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  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • bar lounge
  • spa
  • air conditioning
  • refrigerator
  • laundry service
  • flatscreen tv
  • bath shower
  • family rooms
  • hair dryer
  • multilingual staff
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • arabic amenities
  • bbq facilities
  • currency exchange
  • english amenities
  • french amenities
  • 24 hour front desk
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  • massage
  • salon
  • telephone
  • private balcony
  • sun terrace
  • beach
  • gift shop amenities
  • sauna
  • nightclub dj
  • free airport transportation
  • indoor pool
  • kids activities
  • tennis court
  • swimup bar
  • poolside bar
  • kids club
  • billiards
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  • safe

Reviews summary

( 547 reviews)

10 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

The BEST holiday ever!!

Reviewed Sun 21st of October 2012

"We have just arrived back from our 2 week stay at Carribbean World and am already looking to go back at the end of summer!!

If you don't mind being in a hotel with very, VERY few english people (There was us, a family of 4, and one other english man there!) then it is definitely a hotel to considor for your holidays!!

The hotel itself is lovely, set on the outskirts of Mahdia, therefore a quieter place of the town. It has shops nearby with an ATM machine and is about a 5 minute walk from the hotel. Inside the complex is gorgeous. The rooms are brilliant - good sizes for what you pay for, gardens are bueatiful, it has it's on aquapark, which my brother ensures me is definitely worth a visit! The main pool has a swim to pool bar and is relatively deep all around except for the child safe area which is cordoned off. The beach is literally less than a one minute walk from the pool and is perfect anytime of the day as there is always a breeze in Mahdia. The sea is totally safe for everyone and has a very gradual slope - you will never be out of your depth until you go beyond the buoys marked out for the water sports. There are local sellers on the beach but they do not disturb you on the beds. However, there are a few guys who walk around selling trips who can be quite tricky to shake off but are pleasant nonetheless!!

The food is perfectly fine. Could do with a bit more of variety but we never went hungry. There are severall places to choose from for the evening meals - the main buffett, Italian, Mexican, Turkish and Indian. At lunch you can go to the buffet, the snack bar by the ampitheatre or there is a sandwich bar open by the beach. Breakfast is always in he main buffet hall.

For me, what really made the holiday were the Animation team. As the hotel is part of an italian owned chain there were two sets of Animateurs, Columbus Group (Italian) and hotel (Tunisian). All are very friendly but the best were definitely the Hotel Animation team. The entertainment starts just before 10am and finishes after the shows - roughly 11pm. We got to know all the team well and would love to thank Rio, Issa, Walid, Adam and Ben for all the fun times we had!! We taught them a game called 'Hi Harry' - ask any of them about it and i'm sure they'll teach you! Great times!!! Most speak really good English apart from a few but all will speak to you as soon as you get to know them and they recognise your face. Just be prepared to take part in many of the games and some shows though!!

All in all - The best Holiday EVER!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 17th of July 2009

Fantastic hotel - loved it

Reviewed Wed 5th of December 2012

"Just had 2 weeks here with my husband and 3 kids and our friends who have 2 kids and had a fantastic time and cannot find fault in this hotel at all, we didn't want to leave! The hotel was lovely and clean and very well run with helpful english speaking staff and the grounds are beautiful. We had a twin 4 room which was a good size and had a screen to divide the room between the kids beds and ours which was a nice touch for some privacy, there was also a fridge in the room. The 4 bedded rooms are in the main hotel block so are nice and close to the restaurant etc.
The pools are lovely, very clean and there are plenty of beds so we didn't have to get up early and save any but there are still some people who feel the need to do the early morning dash to bag some beds. There are 3 sections of the main pool for children. The aquapark is great, 5 slides, very safe and a big hit with the children but this only opened on the 1st june and closes in sep.
Beach, one word - beautiful!!
The food is really good, plenty of choice and all well cooked although the main restuarant did seem to get very busy and we prefered a more informal lunch at the snack bar and the sandwich bar offered a nice change when it opened on the 1st june also. There are 4 al a carte restuarants and we ate in the italian and indian and the food and service was brill but the 4 courses were hard to endure with 5 kids under 6 but i can imagine it would be a lovely experience for couples or families with older kids.
If you are a cocktail lover you'll be happy here as there are daily specials at the pool and lobby bar and in the evening a cocktail bar opens with 3 differant drinks each night and there is a self service cocktail in the lobby everyday. My husband gave the beer his seal of approval and the spirits are definately not watered down. The bars are also a bit busy at times at night and its hard not to get annoyed with the italians pushing in when the rest of us are queing but its not bad enough that it'll ruin your hols.
The entertainment staff are hardworking and the shows are fairly good, we just enjoy having something to watch and the kids enjoyed mini disco and the shows everynight and they were quite often welcomed onto the stage to do the club dance at the end of the evening which they loved.
The kids club was very good with good facilities and fab staff and a full schedule of activities including once a week taking the children to lunch and then on a differant day dinner which our children loved and it was very well orgainised with the children having their own food to choose from.
The area the hotel is in doesn't have a lot going for it but there is a few shops just down the road and a big supermarket which is the best place to do any shopping as its loads cheaper the the hotel.
We did one trip into mahdia which was easy enough by catching a taxi outside the hotel for 2 pounds each way and there is plenty of shops and some sightseeing but one trip was enough for us.
I think i've covered everything!!!! Overall fab hotel, not many english people and lots of italians as its part owned by an italian company but this didn't bother us. Go there!!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 8th of June 2009

Not much Caribbean in this world

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"I stayed at this hotel with my bay daughter, my friend, my brother and my niece.
First appearance was very good, the hotel looked lovely inside and out. Staff very friendly especially Issa and Ahmed (think they've left now, sorry - they were the best!).
The rooms are spacious and clean. Loved the beach area and the alcohol quantities lol!
Ok, downsides. As you may have read it's Brits against the world. We were the only English family there at the times and even more amazing to our fellow guests some of us are from West Indian heritage so the stares did get uncomfortable and very annoying! The food. Not nice, theres a prominade of shops to the left of the hotel, would suggest a couple visits there through out the holiday.
On our last day we travelled to Sousse and had a lovely evening out. I would definately recommend that part of Tunisia for a holiday, lots more to do, eat and explore. This area is more "buzzing" then Mahdia. If all you want is to leave your bed, go to the pool, eat, pool, eat, watch a show, bed and do it all again for 7 days Caribbean World is for you!

Hope this helps."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 10th of February 2009

You get what you pay for! but perfecly acceptable....

Reviewed Fri 30th of November 2012

"Summary - Caribbean World Mahdia Tunisia is at best average. My girlfriend and I went for a last minute getaway and paid £550 each for 7 days (inc flight) from the 16th to the 23rd August 2008. The rooms are spacious and clean and staff pleasant. Scary taxi ride from the airport and its Britain against the world as the only other English voices we heard were the Rep’s but maybe that’s the point and a good thing.

Food - The food was ok at best but not great; after a week of Pasta and average food doused in salt you do yearn for fish and chips though.

Locals - The tour sales people get annoying at times but if you ignore them they will go away. Locals seemed pretty chilled but be warned if you engage them in conversation they are only interested in your money plain and simple so don’t lead them on for a joke as they will get pretty upset! Ive warned you 

Hotel - The pools was always clean and well kept however the local ‘cats’ do sleep on the sun loungers overnight so don’t get one by the bushes! Oh and they drink from the pool!! Beat the Germans and Italians to the sun loungers by getting up at 6 to set yours out! If you can’t beat them join them I say  the nightly shows were very cheesy, but all in good fun so take some drinks and settle in for a chuckle.

Local Market – Worth a visit, no mither but expensive, we found everything we bought at the market for half the price at the airport on out way home and believe me we haggled with the best of them! For example a small pack of 10 spices was 10 Dinar, at the airport it was 4!! But hey it’s all about the experience which was fun. I suggest having your money in one pocket and say 10 dinar in another so you can plausibly take the 10 out saying its all you have, walk away and they will fold ;-)

Beach and Sea – Excellent, superb…

Result – We wouldn’t go back as I think this place needs to develop for 10 years yet but we were made welcome as long as the locals thought we had some money but overall it was fine."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 5th of September 2008

A lovely 1 week stay!

Reviewed Thu 11th of October 2012

"My Partner and I (aged 28 & 29) stayed at this Hotel for 1 week during early June 08. We went on a last min cheap & cheerful to celebrate my Birthday... and we did celebrate!
I was worried about going, not only to this hotel but to Tunisia in general because there didn't seem to be that many English reviews and most people would refer to us visiting Tunisia as ''your not going there are you!'' which I now know was completely unnecessary.

Here's what we thought...

On arrival the hotel seemed fine, nothing special but nothing horrible. We were taken to a room which I really didn’t like as it was out the front of the main hotel which made you feel to out of the way from where everything was, also I didn’t like the balcony because straight opposite was someone else’s balcony (that was the view!).
We soon sorted this with reception, they were very happy to help and straight away changed our room but it was still no good. 3rd room later we were given one that was more ocean/pool based (the rear of the main hotel). We were happy and reception were happy we were happy!!
There is a money exchange place in the lobby part with a very helpful chap, we changed our cash up little and often because once changed to Tunisian money you cant change back to £ in the hotel. This exchange place is open pretty much all day and evening, which is helpful.

Spacious and cleaned well daily, some mozzies (not loads) so best bring a mosquito machine or something to save being bitten!

The pool area was great, a really big pool with a large bar that was one side swim up and the other side on land with chairs and tables to sit and relax (limited alcohol to beer and wine only and sort drinks here). Animation happened around the pool area but nothing hectic. We didn’t ever get involved and were never pressured to either which was good (not like some places)
The area around the pool was always packed early as in towels securing sun beds but no people... if you like the pool you best get there early to secure a place for yourself! I did fine this annoying as I’m sure people use to get up about 6am, put there towels out and go back to bed (naughty really) however you cant do much amount it so we took the view, if you cant beat them joint them!

BEACH (one word)
I loved it here and spent most our week just chilling out! The sand is white and as soft as talc; the sea is so warm and clear. It really is like a bath!
The beach does get busy but not as bad as the pool area. We didn’t ever struggle getting beds.
The beach isn’t private to the hotel, it is a long stretch of beach like a cove, you can walk to the town from the hotel along the beach but it is a bit of a trek! There are locals trying to sell you stuff along the beach but always from a far as the security guard (who just looks like a life guard with a walkie talkie) is always watching and stopping them approaching the guests. Very helpful! There is always a breeze around the beach that is really nice as you never feel to hot and sweaty but you also don’t realise how hot it is so be careful not to burn (as I did)
There are many water sports to do if you want it from hiring of Jet Ski's to Para sailing and banana boats (not free on your all inclusive but very reasonable)
The beach is a minimal walk from the pool area so refreshments are never far away. There is a juice bar just off the beach with a water station also. This is the same place where you can get the sandwiches from if don’t fancy a big meal (we grabbed something from here most days for lunch)!

It is ok. Much like the previous review said you could always find something you'll like!
You have the buffet in the main restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch and evening meals. You have an outside sort of pizza place just off the pool area and (as already mentioned) the sandwich bar by the beach. You also have (for evenings only) a choice of novelty restaurant to eat in (Chinese, Indian, Italian and Mexican) I prefered to eat in these on an evening as it felt a bit more of a civilised place to eat with waiter service and less people rushing around. All are set menus, my favourite was the Mexican!

There are 2 main bars .. pool and hotel lobby, there is also a conference room which has a bar and opens if there is any sport on to watch on the big screen.

Generally the hotel is very nice, the people very freindly and always willing to want to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.
The hotel does mainly cater for Italians firstly, Germans, Sweeds and Dutch next and Russians and English finally. This was not a problem to us and it's not the hotels fault this is the case it's just purely that they tend not to get much English visiting and even I don’t know why! The staff really like the English and said they wish more would come but that most tend to visit Souse.
I have been to Skanes a few years ago but honestly preferred this hotel and area of Tunisia. For a get away it’s great!
All in all I really enjoyed by birthday day and week away and would recommend this place to you.
If you are wondering what this place is like for children than I would say it is fine, there is a kids club that takes place every day that all the children seemed to enjoy. I don’t have kids myself but I would say there seemed like a lots of fun things for them to do and this hotel is a good place for them to be.
Finally. If you are wanting a 5 star mainly English speaking report with English food this place is NOT it, if you are wanting fab weather, a holiday that’s cheap and cheerful in price, a relaxing time around nice surroundings and friendly Tunisian people than you shouldn’t go wrong! A plus also is the flight time, only 2 hrs 40 minutes!!
Would I go back? No but only because there are just as nice places to visit and more of the world to see. Would I recommend this hotel and place of Tunisia? Yes."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 22nd of June 2008

Fantastic time

Reviewed Fri 30th of November 2012

"What a fantastic hotel. The staff are extremely friendly and go out of their way to ensure you have a good stay.
Yes we were the only English family staying at the hotel (7 of us) however that suits us fine.
The fact that we were english afforded us some special interest from the animation team who were all eager to practice their English.
The animation team were absolutely fantastic. Not a family who usually get involed int he poolside entertainment, we could not help ourselves here. Special mention to RIO who made our stay so enjoyable and who has sent us text messages to see how we are since!
The food is average, nothing wrong with it, but slightly monotonous. Having said that, never went away with an empty stomach.
All in all a wonderful trip and we are already planning on returning next year."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 3rd of June 2008

Average Price Average Hotel

Reviewed Sat 22nd of December 2012

"Caribbean World Monastir Tunisia is an average hotel. The rooms are spacious enough and they are kept relatively clean. The staff is certainly in no hurry.

As usual in these countries, the beds were hard and the sheets a bit rough. They did make the beds and change the linens and towels daily.

The food was good, but not great. The meals got a bit repetative over a two week period.

The tour sales people got a bit annoying at times. If you ignore them they will go away.

The pools and common areas were always clean and well kept. The waterslides were on only at certain times and are in a salt water pool. The pool by the beach is fresh water, but is a bit small.

While it is ungodly hot in Monastir in the summer, there is plently of shade and the breeze keeps you plenty cool.

The entertainment team was quite nice, and they all spoke English. They were fascinated to meet "U.S." Americans, and quickly made friends with us and the kids to practice their English. Timo and Diddo were great fun and really entertained the adults and kids alike.

The nightly shows were cheesy, but all in good fun, and the kids truly enjoyed them.

Over all we had a great vacation, but will not likely be back, as there are too many other places to go!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 21st of January 2008

never again

Reviewed Sat 20th of October 2012

"food was awful, i am not to fussy but can only describe this as slop, does anyone reading this have curry for breakfast??
only one other english family in hotel and they had their mob phones pinched"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 27th of October 2007

clean and friendly hotel

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"Louise & Anthony from Lancashire.
We have just returned from a trip to this Hotel 2-9th Sept 2007 a last minute get away, under £750 for both of us All Inclusive.
We enjoyed the holiday very much we are a couple in our mid 30's to be fair we were only 2 of 4 british people staying at the hotel this particular week but to be honest we prefer hotels that are not predominatly English we have travelled to many places far and wide and find that the british do moan about the food ect whilst in foreign hotels we are the sort of couple that accept egg and chips is not widly available in foriegn countries especially not in North Africa. Talking about food in this hotel yes it caters mainly for the Italians because the hotel is owned by Columbus Club which is an Italian firm but use your imagination to create the meal you want and you shouldnt be disappointed. There is fresh omlets and eggs cooked to your liking in the breakfast sevice and in the evening various meats and fish cooked on the BBQ, we did book and eat at the Indian, Chinese & Mexican which are a set menu's (same each night) but is waiter service which makes a nice change, we did enjoy all of them and if you book for a time early enough (alow 1hr ish) if you dont like it then you can still catch the main resteraunt and grab what you want before it shuts. The variety of fruit available is great as a desert. Ice Cream is also available but only seved at meal times in main restaraunt and only in a cone! 3 flavours per day.
The setting of the hotel is very nice and the pools, paths and gardens kept very tidy and clean. The beach looked lovely and the sea very clean but never managed to get a place on the beach to enjoy it, the down side to this hotel was that our european commerades must be used to very early starts in the mornings cause we were up at around 8.30am each day and all the beds on the beach had towels on them! But having said that we spent most of our time round the "Relax Pool" (which was quiet) not the main pool (which is where the entetainments team hang about) and there were beds available some days up until 1pm around both pools.
If you want to be occupied all day with activities then this is the hotel for you it starts with Archery at 10.30am and continues with Water Polo ect throughout the day last activity at 5.30pm.
In our opinion though the entertainment team (there is 20 of them!) could have channelled thier energy in to better evening entertainment/shows. We got Miss Carribean World and we were unfortunate to also encounter Mr & Mrs Carribean World, both in the 1 week that we were there (Audience taking off their shoes, and items of clothing etc for the volunteers taking part. Its just not our 'cup of tea') and we also got a fashion show of Tunisian costume in our opinion thats not an animation team entertaning us its the audience entertaining everyone! Even for the fashion show they asked members of the audience to model the costumes which was totally the most boring thing we have ever experienced as a form of entertainment on holiday. Maybe we have been spoiled over the years by the entertainment teams we have come to meet on our travels I don't know? But at the same time we feel that we must say that the 'Night at the Musicals' was the best show of the week very well coriographed and very entertaining! You take the rough with the smooth don't you! We just think that if there is 20 member strong entertainments team that we would have got better variety than what we got on our 7 night stay thats all.
The waiters were always happy to talk and make conversation with us and in some ways found pleasure in talking English to us not hiding the fact that they were suprised to here the English accent from time to time because of us being a minority in the hotel we always had a hello or a 'We have Asda prices' whenever we walked passed the hotel shop.
Mahdia itself is very pretty the medina is alot smaller than Sousse or Monastir and again an English accent is an attraction to all shop owners so just be aware of this. We got the impression that English tour operators are an new addition to this part of Tunisia as mentioned before it is Italian dominated with German, French & Russian being the other nationalities we came accross.
Its only a 40min transfer from Monastir to the hotel but this may have been because we were the only people from our Thomson flight staying in the resort, therefore we had a direct taxi transfer waiting for just us. We had booked our transfer with Medhotels.com we didnt book a direct transfer we booked a transfer that we thought would be dropping off at other hotels on the way purely because it was the cheapest so this direct taxi was an added bonus to our holiday.
All in all we had a very relaxing holiday and we would consider a return to this hotel or any other Carribean World Resort Hotel for that matter based on our experience here and would also consider it if we returned with children as all the kiddies seemed very happy and entertained from dawn till dusk which cant be a bad thing can it!
***OH! one other thing to tell you about is at this hotel the Air Conditioning is only switched on for 11hrs between 5pm-4am***
?wether this was the time of year we went I dont know? But it was sufficient as we left the patio door slightly ajar the sea breeze is ok for during the day and cool at night when air con is off. (Sept day temp 35ish at night 25ish) Just thought I should tell you of that because we arrived at 5am and it was hot! and a shock that we could not turn air con on! We noticed the sign on reception when we change our currency the next morning!
Another nice thing to know is that we didnt suffer any stomach upsets (and we did eat alot as most people do on holiday) nor did we see any other guests clutching their tummies throughout our stay but admittedly we dont speak any other languages to be able to understand if they were complaining of this.
If you choose to book this hotel we wish you as relaxing a stay as we had. We think if you go with an open mind as we did you would enjoy it. And we hope that we have have given as true an opinion of the hotel to help you make the right choice for the type of holiday you require. All the Best to Ya."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 17th of September 2007

England Versus the rest of the World!!

Reviewed Wed 5th of December 2012

"Family of 4 (children aged 5 and 7) stayed in Caribbean World, Mahdia for 2 weeks from 11th to 25th June. Hotel staff very friendly and hotel clean. Food ok but other cater more for other nationalities. Entertainment for children very good. However, lack of English company at the hotel. Only 2 other English ladies staying in the hotel for 1 week, then there were just the 4 of us. Mainly Italians, Germans and French. We found the hotel very noisy on evenings and did not get a lot of sleep due to continuous door slamming. Just a shame that other nationalities don't have the respect for other people as we do."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 26th of June 2006

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