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The El Mehdi was an absolutely beautiful...

Reviewed Mon 10th of September 2007

"The El Mehdi was an absolutely beautiful hotel, set right on a glorious white sand beach.

The sea was warm and clear, I have never seen a nicer beach! The hotel stood in beautiful, clean, well maintained gardens filled with palm trees and other exotic plants. Our room was also amazing, it was spacious, and cleaned everyday by the maids and the air con was fab! Our room also had views of the sea and beach, which was lovely.

The weather was beautiful all holiday, it was very hot(about 34-40 degrees Celsius every day! We forgot what clouds looked like!! the maids in the hotel couldn't do enough for you and the entertainers, especially Tom, were brilliant, and the kids club always looked like they were having fun!

There was lots to do in the day, the entertainment team always kept everyone amused, whether they had you playing water polo, doing aerobics and aqua aerobics, or playing some silly game, you never got bored in the day! During the holiday my friends and I went on a boat trip, it was very cheap(about ten pounds) that included all your drinks(no alcohol was served though!) entertainment(a bit amateur but still very fun!) and also a meal which consisted of freshly grilled fish and salad and bread and watermelon-the fish wasn't to everyone's taste but I enjoyed it!

While on the boat, we saw some huge jelly fish which were very scary and dolphins! That was definitely the highlight! On the hotel's beach, there are water-sports run by a local who is absolutely lovely and will give you a good price if you ask! We went on the banana boat, which was good but not very bouncy, because the sea was always so calm! And we also went on the jet skis which was really fun!

Where I feel this hotel let itself down, was the staff. Being English at this hotel we were definitely in the minority, it is run by a German chain of hotels, so as you can guess most of the guests were German. the staff(restaurant and bar) definitely favoured the Germans. We constantly found ourselves being served last even when we had been waiting at the bar for a lot longer than the Germans they served before us. This was very irritating, but we didn't let it spoil our holiday!

The restaurant was huge and there was always a lot of choice, there was always fish, some sort of meat(one day it was rabbit!! eww!) and chicken and potatoes and sometimes chips. But again, we felt that the food was directed more at the German guests. The food was of good quality and there was fresh salad and pasta at very meal. The best thing about the restaurant was the pizza oven! Thats what me and my friends lived off! Every lunch and dinner, fresh pizzas were made in the restaurant, the only downside was that there was always a huge queue for it!

Breakfast wasn't the best, it consisted of weird looking hot food and yogurts and stuff. There was a toaster, so I just ate marmite (which I brought from home!) on toast every day! One thing I would definitely say is bring your pg tips!! the tea over there just isn't the same! the worst thing about the holiday was the resort, it is perfect for families, but with my group being aged 18/19 there was just nothing to do at night!

We found ourselves going to bed at ten most nights! We were nowhere near any clubs or bars or anything and I imagine a taxi would cost a fortune to the next town! Mahdia is a very traditional area of Tunisia, which I guess is the reason it is so beautiful, it’s not very built up at all. The problem of nightlife would be the only thing stopping us from going back! Also the whole you have to be over 21 to drink is a load of rubbish! We were never even quizzed about our age, and there were kids who looked about 14 being served alcohol! her was a club in our hotel, but yet again, it was German music and full of Germans, so we stayed away! They definitely weren't the friendliest I’ve ever come across.

Oh, one more thing which we weren't happy about was the lack of choice in alcoholic drinks. You could have red/white wine(which I’m sure were watered down) and beer, yes that really was all you got all inclusive, apart from after 8 o clock at night you could have a 'bukha'(locally produced spirit) cocktail which was nice but was the same as the other alcohol, no chance of making you even a little tipsy!

Apart from the drinks and the nightlife it was a fab holiday and I would not hesitate to recommend it to families and people who aren't nightlife lovers! I wish I could pick the hotel and beach up and plonk it somewhere lively, it would be perfect!

One more thing, if you visit the market or the hotel shop, don’t forget to haggle!! you will always get the price you want as they are so poor they don't want to turn away any money! I got a huge ceramic dish hand painted with a camel on for ten dinar(About 4pounds!!) very cheap! If you are going to this hotel I’m sure you'll have a wonderful time as it is in the most beautiful place and make sure you join in with all the activities!

Also, we got the holiday very cheap (600pounds for 2wks all inclusive!) so was worth every penny!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 10th of September 2007

An excellent holiday, have stayed at thi...

Reviewed Thu 26th of January 2006

"An excellent holiday, have stayed at this hotel twice, very friendly staff, food outstanding. On our second visit there was a new restaurant built overlooking the sea again outstanding. We were a party of 9 all different ages and all of us agree we had a super value for money holiday.

The kids club was excellent, evening entertainment limited but adequate. The pancakes that are cooked in the afternoon are delicious as too is the snack bar with excellent choices to suit all.

The accommodation is good we had a sea view. would certainly return to this hotel as the staff are so friendly and even remembered our names from the previous visit."

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  • Travel date: Thu 26th of January 2006

Lovely Resort, rooms cleaned daily to a...

Reviewed Wed 31st of August 2005

"Lovely Resort, rooms cleaned daily to a good standard.

Entertainment staff were excellent they put a show on every day.

Food and Drink more aimed at the German and Italian Guests but as I am not a fussy eater always found something I liked.

Staff friendly in both the restaurant and bar.

Would definitely go again.

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  • Travel date: Wed 31st of August 2005

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