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Although I'm Russian, I can't remain sil...

Reviewed 14th July 2008

"Although I'm Russian, I can't remain silent after such allegations against this hotel! Our (female creatures of 15, 22 and 43) stay there was great indeed. The only thing that can be classified as a problem is the lacking knowledge of English of the staff, particularly at the restaurant, for you have to call to mind the German and French names for food, including salt. And the night shows were in German, which is quite understandable, e.g. if it was a play performed how could one expect the actors to use several languages while performing? As is the case with Italian opera... But when the show was not devoted to one single performance, there ALWAYS was translation into English and French... and even Russian, when the staff realised that the number of Russian tourists reached 5 families. In my family only I understand German, but my mother and sister didn't see the language barrier as a problem, they simply enjoyed themselves, for one really have to try hard to be unhappy there. The animation team was and were very nice, very friendly, very active from early morning till late night. The sand on the beach is white and as fine as flour, the beach was clean, there were no hawkers. All in all, less snobbery, more knowledge of languages and you'll be happy there. P.S. I cannot comment on cats... Either I saw none of them or I was so interested in the sun, the sea, fascinating Tunisian culture and myself that I saw none of them :) But as for the idea of cats and children I do strongly support their being together."

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  • Travel date: 14th July 2008

Absolute disaster!!! Horrible at the swi...

Reviewed 29th August 2007

"Absolute disaster!!! Horrible at the swimming pool while planting palm trees in August, terrible service, dirty, noisy, not a 4 star hotel at all. Entertainment in German only, bad food no fruit juice. If you like queuing you will be delighted as you have to queue up for everything : restaurant's tables, glasses, food, drinks, and you'd better like getting up early as the German tourists reserve all the swimming pools spots and chairs from 06h15 AM and there is nothing left by 07h00. Cats sleep in the babies cots do not use them, Cats have also invaded the corridors as there is food left there by guests that had dinner in their rooms. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone avoid at all costs!!! "

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  • Travel date: 29th August 2007

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