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The worst holiday I've ever had

Reviewed 19th April 2010

" I went on this holiday on my own, and the moment I entered the restaurant at this hotel, I was made to feel ill at ease by the head waiter who showed me to a long bench at the darkest corner of the room,surrounded by ten empty places. The chefs have obviously not heard of defrosting meat before cooking it, because the meat was so tough that I actually choked on it, and had to run out of the room. I soon gave up with any of their meat, and just ate bread, cheese, and a sweet. Their sweet course was always the same and really uninspired - unusual for Tunis. For some reason, the wine waiter insisted I pay for everything in cash, so I stopped ordering anything. When I complained to reception they were rude and unhelpful. There was little to do in the area so I stayed in my room and counted off the days. Although the rooms were cleaned well, the maids tended to come in several times a day at no regular times, and seemed to object to people being in their rooms, so even this became a problem. "Animation" around the pool continued from dawn till dusk and was accompanied by incredibly loud 'bouncy' music. It did not bother me, but a number of older people found it intolerable. To add to my feeling of isolation, there seemed to be no British people there - the whole place was dominated by incredibly rude greedy old Germans. At the end of my holiday, I naturally asked for an itemised account of my expenses, but was just presented with the total amount, so I had no idea of whether I was being overcharged or not. I was so glad to be going I decided I did not care."

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  • Travel date: 16th April 2010
  • 3 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 2 Amenities

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  • by peejay

    "This resort was a dreary desert of run-down shops."

Smartline Hammamet Regency is also called

  • Hammamet Regency Hotel
  • Regency Hotel
  • regency hammamet

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