massive dead tree.
The porter did not leave the room, I opened my suitcase and took my clothes out and he was still standing there. I thought he would go once I take my clothes out but no he waited and I then had to tell him that I had to get changed so we could go for lunch other wise we would of missed it. I was so angry I knew he was waiting for money.
Towels were not changed everyday, we had to call the reception and tell them then they changed it. Bed sheets had hairs and yellow stains on them so they were giving us used bed sheets and again we had to call the reception.
There is no safe, hair dryer and fridge in the room.

Not many of the staff speaks in English therefore we had trouble understanding each other. Staffs are not helpful, they don’t say hi, bye, thanks, and you welcome or please. The staff does not smile at all especially at the bar it really did put us off.
This hotel is full of Germans and French people. The staff especially at the bar they say madam to others (Germans & French) but to us Hey, Ho, Halllooohoo.. Disgusting. I have never come across these kinds of people before.

Last day of our holiday after breakfast as I was walking pass the bar I took 2 oranges and later I heard somebody shouting Hayyy, Heyyyy, Noooo. You can’t. He was loud and rude. I was in a shock, didn’t know why he was shouting for. I gave back the oranges then he said that I must ask before I take it and I must say please. They never say hi, never smile, never say please or thank you and he is teaching me to say please? I met these couple from Austria and they walked into the bar as the barman was shouting behind me and they were shocked as well. They were asking me what had happened. I told them and they were really angry. Then they started to speak in German to the barmen. The barman has told them that I must pay for the oranges. He’s name is Hatem.Atem something like that but he has no manners at all; I don’t know how these people get employed. Terrible customer service.

*Best Staff*
Hotel Manager is a really good person; he is so kind and very friendly. He has started in June 08 and hopefully he will be doing some changes to improve the Hotel by 2009.

Nader the receptionist is so kind, helpful, and friendly and he always smiles. He is fantastic person with good sense of humour.

Mousse the porter and cleaner. Mouse is also very friendly; he always smiles and loves his job. He works non stop. He is working very hard and never asked for money like the other porter.

*Pool, Beach & Security on the Beach
Pool is nice and clean. The beach is fantastic, nice sand and sea. Sellers are always around walking up and down, the security is meant to keep them out but no they don’t say anything. Once I saw the young security and the Jet Ski boy grabbed a box of cigarettes from the seller and walked up to its place where the security usually stands.

The animation team is great I bet we would be very bored with out them. Animation Girl Lu Lu is brilliant, she is so friendly and hard working.

*All Inclusive*(Not everything is inclusive)
We had All Inclusive but we had to pay money for things that should have been included. You have to pay for hot chocolate, Turkish coffee, cappuccino and more..
You have to pay for the following as well:

*Beach Towels 2 Dinar a day /£1 * Mattreses for the sun bed 2 dinar a day/£1
*Safe in reception 2 dinar a day *safe in room 120 dinars £60

30 minutes 6 dinars/£3 or 12 dinar for 1 hour £6.(expensive than London)

The breakfast is nice but not many to choose from. Lunch and Dinner always different and lovely, the chips is always cold and burnt and no one eats it.
The foods are named in German and French therefore you don’t know why you’re eating.
Drinks. The coke tastes like nothing full of water. Fanta is good. The tea is always cold, always. Drinks are served in plastic glasses even in the bar as well.
When you are in the pool or on the beach you have to go and get your own drinks because no one will bring it to you, but if you are German or French the waiters will come and ask you if you want a drink or not.
One day on the beach me and my husband was sunbathing and the waiter came and asked the couple if they wanted a drink, they were also sunbathing on our right hand side and he did not ask us.

Not Recommended at all

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 10th of November 2008

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