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About Hotel Liberty Resort

  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • fitness center
  • bar lounge
  • spa
  • free parking
  • suites
  • wheelchair access
  • air conditioning
  • dry cleaning
  • meeting room
  • non smoking rooms
  • concierge desk
  • family rooms
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • arabic amenities
  • paid wifi
  • baggage storage
  • car hire
  • housekeeping
  • currency exchange
  • english amenities
  • french amenities
  • 24 hour front desk
  • hammam
  • massage
  • salon
  • shops amenities
  • snack bar
  • sun loungers beach chairs
  • free breakfast
  • minibar
  • private balcony
  • sun umbrellas
  • beach
  • gift shop amenities
  • darts
  • sauna
  • table tennis
  • heated pool
  • indoor pool
  • kids activities
  • poolside bar
  • kids club
  • billiards
  • evening entertainment
  • entertainment staff
  • mini golf
  • safe

Reviews summary

2141 reviews
  • 4 room
  • 5 pool
  • 3 beach
  • 5 service
  • 4 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 4 food

60 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Excellent holiday, good value all round!

Reviewed 6th April 2010

"Just had a week in this hotel on our 1st visit to Tunisia & were not disappointed!We liked this hotel being clean,friendly staff,plenty of choice with lovely meals in the restaurant and lots of areas to sit and chat with new found friends whils't enjoying drinks.We had a sea view but equally nice to face the pool area as it is very pleasant indeed.Lots of French, Belgian, Dutch etc guests made this holiday good fun with opportunity to mix with international friends.Raoul restaurant manager was always on hand to interpret when things became difficult.Animation team were lovely holding daily activities and also on an evening too.They put on a superb Lord of the Dance show and there was a fakir on another evening.Bibi in particular was a lovely lad working in the gym and indoor pool.There was some hassle from the taxi drivers outside but this wasn't the hotel's fault.Also sellers on the beach wanted to ply their wares but did take no for an answer.We would return again, definitely. Judy & Keith Room 443. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 2nd April 2010
  • 3 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 4 Food

If your not fussy with food..

Reviewed 9th January 2009

"I stayed at the Liberty Hotel in July 2008. On arrival to the hotel, we were impressed, it looked clean and quite a big reception area. We were greeted by a very friendly man, who took us to the reception area. Beware - the receptionist can have very little patience, we had a few run ins with one as she refused to speak english with us. We were asked to sit down and fill in some paperwork, we were brought a lovely cold drink by a very nice young waiter. We were then shown to our rooms by the porter, he did demand a tip of us, at this point we had no change as we had not yet had a chance to spend any money, he told us he accepted british money and grabbed the money off us as soon as we took this out of our pockets. (They like to be tipped - so be prepared and have small change with you) As we arrived at lunch time we went straight down to the buffet, and were pleasantly surprised by the amount of food that we had choice of. The waiter however was a bit rude and tended to ignore us a little. but we didnt mind, the food was average, very samey every day. Not being a very fussy eater, I still found myself struggling with something decen to eat every day, by the third or fourth day I must admit i kind of gave up and had just salad as the food tends to very greasy. The drinks and alcholic bevarges were a great selection and always aplenty. They have a good dessert seletion. Breakfast was decent, lots of cereal, fruit, pancakes, fresh eggs and copious amounts of bread. This was the only time of the day that i would tend to fill up. The crepe bar was fantastic and the chocolate crepes were gorgeous as were the fresh hot doghnuts! The beach isnt on the door step but not far from either, across the road at the sister hotel. Beach was very clean and decent, our fave part to be honest. Rooms were very tidy and clean everyday. cleaners are great but look slightly depressed, if you tip them they do an excellent job. Entertainment team were fantastic, Patrick, Momo, and the rest work so hard all day long and really work their butts off. They are all fantastic with the kids, regardless of age or creed. This was an enjoyable part of the evening, sitting down with a glass of wine, and watching the belly dancing and various other entertainment parts!! Ahoy Ahoy Ahoy - this gets said a lot, so get used to this and the slightly irritating PEE PEE PEE song which is a trademark of the animation team, beware they will get you to join in. on site there is a nightclub and a bar, very selective music unless you make friends with the DJ, which was Patrick - luckily we did and we had a lot of our fave songs played. We went on the Friggua Park day trip and it was fantastic, the Zulu show is not to be missed, Beware of Ali Baba he will annoy you. For the single ladies - the tunisian men like thier women, although they dont touch tehy will go out of their way to impress and flirt, esp if you are in a group - although this added to the fun of our holiday as they were always aiming to please. BEACH PARTIES ARE FANTASTIC!! If you get a chance then go, the atmosphere is fantastic. Pools are decent and clean, however on occasion the sunbeds get snapped up quickly. Spa facilities great, good treatments quite cheap - although be carefull of the slightly perverse bloke trying to sell the treatments, very forward and pushy!! Overall we had a great holiday, wouldnt go back as I dont think it would live up to our expections second time round. Do not hesitate this hotel, overall we had a great experience and enjoyed it thrououghly!! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 9th January 2009

Hotel was very clean and tidy. how ever ...

Reviewed 17th June 2008

"Hotel was very clean and tidy. how ever i am complaining to the operator as i did not feel this hotel meet the all in aspect it should: but firstly I HAD MONEY STOLEN off me on the last day once i had given up my deposit box and moved rooms! I was not the only one to have this happen and its sister hotel was rife with this! you had to pay for the entertainment! you could only drink your all in drinks in the reception bar! the travel agents make out this hotel is on the beach... it is not it is the sister hotel that is! you get moved all the time when trying to sit in the restaurant because the staff had sections to look after and if they did not want you in their section they would move you!! there is nothing at all round the hotel! so if you do get fed up with the food you cant just go out and have a walk down the road to a bar! the hotel caters for the French! and no one else really!! you get woke up every morning by some one saying ahoy ahoy ahoy!!!!!! they play one song over and over again! the games round the pool are very basic! they say two words in English then every things else is in French. most places cover all languages! i know there were a few dutch in the hotel and they didn't even translate a word for them! at night you get bugged by French music! i wouldn't mind if it was local music but it was so obviously not!! not the best hotel wouldn't suggest any one to book this! go some where, where you can do things! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 17th June 2008

This holiday was amazing. I read up on r...

Reviewed 22nd February 2008

"This holiday was amazing. I read up on reviews and had heard bad ones but also good ones. The animation team were really friendly and me and all my family got along with them all .. they even came and had dinnder with us one night and they were always up dancing with up .. especially Patrick he was so funny, and esam and bebo were really friendly aswell. Themusic in the American bar was really good, all recent and danceable music, we also had a kareoke competition with some germans that we met there. Me my friend and my mum sang 99 red balloons, in german and the germans sang Speice up your life in english it was hilarious! The food was brilliant, just like english food which was great as my younger brother who was 8 at the time is picky about his food. The pool was great, and with an indoor pool,it was great for when i was sunburnt! Theheat is really hot so id advise suncream. This was the best holiday ive ever been on i would recommend it to anyone it was great!! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 22nd February 2008

On arrival we were really impressed with...

Reviewed 6th August 2007

"On arrival we were really impressed with the view from the room (pool) from the 1st floor. The rooms opposite to us had a view of the sea, over a minor road and tennis courts of the Liberty sister hotel Neptunia Beach (avoid this Hotel like the plague what a hole). Access to the beach was through the Neptunia about 300m away. The food was catered more for the French/Germans/Italians (in my opinion), saying that it was all very tasty apart from the desserts that looked really great but were tasteless really. In the second week the menu was repeated so it may seem repetitive! The cleanliness of the Hotel was generally excellent and the maid service was second to none. The only bad comment I would make would be that the general toilets were not as clean as they should be. The location was ok I suppose but, it would have been better to be directly onto the beach but it was no hassle really to cross the road and walk through the Neptunia. Yes you were near the Airport but not all that near that it would spoil your stay and very rarely you would hear any aircraft. The hotel staff came across very polite but were in no rush! Apart from the outdoor pool manager who looked like Saddam Hussein (minus the beard) and came across very aggressive if you did things he deemed wrong e.g. Sandals near the pool edge (do this at your own risk you have been warned!). Remember Tunisian men like the girls and will try everything to get you into bed! They will have different girlfriends every week and probably have lots of girlfriends. The pool area is fantastic and is a very big! The Entertainment team (Animation Team) were very, very friendly and a credit. They would try to involve all guests in the activities and work lots of hours a day generally 7 days a week. The evening entertainment can sometimes be risqué but generally it is very funny and in the second week could be repeated. They also run the nightclub but the music isn’t up to much. The only problem with the All Inclusive holiday was that it wasn’t really AI! The follow isn’t free – Drinks in the English Bar, Nightclub. Safety deposit box (do not lose the key it will cost you 60DT). Internet. Café. Most nights the Animation Team will try and sell you Bingo Tickets or Tom Bola (these are for the prizes which are pretty good). Hotel bad points – You can only eat at the Barbecue and Al a Carte restaurant once in your stay! There are companies that work within the Hotel – Ali Baba – They do excursions and are like vultures around un-tanned people (Newbie’s), do not use as they are uninsured. Always go through you rep, you will always have a rep even if you book on-line. Your rep will be from Sun Shine. The Shop – Over inflated prices a complete and utter rip-off and to top it off they will try and short change you!! Spa – If you use the Spa do this on your 1st couple of days. We did not do this but the people who had this said it was well worth it!! Do not be put off by the man walking around touting for this, he does not do the treatment on you, 2 of his female colleagues do this. Excursions – There are quite a few and we went on to the Zulu Safari and the Galleon both worth it. Try go-carting at the end of the road but check the cars as some are slower than others. Dinar explained – 1000 = 1Dinar. 100 = a tenth of a Dinar. 10 = a hundredth of a Dinar. Sterling to Dinar 20p = ½ Dinar (500). 40p = 1 Dinar (DT). £2 = 5 Dinar. £4 = 10 Dinar. Destination Prices From the Airport to the Hotel will cost 10 DT (pay no more and always barter before you get in the taxis). You always pay more for Airport trips. Hotel to Sousse 8DT, return the same. Hotel to Monistir 8DT, return the same. Hotel to Port el Kantaoui 15DT, return to same. Bartering – Ensure that you always try and pay less than half or even a 3rd of the price that you would pay in the UK! Lie and tell them you have been offered a certain price at another shop. You can always find out the final price when they let you walk out of the SHOP! In all shops check your change! They may and will try and short change you. Tipping – Remember they do not get paid a lot of money so be tight! Their monthly wage is probably between 200 and 500 DT per month £80 - £200! If you tip too much they may get greedy and expect big tips from everyone! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 6th August 2007

After reading reviews about this hotel I...

Reviewed 1st August 2007

"After reading reviews about this hotel I was nervous about taking my daughters aged 8 and 4, but we had the time of our lives. The entertainments team were fabulous they tried their hardest to make our holiday fun and the four of us enjoyed every second we were there. Yes the food is horrible, but if you stop being fussy there is always something to eat but not much choice. The hotel is nice and most staff are friendly. The kids club has lots for the kids to do while the adults relax around the pool. Overall I would recommend this hotel for someone wanting a relaxing holiday, where the kids are entertained."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 1st August 2007

We have just had a wonderful week here, ...

Reviewed 19th June 2007

"We have just had a wonderful week here, we have been to Tunisia few times before, the hotel has recently been refurbished and it’s lovely, our two year old had a ball, the three pools were great, our ten year old was never out of them. The staff were friendly and helpful, the animation team were great fun and were brilliant with our kids, ali baba the camel man is a pain, but you have to be firm if you don’t want to book on his trip. The food was fine, you have to remember you are in an Arab country but they do try, we had croissants for breakfast and fruit and always found something for our other meals, and the restaurant was always clean as were the spacious rooms. We will definitely be going back. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 19th June 2007

All I can say is don’t do it. My fia...

Reviewed 27th November 2006

"All I can say is don’t do it. My fiancé and I booked this as our first holiday away together and we definitely won’t forget it. The few positives were - the rooms, these were lovely for what we paid and always clean and the pool which again was always clean and never too full. On our third day we ventured into Sousse which was a nightmare, first of all we got conned by what seemed a very friendly local (we were definitely too naive!!) who took us to a mosque he thought we might want to see. When we got to the mosque I had to dress up to avoid showing too much flesh then we couldn’t leave till we paid him some money (which we didn’t have at the time cos we were looking for an ATM!). Once we made it clear we wanted the medina he took us down some backstreets in the middle of nowhere. Looking back we were way too trusting as this could have been sooo dangerous. He then asked for more money for the pleasure of 'helping' us. We again explained we had none left then he made me show him the inside of my purse to make sure. We then found an ATM and waited for a taxi, a local hailed a taxi for us and then asked for money for doing so (be careful, no help in Tunisia is free!!!) When we arrived back at the hotel my mobile phone had been stolen for the bottom of our suitcase (we were using it as an alarm!!) when reported it, the staff didn’t want to know, nor did our rep. We thought that as venturing outside the hotel didn’t work we would go to the beach, where I ended up being stung by a jellyfish. I’m not saying this is the hotels fault but just be careful. My fiancé has now said it’s probably safer to go on honeymoon without me :) I hope you have more luck than us. Oh and beware of the Ali Baba tours, the camel ride is a joke and the men selling the tours are awful."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 27th November 2006

Well, I think I will just be brief, most...

Reviewed 21st October 2006

"Well, I think I will just be brief, most reviews above, have said it all. NOT Rooms were cleaned everyday. Food was average... yes if you liked pasta, salad especially cucumber and chopped lettuce/ tomatoes... they really have a thing going on with this! Meat could have been better. If you were German, French Asian or anything but English, the locals had time for you... otherwise be prepared to be ignored. A request was made for extra pillows for our beds after 4 days of asking we gave up... Beware the Sahara trip... my god... don't take your kids it's two whole days of sightseeing on a coach with a 45 min camel ride! If you are vegetarian don't look out the window when they take you down a road (can’t remember the village) where they are slitting the throats of lambs! An experience NOT! Everywhere you stop you are asked to pay for something else and extras they don't tell you about when you book. In Monastir, be careful of a gentleman who says he is security at the hotel Liberty ( he is not) he loiters around the taxi stop in central Monastir ( main square) he takes you to a Berber Rug House ( apparently run by the Government) and subjects you to a free camel ride in a courtyard,, sit with an elderly lady to make a hand made rug , then tries to sell you a 100% pure Berber wool rug...to my detriment I fell for this and since my holiday am still waiting for it to be delivered to my home address.... 8 weeks later. I am now investigating with my credit card company .( luckily I'm insured) I know what you must be thinking when reading this... well it's my own fault I know .... A lesson well learnt. Taxi to the airport should only cost approx 6 to 7 dinar, it cost 10 from the airport to the hotel, as you realise through your holiday how the locals try it on. Always check your change! Take towels off the sunbeds if people are not there! They hog them all day but don't use them, (they have gone on day trips) but it's a way of making sure they got them the following day! How sad! But smart..... Most of the staff looked like they had attended a funeral every day... unless you spoke to them they didn't speak to you. Really racked off when shopping, every shop/ stall owner wanted you in there shop! It was only at the end of the holiday that we had to start using a different language... you know that language where there are only two words! All I would say is if you are between 5 and 12 years old, not a fussy eater, and stayed in the hotel for the entirety of your holiday then you are definitely going to the right place. They are wonderful with the kids. The highlight of the holiday was the spa in the hotel, we decided to have a mud scrub and massage... sheer heaven.....well worth it at the end of the holiday...worked out at about 15 to 17 pounds... Will I and my friends be going back! I don't think so. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 21st October 2006

After spending 1 week in the Liberty bet...

Reviewed 15th October 2006

"After spending 1 week in the Liberty between 20th September to 28th September 2006, please do not read all the bad things! Just a few pointers. The aircon gets turned off after the 15th September! What a nightmare it was well into the 30's and we were all dying in our beds but after several complaints they turned it back on, the food. Well all I can say is don’t be fussy! I have good appetite and thank god I will eat anything because all inclusive means what you don’t have for breakfast you have for dinner and so on. The hotel is immaculate, the room fab, the pool even better, the staff a little miserable but if you tip them 10 dinar (£4.00) they will treat you like a king/queen. Be aware that mid September is Ramadan, this is where all Muslims can not eat or drink between sunrise and sunset, therefore have little tolerance when asking for 4 pints of lager! Be patient it’s their religion! The best thing about this holiday is we met some great people. Hi to Paul & Katrina, Lynn & Marie, the London couples (sorry forgot your names) and most of all Paul and Jill! What a great night we had with you both at the Arabian Nights! All In All We had what we paid for, a week in the sun getting drunk for less then 600 quid for two of us! Great Value. Will go again. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 15th October 2006

I have just returned from the Liberty Ho...

Reviewed 4th October 2006

"I have just returned from the Liberty Hotel, Skanes, Tunisia, and a supposed 3 star superior hotel. This is the worst all-inclusive holiday I have had the misfortune to book. The food was diabolical; items not eaten at one meal were re-heated or made into soup for the next. The all-inclusive was a joke. The bar stopped serving at 10pm, any one requiring a soft or alcoholic drink after that time had to pay for it. The only alcoholic drinks available were local red or white wine, lager or a choice of 2 local cocktails. The hotel was over run by flies, not only were they all over the reception area and tables but in the dining area and crawling across food waiting to be served. We were misled by the descriptions given, snacks and sandwiches were not available as part of the all inclusive package, the walk to the beach was not 150 metres, but over a road, through another hotel and then around their pool area to some steps down to the beach. If not for the other people we met who were also staying at the hotel the holiday would have been a total disaster. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 4th October 2006

I visited this hotel with my young son (...

Reviewed 2nd October 2006

"I visited this hotel with my young son (3). I had been to Tunisia before, but never to Skanes. I was very dubious following the reviews on here, most of them are fair - but one thing to bear in mind is that I only paid £350 for and AI holiday. I went on holiday for some rest and relaxation - and I got it. The main reason I booked this holiday was because of the kids club. My son attended there every day of our holiday and loved it. The man who ran it was really nice, and enjoyed looking after the children, the only thing was that there was no gate on the outside play area, so I constantly have one eye on my son. The food was, as someone has previously said rubbish, as in the end I resorted to chip butties, or pasta with olive oil - I didn't even attempt breakfast after the 2nd day. The bar staff were ok - one in particular was really miserable and moody. French and Germans get preferential treatment and often get served before the Brits. The reception staff and porters were very friendly and helpful. Rooms were very clean and well stocked (cleanest I have ever stayed in). The hotel is in the middle of nowhere, but that was no secret and I was expecting that. Sun loungers are limited, we ended up on the grass beside the pool bar/bbq (not free), but found it to be a really nice spot (no sign of the ants people talk about) As I didn't have my hubby with me the attention from the Tunisian men was way too much - even ignoring them didn't work - especially with one of the Ali Baba reps. in the evening (7ish) went to the beach - this was a really nice time, as there were no looky lookies and it was mainly used by the Tunisian families, so you don't get pestered. There were 2 security men on there who were really nice and friendly, my son found a stick that he liked to play with (sometimes I wonder whether he is part dog!)And the 2 men looked after it for him until we came back each night. They would offer him sweets etc. Every Tunisian I met seemed to adore children. On the whole it was a nice holiday, with the food letting it down. I would visit again, but for 3-4 nights only. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 2nd October 2006
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