About El Mouradi Club Selima

  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • free internet
  • restaurant
  • bar lounge
  • free parking
  • wheelchair access
  • air conditioning
  • laundry service
  • family rooms
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • free breakfast
  • beach
  • kids activities
  • tennis court
  • poolside bar
  • kids club
  • tv channel one russia

Reviews summary

( 645 reviews)
  • 3.5 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 4 service
  • 4 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 4 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 3 cleanliness
  • 3 location

30 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Try for yourself!!!

Reviewed Mon 14th of July 2014

"I have just returned from a weeks stay at Club Selma and what can i say, well first off its a 3 star resort so don't go expecting it to be more than this. First off the good points, its right on the beach, the waiters are lovely especially rash heed! The food is a bit hit and miss but there is always the pizza bar to go to! Drinks are locally produced and the vodka is so strong!! There is a lot of German and Russian tourists here there us not very many English!! Bad points the restaurant is buffet style and most people do not get the concept of a queue(had to bite my tongue a few times) the rooms a basic but get cleaned on a daily basis, the animation team work from dawn till dusk but it is not the best! You have to tip for everything but if you tip you get well served! One point i should mention this was my first time in Tunisia so it was a little daunting at the airport. Watch out for the porters at the airport they will come grab your bags and the wait to be tipped in English money cost us £15.00 take Pound coins and give them don't get conned like us! Same goes for the toilet attendants in airport they expect to be tipped for letting you use toilets again you don't have to tip but if you do then use £1 coins if no dinars. Weather was really hot so be warned, oh and if you get the chance try out the parachute jump it only cost£20 and you get a disk of pictures as well. Overall my first trip to Tunisia was ok we were a party of 3 adults and 3 kids, my sister would go back but i would not, don't be put of with negative reviews go and try for yourself as everybody has different tastes!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 13th of July 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

very relaxing holiday

Reviewed Wed 7th of September 2011

"we had a very good time at club selima, plenti of activities if you wanted, or just relax. free tenis courts, crazy folf,paddling boats, wind surfing, night club everynight, beach party twice a week.

entertainment team very friendly they tried every night to put a different show.

the only problem not too much information was given to us when we arrived a lot of people didnt have any idea of the free facilities.

we had a really good relaxing time while our 12 year old daughter had plenty to do every day"

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  • Travel date: Mon 29th of August 2011

Highly Recommended

Reviewed Mon 26th of April 2010

"Just returned from a somewhat extended holiday in April and we all enjoyed staying at this hotel it was certainly more friendly then the 5 star hotel we got moved to at the end !!
The room was fine for 4 people, it was in a 2 storey block of 10 apts. all with terrace / balcony and there was 50 blocks in total the rooms were cleaned daily.
Two outside pools both freezing and you needed a 'push' to get you in, sunbeds weren't plentifull and i am sure they intend to get more out, you need to pay 2 dinar (£1)for a mattress to get added comfort i thought it was worth it.
The staff were brilliant and a small tip here and there proved well worth it as my table was always waiting for me with placesettings and drinks at mealtimes. The food was good and i think they tried to make an effort and you could virtually eat from 6 a.m. to midnight - lots of pizza & chips for the kids/teenagers and spag. bol.
Probably a bit boring in the evening for some younger people, they do have a kids disco & adults disco also pool tables and a games area, i enjoyed the bar upstairs mostly and it was very popular.
Weather was fine no daytime rain just a bit windy here and there and a bit overcast sometimes but ideal for sightseeing.
Beach was kept clean in our area with plenty of watersports available.
Overall if you can get a good deal go for it!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 23rd of April 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 4 Food


Reviewed Thu 15th of October 2009

"Me and my boyfriend booked this holiday 2 days before we went and were dubious about Tunisia. Read some reviews about this hotel and 2 others, which were 4*. Picked this one because there was only 1 review which was slightly negative. The rooms were small but adequate. The place itself is set on the beach but there are lots of sunbathing facilities within the hotel complex. The people were lovely - right down to the cleaners. The food and drinks were absolutely excellent. Our table, which was the same every night, had a new bottle of which wine, red wine, lemonade and water every time we went in (other than breakfast of course!). The hotel is only 45 minutes transfer from the airport and the flight only 3 hrs 15 minutes so really good. The holiday we took provided inflight meals too - a luxury these days, and it was very nice. The entertainment was sometimes lacking but the English arnt their core business - the hotel was full of Germans, polish, lithuanians, french, etc so the entertainment staff were having to translate in up to 6 languages every time they spoke but they were good. We will deffinately go and stay again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 15th of October 2009

Happy and would go again

Reviewed Wed 9th of September 2009

"After scaling the net reading various reviews of other hotels in this part of Tunisia, we decided on Club Selima as it had mostly positive reviews. We read a few negative reviews for this hotel, but what more would you expect from a 3star all inclusive than a room, buffet and beach? We arrived late on the 29th Aug 2009 to find a busy and active hotel. It seemed that the evening entertainment was half way through, the late snack bar was open and full and there were at least 200 people in the open air seating area all enjoying themselves.

Arrival: We were told to leave our luggage at reception, and was given our room key. A porter told us where our 'block' was and that our luggage would follow shortly. Sure enough, after 10 minutes or so of finding our block and room, our bags arrived.

Room: Basic, a bedroom/living area with a bathroom. Cleaned everyday by the maids to an ok standard. Every day was cleaned, fresh towels, a few toilet rolls and beds made. We had a small leak in the bathroom ceiling but as quick as we reported it, someone came and fixed it. Had a TV with BBC news channel and Euro news (not that you'll sit there watching TV for the whole holiday).

All Inclusive Drinks/Bar: Dotted around the hotel and the beach are the bars. All open and closing at different times in the day, but at least 2 open at any point during the day/night. Not a wide choice of drinks, but met our tastes. Beer, wine, and a few cocktails. Only thing I'd moan about here is that you can not have beer with your meals. Why I dont know. You're only given wine or soft drinks at dinner. TIP: If you tip the waiters a decent amount of Dinars each night (3 or 4) your glass will never remain empty! We actually got friendly with one of the waiters who went out of his way to make us feel welcome, and then looked after us every evening until we left. He even came over and wished us a safe flight back home etc etc. He always made sure our glasees were full. Nice bloke.

All Inclusive Buffet/Food: AIMED AT GERMAN TOURISTS! At breakfast, lunch and dinner the food was definatley aimed at the Germans. A lot of weird meats and bread. Though some days we got lucky and found some pizza, chips, fish and pasta etc. Not bad food, but in my opinion, could be a bit more varied. Again, at meal times, we befriended a waiter who after the 3rd night started to RESERVE a table for us and already have our drinks ready and waiting! We felt very special! On our last night he had covered the table in fresh flowers and had made the table very pleasing to look at instead of just a plastic covering and your knife and fork. He had gone out of his way to make us feel relaxed and welcome.

The Beach: What can I say. White sand, clear water and SUN SUN SUN! Clean, with plenty of loungers and parasols. Water sports and volley ball. Excellent.

Entertainment: Dotted thoughout the day, but it has to be the evening entertainment that makes the night. The Animation team really do make a big effort with the shows. We will be downloading a few signature songs the team sung if we can find them on the net! Great fun.

Overall: Very enjoyable holiday for couples or families alike. Good value for money if you go all inclusive. We will go again."

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  • Travel date: Sat 5th of September 2009

2nd time here

Reviewed Wed 22nd of April 2009

"my husband and i have just returned from this hotel,where we spent a lovely week. as you can see by the title of this review we have been there before albeit 5yrs ago. the hotel itself is spotless however we felt that the rooms could do with a bit of a freshening up especially the bathroom. the maid came in every day to change towels etc. as we are an older couple we did not participate in the games the animation team organised but we did watch. they did not hound people to join in. the staff are all excellent, from houseboys to reception. the bar staff and dining room staff are really friendly and look after you very well. there is not a large choice at breakfast. lunch and dinner are better choices and the food is always very well cooked. we would go back again without a doubt"

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  • Travel date: Tue 21st of April 2009

Bad holiday!!!

Reviewed Thu 30th of October 2008

"Stayed at Club Selima the week dating the 9th of August! The hotel was lovely! and the weather was to die for! But other than that absolutely discraceful! Food Poisoning! Allergic reactions! waiters taking you to dodgy clubs! I would not put anything past this hotel!
Fistly told them I was allergic to nuts they stated that any food with nuts in would be labelled! or you would be able to see them! Ok fair enough if they did this! anyone with nut allergys be very careful!!
Had to get the emergency doctor out and have 2 injection not the most pleasant experience, was given a supply of anti- biotics and creams aswel! cant fault the doctors they were superb!
But then the hotel claimed there were no nuts...well deh even the doctor treated me for that!
As for food poisonin had a bad stomach all holiday, but when to that al a carte last night and both me and my partner was so ill when we got home!
Just be very careful if anyone is going here!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 29th of October 2008

first things first the weather was fanta...

Reviewed Fri 26th of September 2008

"first things first the weather was fantastic and i think this helped towards the enjoyment of the holiday. me and my boyfriend booked this hotel fairly cheap (though 425 each including transfers was the top of our budget).

upon arrival we found our room small and very basic with no balcony or terrace which we had expected. when asking at the reception the guy told us we had a very good room as we were close to the pool, restaurant etc. however we would of preferred to walk a little further and have somewhere to sit at night especially as the entertainment is geared towards germans. at times all i wanted to do was to go and sit on a balcony with a glass of wine, though this in itself would of had to be snuck back to the room as they dont really like you taking drinks back.. the receptionist told us to come back the next day to see if anything was available. the next day there were rooms but we would have to pay an extra 4 dina (just less than £2) each extra per person per night.

we decided to stay put in the end partly due to stories we'd had from others about their rooms (ie leaky showers, mouldy baths) and you did get used to the lack of space.

the beach is lovely though crowded as is the pool and we only managed to get a sunbed for about 2 hours one afternoon because they tend to get reserved (they can sit there all day with nobody on them!).

the food on occasion is ok although we did eat out 3 times at night while we were there and a couple of times in the day, be up early for breakfast unless you just want cheese and bread! get in early to book the a la carte which your entitled to once. we missed out but a couple we met said it was lovely as you get a steak (i.e proper meat than whats served). drinks are just about ok though the fizzy drinks arent diet, the wines not really really bad and the spirits are as youd expect.
only specialist supermarkets sell alcohol and we didnt find any but you can make do with whats on offer. the waiters are very friendly and do give you attention, you tend to have one in the bar area who looks after you and one in the restaurant. just beware that when the others know you are going home they hover round to and try to bring you drinks as they want the tips, just say your ok for now and tip the one who you've been looked after by all holiday. brilliant service, our waiter even seemed offended when we went to get our own drinks one night because he looked busy!
when it comes to haggling, shop around to get an idea of the prices you want to pay and dont budge! the sellers will keep dropping their prices and you can end up with a bargain. if people act like they are giving you something be careful as nothing comes for free. we had a kid who persuaded us to give him a dinar (only 50p) for a flower, we didnt have change but he did only he short changed us and ran off and we ended up paying about 2.50 for a flower we later found to be quite popular around the hotels entrance! funny experience though!
all in all we wouldnt come here again but this is partly because we wouldnt do all inclusive again.
i feel my rating is fair and honest and i'm sorry for having a little rant! i was just a little disappointed, glad we didnt go for 2 weeks although i do miss the weather! hope this helps you make a clearer decision about your holiday and i'm sorry if anyones already booked, it really wasnt that bad."

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  • Travel date: Fri 26th of September 2008

Nice hotel, there are many things to do...

Reviewed Mon 15th of September 2008

"Nice hotel,
there are many things to do in and arround the hotel. Good animation but the staff can be 'touchy' they'll won't keep their hands to themselve. NEVER BUY jewelry in the hotel
go to the harbor and things get 300% CHEAPER!! If you have any problem just use the word 'police' and they will back off. But inside the hotel everything is SUPERsafe.
Club Selima is more than good for a good price.
Waiter Sassi is the most experienced i believe"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 15th of September 2008

*****SALMONELLA***** *****SALMONE...

Reviewed Thu 11th of September 2008

"*****SALMONELLA***** *****SALMONELLA***** whilst staying in club selima (9/8/08-16/08/09) me and my partner both contracted salmonella. I am going back to work on Friday 12th a mere three weeks after the holiday finished and my partner is still symptomatic with the effects of salmonella......so becareful what you eat, or of the pool, as aparently you can catch it from pool water too..."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 11th of September 2008

i went on holiday with my family at club...

Reviewed Mon 14th of July 2008

"i went on holiday with my family at club selima and thouhgt it was absouletly amazing the views and the resort was stunningly breathtaking and would advise anyone to go there, as i am going again after my 3rd time. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 14th of July 2008

The El Mouradi Club Selima is an excelle...

Reviewed Mon 23rd of June 2008

"The El Mouradi Club Selima is an excellent choice for couples, families and groups alike.
The accomodation is in small 10 room blocks which are away from the noise of the hotel along a floral lined avenue. The accomodation is basic but spotlessly clean and there is a TV and brand new airconditioning units (payable extra) in the rooms. All rooms have a balcony or terrace with a towel drying rail. Complimentary toiletries shower gel and shampoo are provided.
Food - Buffet
The food is good even though the restaurant can get busy at peak times. If you go early or late for meals then you still get the same food as it is replenished very efficiently by the kitchen staff and a more relaxed atmosphere. If you tip the waiters (1-2 Dinars £0.50 - £1) then they will reserve you a table. If not then you will get a table but maybe not first choice of locations. The standard of lunch and dinner is good with a huge fresh salad bar and several dishes to choose from. If you are a fussy eater then there is usually some plain meat and chips or rice or you can get pizza, pasta and chips from the snack bar. The highlights for us were the pastry desserts, the fresh bread salads and pasta. Soft drinks, water and wine is available during lunch and dinner and you are given the bottle which is a nice touch for an all inclusive.
The pool bar serves soft drinks and the beach bar serves beer and coffee in addition to soft drinks throughout the day. There are 2 bars inside the hotel and I'd recommend the one upstairs near reception for friendly service. Both inside bars serve soft drinks, beer, coffee, wine and cocktails all day and until 11pm. The cocktails are Vodka based and can be really strong. We recommend the Rose wine but not the red or white. The beer is good and the soft drinks are fine but judging by the colours are laced with E numbers. There are no diet soft drinks but you're on holiday so who cares! The only spirits available are Vodka, Muscat Liqour and Cedratine which is a local eau de vie and will put hairs on your chest. As my wife likes a bacardi and coke in the evening we took a bottle of duty free and she decanted this into a small water bottle in her handbag and topped up her cola from the bar. Alcohol is available to buy from the Nightclub but we never made it there so can't comment.
The hotel has 2 pools and it's own beach with plenty of sunbeds although the best spots are taken early so get there just after breakfast to ensure a good choice. There are signs around the pool stating that you cannot reserve sunloungers but this wasn't enforced during our stay. Your best bet is to hire a mattress for 2 dinars (£1) which reserves your lounger all day as the pool attendants tke the money for these. Some people didn't bother but at the end of the day it's only a pound and they are comfortable. The large pool overlooks the sea and is split into 3 lanes for swimming. Occasionally the scuba diving team use one lane for demonstrations. The other pool is used throughout the day for water polo and swim aerobics (my wife's favourite and mine too if I'm honest!) all run by the 'animation' (events) team. There are changing booths, toilets and showers all around the pools.
There is a covered games area with 3 pool tables, 2 air hockey tables, table football and pinball machines. The attendant is very friendly and will return any money if the machine doesn't work.
There are free watersports on the beach, 8 tennis courts, archery, mini golf, petanque, aerobics, dance lessons, arabic lessons.
The 'animation' team have bucket loads of energy and run events and sports all day with a mini club for the kids which was always well subscribed with parents waiting at the door for the mini club to open! The team clearly adore children and they have a mini disco each night after dinner with various kids songs and there appropriate dance moves - The birdy song in french is a must! Following this is the main event which really isn't worth hanging around for. This may sound harsh as the team put their all into choreographing dance routines etc but sadly their talent does not match their efforts and the 'shows' are a massive anti climax. A really good way to spend your evening would be strolling around the Marina which is a short taxi ride away.
The Marina is excellent and well worth a visit. Built using Saudi Arabian money the Marina is a smart and chic area. You will see well off locals as well as the yacht owners in the bars and shops. The shops are pretty hassle free which is a stark contrast to the Medina at Sousse. You can join boat trips, fishing trips and the 'pirate ships' from here. The pirate ships offer a trip out to sea with swimming from one side, fishing from the other and freshly grilled sardines and soft drinks.
In Sousse which is the 2nd largest city in Tunisia there is a Medina or Market that really shows you a taste of Tunisia. Not for the faint hearted the small alleyways are populated with local sellers trying to get you into their shops. It's great fun but not relaxing as they can be persistent and their prices are massively elevated. Always haggle and don't be afraid to walk away or say no. One tip is to visit the Soula centre at the entrance to the market first. This government run shop has prices which give you an indication of what you should be paying in the Market. Find a price then try to haggle in the Market and see what sort of deal you can get.
Monastir doesn't really offer much except for a good diving school called S.A.A.M.. Diving in Tunisia is a bit hit and miss but we can recommend this one as you get good equipment and the instructors and guides are hot on safety if not skills. If you email or call them in advance they will pick you up from your hotel in their van (again not for the faint hearted). Van aside, the diving is worth the trip and costs around 55 dinars (£25-30) per dive.
This hotel is great. It is a good 3 star hotel and beacuse the El Mouradi group is mainly 4 star hotels the management will probably push this hotel to get 4 star status which can only benefit the guests. The staff are great and cannot help you enough. Take some coins with you to dinner and lunch in the first couple of days and the service gets much better. The facilities are great just a shame about the evening entertainment. A walk along the beach to the Marina is recommended. The hotel is very multinational with Germans, French, Italians, Belgians, Dutch, Russians, Poles, Swedes and even a few English. The mix seems to work well and no nationality dominates. The staff are all multilingual and english and french is understood by everyone.
You hear horror stories about Tunisia and although all areas are not for everyone you can't really go wrong with Port El Kantaoui. It is relaxed, cosmopolitan and friendly."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 23rd of June 2008

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Top traveller tips for El Mouradi Club Selima

  • Mia by Mia

    "This is a purpose-built resort, taxis are essential for visiting surrounding areas "

  • Mia by Mia

    "The marine, which is 30 minutes walk away - lovely at night too "

  • Shazza25 by Shazza25

    "The shop at end of road Alibabas is good for souvenirs "

  • miriam by miriam

    "cash point machine next hotel and shops in the main road, do not buy on the beach you can get everything in shops "

  • drats by drats

    "Nice cheap break - Go for it !! "

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  • Sol Club Selima Hotel
  • El Mouradi Hotel Selima
  • El Mouradi Port Kantaoui

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