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Well first of all I wont to say everyone...

Reviewed Fri 9th of December 2005

"Well first of all I wont to say everyone has there own opinion but obviously you can take mine into consideration. Tunisia as a whole is a lovely country and the people there are so warm and welcoming so that is always a plus.

I’ve just returned from port el Kantaoui. The hotel golf residence which I stayed at was rated 3* which I would agree with. The rooms were nice and just right and if you was lucky you could have a balcony view which was facing the outside pool. The food was average didn’t really eat breakfast but dinner was lovely with a mix of foods such as fish or a different variety of meats with a selection of salad or pasta and rice plus more. The waiters were very friendly and were always to help. The staff were very friendly and were always on hand to help.

The rooms were cleaned everyday and was always left looking lovely with the maids putting your towels in different designs. There was always some type of entertainment going on in the hotel. Which was always fun and we always got involved if we could. The two entertainer’s bebo and Joe they are lovely and very good at what they do. Around port el Kantaoui there is a marina with a selection of restaurants to eat in or just relax around the marina. I was worried about the men as I read many bad reviews about them.

The men were a bit persistent but if you just say no and tell them to go away then they would. They were very funny if they found out you was English they would be like “come and have a butchers” or “cheap as asda”. It’s all a joke so your best bet is to laugh it off. As me and my friend are bout young girls we asked are rep if it was ok to go out at night or to get in taxis, general things like that. He basically said that you are safer here then you would be back home, so that was very reassuring.

I will definitely be going back next year as it was so lovely."

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  • Travel date: Fri 9th of December 2005

Break this review in two parts. First t...

Reviewed Fri 30th of September 2005

"Break this review in two parts. First the good because I think what’s mentioned above is a little negative, last the bad... Please note that I visited during Ramadan, so your mileage may vary. It's a time when there is less activity in general.

The great thing about the Golf Residence was the staff. The animation team were friendly and happy all day long. Although there were few activities set up for kids (and I’ve got two), they kept people as involved as they wanted to be in the various games and activities that the hotel offered. The waiting staff were probably a little sparse, but they were friendly and helpful.

The pool area is really nice. A quite a large pool with a good deep end, and a smaller pool in which two year olds can walk around comfortably (assuming they have some water confidence!)

The maid service was amongst the best I'd ever encountered. My daughter’s dolls were arranged in a new and interesting way on her bed every morning.

The standard of decor in the room was fine. I'd say 3*+ level, but that’s very much a matter of opinion. Be warned though, the first room we got allocated was very different. Peek into other rooms if you think you’ve got a dud, and get moved (1017 is one to avoid!)

Food wasn’t great, but it was varied, and it was hot. I'd advise you to budget an extra 50 dinar (about £22) per couple at least three nights per week to eat out. More if you are expecting chips with everything, less if you don’t mind picking bones from fish and finding meat on joints.

On the negative side... The indoor pool was NOT heated, and wasn’t going to be till at least November. Nor was the outdoor pool, which at first seemed rather chilly, but a few days in we’d gotten used to it.

Air Con was not on in the rooms. It was bearable heat, but some nights we’d have liked to be able to cool our room to get some sleep.

The checkout staff seem to routinely overcharge the minibar bill. We didn’t use it and they attempted to put a charge in. Others we spoke to had the same experience.

Finally, word of advice. Late checkout was charged at 40 dinar. If you can book a 15th day cheaper, do it, it might also save you being moved room.

Overall, I liked the hotel. If I were returning to Tunisia, judging by general comments about all the hotels, I'd probably go there again to be safe. Better the devil you know. Comments about the pushiness of the shopkeepers at the resort are true, but don’t let them put you off. So long as you don’t mind saying "no thank you" and walking away ignoring pleas, you’ll be fine.

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  • Travel date: Fri 30th of September 2005

Just back from Gold Residence in Port El...

Reviewed Wed 31st of August 2005

"Just back from Gold Residence in Port El Kantaoui and was my worst holiday ever. The Hotel is old and shabby. The rooms are awful and our bathroom had cracked and broken tiles with a stained bath and looked really grubby.

We had no air conditioning as the hotel said it was low season and wasn’t switched on so at the night it was unbearable and we had to sleep with the balcony door open to get some cool air which wasn’t very safe as we where on the first floor. The staff at reception were the most unfriendly I have came across. The food is just ok but I don’t think this is good enough when you are half board. The Hotel needs a total refurbish and I would NOT recommend it to anyone. Avoid at all costs I wish we had!

The only reason I have given a 2 out of 10 is because the pool area was ok.

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  • Travel date: Wed 31st of August 2005

Very clean, well air conditioned. The s...

Reviewed Thu 1st of January 1970

"Very clean, well air conditioned. The staff are the friendliest and most patient I have ever come across.

The food was excellent and well worth trying all types. It was a pleasure to sample Tunisian food and not the staple diet of some Brits abroad, including chips with everything. There was plenty of fruit and a wide variety.

I would recommend this hotel to anyone, especially those with kids, as we felt it was very child friendly and they made every attempt to keep them occupied."

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  • Travel date: Sun 31st of July 2005

The golf residence will ONLY appeal to o...

Reviewed Thu 31st of March 2005

"The golf residence will ONLY appeal to older, hard of hearing customers. Just spent 2 weeks with my wife and 2 young children in the hotel and was fed-up after 5 days.

The accommodation is basic to say the least, very dated and worn furniture, chipped and cracked tiles, unlockable windows and no seating in the rooms. The maids come in daily and make the beds and clean the floors and we were happy with the standard. Twice our room didn’t get cleaned till after 3 o’clock but it wasn’t really a problem.

The killer is the noise. There is a nightclub bolted on to the side of the hotel and it draws quite a crowd every night of the week. The booming noise can be heard from every room apart from those with a pool view. We moved rooms 3 times to try and get some sleep but still we could hear the music. Pray your not there on a Saturday because the whole town descends on the nightclub. The first Saturday people were screeching cars around the front of the hotel and having a party until...wait for it......7.30am. One person claimed to have seen the reception staff shaking hands with some of the party-goers.

The second Saturday (and last) cars were parked in four lines down the main street as the locals shouted and FOUGHT their way thru the night...it all quietened down when a pane of glass was smashed on the security hut.

The food is bland, nothing more. Our first meal was beef rind with potatoes and beans, which we thought, was ok, but the next night was a similar variation and the next, and the next, and then it was beef rind night again. Yes there is a choice but if you can afford to eat out then DO. Breakfast is fine, choose from eggs, toast, cereal, croissants, cake, baguettes etc. The restaurant staff are very good, friendly and efficient. If you put your cup down they will take it! As my wife found out when she put down here coffee. (Bring some Nescafe, the coffee is vile). They are good with children, which really brightened up meal times.

The reception staff were different. We arrived at 12.30 at night (2 and a half hours late) and were dumped in the foyer by the rep. The guy at reception didn’t even raise a smile, didn’t say hello or welcome just handed us a form to fill in before we could go to our rooms. Why it needed to be done there and then I don’t know but with our two young sons asleep in our arms, we were less than impressed. And throughout our stay the reception staff remained rude and unhelpful. Their English is worse than that of the maids or the restaurant staff. AND twice we were short changed when changing money at reception (go to the big marina shop to exchange money).

Location is good, directly opposite a water park, which looked impressive but was shut. Also close to Hannibal park which is a British seaside funfair. There is no complimentary horse drawn carriage to the beach....we asked the rep. So the beach is a 10-minute walk from the hotel. I recommend you go to one of the 5 star hotels and use their beach as it is cleaner and there are people who turn away the beach traders.

NOTHING is free in Tunisia, even if they say it’s free. We were looking for a bucket and spade and asked in one of the shops, he said No but took us to another shop and said "small money" to us, we gave him a dinar but he wanted more. We didn’t give him more.

We went in the shop and they didn’t sell buckets or spades. Another guy to look out for is "BAMBINO". Dressed in a ski jacket with a bin bag over his shoulder he will walk past you, turn and say "Bambino" and point at your child, he then hands a bag of chocolate nuts to your kids, as if they’re free. If you say no he opens a bag for you to try and you then feel obliged to give him something for it. JUST SAY NO! But once you know him you can watch him do the same routine to other people which is quite amusing.

The shopkeepers will hassle you, "have a butchers, ASDA price, luvvlyjubbly, later alligator" and they really do go on and on and on. JUST SAY NO.

The fixed price shops are much easier to look round and sell exactly the same as EVERY shop in Port el Kantaoui. They are cheaper too, you wont haggle a bargain in other shops they just don’t go that low.

The zoo was a little gem for the kids, it looks naff from the front but is bigger than you think and boasts camels, emus, ostriches, tortoises, birds etc. But they DONT have 25,000 different plants.....50 maybe.

On the whole the holiday was OK at best and we will not return to Tunisia. Scariest of all is saved till last....

When we were waiting for the coach to take us to the airport, we went down 30 mins early to the foyer, the coach turned up 5 minutes later, and the Rep said "there should be another couple". She shouted out their names...no reply. "Oh well I expect they got a taxi".....and we went. Even though the coach was 25 minutes early...we went.

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  • Travel date: Thu 31st of March 2005

My friend and I went to this hotel just...

Reviewed Mon 31st of May 2004

"My friend and I went to this hotel just by picking a last minute holiday. We were quite wary with listening to all the bad reports about Tunisia. We had a brilliant time. The hotel was excellent and the staff were more than helpful. We got friendly with a Tunisian family, they lived in Sousse and they had us at their home for an evening meal. These people were very poor but their home was very clean and the food was excellent. They had us dress up in the costumes and we really had a wonderful time.

We actually met quite a lot of Tunisian families and found them more than welcoming. We still keep in touch with these people as they like to hear all about our lives as it is very different from theirs. It really made us think when we went to this country who we take things for granted. They have nothing and yet they are always so happy. We definitely would recommend the Golf Residence and Port El Kantaoui for a holiday. It is a quite place but there is always entertainment in the Hotel.

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  • Travel date: Mon 31st of May 2004

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