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  • 5 room
  • 4 pool
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  • 4 service
  • 4 value
  • 4 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 3 location

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Fantastic Holiday

Reviewed Fri 2nd of August 2013

"This Magic Life Hotel is extremely good, food excellent, room very big, cleaners do good job, Entertainment Team Fantastic, The English entertainer Amy was extremely good she always had a smile from early morning till late evening, nothing was too much trouble. all hotel staff spoke a little English as the Hotel is mainly German Austrian or Russian guests. The Evening shows fantastic, Dancers were very good.

Would recommend this Hotel, and will go back next year. "

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  • Travel date: Tue 30th of July 2013

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  • 3 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

Pucka Doodle

Reviewed Wed 19th of December 2012

"Wow from the moment we arrived to the moment we left everything was perfect, all the staff were helpful and polite, the rooms were very clean at all times, the choice and quality of food was outstanding, and as for the entertainers they were all great and so friendly, there was absolutly everything there, we made so many friends Adel, Ridna, Angelika, Natashia,Suat,Glacey,Julia,Estha to name just a few.
This was the best holiday we have had for a very long time, and cannot wait to go back.
Patrick & Dawn"

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  • Travel date: Wed 29th of July 2009


Reviewed Tue 18th of December 2012

"nice area with good peple but dond go to the markets cause local are aggresive there hotel very good and mediterenean weather."

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of July 2009

Great hotel, great food, friendly helpful staff

Reviewed Sun 18th of November 2012

"From the moment we arrived - 23.35 - myself, wife, daughter (23) son (20), we were made to feel very welcome. Slight problem with air con in one of the two rooms, but engineers came quickly when we asked. Daughter got throat infection, but the on site nurse callad a doctor, and she was seen in 45 minutes at hotel. Receptionist colleceted medecine from Pharmacy. Very helpful Maike Mahmoud, customer relations, answered every query we had. Lovely food in buffect, and all three A La Catre restaurants. we especially liked the Thai, and went twice. Staff - bar staff, waiters, enetratinment staff all gave the impression they were enjoying their jobs, and not just pretending to be happy to serve you. Speical thanks to Adele in the Captain bar, who came to find me in the restaurant after I left my wallet on one of his tables. (And he does some amazing tricks at the bar!) Not too many brits among the 700 or so guests - German, Russian and some French, but all the staff spoke good English. Good entertainment, too. Great experience all round. Would recommend,a dn would go again!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 17th of July 2009

Five Star Luxury with friendly, attentive staff

Reviewed Tue 9th of October 2012

"If you are thinking of going to Tunisia this year, then do all you can to book the Magic Life Africana Imperial! We have recently returned from a weeks holiday here, travelling as a group of four 50-somethings, and had a fantastic time. Don't expect to find the place crawling with Brits, as it is very much Germans, Russians and Dutch who holiday here, but the entertainment caters for everyone. Talking of entertainment, there is something to do all day long if you want to (try Volley Ball with Tariq - he's great!) and there are regular shows to keep everyone amused. We didn't feel isolated at all, as the staff work very hard to include everyone and the day-time entertainment staff are also to be found strutting their stuff with guests at the Reggae night etc! Beach towels are available and can be exchanged for fresh ones every day . The rooms are spacious and when we arrived the housekeeping staff had pulled out all the stops to make the room wonderfully inviting with flowers and towel art! Tunisia is known for it's beach sellers, but the Africana Imperial have Security staff on the beach keeping touts away from guests. We rode the banana boat on the beach which was free and we could have tried wind surfing and sailing too, if we'd had time. The main restaurant groans with food and if you can't find something you fancy, then you can't be hungry!!! We had a great holiday and can't wait to return."

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  • Travel date: Sun 12th of July 2009

Not the best of Magic Life

Reviewed Tue 18th of December 2012

"To start with this does not get a big English clientel (probably because of the cost) and is mainly German and Russian. We like this as the Germans accept a higher standard than the English. Having been to the Seven Seas ML in Turkey and found it to be a great hotel, we decided to try this one as all ML's are all supposed to be to the same standard. According to the hotel blurb this hotel is now a 'singles and couples' hotel. I don't believe Thomsons or the German TA's send families, however the Russians still do. This meant we were over-run with Russian children and also Tunisian children. The only pool younger children could use was the relax pool (which has a shallow end)as the hotel have covered over the childrens pool. As we were after a relatively quiet relaxing trip, it was thus a bit of a disaster.
The food was also not up to the standard I expect for a ML. There was quite a large selection, however most dishes were generally dried-up (even the scambled egg at 07 15 in the morning).
Apart from the above we enjoyed our holiday and will visit Tunisia again, but not this hotel.
It was a typical ML resort, with clean rooms, good staff and a lovely beach with plenty of activities, however the children and food put us off."

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  • Travel date: Thu 2nd of July 2009

Exelent, go there!

Reviewed Thu 22nd of November 2012

Their 'All Inclusive' is truly amazing, 24hour non-stop. Can always get cocktail in lobby-bar, even at 3AM. Snacks all day, freshly squeezed juice in the morning, a la carte restaurants included in their All Inclusive package, it is trully worth it.

Live music was good, animation may be improved a little. Lot's of beach entertainment, water sports. Great disco with drinks included in "all inclusive", which is rear. All in all, good.

Great service, we were greeted with a selection of cocktails on arrival in the middle of the night. The most amazing thing that you'll get good service no matter weather you tip or not, which makes you want to tip!

Would definitely recommend this hotel!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 2nd of January 2009

great hotel

Reviewed Thu 22nd of November 2012

"magic life africana
just got back 24/08/08

6 th visit to tunisia but to new resort
not many english reviews so a bit concerned.
yasmine very much tourist resort new medina carthage theme park and hamment very close on noddy rain hotel set on beach
the hotel
all the travel brochure states and more one of the best that we have stayed in all staff very friendly nothing too much trouble all speaking english
great rooms clean and comfortable suites are large with big balcony two great pools one for relaxing and one activites ,beach
lots of sunbeds and watersports readily avavb we went in aug no queues for anything just jump on banana boat etc most of time in relax pool no more than 6 people in august pool towels avab lots of sports and games if you want them
food excellant even bacon at breakfast
evenings have choice of buffet restuarant or 4 a la carte thai and mexican fantastic alchol very good selection glasses never empty
nurse avab if needed husband got a nasty graze due to volley ball fall she dressed it for over a week no charge
not enough sun loungers signs state no reserving but all beds gone by 8.30 so you all do the same
fridge in room should be water,coke,fanta replaced daily but took a week to get it replaced our maid was not great
carthage theme park our 12 yr had to classed as adult when the gated staff letting children bigger than him in as children
be carefull of thomson trips we got stuck on a boat with a lot of tunisians no english
but a fantastic holiday will def try a magic life hotel again"

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  • Travel date: Mon 8th of September 2008


Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"This hotel is beautiful but there are lots of factors that let it down! When we go on holiday we like to go on a lot of excursions, however there are obviously days when this is not possible. We would have like to have been able to enjoy the sunshine, whilst relaxing on the sun beds during this time. Not only are there not enough sun beds, but those that are available are reserved, even though the hotels apparant rules are that this is not allowed! We stayed for 2 weeks and not once did we managed to get a sunbed at the pool (not without moving some peoples towels anyway!) The other problem with this is that the staff will reserve sunbeds for anyone that is willing to give them a little tip.
If you travel with Thomson be aware that there is no rep available easily at this hotel and the helpline, is anything but helpful! The rep was only availble between 1 and 3 hours a week, and this was depending on airport duties!
This hotel is worth staying at if they manage to sort out the sunbeds problem, but book independently and not through Thomson!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of August 2008

The hotel is lovely and Tunisia itself i...

Reviewed Sun 24th of August 2008

"The hotel is lovely and Tunisia itself is beautiful, giving plenty of thigns to do. We travelled with Thomson, for our first and only time! In the past we have always travelled with the same tour operator, but decided as it was our honemoon to treat ourselves. Unfotunately Thomson let us down every step of the way. It started before we had even left home with out travel agent booking us into an airport lounge at the wrong terminal. We spent ther day of our flight (a Sunday!) phoning the Thomson helpline. They said there was nothing they could do but we had to wait till Monday for the shop to open! Useful as we were flying out that day! On eventually getting through to Holiday Extras we were then charged again to book the correct lounge! On arriving in Tunisia we were pleasantly surpise to find our hotel was as good as it was, although a little dissapointed that for our honeymoon we had 2 single beds!
When on holiday we love to go on excursions, as appose to staying in the hotel for 2 weeks. Unfortunately the day before one of our Thomson excursions was due to leave (Monday) we had a note under our door saying it was cancelled and we could get our money back on Wednesday. On Wednesday we waited in Recpetion for 2 hours with no sign of our Rep! A Polish Tui rep kindly offered to help us and rung the Tui local helpline on our behalf. After 20 more minutes of phone calls we eventually found out she was on airport duties! We were then told we would get our money back on the Friday night. Perfect, except we were due to leave a day later and would then have a load of money we could not spend!
The rep was only available a maximum of 3 hours a week in our hotel and 2 of those hours were subject to airport duties! On one of our excursions another Thomson traveller told us her holiday rep had been to her hotel every day (it turnedf out this was the same rep we were suppose to have!)
Anyway on a happier note Magic Life Africana is a beautiful and wonderful hotel, and all the staff are very friendly. I would just suggest if you stay there to book independently and not go with Thomson!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 24th of August 2008

Wonderful Hotel, Holiday.

Reviewed Sun 18th of November 2012

"Have just returned after 2 weeks at this superb hotel group. We are 40-somethings with 2 teenage kids in tow, and we all loved it.

Where to start...

Hotel amenities - Nice buffet restaurant with 14 themed nights, so plenty of variety. Most foods have some sauce, so not your UK style of plain food - 'chips and egg', but plenty of choice. I really enjoyed it, but I know some Brits like their fry-up's etc.

The only complaint I'd have is it was sometimes hard to get your drinks order either taken or remembered, but this improved in the second week (did they know we were leaving hence trying to earn their tips?). That being said the 2nd week waiter got to know us and brought our drinks without us having to ask (and kept filling our wine glasses until we had to tell him to please stop, or we'll be drunk by 8pm!!).

They did also turn off the A/C in the dining room in the 2nd week, and it was way too hot in my opinion.

a la carte restaurants - you book these the day before and have a choice of 4. I won't try to say whether the food was good as each person has their own taste, but I enjoyed them all thoroughly. My wife (who is fussier than I) even tried new things. The ambiance in these was quite romantic at times, we went just the 2 of us to the fish restaurant more than once and it was great. The service and attentiveness of staff is worth the All Inclusive price itself.

Rooms - we were in a block with rooms from 400 - 619, and had some small issues with things in the rooms, plus the A/C in the kids room not working at all on night 1 (really bad when you've just had a long journey), and it took 3 calls over the next day to reception to get someone to finally get it blowing cold. Then their room (is room 619 jinxed) suffered from bad drain smell that couldn't be tracked down, except to leave a anti-bac spray in the room for us to spray.

Overall though, the rooms were cleaned well, and were OK, but nothing different than most rooms of this type. The hotel also controlled the A/C which was only on for a few hours in the afternoon from the 31st August onwards (I wish they'd let me decide how cool I'd like to be).

Hotel grounds and pools etc - superb. 2 pools, plenty sunbeds, and mats for them, although their was the race for the beds during week 1 and I had to get up at 7.15am to take the stuff down for the wife, who got her early morning quiet-time read and coffee by the pool. Not necessary in wk 2 at all, as MUCH quieter by then.

Entertainment - what can I say, you could do something every 15 minutes from 8am to 6pm if you really wanted to, it's amazing. ALL FREE - water skiing, Banana boat, catermeran training, sailing lessons, kyaking, archery, shuffleboard, boules, footy, pool games, aerobics, step aerobics, tai-bo, stretching, and a dozen other classes daily, kept the girls busy and sweating all day. Plus the staff are really good at their jobs.

Nighttime, there are nightly shows in the amphitheatre (these are all really good), followed by a live singer; 1 good called "Ron"; 1 not-so-good whose name I forget. These sing most nights in the Captains bar and do some songs that the staff use to get you up into a conga onto the dance floor.

Then there's a late-night disco 11pm till 2am (supposed to be for over 16's only, but we saw loads of young kids in there so don't expect it to be adults only). I gave up on this at about 12.30, but my 2 girls (the wife and daughter) said it got better after I left (hmmmm!)

The staff day off is Tuesday so that's the best day to sightsee, pack your cases, laze about and do nothing. This means no banana boats, no shows, no entertainment of any kind.

Also there are 2 parties, run 1 per week, either a pool party or a beach party. These were our highlights, and I'd recommend them, especially the beach one, where you can paddle in the sea at midnight, whilst dancing to the music, after watching the fire eaters and belly dancer, brill night had by all. They provide punch drinks and food including popcorn (salted though, yuk) and burgers.

What else - oh yes, 3 free PC's for internet access, and free wi-fi access to the hotel router so you can sit by your sunbed with your laptop and surf to your hearts content (my son got 27% reception strength from, the sunbed to his PSP).

The safety deposit box is also free - I say this as I paid for this and the internet last year at the Iberostrar Averroes 2 doors down from this hotel, which was also supposedly All Inclusive. Magic Life take AI to the fullest degree.

Oh I forgot the cocktail bar from 6 till 7.30 each evening, nice to try some of their mixes before dinner; I particularly like the 'Bronx'. You can also get cocktails in the other bars, but they all seem to do different ones?

And on the subject of bars - as the British have only been coming to this hotel for 2 years, there's still a large percentage of guests who are German, and they certainly got preferential treatment at the bars, which was a pain. You need to keep on top of getting served and be forceful.

We are now looking to try other Magic Life hotels, maybe in Turkey, that is how much this chain impressed us.

I'd rate the whole experience 9/10 - This is what I'd have liked to make it 10/10;

..Bigger drinks - especially bigger soft drinks at the restaurants.
..More equal treatment
..A/C on all time
..Bit cooler please (45 degrees some days OMG can't someone turn that sun down!)
..Quicker bar staff in general"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 8th of September 2007

This hotel was superb and certainly matc...

Reviewed Fri 27th of July 2007

"This hotel was superb and certainly matched our expectations.

We booked a double family room for me, my wife and 16 year old daughter. This consisted of a large bedroom, living room and ensuite bathroom. The living room was separated from the bedroom by double sliding doors. My daughter had a double bed in the living area. The beds are large; approx 6ft wide. The room was very clean and we had a double balcony. The air conditioning was in good working order and it was needed with the temperature in the early 30's, even in the evening. A fridge in the room was restocked daily with water, coca cola & orange fanta.

The food was excellent with plenty of choice; we did not tire of the choice throughout the two weeks. There are plenty of hot and cold dishes, salads, fruit, desserts etc. Outside on the terrace where there is also seating for the lunch and evening mealtimes there is always freshly cooked meat and fish from the BBQ and a chef cooking fresh pizzas. There are four other restaurants: fish, Italian, Lebanese & South American. They had to be booked in advance the day before; we had no problem here. The South American was disappointing but the others were excellent.

The staff are very friendly and helpful; nothing was too much trouble. The main nationalities were German, Austrian, Belgians and French with a few English, Russians, Poles and also some Tunisians. I noted a previous reviewer thought this was a negative aspect but we prefer that the British are in the minority because it usually means the hotel is of a much better standard. Definitely a plus point for us if there are not many British.

We had no problem at all communicating with the staff, most of whom spoke passable English and some who spoke very good English.

The gardens and pool area are extensive. There are two pools with the main pool being the hub of activity in the day; my daughter joined in the various activities and made several friends over the holiday. The gardens lead straight onto the beach which was clean although some days the currents brought in seaweed; this was usually cleaned up fairly quickly. This is truly an all inclusive holiday as the watersports are also included; kayaks, catamarans, windsurfing, water skiing and the "banana boat". There is also a beach bar so you can continue to enjoy the all inclusive drinks without returning to the bar by the pool.

There are several bars open at different times of the day and night. The main bar in the hotel is open 24 hours. They also have entertainment in the amphitheatre most nights and also in the Captains Bar. If you are an active person there are lots of activities to suit most people; mountain biking, archery, tennis, aerobics, Nordic walking to name a few.

The restaurant is open 7-11am for breakfast, 12-2.30pm for lunch, 7-9.30pm for dinner and 12 midnight for snacks. There is afternoon tea and cakes served on the terrace each day between 4.30 and 5.30pm and there are hot snacks available throughout the afternoon just outside the poolside entrance to the main hotel lobby. The South American and Italian restaurants are also open at lunchtimes (no need to book at lunchtime).

It is a good idea to tip the waiters in the main restaurant as this ensures a faster service when ordering drinks; just 1 dinar will do the trick.

We could not find any faults with our holiday and thought this hotel provided a first class holiday at a reasonable price. Thomson have certainly found a winner with this one!

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  • Travel date: Fri 27th of July 2007

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