Hotel Nour Palace Resort & Thalasso

5 star hotel

About Hotel Nour Palace Resort & Thalasso

  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • free internet
  • fitness center
  • spa
  • free parking
  • business services
  • room service
  • air conditioning
  • dry cleaning
  • meeting room
  • non smoking rooms
  • laundry service
  • flatscreen tv
  • concierge desk
  • family rooms
  • banquet room
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • arabic amenities
  • baggage storage
  • housekeeping
  • currency exchange
  • english amenities
  • french amenities
  • 24 hour front desk
  • hammam
  • massage
  • salon
  • secured parking
  • shops amenities
  • snack bar
  • sun loungers beach chairs
  • private balcony
  • german amenities
  • sun umbrellas
  • gift shop amenities
  • darts
  • sauna
  • nightclub dj
  • hot tub
  • indoor pool
  • tennis court
  • poolside bar
  • kids club
  • babysitting
  • infinity pool
  • golf course
  • billiards
  • private beach
  • tv channel one russia
  • evening entertainment
  • entertainment staff
  • bowling
  • water park
  • safe

Reviews summary

( 1053 reviews)
  • 3 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 3 service
  • 4 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 1 value
  • 3 food
  • 2 cleanliness
  • 1 location

36 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Valuable info with tips (must read)

Reviewed Thu 22nd of May 2014


I have traveled throughout Africa on numerous occasions, I have stayed in hotels ranging from 3 to 5 star so when I read past reviews regarding this hotel I didn't believe them.. I thought that people were just expecting a North African 5 star to have the same standards as a European 5 star, which is definitely not the case.. But this hotel IS NOT a 5 star at all. It is a 3 Star for North African standards and a 2 star for European/North American standards.

The hotel is 3hrs drive from the Enfilade Airport so we arrived at approx 2:30am. We didn't receive any information regarding the hotel, such as times the restaurant was open, when to meet our excursion guide, what facilities are available etc for free/for a fee. I assumed this was because we arrived so late and would be told when we formally checked-in in the morning, however this wasn't the case. We had to ask for information, and what we were told was incorrect! We basically ended up finding everything out for ourselves through trial and error & talking to the few other guests who spoke English.

The area surrounding the hotel is barren. There is NOTHING to do. The hotel has mini golf and a bowling alley but you use it once and then what next? If you exit the hotel and turn left there is a 'zoo'. (More like a back yard with a few small birds, rabbits, dogs, goats etc in it but I must say that was the highlight of my trip (shows how boring the holiday was!))

The massage center was really good. My feet got swollen on the trip so I had to get a reflexology foot massage. My brother got a shiatsu massage and my little sister got a back massage. Neither of us had a bad word to say about it. They are inexpensive and very relaxing.... There are so many options to choose from so experiment and try something new.. I would definitively recommend having at least one massage. There is also a sauna, pool/spa and gym available but only if you book a half day or full day exploration package.

The reception staff are very stand-offish and unhelpful. You'll get more assistance from the random workers around the hotel. It seems like every other staff member except the receptionists smile and greet you. The restaurant manager is even worse. We had an issue with our length of stay and he refused to assist, tried to charge us to call our holiday company to confirm information and then he threw us out 10 hours before our flight even though I am 6 months pregnant. Nice!

People smoke throughout the hotel and have no regard or consideration for none smokers, children or pregnant people. I often found myself holding my breath as I walked past a group of smokers.... The smokers circles caused me to find new ways of moving around the hotel to ensure that I didn't get caught up in the popular smoking areas. It felt like EVERYBODY in Tunisia is a chain smoker.

The majority of guests are elderly French, Germans and Italians. They commented saying that they don't get many English. i noticed many people sitting around looking bored throughout the trip. Really, honestly, truly, there is NOTHING to do! might not be a good choice If you are young or you
have young children...

There are a group of entertainers called 'animation' they do shows every night. from comedy to singing and dancing. They can be seen throughout the day interacting with the guests. Some of them are quite immature and invasive. On a few occasions their approach changed a happy mood into an annoyed one. They like the flirt with young people and sometimes they don't know when to stop or don't know how to take no for an answer. I think they're like mar mite, you either love them or hate them. I myself wasn't fond of them at all.

• Download a French or Arabic translator onto your phone
• Book the hotel with your arrival time in mind (we paid for 7 nights but technically only stayed for 6)
• Exchange money in the hotel because the rate is standard throughout BUT count it numerous times in front of them. (They tried to short change us 100Dinar!)
• Don't feel forced to give tips. Sometimes they don't deserve one!
• Bring your own entertainment (book, playing cards, movie on i pad, laptop) just in case!


There aren't many restaurants or cafes close to the hotel so all inclusive is a wise choice.

It's advertised that there are 3 restaurants but only one was in use. The breakfast, lunch and dinner was continuously recycled from day to day and there wasn't much variety at all. The salads were brown, meat was miss-labeled (the beef and lamb are the same thing) and too chewy to swallow, the pizza was not pizza! It was naan bread with raw toppings thrown on top, and the fish hadn't been gutted at all. They also over use salt. I caught an infection on day 2 of my holiday (and this was even after sanitizing my hands before every meal and drinking through straws. I am very cleanly and selective with what I eat, plus I have a healthy immune system and rarely get sick so this is very unusual for me! Be careful!

There is a bar in the lobby area where you are able to buy alcoholic drinks, fizzy drinks and hot drinks such as teas and a variety of coffees. The bar staff are friendly. I don't drink alcohol so I would order either water or sprite but they water down their fizzy drinks so much that the sprite may as well have just been bicarbonate water anyway.

I don't drink alcohol but I was made aware that they really give you a good amount if you ask for a mixed drink (eg rum and coke will be 3/4 rum and 1/4 coke).

You can ask for a bottle of water too... I would suggest that you do this and take a few to your room and keep them in your fridge. They are free after all.

• Drink from straws
• The milk in the coffees and teas make your stomach feel very bubbly and funny (a few people said the same thing)
• Only eat fruit that you can peel
• Best to eat food that they cook right in front of you
• Please please Be careful!! Tunisia is not a clean place. Think about what you're eating or drinking on the street/excursions etc as well as in the hotel!


You use key cards to open the room doors, I'm not sure if it was just my room but mine definitely took some getting used to. I had to hold it at the exact correct angle and swipe at a specific speed for it to work. On average it took about 4-5 swipes before working which is a struggle if hands are full. I saw at least 3 spiders in my room and a massive dead moth lodged between the lampshade and bulb.

I'm not usually fussy with hotels. I'm fine with a 3 star if I pay for 3 star, but if I go to one advertised as 5 star then that's what I expect so I was really disappointed with the quality and service. Some of the lighting didn't work in my room. The bathroom light wouldn't stay on when the switch was pressed! On a few occasions I had to ask my sister stand by the door and keep her hand on the switch while i took a shower. The bathroom door also didn't close fully. The curtains were jammed so they wouldn't close. The shower head is facing an awkward direction so it's inevitable that you get water all over the floor when showering. The plug for the bath didn't fit so I couldn't have a bath. The air con didn't work. I usually don't even touch a TV on holiday but the area surrounding the hotel was so boring and the hotel itself was so boring that on one occasion I turned the TV on and it only had German, Russian, French and Arabic channels.

The bedding definitely isn't changed, it's just "tidied" every day. My blanket had straight blonde strands of hair all over it and I'm Afro-Caribbean so I know it wasn't my hair. The mattresses are nice and firm but unfortunately the beds are very itchy. i showered every morning and night, inspected my sheets and still felt like i was being bitten all over. In the end I slept on a bath-towel instead of directly laying on the sheet.

The bath towels are changed daily which should be standard but considering every other bad thing about the hotel it was a nice surprise.

The cleaning staff are very friendly and trustworthy (as trustworthy as they can be). My brother threw a watch with a broken strap into the bin/trash and the cleaner actually looked for him just to ask him if this was an accident or not. Nice! But I still would lock my valuables into my suitcase every time I left the room, just in case. The toilet roll was replaced daily which was good since the food gave me a runny stomach and made me physically sick.

• Provide your own entertainment because the area surrounding the hotel is boring an the TV doesn't have English channels


There are a lot of facilities in the hotel.
The BEACH wasn't great for me but it's alright if you just want to sunbathe. I found it hard to walk on because of the hundreds of shells. For the most part it is kept clean but still look out for the odd piece of broken glass or cigarette butt. They have activities on the beach such as bowling, water sports, quad biking and volley ball but during my stay nobody seemed interested in participating. The beach is small so if the tide is high you'll have to abandon and sit by the pool instead.

The OUTDOOR POOL is a nice sight, of course it's cold if the weather is cold and warm if the weather is warm. The area surrounding the pool is clean and quiet.

water Slides were in the process of being built while I was on holiday at this hotel. I can imagine that the pools will be even better once they are completed

The GYM was really bad. It's small and the equipment was outdated and not very good. The gym is open from 9:30 til 4pm. Despite its uselessness I often saw people utilizing the equipment. I tried it once but I am an avid gym goer so it didn't feel like I had achieved anything by the time I had finished.

The INDOOR POOL was well used by young children, it was warmer than the outdoor and there was also a Jacuzzi. I tried it once, but due to the infection I caught during my stay at Nour 'Palace' I was unable to use it again.

there is a GAMES ROOM with pool and some arcade games. Not used by many while i was there but good to pass time since there is nothing to do outside of the hotel.

the WIFI is only available in the lounge area and it isn't a strong signal and it keeps cutting out. It was very frustrating at times.

There is one TABLE TENNIS table downstairs on floor -2. I never saw anybody using it and I never used it, but if you like table tennis then this would be good.

There is also a SALON on floor -2.... I never used it so can't comment.

the BOWLING ALLEY opens at 4pm. It is not on the grounds of the hotel but next door. You have to exit the hotel and walk to the left to find it. It's not far.

the MASSAGE center as mentioned earlier was wonderful. Clean, friendly staff, good variety of services.

• Try at least one massage
• The indoor pool is much warmer than the outdoor (find it on floor -2)


They are really bad! When I go on holiday I tend to book many excursions... but here I only did two! There wasn't much choice.

We went to Tunis/Carthage and Sidi, it was one of the worst excursions I've ever been on (and I've been on a lot). First you go to a Medina Market which is pretty much the same whether you're in morocco, Egypt, Libya or Tunisia. People calling out to you to get you to shop with them... Generally the rule is always to barter, look around for best price (all items are same in all shops anyway so it's just price that counts) and if you think they're tying to hustle you then walk away. They'll soon call you back with a much lower price. Carthage was really really really bad. Out of all the historical ruins I've visited this was the worst. Just a pile of bricks pretty much.... And as usual they tell you the tourist history not the real history behind the area. Take what they say with a pinch of salt. If you're really interested in history and culture as i am, then do your own research so that you're not fed a stupid story.

Sidi Bou Saide also known as the blue and white city was just more shops in an area where the buildings had been painted. Even as a photographer with an artistic eye I wasn't impressed. But to each their own.

We also did the camel caravan. I've ridden 6 camels prior to this trip and I must say this was the worst experience I ever had with a camel. they obviously over booked because they were trying to fit 3 people on each camel. A man almost fell off.. The camels were tied so close together that they couldn't sit down so instead of getting on a camel how you traditionally would, instead, the excursions guys gave you a boost up and you had to climb it almost as if it were a horse. Never in my life have i experienced anything like that.... The scenery was really disgusting and sad. It was just riding a camel through waste land. You then get off and watch ''belly dancing'' which isn't belly dancing at all. It's you standing in a circle while they make a fool out of you by making you do stupid actions (they seemed to think Europeans are dumb and foolish) they they give what they say was henna but really it was just ink that bled through the skin. I didn't receive any because i know that henna isn't always safe but watching others made me realize it wasn't even real. They make naan bread in an outside over and let you eat some. As mentioned earlier. Be careful! There are flies on the dough and no one in aware where they get the water from to make the bread. I noticed that none of the locals ate the bread, Just the tourists.. I wonder how many were sick afterwards. They give you Fanta or Cola from a glass bottle... NEVER EVER EVER Drink from a glass bottle. They refill them! I've seen someones face swell up like a balloon. Either use a straw or refuse politely.. They drag out the whole experience so that it lasts for hours longer than necessary. After all of this, they then tell you that you need to pay for the drink, the bread and the henna.... oooooookay??!! Hustlers. Maybe they could have mentioned at the beginning haha.

We booked to go to Frigua zoo, was told to meet the guide outside to hotel at 7:15 so we woke up at 5:00, had a quick breakfast and was waiting outside for 30 minutes before asking reception what was going on. Reception told us that they don't have anything to do with it and we have to wait for the excursion lady to come in (bare in mind that the excursion lady is part of the hotel). They told us to wait 15 minutes which ended up being an hour. At this point we decided to just go back to our room. We then came back to reception an hour later and she still wasn't there yet. Eventually she told us that it was cancelled because there weren't enough people... It would have been nice to have been informed of this! we got our money back but not our time....

• Research excursions before arriving in Tunisia. You may get sales pitched into doing something worthless

• Work out how much the excursion costs in your local currency. When you realize the actual price in currency you understand then you may realize it's not worth it at all.

• Get the excursion guides telephone number in case anything goes wrong.

• Ask questions. Do you need a jumper? will you be traveling by coach? what time will you be back to hotel?

• If it's an early morning excursion then ask to get an early breakfast. The chefs should let you in to the restaurant before it opens.


Do extensive research from real life people! Don't go by the hotels official website or Facebook page as it is biased and not accurate. When you make your decision, try to enjoy your holiday as much as possible. I had a really bad time here but I wouldn't dare suggest that it will be the same for everybody. If you choose this hotel then try and make the most.

I would suggest this hotel for older people.

• Bring hand sanitizer and pocket tissues

• Check the best before date on all items that you buy

• Only drink directly from bottle if it has the plastic seal.

• Try, try, try and have fun regardless."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of May 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

UK Family - Dont Go!!!

Reviewed Thu 23rd of September 2010

"We have just returned from our fortnight at the hotel, out of the six people travelling 3 became sick and 2 lost a week of the holiday because they could not leave the bathroom.
Rep was not interested in the guests unless they were single teenage women or buying an excurtion.

Thomas Cook rep obviously working for the hotel instead of Thomas Cook. The Rep spent more time in VIP bar at hotel with management and other VIP guests than behind his desk.
Hotel main dining room filthy chair backs and walls and food not hot, we are in the process of trying to get some compensation and we plan to post our photographs and story on Internet.
Sand and sea great but hotel hygiene very poor. Animation staff tried to do their best to make good with the poor equipment supplied.
The archery equipment old and dangerous shattered fibre arrows taped together !
The hotel did bring a person in from the hotel group to shake the hygene standards up after an inspection that had not gone well.
The hotel was obviously trying to recover from an outbreak of some kind of poisoning because the cleaning measures were extreame and thorough but sadly it looked like it all came a little late for us.
The hotel main bar furniture was bug ridden and large fleas and other insects thrived in the furniture.
The staff although fairly friendly soon lost the ability to understand English and became rude if you had a complaint. It was not really all inclusive No ice cream available for kids outside the resteraunt, Cocktails were 8 dinar each and if you wanted any service you had to tip at least 5 dinar. Drinks server in plastic cups!
On the last night of the holiday i asked if we could eat in the VIP resteraunt upstairs as we had been so ill all of the holiday the hotel obliged and arranged a table on the terrace, the food was of a different standard and it was like eating at a different hotel, We paid extra for the meal but it was worth it.
It is obvious that this hotel runs two standards one for all inclusive and one for VIP, paying guests and shareholders. The slop the dish up for the all inclusive guests is not worth the premium when booking go bed and breakfast and buy the meals in the al a carte restaurant or eat out.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 23rd of September 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 2 Amenities


Reviewed Fri 2nd of July 2010

"First of all i suggest that you ignore the negative reviews for this hotel, as with everything everyone has different opinions! People have different expectations and over criticise. It is probably a 4* rather than a 5* but still a lovely hotel.
Have just got back from a weeks holiday and had a brilliant time.
The food was lovely and all cooked freshly in front of you. Also have the option of Tunisian AlaCatre and Italian AlaCarte. The Italian was lovely until the main course, which was a whole fish - very bony!
There were alot of German and French people in the hotel, so in the buffet restaurant there was alot of pushing in as you can expect!
The waiters all work really hard, and are very friendly. Will usually expect a tip of some sort.
Can also eat lunch and late breakfast at the pool bar if you wish.
The beach is lovely with beautiful white sand and turquoise sea, with the pool bar nearby and beach bar just inside.
We went with Thomas Cook and did the trip to El Jem, was a nice morning out, but that mosaic museum afterwards was a bit boring!
The entertainment at night wasn't great, but you can't fault the effort put in. Daytime activities were very good! There is also a small golf course next to the pool, for a 24 dena you can play all day. Also bowling alley and spa for extra charge.
Would definately recommend this hotel, and would go back again!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 2nd of July 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 4 Food

Manage Your Expectations

Reviewed Thu 27th of May 2010

"For a cheap (£425 per week all inclusive) holiday with plenty of sun in early May, you could do much worse than choose this hotel. While I agree that it is not 5 star, externally I feel it to be 4 star and internally certainly three. You have to have an open mind in terms of food, so if you are a brit looking for roast beef and fish & chips, this is not for you. However, if you want to try a wide variety of different foods that are as fresh as you can expect from a buffet, you can have a surprisingly varied culinary experience. Try the breakfast omlette!

You will have to find your own entertainment so I suggest one week rather than two. The staff shows are dreadful, but if you are with or make friends (who also have children to keep yours entertained) then the pool is excellent with superb service from bar staff and plenty of space and availability around the pool. The beach is only 60 seconds from the hotel, and there is very little hassle from locals selling you rubbish that you don't want.

I suggest that you tip your waiter 10 dinar on the first night, and they will have your table set up with drinks, flowers and a large smile each evening. Rooms are clean but basic and again, if you are after sky sports and Eastenders you will have to speak Italian, German or Arabic to understand it as there are no English channels.

There is a small golf course and ten pin bowling, which you have to pay for. Also free, there is archery, volley ball and aqua aerobics.

In summary, my wife, young daughters and I had a very enjoyable time which was enhanced greatly by the weather. Without that, things would have certainly gone down hill but you would be very unlucky to not have at least five sunny days out of seven. Red wine / beer enjoyable despite being served in smaller than average glasses, but if you cannot be bothered to walk 10 yards to the bar for another, then you are someone who will never be satisfied with life."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 26th of May 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 3 Amenities
  • 4 Food

Loved Tunisia! Disappointing Hotel

Reviewed Fri 9th of October 2009

"We stayed in Vincci Nour Palace for 2 weeks all inclusive in september 2009, We loved Tunisia, we havent been before so we didnt know what to expect really. The hotel was a let down, how can they call this hotel 5* i agree with other reviews this is a 3* hotel at best. Food was repetative and poor, it was just constant queues for breakfast, lunch and dinner it got so tedious we would just eat salad or sweets because our food was usually cold by the time we had waited for it and then negotiated our way back to our table! Waiters were very attentive, but some days they had a lot of tables to take care of, we always tipped as they work really hard. Please do not bother booking the Italian restaurant, it was a poor meal we waited over 25 mins to get a bottle of wine, food was cold and tasteless, the waiter was rude and didnt understand english very well it was an awful experience, the Tunisian restaurant however was much nicer and food served quicker, i would recommend this one. I wouldnt bother with the hotel pool bar the drink is served in beakers! larger tasted awful, we always drank in lobby bar at least you get glasses there! Philip the Thomas Cook rep is a great bloke! we went on his ramble, he is very informative and friendly, we also done the Sahara explorer 2 day trip, it was brilliant i can recommend this, it was very exhausting but worth it. We visited El Jem, matmata, camel riding in the Sahara Desert, sunrise on the salt lakes was amazing experience, we loved this trip and got a feel for Tunisia which we liked! I would recommend Tunsia but not this hotel, it was very disappointing, the only good part was the lovely beach which we visted nearly every day and doing archery! we only discovered this 3 days before we went home and it was great fun, I hope to visit Tunisia again but i will be very wary which hotel i book! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 8th of October 2009


Reviewed Fri 25th of September 2009

"Just arrived back from a week from hell with my parnter and 2 year old daughter. Lets start with the ROOM - walked into the allocated room to find splatters of poo on the toilet wall,un clean bed linen and ants running round. We were offered a change of room on the 4th floor but refused it due to very low balcony and the fear of our daughter going over the edge. FOOD - we believed for 7 days that we were in the staff canteen or the film set of porridge. What you had for lunch came back for dinner with a different sauce over it. Food was under cooked, raw, stale, repetative and not fit for a so called 5* restort. Philip the rep was seen on many occasion in the local restaurants where we ate......he didn't need to say anymore nor did we. BAR/DRINKS - the bar staff were very slow at serving and always expected a tip, glases were best described as plastic thimbles (also used as ash trays), if you were lucky you could find a coffee cup, soft drinks were available at a slow speed as it wasn't self service. Speaking to 8 UK famlies they had all changed rooms and had lost about 3 stone in wait due to the lack of hot, fresh decent food. At very best this was a 2* hotel. CULTURE - well this was an eye opener to even a well travelled individual. On the opening of a new shop in the UK a cork would normally be popped......well the shop opening across from the hotel was certainly different!! Lamb, knife, throat, blood.......blooded hand print on the front door.....yes I saw it with my own eyes with ones mouth catching flies. PLEASE PLEASE save heartache & your hard earned money DO NOT OPT FOR THIS HOTEL. Thomas cook if you are reading this, PLEASE remove Vincci Nour Palace Resort from your brochure ALL the comments that I have found on return speak volumes and somebody may die from food poisioning."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 24th of September 2009

omg. never again

Reviewed Wed 23rd of September 2009

"Good start but rapidly fell. Very impressive lobby. Uniformed reception staff - who were unhelpful and rude.
Good view from lobby over the pool area. Pool was big and never crowded. No probs getting sunbeds and parasols. Rooms a good size and the single room booked for our 90 year old mother was the same size as ours with the same facilities.
Dining room was very large with a high ceiling. The light fittings were used as perching points for the sparrows that frequented the room! The food was indifferent but, on the whole edible. It is self service and the layout is haphazard to say the least. The main problem was the constant lack of plates and cups - breakfast being the worse time.To get bread, butter, jam, cheese, eggs and coffee was a mammoth undertaking.
The pool bar was a disgrace. All cold drinks served in nasty, rough plastic beakers.Poor choice of drinks - coke,sprite, beer or wine.

By day 4 I had succumbed to a vile tummy upset and 7 days later and at home am still ill, awaiting the results of hospital tests. I am unable to eat, am confined to bed and feel dreadful.

Will never go there again despite the fab weather.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 23rd of September 2009

disappointing holiday

Reviewed Mon 27th of October 2008

"As relatively seasoned travellers to Tunisia over the last 25 years, this hotel was disappointing to say the least,it is not 5star(although the facilities will say otherwise). We have been in better 3star hotels than this in Hammamet,Port El Kantoui,Djerba, etc.The hotel generally looks and is quite impressive, however certain things let it down, for example the lounge area- upholstery stained and grubby, waiter service almost non-existent,reception staff unhelpful if you are English.The dining room/restaurant,a mixture of UCP.(for older reviewers)and Macdonalds.First night the manager escorted us to a table for two, on discovering we were on half-board at the time we were ushered outside to a patio area.The following morning at breakfast self service, coffee cups but no saucers on enquiring at lack of same the maitre de hurried off to the kitchen and returned with just two saucers, also cutlery was hard to come by.Overall we wholeheartedly agree with comments by another reviewer, a delightful young lady, Micheala whom we `adopted` for the week.To reassure her parents, she was in safe hands at all times,we miss the Brummie accent,you have our e-mail address Micheala if you would like to get in touch!In conclusion we would NOT reccommend this hotel, in fact sad to say we will not be returning to Tunisia again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 27th of October 2008


Reviewed Mon 27th of October 2008

"I'm a young lady and I stayed at this hotel for a week on my own, and apart from two days of rain it was o.k!. The hotel is advertised as 5 Star, but I'd rate it at 3. It's a nice big hotel, but my room wasn't ready when I got there, and I had no rep to help me check in (he was still at the airport!) and I was concerned as I was on my own. I had a car-park view room, even though a pool view was requested, but for 25 pounds, I could upgrade!. Anyway, couldn't fault the room service, it was great and the staff could be trusted with personal belongings.

When I read these reviews before I went, NO-ONE mentioned, it was a NON-ENGLISH hotel!!!!!. Even my tour operator didn't tell me, had I known..I wouldn't of gone!. There was TEN of us English in the whole hotel!. It was full of French, Germans, Russians, Dutch and Italians and ALL were rude and VERY annoying!! It was very hard to communicate with the staff aswell as they couldn't really speak English and us English felt like the minority and not very important.

I was half board here, but I soon found how expensive everything was and the rep(when he showed up), told us we could up-grade to All Inclusive at 8 pounds a day, which me and a few others did as it cost my newly made friends nearly ten pounds for two brandy and cokes!!. I worked out I would be saving in the end, and we were all soon treated differently with All Inclusive bracelets on!, but I still had to pay for a small bottle of coke to take back to my room and in some restaurants and bars, All Inclusive guests weren't allowed in!.

The stairwell lights in some parts of the hotel, weren't working, even the 'back-up' lights weren't and everynight my friends had to nearly crawl down these stairs as you couldn't see anything!. Also the corridor lights are meant to click on when someone walks through, but no, most weren't working at all so again, couldn't see in front of your face, let alone your room number!. Health & safety wasn't their priority, as we witnessed two people with plastered arms after falling in the hotel and someone fell in the inside pool (which isn't heated in the 'out of season'!!) and there are NO lifeguards anywhere on the complex. The swimming pool itself was 1.50m deep all round, no shallow end, so if your short like me, hold onto the side! The other problem was that the pool for adults and children were freezing, so a 'dip' was literally a dip, which was a shame as it looks really nice and inviting.
I didn't go on the beach as it was packed all the time and everyone was squashed in like sardines!.

Not much to say on the entertainment side, other than it's not in English!.

Eating here was o.k, DON'T eat at the pool bar unless you want your food with a portion of flies!!. There are flies everywhere, I've never known a country like it!. They are a constant headache.
It was nearly the same food everynight, not very exciting, I got used to eating the same stuff everynight, but you do have to wait for a table to be laid first and watch out for those flies!.

I won't be going back to Tunisia, I thought it was a dirty place and the only things I'll miss are the weather and the friends I made.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 26th of October 2008

Initial thoughts when we entered the nic...

Reviewed Sat 13th of September 2008

"Initial thoughts when we entered the nicely air conditioned lobby were wow!!! Very impressive. Things started to go down hill from there. We were pointed to sit down and handed forms to fill in (along with another English family). We were left there for about 30 mins not knowing what was happening. Eventually a receptionist came over and gave us our keys only telling us that the evening restaurant was open from 6.30 for the first sitting and closed at 10. Never did figure out when second sitting actually starts!! Breakfast was 7-10.

Room was clean and comfortable - no complaints there. Maid always cleaned it to a high standard.

First day by the pool and we were relaxing watching our 5 year old daugher play in the baby pool. Suddenly, very loud music comes from the speakers. Once our ear drums had become adjusted, it was ok - until.... a "song" repeating the words "mother [--]". I'm sure you can imagine that we weren't expecting that, especially not during the day on a family resort with the kids around the pool. They forget that there are some English. During our visit a total of 16 in a hotel that slept over 1000!). A couple of days later the same song gets played. This time I went over to the DJ and asked him not to play it again as it is extremely offensive. (I would just like to say that it's not like I don't swear - I just don't want to hear it when I'm relaxing by the pool with my 5 year old next to me!). Some other people told me the next day that it had been played again but we were at the beach.

The evening "entertainment" - where do I start. Well, "entertainment" being in inverted commas should give you some idea about the quality of it. It was never once introduced in English or any of the content English. It's ok if you're French, German or Italian - at least you can understand it. Then, one evening during a dance show in which 3 adults were street dancing, they played a certain 50Cent (that's who I was told it was) record that contained "mother [--]" and other hurtful lyrics to some people.

We did raise this with our rep who did speak to the manager and entertainment manager and he was assured that they had been destroyed. Interesting to hear if anyone else who goes after Aug 08 heard it!

One of the reasons we chose this hotel was because it has a kids club. We weren't given any information about it and had to go looking. We soon realised that our daughter would have been the only English child so wouldn't have had anyone to speak to and the children's reps couldn't speak enough if any English for a 5 year old to understand!!

Clean, pool clean (except for the music!!) and beach lovely. Food was fine (though trying to figure out what some of it was was interesting - even when it was translated, it was wrong (potatoes were translated into English as apples!))"

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  • Travel date: Sat 13th of September 2008

Hi, I would like to comment on the Vi...

Reviewed Tue 1st of July 2008

I would like to comment on the Vinicci Nour Palace in Madhia, Before we left we read some of the reviews that have been posted and to be honest i was not really looking forward to my holiday and at one point considering pulling out, What a mistake i would have made.

I feel that this hotel has not been given the credit that it is due, I found it really hard to find any justification on the bad reports and believe me i tried.

The staff were friendly and warm an yes some may have had a problem with the english language but they tried to accommedate all the languages - My husband speaks a little french so we mangaged to get by.

The food was to die for it was warm mostly cooked fresh in front of you - salad bars, Harrissa ( very hot ) but fantastic if you go its a must that you try some, we were half board breakfast was fantastic so much to choose from and lets be honest you don't go on holiday to have a big fry up you go to experiance new ways and new things. our only problem with breakfast was the eggs the did not mark 3-4-5 min eggs and we picked up 3 mins instead of 5 no big problem though leave to the side of your table and go get another one.

Tunisian night was fantastic i did not know that you could flavour rice in so many ways they also put on Italian night which the waiters all have diffrent uniforms for.
on the whole the food was fantastic there was not one bad meal - if there is any complaint it would be the amout of diffrent this to choose from.
Deserts - if you love your pud this is for you AMAZING and the do all the main big desserts in small bite size version the dispays - perfect.

As for the waiting staff - we sat at the same table for the 14 days our waiters were Moncep and Samia - Always had a smile and a kind word Moncep spoke good english and Samia a little but french was her main language although she tried and i don't speak french i tried a little to these guys work from about 5 in the morning right through to midnight they are hard working .

Pricing we paid for our drinks with dinner as we were half board large bottle of water and 2 small beers 9.350dr about 3.60 GBP. this never varied always the same price as in other comment they said the prices vary.

the lobby bar was slightly cheaper for beer than the piano bar as the piano bar was a smoking bar and did not serve all incusive which was good it was very quiet again the staff worked really hard in the bars.

Our room when we first walked in i though i was in the wrong room - it was huge had veiws of the pool, and the sea it was of a very high standard and the rooms were cleaned every day - we had 1 light bulb out which we reported on the form that you hang outside your door - this was never replace but this was my fault as i put a passed date on it (lol).

The marbal floors were buffed every day and the gardens are fantastic I was surprised to see that i had some of the same plants back home yet mine look terrible, the gardeners all take pride in what the have created.

The beach was sandy and clean and yes there are vendors that walk up and down trying to sell their wares - However they are not allowed to approch your bed or come on the the vinnic area - However there are some vendors who do try and they are usually moved on by the life guard or the security very quickly although the beach is private we have to remember that the front streach is not as no one can own the sea!

Would we do it again YES in a heart beat we may return next year.

eveyone is allowed an opinion and I would encourage people to do so - but remember when you choose your holiday you are going to immerse your self in an other culture relax and enjoy experiance new things learn and develope a greater understanding of how other countries work and most of all respect how hard working the staff are."

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  • Travel date: Tue 1st of July 2008

my husband and i visited vincci nour hot...

Reviewed Sat 21st of June 2008

"my husband and i visited vincci nour hotel in feb 2008. what a fantastic holiday we had. the hotel was cleaned to an impressive standard every day 24/7.the dining room was very impressive with the wonderful waiters who wait on you hand and foot, nothing too much trouble, even decorating our table with flowers on our last evening meal, which made that evening meal rather special, although my husband wished he could of sat somewhere else, but thats just men for you!! i fully appreciated the kind jesture. if you are of the older age bracket , aerobics daily, afternoon tea dances, evening dance themes are available and as you can imagine, very entertaining for the younger age group of 40 plus!! the re arranging of the tables by the older age groups gives the waiters a full time job re arranging them to there original position after every social function!! the beach is straight out of the back door, cheap cafe on the beach as well as the well mentioned greasy spoon , right turn out of the main enterence and a short distance down the road is well worth a visit. we will be going back again in feb 2009, to totally unwind and relax watching the world go by, but also having the odd laugh to ourselves. vincci nour palace is well worth a visit."

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  • Travel date: Sat 21st of June 2008

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    "Family sun but make your own fun. "

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    "Not much to do in Mahdia "

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    "Interesting small town with a good market. The escorted tour is a good way as an introduction. "

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    "Beautiful beach, lovely food, lovely hotel. Mahdia is very quiet but can easily get train to Sousse. "

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