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the worst holiday I have ever had

Reviewed Tue 29th of September 2009

"We have been too Tunisia 6 times but booked with confidence when we wanted a late deal 1 week holiday.
The Hotel is listed as a 4star Hotel and I saw on the sign outside the Hotel 3 Star.
Usually when arriving at a Hotel in Tunisia you are greeting by Porters waiting to take
you suitcases and when we arrived the Hotel was in darkness and no Porter. We checked
into our room and new straight away that the Hotel just wasn't for us. A dirty pillowcase
was on one of the Pillows and the bathroom not very clean looking. The following morning
I went to reception and asked if they had a nicer looking room. I was told they had a
Suite so I asked to be shown them. She produced 3 keys and took me to see the rooms and
apart from the fact that our room had 3 beds in it that was a room with 2 beds in it and they wanted to charge extra for it so I said no thank you.
The food was distgusting and when I mentioned this to one of the Waiters his comment was to eat some salad. Most of the meat you couldn't get a knife into it let alone cut it.
The flies were extremely annoying as well!

We decided to try the pool area which was not swept with broken and dirty sunbeds and the
mattresses were dirty for which they wanted 2din a day for. I commented that if they charged for the sunbeds then they should at least clean them and was met with the comment "Sorry No Clean". The area was not cleaned for the week I was there.

Although we were All Inclusive you would be looking for someone to serve you and then they seemed to take ages to get the drinks. They had a rule that if you wanted a bottle of water you had to request it between the hours of 18.30 and 21.00 at night. I didn't realise the time one night and when my Husband went to get some water was told sorry it is after 21.00. The joke was that you could have a beer, soft drinks tea and coffee as
much as you wanted but no water!
Also closed travel exchange office and told on Holiday.
We were told that there was only 50 people in the Hotel but we certainly didn't see that
many people there and where as they usually served Buffet at Lunchtime they had too serve
A La Carte every day as there was only 6 people on all inclusive. They also turned the air-conditioning off in the Dining room and this made it quite uncomfortable in there.

We decided to try the Beach Area and of course that turned out to be the worst area that
the Beach had being near a Sewage Pipe and still 2din for the mattresses in the same
condition. The Beach itself was very good with some entertainment if you wished.

There was music in the Hotel and the animation team tried to get Bingo and Quizes going but only a couple of people took part which I did to give my self something to do.

If anyone reading this thinks that I must be one of those people always complaining I should like to say that I am only to happy to give praise where it is comcerned but I chatted to a nice lady guest there and her and I both said that if we could take the Hotel on that the first thing we would do is gather the cleaners together and spend time on cleaning everything - including the number plates on the Dining Room table and then work through the Hotel. All we saw were staff walking about doing absolutely nothing.

It could have been made nice with a bit of time and effort but I also spoke to someone who
said that she had got bleach and cleaned her bathroom - as I did mine and that she had stayed there last year and she cannot believe how the standard of the hotel has dropped
in such a short tim and she had heard that a lot of staff had walked out as they hadn't been
paid for months.
We will not be going to the Hotel every again and definately not Tunisia anymore.

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  • Travel date: Tue 29th of September 2009

Lovely hotel

Reviewed Sat 29th of August 2009

"My husband and I got a last minute bargain holiday here. As it was cheap we weren't expecting a palace, just glad of a week away from the kids! What we found was a clean friendly hotel. Staff were really helpfull and cheerfull. Stayed half board, food was basic but nice, didn't vary much over the week. Snacks like pizza etc at lunch time were extra, but very edible. Pool was clean, grounds immaculate but was set away from the beach and resort centre. If you want a cheap, cheerfull relaxing holiday, i'd recommend this place"

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  • Travel date: Fri 28th of August 2009

not recommended

Reviewed Mon 6th of July 2009

"on arrival at this hotel, after filling out information cards, we purchased water in euro which cost double the hotel prices(which itself is extortionate to local camparison) and went to our foom which was very basic. we were a party of 3 women but our room had 1 double bed and a makeshift collapsable bed so we had to flip a coin to decide who sleeps where.

because we arrived at 4am we couldn't get anything to eat until breakfast and no food was served on the plane so we were starving. breakfast was poor with boiled eggs (only every 2nd day), toast and tomatoes. the fruit selection consisted of a bowl of cherries most mornings. nothing else was anyway appealing (and we tried them all). "fruit juice" was a mixture of water and syrup..

the hotel staff were a little too amourous for our liking and were constantly asking us out and inviting themselves along when we were going out in the evening. we had to lie about where we were going everytime we left the hotel.
the security guard on the front gate was trying it on with men and women... very distasteful man! he never let our taxi drop us to the hotel at night, but made us get out at the gate where he fallowed us up to the hotel, not a pleasant experience!!

we took to spending our days at the beach near the marina as a member of staff had come looking for us on the hotel beach. the beach was beautiful with clean white sand and the sea was clear blue, no rubbish in sight. the only drawback was for the last two days there were locals sitting in the shade perving on the topless sunbathers and commenting lewdly in french.

food and drinks at the beach were very reasonable so we had lunch there most days.

back at the hotel for dinner was another story... the food was plentyful but very repetive and I swore I'd never go half board ever again. best off heading out for dinner in one of the many harbour restaurants. tunisians have a very sweet tooth so if you like your deserts your sorted! coffee is good and strong there too.

myself and the girls were eaten alive by what we presumed were mosquitos but in hindsight none of us remembered seeing a single one and all the bites we got while we slept. fleas were suggested but I couldn't say 100%. so we lived on a diet of sun, antihistamines and bad hotel food!!

I wouldn't recommend this holiday for lone travellers or parties of women however it did seem safe and enjoyable for couples and families. the majority of tunisian men we encountered were very adement and didn't take "no" for an answer. we found that we had to be quite rude and assertive to get the point across.

if you like a cuppa before bed you'll have to bring a travel kettle. you won't get one otherwise.
.. and be very cautious with your belongings, my brand new phone went "missing" while having a few in the hotel one night...
I can't say I enjoyed the holiday, it's the worst one I've been on, by far.
if you do decide to visit tunisia, however, there are far nicer hotels up near the marina which would definately be worth a look.
I'll never go again!!

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  • Travel date: Fri 3rd of July 2009

mrs julia simmons

Reviewed Sun 12th of October 2008

"well where do i start!
the food was awful, the food in the morning was the night's left overs. was very repetative. if you went too early it was cold, and too late it was congealed. the "buffet restraunt" was more like a working mens club. food and debris lined all the chairs, tableclothes were still dirty from the night before.
we paid for a superior room which came complete with torn curtains, a door that had been punched in,no hot water, and yellow cold water. the balcony was overgrown, the sheets were bloodstained and had holes in. we changed to a standard room in the main building which did have a slight view but was very noisy from 10am until the early hours of the morning due to the loud music playing.
money was stolen from the room.
fighting and drunkeness seemed to be a regular occurance-police were called.
staff were very cheeky.some ate with the guests, without permission and openly helped themselves to the buffet food.
no ala carte restraunt, pool bar, childrens pool,american bar as stated. moorish coffee bar closed along with the internet service
you were not allwed any food or drink into the complex. if spotted it would immediately be taken away, and the hotel prices were around 5 times more than the local supermarket and restaurants.
i had a look around the other local hotels and would recomend any of them over this place. this is no more than a 1 star hotel, bearing in mind you do have to share the grounds around the pool every day with a heard of sheep! (you need to be quick to get your sunbed before the sheep do)
this is not the wisest choice for the english. not very well accepted compared to the rest of the united kingdom.
the hotel mouradi palace accros the road is only 1 dinar more a day half board to stay and is 50 times better than this place.


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  • Travel date: Sat 11th of October 2008

If you have never travelled to, or heard...

Reviewed Tue 16th of September 2008

"If you have never travelled to, or heard much of, Tunisia, do bear in mind that it is a deprived country. This point can affect your holiday, but if you accept it for what it is, you can certainly have a great time.
The Miramar Golf is definitely one of the nicer hotels in Port El Kantaoui. Some websites claim it to be a four star, but officially it's a three (it says so at their entrance!). After travelling through some very basic areas during our transfer, my boyfriend and I were pleased (and relieved!) when we pulled up to the hotel. It's a large hotel, split into two buildings (we could only assume they had decided to expand at some point). Though the main building consists of accommodation, dining hall, pool etc, I doubt it would make any difference to stay in the second building (just accommodation), as it is literally a few strides from the main buildings entrance! We stayed in the main building. Our room was pleasant, and of decent size. Although we'd booked a 'twin' (all our operator had left last minute), we were happy to find the beds had been pushed together to act as a 'double'. We had a balcony, with table and chairs, and although the view wasn't great (of a distant building site), it didn't affect us at all, as we choose not to spend a lot of time in the room. We had a decent enough en-suite; toilet, hand basin, bath with overhead shower. One thing that continued to amaze us, was how hard working the cleaners were. We'd arrive back to our room in the afternoon, and it'd be spotless. The bed made immaculately (they'd even create a different design with the bed sheets each and every day!), floors mopped, bathroom cleaned and restocked, I'd even find my flannel in an artistic fashion on the side!
Food at the hotel was surprisingly good. We were only on a B&B basis, but we did have a few evening meals there during the week. The restaurant is buffet style, with plenty of seating, serving freshly prepared pancakes, eggs, cereal, toast, fruit etc for breakfast, and pasta, rice, meat, salad, traditional deserts etc for dinner. I would warn that the menu is quite repetitive.
The staff at the hotel are incredibly attentive. They will continually tidy your dinner table whilst eating, to make you as comfortable as possible. If you wish to buy a drink, be it during a meal, or relaxing by the pool, waiters are constantly on hand to sort it for you.
My boyfriend and I would spend hours sunbathing around the pool, having waiters bring us drinks, and food! Now I think that's quite respectable for a three star.
I will say that the evening entertainment isn't anything to be rated, so you could find yourself bored on a night or two, though there are some lovely places at the marina to grab a bite to eat (the Puca Irish Bar being a fave!), or the on site health spa for a treatment.
Tunisia is probably somewhere we wouldn't deliberately choose to go back to anytime soon, simply because it is so deprived, but for the time that we were there, we loved it!
Just prepare to be hassled ... and for a few extra trips to the loo! "

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  • Travel date: Tue 16th of September 2008

hi, this week we just came back from hol...

Reviewed Sat 2nd of August 2008

this week we just came back from holidays in tunisia. we stayed in miramar golf hotel. IT WAS WORST HOTEL ILL EVER STAYED INN. DONT GO TO THIS HOTEL!!!!! ITS PLENTY OF PLACES TO STAY IN AROUND!!!! then we book this holidays operator was stating that this is 4 star hotel, but its just 3. and in my opinion i say max is 2. rooms was just basic and bathroom disgusting(gaps between tiles ohh). the meals was just awful. restaurant looks more like a canteen. same and same over again. and you need to pay extra for all your drinks. and we were not aloud to get our own food or drinks to hotel. some of then were really overpriced by miles!!! they were charging for everything even for sunbeds by the pool 2 dinar each. entertaiment in hotel was bad too. kids in primary school do better shows, it was just sad to watch. management in this place is bad and most of them even rude to you. someone in hotel sayed its like a mafia. i couldnt wait to go back home. usually on most of my holidays i wanna stay and never come back :))) but not this time :(((


now good part

2 days trip to sahara was the best thing in our holidays. it really tiring but worth it. landscape was just amazing. overnight we stayed in 4 star hotel golden yasmine and that was REAL 4 star hotel that i cant say about miramar golf!!!

and on top of that!!??? can you imagine we coming home from airport 9am and unpacking our siutcase and gues that??? camcorder is missing with all ggods bits we had about tunisia. JUST BRILLIANT!!!

i just get mad. but that can you do... not a lot... just try help other people not to go to this place!!! have a nice holidays!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 2nd of August 2008

We have just returned from a week at the...

Reviewed Tue 6th of May 2008

"We have just returned from a week at the Miramar Golf Hotel. It was fantastic! The staff at the hotel are very friendly and will do anything to help.
The rooms are basic but clean and perfectly adequate.
The food is good too - not alot of fruit available but apart from that there is always a good selection.
The beach is just a short walk from the hotel and other areas are a short taxi ride away - taxis are cheap so travelling is not a problem.
The 2 day Sahara trip is well worth doing - a lot of time spent on the coach but the best way to see some amazing sites and cover a vast area of Tunisia.
I cant wait to go back!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 6th of May 2008

My advice is DON'T GO TO THIS HOTEL........

Reviewed Wed 19th of March 2008

"My advice is DON'T GO TO THIS HOTEL......You have no idea the stories we were told of the things that were going on in this hotel!! Then our eyes got opened! This is the first time we have been to Tunisia and If it wasn't for the wonderful people we met there It would have been the worst holiday ever due to the Hotel!!! We have never experienced anything like this before in any other hotel in our lives!

There was no poolside entertainment throughout the day as stated, apparently they had sacked the girl who did the poolside entertainment the week before because she had went out on a date with a guy! there was no children’s pool as stated, until 1 of the holidaymakers we met(emma) took it up with the management and then a paddling pool appeared the next morning on the grassed area.

All other entertainment that was put on You had to PAY for and it repeated itself over the two weeks. Consisting of a drag queen show and a beach barbecue. The room they held the shows in was filthy!! The night we paid to go see the Drag show there was 3 huge bug/beetle things sitting on the wall opposite us....throughout the week I saw lots of cockroaches! Yes I understand we're in a hot country but if the hotel was kept clean we wouldnt have seen as many things as we did! The maids uniforms and themselves were very dirty looking! The rooms were very basic and needed a good clean with bleach etc our top cover on the bed had not been washed for weeks and weeks it was disgusting!!!
The prices in the hotel were astronomical and when we went to the local supermarket to get crisps,biscuits and water for my mum and ourselves we hid everything under my daughter sitting in her wheelchair!! she was so scared! we felt like criminals having to smuggle food and drink back into the hotel. You had to walk by security at the front gate and if you were caught bringing it in they would take it off you! One person went the next day to get her confiscated bottles of water from the security guard, he had taken it off her the night before and he tried to CHARGE her to buy it back! If they didn't charge the prices they did the holidaymakers would be willing to stay in the hotel and spend their money.
Beware when taking a taxi down to the marina...You will be ripped off unless you tell them the price before going into the taxi....and be firm!!! I think it was 2 dinar....whereas 1 lady we met was charged 10 dinar! So say."Marina, 2 dinar" to the taxi driver! On the way back if its after 7pm you will pay 3 or 4 dinar. Argue with them and mention the word POLICE to them if they try and charge you more! They soon take the price you mention.
Whilst we were at the hotel we padlocked our cases everyday, we never hung our clothes up at all as others in the hotel had warned us as they had various items of belongings stolen and if you reported it to the management they were VERY VERY rude. My husbands watch was stolen!

We spoke to manyguests at this hotel who had jewellery,watches and money stolen from their rooms and they all got the same response from the management, there only concern was making money & as Jacob's mum said in her comment "the only woman to make a million from diet coke and water" is the manageress. (my mum nicknamed her Hitler!)

The food in this hotel was horrendous, my daughter ate plain pasta for a week!
I can honestly say I would never go to this hotel ever again and I would never recommend it to anyone! If you are thinking of going to this hotel I would reconsider, the only good thing about this holiday was the SUN, it was lovely and HOT, and the firends we made there.


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  • Travel date: Wed 19th of March 2008

This was our first visit to Tunisia and...

Reviewed Fri 25th of January 2008

"This was our first visit to Tunisia and not our last what a fantastic country, but I must say when you arrive at the airport you have to fill out a form with all your party details on it name address job etc before you can go through to get your luggage, if you don’t know this like us, you will queue and when you reach the top you will be sent back to the end to do the paperwork, you must keep the part you are given by passport control and give this back when you depart the country when we arrived at the hotel the staff were lovely and very friendly.

We went to our room it hadn’t been cleaned or made up, I reported this straight away and we were upgraded to a suite, which was beautiful. Cleaned every day to a high standard and very spacious. The standard room was run down and needed updated and quite small.

The food was fine, quite a lot of choice, but eating out is so cheap you can happily do both. Tunisia has a different culture to ours, so be polite say no thanks, walk on and you can’t go wrong. Don’t get yourself into anything were you feel pressured. Most of the locals were polite and friendly, there is certainly no drinking or yob culture in the streets here. We felt safe the whole time and took taxis (very cheap) and the local transport no problem.

The beach, well something else fantastic. White sand, light blue water and clean, not crowded at all. Most hotels have a private area at the beach, this one did not. That was a down point of this hotel and to walk I would say about 20min or so. You are not allowed to sit on the private areas of beaches and we had to search to find a public bit. The restaurants are good value for money and the food is fine, sometimes the local take on our food is actually worse than choosing a local dish, try something different and you will be surprised. The fish and oja dishes (veg or meat stew in tomato broth with an egg in the middle) are best. There is a small zoo in the town, not bad we took our 3 year old to it he loved it, but I am sure the animals were not so excited. Some areas are very poor and you wouldn’t stray into the shanti towns, there is a visible police presence around the town which is reassuring.

One bad point, one day at the beach I took my son to the toilet area, there were sunbeds at the side of the block he sat down on one, and then I smelt a strong bleach smell and shouted at him to get up. The loungers were being cleaned and it had turned his shorts white with the bleach, no signs, no one about, and the bleach in an old squash bottle. Not good. I thought the weather would of been better, we had a few days rain and at night it was cold. However we are booked to go back to tunica this year, it’s one of the best places I have been. Not to this hotel because it is not near the beach. Please go to tunica its lovely, people are friendly and port el Kantaoui is a great resort, just go with the local culture and you will be fine."

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  • Travel date: Fri 25th of January 2008

This is the first time I have been to Tu...

Reviewed Thu 17th of January 2008

"This is the first time I have been to Tunisia and I was assured when booking there were lots of activities for the kids. This was not the case.

A disco in the evening lasting twenty minutes and water polo and aerobics in the day for two short periods. We were assured there was a children’s pool and when we took it up with the management a paddling pool appeared the next morning on the grassed area.

All other entertainment that was put on was charged for and it repeated itself over the two weeks. Consisting of a drag queen show and a beach barbecue.

Whilst we were at the hotel we had items of clothing stolen from our rooms and when we reported it to the management they were VERY VERY rude.

The prices in the hotel were astronomical and when we went to the local supermarket to get biscuits and pop for our son we were told on returning that we could not take them into the hotel and they were to be taken of us, we felt like common criminals having to smuggle food and drink back into the hotel.

We spoke to many other guests at this hotel who had jewellery and watches stolen from their rooms and they also got the same response from the management, there only concern was making money, the only woman to make a million from diet coke and water were comments made by guests.

One evening’s entertainment was the hotel had been rented out to a wedding party and we were told to feel free to go and join in, this was a very loud party that went on into early hours of the morning with a sound system playing around the pool, I went down at 1.15am to complain and was told to be happy, I explained my son was awake and crying and asked politely what time the party would finish I was told soon and to go and be happy. Half an hour later at nearly 2.00 am I went back to reception where I found several other guests complaining and got a similar ignorant response as the first time. I think if a hotel is rented out to the local community for wedding parties then it would be nice for the management to have for warned the guests.

The food in this hotel was horrendous, when I go abroad I like to experience the cuisine and I am not looking to eat McDonalds or English food, the food is repetitive night after night and is often undercooked or warmed up from the night before. I always put a little weight on when on holiday as I am relaxed and enjoy myself on this holiday I lost weight as I just could not face the food after the first five days.

I can honestly say I would never go to this hotel ever again and I would advise anyone thinking of going to reconsider, the only good thing about this holiday was the SUN, it was lovely and HOT, and to be honest you can get that in lots of other places.

The rooms were very basic and the maid’s idea of cleaning was shameful, I don’t think the floor was cleaned the whole two weeks we were there. "

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  • Travel date: Thu 17th of January 2008

We stayed at the Miramar in August 07. W...

Reviewed Sun 30th of December 2007

"We stayed at the Miramar in August 07. We have been going to Tunisia for many years and this is by far the worst possible place one could stay in. The food is simply atrocious, the Management is rude to its customers, the staff are lazy, and the place is just appalling: rooms are dirty, it is run like a military camp (you cannot have breakfast on the terrace, if you are still eating your dinner close to lock up time, they just turn off the lights!). Nothing is done to make your stay enjoyable, the only interest of the management is MONEY! The lowest rating was 1/10 if 0 was an option it is the rating it deserves."

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  • Travel date: Sun 30th of December 2007

After booking this last minute holiday f...

Reviewed Mon 22nd of October 2007

"After booking this last minute holiday for one week, I was very apprehensive as we had never been to Tunisia before and the comments were bad about this hotel. Upon arriving to the Miramar we were warmly greeted at 5.30am by the hotel receptionist, once we had checked in we were told that breakfast was being served if we wanted to have something to eat before getting some sleep.

In the dining room there was a variation of food due to the many different tourists they have to cater for. They have cereal, eggs and toast so you really can't go wrong if you don't like whatever else they have on offer!

We found the rooms basic but very clean with a balcony looking over the pool. The maid came in every morning at 9.30pm to collect towels and when cleaning they gave a little personal touch whether it was your bedclothes shaped into a fan, your towels in the shape of swans or jasmine petals around they bath and basin.

The staff were all very friendly, the hotel entertainers made the holiday whether it was trying to get you involved in pool activities or in the evening entertainment. The beach party is really good for 15 dinar a choice of fish or meat dish of the barbecue, belly dancers a bonfire on the beach with a fantastic atmosphere! The beach is part of the hotel and has its own bar and restaurant as well and the staff bring it to your sun lounger so you don't have to move!

Excellent service with excellent and pleasant staff, we are definitely going back as soon as the flights open again from Belfast. This was the cheapest holiday we have ever booked but it turned out to be the best holiday!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of October 2007

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