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My husband and I were due to stay at Tha...

Reviewed 30th December 2005

"My husband and I were due to stay at Thapsus hotel 18/12/05-01/01/06 unfortunately our passports were stolen & we missed our flights. We managed to sort everything out & arranged a flight 2go 21/12/05 at alot of extra cost. When we arrived there were approx 200 Tunisians in the hotel, it holds conferences most days meaning its packed full of Tunisians. We settled into our room which was quite pleasant. The standards of the toilet left alot to be desired and the rooms smelt worse after they had been cleaned!! After an eventful few days we were looking forward to relaxing in the promised sun, with lots of good food and entertainment.... The hotel does not cater at all for the English at all, during our stay their were 4 of us in total! (English that is) the hotel staff could not believe their were English in the hotel! They only have Germans, Czechs and French. All the menus were foreign, the entertainment that was on for 1 night out of our whole stay was spoken in foreign and although we were all inclusive our Christmas eve meal was not included, they wanted us to pay an additional £35. Each for the meal and pay for all drinks on the night and refused to give us an alternative meal. Eventually we managed to get some food for what it was worth! The food was awful, everything was cold we lived on tangerines for the week! And the resort of Madhia is derelict, there was not 1 alternative place to eat that is easily reachable. None of the activities listed were available and the sun did not shine! We ended up getting a early flight back as it was so bad... On the plus side the staff (that speak slight English) are fab, they really try there best, oh and the red wine and book a the local spirit were the only thing that made us smile!! Avoid like the plague unless your German!"

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  • Travel date: 30th December 2005

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