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Loved this hotel. It was clean, tidy. Th...

Reviewed Fri 7th of September 2007

"Loved this hotel. It was clean, tidy. The rooms were very spacious. The cleaners were polite and very thorough and they came every day.

The lifeguard was very funny and probably made our holiday he was always laughing with everyone and making jokes.

There were many entertainers which were very good. The bar staff were friendly and polite. All of the staff can speak very good English.

I would recommend Yasmine Hammamet as it is a lovely place. The medina should definitely be visited which is just down the road from the flora Park hotel. There is lots to see and do there.

Nightlife - very good lots to do many bars to choose from. The British bar is about 10 minutes walk away. Many tourists in there but everyone talks to everyone making it a great atmosphere. There is a good choice of music too.

Once I have visited all of the other countries that I would like to see I would return to Tunisia at the same hotel."

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of September 2007

As a young couple we really just wanted...

Reviewed Thu 19th of July 2007

"As a young couple we really just wanted a cheap, relaxing break in the sun, and that is exactly what we got! Staff were really nice but it became clear that there is an ulterior motive to try to blag your goodies off you!

The hotel is beautiful and there weren't many children there which was a bonus for us. Food was better than expected, quite a good range, generally good quality and something for everyone.

Very clean! Staff helpful and honest. Warning though, there is an entertainment team usually around the pool and music playing at the pool that isn't to everyone’s taste. Evening entertainment isn't good but the bar is a good place to relax.

If you want somewhere to go out at night this wouldn't be the place, it is safer to stay in resort at night and as this is purpose built there are mainly hotels, not pubs and clubs.

No mosques in Hammamet Yasmine that I was aware of, so you aren't woken up by their early morning calls.

The hotel does not allow food/drink to be brought in from outside so must sneak it in as very strict!

There is a tour operator on site who will hassle you everyday, as well as a 'photographer' who will take photos of you and then attempt to charge you for them!

Weather wasn't very hot at the beginning of June but apparently 40'C in mid July! ouch!

This is an honest review, and I have pointed out all the downsides, however it was a really good holiday and the fact that the hotel had a private section of the beach was extra special. I would go back!

Not recommended for those who can't haggle or stand horrible flight times. Avoid if even slightly naive.

Otherwise fabulous!

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  • Travel date: Thu 19th of July 2007

2 adults and two children. We had two la...

Reviewed Mon 16th of July 2007

"2 adults and two children. We had two large rooms with interconnecting doors which worked out very well. (One adult, my sister in one room and me and my two kids in the other).
The staff were lovely, the food was very nice - no complaints even from my sister who is so fussy with food. Drinks worked out at about £5.00 per night with our meal which was unbelievably cheap.

The room was immaculate and the water was piping hot every time we used it, which was many times each day between us. The indoor pool was like a warm bath. It was medium sized and very clean.

The beautician/boutique was great. Between us, me and my sister had every treatment they offered. One each, per day. They work out at half the price of English treatments ( mud baths, mud wrap, facials, pedicures, manicures, massages etc...) A short walk from the shops and beach, in fact it was a lovely walk down a long wide road passing all the other hotels. You could see the see in the short distance.

Walk about 10 mins max. Beach was lovely and clean. We used facilities at other hotels as they really don’t mind. In fact you are encouraged to do so.

The food in the restaurants (lunch) was great. It was about £20.00 equivalent for all of us to each a big lunch and have drinks.

I am definitely going back this year. It was such a good experience. Very friendly people. The trying-to-sell-you-stuff got on our nerves a bit but we were two women with no men in tow. We could handle it though and it wasn’t as bad as people had warned me about. We took the two day trip to Sahara. It was cheap and the experience of a lifetime. Do it. You won’t regret it.

I charged up the kids Nintendo’s for the trip down their but to be honest it wasn’t needed. And they are only 6 and 9. All in all 8 out of 10 for this hotel. Wonderful.

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  • Travel date: Mon 16th of July 2007

A real shame - could be a lovely hotel b...

Reviewed Thu 21st of June 2007

"A real shame - could be a lovely hotel but isn't. Food very basic - cutlery and other basic necessities at dinner and breakfast were not provided (for example, we had to ask for egg cups every morning and then were given just one each morning to share, no tea spoons and no tea bags every morning for a week).

Most staff didn't really appear to do anything. Most importantly, this was anything but a quiet hotel. The staff take liberties to play loud dance music round the pool during the day (and you can't escape from it as it’s a small hotel). Also, the hotel next door is loud and there is no escape. There are so many other cheap and better options in Tunisia, it is not worth going to this hotel.

Also, Yasmine Hammamet is still very much under construction and the marina is almost completely inaccessible (there are no views as it is blocked by machinery etc).

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  • Travel date: Thu 21st of June 2007

My wife and I stayed here for 2 weeks in...

Reviewed Thu 9th of November 2006

"My wife and I stayed here for 2 weeks in October.

The hotel
We arrived at the hotel about 2am there was nowhere to get a drink, as the bar was closed and there are no tea and coffee making facilities in the hotel room. So I advise you to take some water with you for when you get there as you will need it to brush your teeth in the morning.
There is small shop on site but i warn you it is exspensive you can get English papers over there but they are 3 days late and cost you about £2. The bar opens about 9 O'Clock in the morning until midnight the bar staff are very friendly.

The Resort
If you like bartering then this is the place to go everytime you walked past a shop or market stall you are hassled thay start of by saying "You English" if you ignore them they follow you down the street. There are a few fixed price shops in the resort where you don't get hassled.

There is a private section of beach that is owned by the hotel with a sncak bar (which was closed while we were there!) there is member of staff from the hotel there who gives you a sun lounger. The only draw back of the beach is it is not cleaned is rubbish over the beach and something that looked like poo all over the beach.


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  • Travel date: Thu 9th of November 2006

My husband and l had a wonderful holiday...

Reviewed Fri 15th of September 2006

"My husband and l had a wonderful holiday at this hotel it was clean, food was always nice and freshly cooked nothing was to much trouble for the staff, room was always kept clean and a nice little touch was added when they made the beds with the top sheet made to look like a fan.

We made friends with another couple whilst we were there and it was her partners birthday the staff made such a fuss of him, made him a cake.

The hotel is really nice l would say for couples not so much families as the is no kids club but that is fine for us so much so we are looking at going back in October."

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  • Travel date: Fri 15th of September 2006

Quiet times at The Flora Park!

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"Two weeks from July 22. OK but not a 4* by any means. Pool and kids stuff very good ...... staff very good ........ rooms small and no bidet in bathrooms ..... food OK and good value (if paid for when booking). Entertainment was hit and missish but children loved it. Beer OK but wine is only soso. Daytrip to Carthage was enjoyable and reasonably well run. Lots of locals will try to rip you off ...... don't be afraid to check your change or taxi-meter. All in all pretty good!
A word of advice - bring your drinks wrapped in a towel in your beach bag or Hannibal (at the guardhouse) will confiscate. Enjoy!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 19th of August 2006

Lovely Holiday

Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2012

"The holiday got off to a bit of a rocky start having arrived at the hotel only to find that our room wasn't ready, our telly didn't work and we didn't have sufficient towels and pillows, but that was soon remedied and we were looking forward to the days ahead.

The hotel itself was very nice albeit quite basic. The aircon worked mostly and the staff were very friendly although they did short-change us occasionally which we soon put right. The pool was lovely and kept very clean and there was never a shortage of sunbeds.

The resident hotel 'animators' were fantastic. They created a very happy atmosphere for the clients and there was never a dull moment at the poolside. The entertainment at the hotel was a bit repetitive, but great fun all the same.

They do have a policy not to bring drinks or food into the hotel, but we smuggled them in using a beach bag and they were none the wiser as drinks are more expensive in the hotel. We did buy drinks in the hotel as well as they do have to make a living!!

The food was fab. The menu was full of all the things we like. Lovely salads and the hot food was very good. Their desserts were definitely a must. I guess it would be more difficult to please young children as there was very little fast food, i.e. pizza and chips, but a good opportunity for them to experience other things.

I definitely didn't like the pressure selling in the market (medina). It certainly was an experience.

On the whole we had a lovely holiday, we met some lovely people. I would certainly recommend the hotel, it had a personal touch which some of the other bigger hotels lacked."

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  • Travel date: Sat 19th of August 2006

Excellent Stay!

Reviewed Wed 19th of December 2012

"As we approached the hotel it looked quite petite but cosy. We loved our spacious rooms and were impressed by the cleanliness. the service was good as we were given drinks as we checked in and help with our luggage. we were able to change our room with little trouble when my sister was disturbed by some noise from the medina (which is a few minutes walk) on the first night and were then given a lovely pool view room. the suites are lovely as we viewed one! The pools are quite nice and there's usually activities going on such as aerobics in the mornings which is great fun...there is also entertainment in the evening which my mum enjoyed greatly.
the food is nice....we loved the lasagne and the deserts but after a week you could get fed up with the same food croppin up.
The location is excellent as the -beach is only a few minutes walk away on the right(with our own little section from our hotel) and theres a huge new medina a few minutes away on the left...i also believd yasmine hammamet was the cleanest as it is newly built. There is also regular buses and "noddy" trains(which is reallly fun) going into hammamet and nabeul(which is worth going for the markets).. on the way to hamammet there are louages available to go to other places like tunis or sousse as taxis could be expensive.
the night life is good in hammamet..only 5mins in the taxi....theres a whole area with bars and clubs or "discos" as they like to call it , that play some english music aswell as tunisian....but i'd recommend girls to take male company if youd rather not get hassled.

Overall we loved the holiday! My mum, 52, was able to relax greatly and my sisters and i 15-23 loved every minute of it and would love to go back.
The hotel doesn't have the full 4* potential but as it is small and cosy, it has a relaxed atmosphere and the hotel staff are extrememly freindly! It was a good hotel for us youngsters as we ddin't spend the whole day there and just used it to eat and sleep and have a break after we moved on to the next activity. wouldn't recommend it to couples or people looking for luxury."

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  • Travel date: Fri 18th of August 2006

Nice hotel but not a standard of a 4*

Reviewed Wed 19th of December 2012

"We stayed at Flora park boutique for 1 week from August 2nd to 9th. There was 3 of us, Myself, my 9yr old son and my friend.
Overall this hotel is clean but not to a standard of a 4* more like a 3*.
When we arrived at the hotel we had been riped off by the taxi driver. We were supposed to book our transfer online before we left the UK but because we left it to the last minute, missed the cut off time so we could only book tranfers on departure. We had no option but to get a taxi from the airport. At the airport we had agreed 90 dinars but we got to the hotel he showed us the meter which said 130 dinars. His excuse was the he had to pay the toll, put gas in his car and we had asked him to turn on the aircon which is an extra 10% charge. After 10mins of arguing he dropped the price to 120 dinars. In the end we decided just to pay as we had been travelling for hours with delays and we just wanted to get to our room. I asked the hotel receptionist how much a taxi is from Tunis to this hotel and she said no more than 80dinars, when I told her how much we paid she looked suprised and said we paid too much.

On first impressions the hotel looks moden and clean with tradtional decor. We were greeted with cold drink at reception which was really sweet tasting but nice.
Our room also clean but there was a few things wrong. First the TV was missing, there was 3 of us but only 2 towels, no shampoo, soap or hand towels in the bathroom and the toilet wouldn't flush. I telephoned the reception desk and asked them to sort it out. We had to wait a bit but thankfully the the toilet was fixed and we got the towels and toiletries. As for the tv, firstly we were told we would have it in the evening, come the evening we were told the maintenence man has taken it and it would be tomorrow, The next day we were told in the afternoon and in the afternoon I called and threated to leave the hotel unless we got the TV. Finally when we were out they replaced the TV. The hotel does not have tea/coffee making facilities in the rooms nor does it have an iron if you need to iron your clothes, so I suggest you take your own.

The food was not bad, we were half board although I'm sure I booked bed and breakfast. They have chefs who make omeletes and crepes outside on the patio for breakfast which we enjoyed. Dinner was ok too, quite healthly. The couscous was lovely as was the salads. Some days they had chips but to be honest I only saw that twice. The waiters love children, they were always friendly to my son, patting him on the head etc.

We didn't change our money at the hotel but in the airport we when we arrived and i'm glad we did because the exchange rate was better in the airport and there's no commision. The hotel policy is not to take food/drinks into the hotel. We managed to get away with it by hiding them in our bags everytime we went out. The fidge/minibar was locked. It seemed to open with any old key but was empty and switched off. once turned on we stocked up on drinks/water and chocolate.

Overall our stay was ok but could have been better. If I was to visit Hammamet Yasmine again I wouldn't stay at Flora Park just because the standards weren't there."

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  • Travel date: Tue 15th of August 2006

This hotel was clean, the pool was good,...

Reviewed Fri 4th of August 2006

"This hotel was clean, the pool was good, the food was good, the staff were friendly and polite, they are on low pay so a 10% tip on purchases will be appreciated, just remember that a Dinar is only 42p. Entertainment was not that good; there is good entertainment on the big stage in the medina at night.

Bad points, the fire escape that serves rooms 131 – 146 - 231 - 246 and 331 - 346 is pad locked at night, the instructions for actions in the event of a fire will lead you to this locked door. the instructions also instructs guests to close the room doors as you evacuate, this action would leave guests stranded in smoke filled corridors, without the option of returning to rooms to escape over the balcony.

Also at this hotel, I noticed poolside lamps with missing bulbs, at a height accessible to young children and with nothing to seal of the electrical connections.

I reported these concerns to the reception and to the rep from Med Hotels however nothing was done. I would not return to this hotel, due to these safety concerns."

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  • Travel date: Fri 4th of August 2006

the good the bad and the need to know!

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"We stayed at the Melia Floar Park hotel in hammamet Jasmine for 2 weeks at the
start of June 2006. The airport is very basic with nowhere to get drinks, so
take some with you, also, the card they give you to fill in on the plane, do it
on the plane or it will take you ages to get through passport control!
when you exit the airport beware the bag pushers, they will try very hard to
push your trolly with your bags, even forcing you out of the way to do it, but
they will ask for money in either dinar or pounds when they get to your coach.
transfer time to the hotel is about and hour and a half and is pleasant enough.Â
the hotel itself is about 5 mins walk from the beach and is very impressive
looking, the receptions area is like something from aladin, the rooms are nice
with good bathrooms, clean beds and a fridge that works, some of the rooms A/C
is a bit dodgey so watch out.
the pool is cleaned every night and is nice to sit around during the day, they
also own part of the beach which has free sunbeds if you prefer that, just
beware of the people trying to sell you fruit or -- occasionally.
the food is lovely, especially the custard filled proffiterol things, they offer
a range from bread rolls, salad, fish, meat, pasta and fruit, all of it is fresh
if you get there early, if not then give it an hour or so and they replace it
with new fresh food!
the entertainment is poor, and the guy going about shouting "waterpolo" or
"aquagym" gets a bit annoying, and the evening entertainment is nopt worth a
look, except show fakir where they walk on glass, put their heads on swords etc.
the beauty salon downstairs is a BIG no no, try the one down the road instead,
the one in the hotel is very badly run and on our experience almost started an
international problem!
the local area is full of little shops selling all sorts of souvineer that need
to be haggled down, some things can be haggled down to about half price with a
bit of practice, just ignore their sob stories!.  expect to get pulled in to
every shop or stall you see and be hassled all the way around. Â
the bank is close by so if you need money get it out of the hole in the wall as
its a better exchange rate DO NOT CHANGE MONEY AT THE HOTEL, it is a lower rate,
just pull money out at the bank! not many places except card anyway so cash is
the theme park, carthage land, was closed when we went as a ride collapsed and
killed 2 people, so go at your own risk and ensure you have insurance!Â
the medina is ok, BUT , women especially will get looked at, eyed up, chatted
up, pinched bums, called claudia chifer etc, this was our main gripe about the
whole country as it just doesnt happen here (if it did they would end up hurt
insome cases!) so just ignore them or tell them to shut up, either way works!
the market in neubal on a friday is horrible, its a mile long and is very hot
and busy, and to be honest they only sell the same stuff as in the medina down
the road.
hammamet is nice, and has another medina which is similar to the one down the
its worth a visit just to see the place and has a few fixed price shops and
restaurants to go and see, just be sure to check the quality of goods before you
buy and dont show and interest unless you are seriously thinking about buying
the closest supermarketto the hotel is 20 mins walk away and sells everything
you need. wine is cheap even for the expensive bottles, you need to check the
beer though as some (even stella) is alcohol free as some of our friends
discovered! i would personally recomend buying the alcohol at the airport on
the way out as the supermarket only sells things like vodka and wisky, and not
eben nice ones, so duty free it to be safe.
when going to buy crisps and chocolate etc take a bag to hide it in asyour not
really allowed to bring in food or drink to the hotel, i got stopped by the
guard at the door who doesnt speak english but after nodding my head and saying
yes a lot i finally walked off with my goodies!
overall the holiday is nice but 2 weeks is just a little long unless you really
want to just relax and do NOTHING as there really is not a lot to do.Â
i hope my review has encouraged you to go to tunisia and gives you some insight
in to what to expect."

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  • Travel date: Sat 8th of July 2006

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