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The 1st thing I have to say is I had an ...

Reviewed 27th March 2007

"The 1st thing I have to say is I had an amazing time. I came to Tunisia on my own I was on two minds on doing this trip as a lot of people said it wasn't a good place for a woman like me to go on her own but everyone was really friendly. I met a lovely couple and I ended up going around with them the whole duration of the trip. (If you are reading this I have miss placed your email address that is why I haven't been in touch. The only downside of the hotel is they don't speak good English. I stayed in a sea view room and the view was lovely. The room was cleaned everyday with clean towels. I stayed at this hotel on a half board basic and the food was lovely especially the desserts. The only other thing I would say is I was a bit confused when I went to buy a drink at the bar as you can't pay cash. You have to exchange sterling in to dinars then up the dinars onto a card. Then use this to buy your drinks for the duration of your holiday. The location of the hotel might put a few people off as I went into Sousse on the train and it took 1 and a half hours to get there but the market was great and I ended up coming back with loads of bargains. Including my real fake Prada bag. Overall the location was great as it is only 1 hour away from the airport. Overall the hotel was great and I would stay here again "

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  • Travel date: 27th March 2007

Hotel was very clean room was cleaned ev...

Reviewed 29th November 2005

"Hotel was very clean room was cleaned every day clean towels etc. Staff were good food was very good but not a lot of English people were staying at hotel it was crammed packed with Germans. Who it seemed were treated a lot better than English as all staff seemed to speak good German not so good English. And the food was German based lots of sausage sour kraut etc could do with a better blend of food although it was good scuba diving para sailing computer access I didn’t see any and if there had been you have to pay for everything anyway everybody wants a tip if you touch an item the people will hassle you even if you just want to look. If you want a quiet holiday stop at hotel beach and sea are very clean its really a nice place if you go half board that’s all you need TV in your room has French, German and Italian programs no English expect BBC world news that’s mostly tells you about every where not a lot about Britain."

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  • Travel date: 29th November 2005

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