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  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • free internet
  • bar lounge
  • fitness center
  • spa
  • free parking
  • business services
  • suites
  • wheelchair access
  • air conditioning
  • dry cleaning
  • refrigerator
  • meeting room
  • non smoking rooms
  • laundry service
  • flatscreen tv
  • concierge desk
  • family rooms
  • breakfast buffet
  • self serve laundry
  • outdoor pool
  • conference facilities
  • parking
  • housekeeping
  • free breakfast
  • minibar
  • private balcony
  • breakfast available
  • beach
  • reduced mobility rooms
  • sauna
  • heated pool
  • indoor pool
  • facilities for disabled guests
  • kids activities
  • tennis court
  • swimup bar
  • poolside bar
  • kids club
  • tv rtr planeta russia
  • safe

Reviews summary

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17 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

this hotel i would recommend to any body...

Reviewed Sun 20th of April 2008

"this hotel i would recommend to any body who needs a relaxing enjoyable environment.
we liked the hotel and people so much we went back 3 times,the staff were 5 star food excellent and the beech lovely.

the madina was an experience but if your hassled just say no thanks and walk on,many people enjoy the bartering and you can come away with great stuff at great prices.

one person you will meet is madaea the sun bed man,he will follow you to your sun bed by the pool and lay anice clean mattress on it for you , a little tip and you have a friend for life,plus he will save any sun bed for you every morning if you like."

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  • Travel date: Sun 20th of April 2008

Hy!I come from Croatia,I have won a trip...

Reviewed Mon 25th of February 2008

"Hy!I come from Croatia,I have won a trip to Tunisia and I have to say that I had a great time on my holiday,the staff of the hotel Paradis were very nice to me,the room was very nice and clean.The food in a hotel restorant was very good and tasty.So I would recomend this hotel to everyone that loves good food,nice hotel rooms and to have a good time,because the animation program is the best animation program that I have ever seen.I apologize for my spelling mistakes :0) Have a great holliday!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 25th of February 2008

worst holiday we have ever been on

Reviewed Wed 5th of December 2012

"when we arrived at hotel paradis (me and the hubby and our 3 kids aged 7,11 and 15) i knew we were in for a helish time as we were dropped off by our coach to book ourselves into the hotel. The staff on reception were very rude and made us wait 2 hours for our rooms as they had let other people keep the rooms on at our expense.We were not even offered a drink as we were only english but french waiting like us got free drinks. When our rooms ready they were that filthy i just cried and the thought of staying made me feel ill. I pulled myself together for the kids so i didnt spoil it for them. They all enjoyed the pool and pool slide (the only entertainment they had as hotel kids club reps barely spoke english). The worst was still to come in the form of meal times as the food was disgusting. I am all for trying local cuisine but if you call chopped up chicken legs, mutton curry and cous cous with cabbage in it local cuisine then they can keep it. Put it this way if you are looking for a crash diet this is it, as we all lost wait including my 7 year old who is thin anyway and couldnt afford to loose weight. The best bit is that the hotel is on the beach and the beach is stunning. I did complain to travel company on my return to no avail and i will never travel with them again. As for the hotel it needs demolishing. BE WARNED DONT TAKE YOUR WELL DESERVED HOLIDAY HERE."

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  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of April 2007

Paradis - a hellish experience

Reviewed Sun 11th of November 2012

"I have a confession to make before I head out and write a review on Hotel Le Paradis - I booked this hotel only because it was the cheapest option at the time of booking and I had some sort of expectation as I only paid half the amount of any other hotel in Hammamet, I had also read the reviews and thought to myself.. "How bad can it really be?"

Well read on..

The hotel is clearly in need of urgent attention, light bulbs need to be replaced in most of the hotels main reception areas, where there is a dull, gloomy mood! The ceramic and marble is in desperate attention of a good old decent polish, mainly the tacky 70s/80s styled furniture needs to be thrown out and new items need to be brought in... However none of this was my main concern..

The real trouble is the fact that the rooms were never cleaned with disinfectant, the toilets smell bad and that makes the whole room smell really bad too. A/C worked for the first 2 days then broke and we had to have someone to take a look at it every evening (not to forget the fact that the pipes were leaking and stained my white shirts in the closet)
The bed sheets were never changed in my 14 day stay, I requested new towels every morning and had to communicate that I wanted fresh towels not those that were dried in the sun and then replaced to the chambermaids in french!!

The general up-keeping was extremely poor and as a Food Hygiene trainer I was disgusted with the food, catering and restaurant! The waiters were marvellous though!

The animation team were disastrous. There silly remarks were offensive and the entertainment consisted of slapstick comedy, latino dancing, lionking playback with real bad makeup and a bunch of locals singing playback music to YMCA... Most of the time the animation team staff would be chatting up and flirting with tourists!!

On the other hand the reception team were excellent, communication was at its best! They are a hardworking, genuine and informative professionals and had the hotel running smoothly!

the pool water was freezing and tiles are missing from the bottom of the pool... there are a lot of flies so try to ensure that you bring anti-fly sprays

The ice cream served by the beach is a must do.. avoid the bars in the hotel as they never seem to have the item that you want and just give you a more expensive substitute..

Tipping is a big thing in Tunisia so always carry a few dinars with you when you eat around the hotel as well.

The taxi journey from Tunis Carthage airport is 80 dinars late at night so just agree to that price... its a good offer...

As a whole, avoid this hotel and stick to something else in Yasmine Hammamet.."

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  • Travel date: Sun 1st of October 2006

What can we say except .....

Reviewed Sun 4th of November 2012

"Enjoyed our one week holiday there. Hotel looking very tired. Apparentely hotel will be closing down after the summer season for refurbishment. Should be a great hotel to stay then. Staff are extremely helpful and polite. always there to help and also to joke with you too. Sammi the bar waiter was great, that guy should get a lot of tips (he earned them all and more) Rooms are not too bad seeing as it is a 3 star hotel. Food - have no system whatsoever. You have to choose your food first and then find a table to sit , most sittings had to find own cutlery and glasses. Food not too good, but hey you are in a Tunisian 3 star hotel what do you expect. Very close to beach which was great. Childrens entertainment was good, but repetitive. But kids seemsed to like that. There were very few English people in hotel, majority were German Met up with some great English people great fun. Would have liked to have had a few more English speaking people there. As the Germans seems to stick to their own, not interested in mingling with anyone else.(shame) On the whole we enjoyed our stay at Hotel Paradis"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 16th of September 2006

Prison Le Paradis

Reviewed Sun 4th of November 2012

"Just returned from this hotel, after the entrance exam which took about an hour we were shown to our room, which was a little 2 bed room with bunk beds not in the main hotel which we were lead to believe it would be, the room has not even been cleaned from the previous people either, there were even skid marks down the toilet, no towels, we had to ask 3 times for them got them later that evening. We had half used toilet rolls every time to room was cleaned, the patio door was left open after the maid to, and we had 2 towels for 4 people. After 3 nights of the kids top and tailing we were given another room with single beds for them, there was a large gap under door so alsorts could crawl in at night, so we put a blanket there and it was near the stage our room so we had music blearing out till 2 in morning. The kids pool had tiles missing of the bottom the filter grid were raised and dangerous to, and you had to put towels out at 6 in morning to get bed cos all the french and german would beat you to it. This hotel is mainly geared up for french and german the are only about 3 per cent of english there, the food was rubbish, lived on chips for 2 weeks, nothing for kids to eat at all, tables were not that clean either. Unless you were french or german the service was terrible or unless you tipped every time. The only good thing about the holiday was the weather and the air conditoning in the room. If you went out you could not bring anything in with you they liked you to spend all your money in the hotel, you would be challenged on the gate as to what you had in your bag, this hotel is more like a minus 1 star, it should not even be in the jms book, but then they said what do you expect for a third world country. Also the kids clubs don't bother no kids turned the rep princess ali as she called herself loved herself more than the job, just don't bother with it waste of money."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of September 2006

I booked my holiday back in Oct, and nat...

Reviewed Fri 4th of August 2006

"I booked my holiday back in Oct, and naturally did some checking! I have to say i was very courteous after reading some reviews. I requested rooms away from the main complex and checked with TC before we left that it wasn't a mainly German hotel, and was assured it wasn't.

I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised. I have just returned from a two week stay and found the hotel quite good.

Myself my three daughters and a friend all thought the food was great and varied, we loved the fact they don't put on junk food, and I have to say that when hearing people moan they wanted chicken nuggets and chips for their children I felt somewhat embarrassed. You do not come to North Africa expecting that sort of food.

The waiters were all lovely and courteous, if you arrive early for meals there are plenty of tables, if you come later they will clear and re-set tables for you, and not once did we have any problems with flies, and temps were regularly in the mid forties.

The rooms were basic but comfortable and the maid service outstanding...there again we didn't spend much time in our rooms. If you want sun loungers, there are lots, but you do have to get out early to bag them! We didn't encounter any problems

I would agree that if you can go on the Sahara trip, be warned a lot of traveling, worth it with all the different sights and activities, especially the view from the Atlas Mountains.

Personally we didn't really enjoy the local medina's, be prepared for a lot of pestering and following, despite the fact I had three children with me!

Kids club was very good with varying times and activities, one of my daughters is autistic and they handled her very well and respectfully. The entertainment at the hotel is varied, and in various languages as the hotel is very multi-cultural (mainly French, German and English), there is yoga, soft aerobics in the early morning, water aerobic and various sports in the afternoons, good even if its just watching!

On the whole an extremely enjoyable stay in Tunisia and the Hotel Paradis."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 4th of August 2006

better than expected

Reviewed Tue 23rd of October 2012

"we returned from the hotel paridis on 04/06/06, after a great holiday in tunisia. the hotel rooms were very clean and spacious. we had one room with two double bedrooms, each with an en-suite, perfect for ourselves and our two young children.
the rooms were cleaned dailey and the towels and sheets could be changed daily if requested.
there were several lounges all kept immaculately clean with excellently waiter service.
we particularly enjoyed the pool areas which were well kept and monitored regularly by staff.
our children aged 5 and 7 years loved the kids clubs provided by the hotel and by
thomas cook
the food was well presented and they tried to cater for different nationalities and tastes. my husband put on half a stone in weight as he loved the desserts.
by the time we left however the dinning room (and the hotel) was becoming more hectic and staff were finding it more difficult to clear tables quickly enough.
WARNING - do not go to the hacienda as recommended by the rep - it was disgusting, diabolical service and even worse food.
the resterants by the marina in yasminne hammamet were of a very high standard and worth the money- very cheap. a two course meal for five people cost less than £50. including drinks."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 20th of June 2006

value for money

Reviewed Sun 11th of November 2012

"I stayed here with my 2 children for a week in May. After reading some of the reviews I was quite suprised to find it clean & tidy. The rooms were bright and plenty of space and cleaned frequently. The anitmation team was good but not great. Breakfast was ok but nothing special, dinner was better with a good variety, although not too hot it was edible. To sum it up I was pleasantly suprised and could not believe the reviews I had read previously. We enjoyed our stay and would recommend it. Definatley not the holiday from hell."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 5th of June 2006

good but not great

Reviewed Wed 10th of October 2012

"Me and a mate stayed at this hotel for a week in early November. We booked though expedia for the first time and quite possibly the last. Nothing against them we wanted and got a cheep holiday the only thing is the transfer from the airport to the hotel was a nightmare. We got in to one of there taxis to get to the hotel and had a scary 1 hour drive to the hotel at one point stopping on a onward ramp to pick up two policemen to take them to another village. Once arrived we checked in and booked a taxi for the way back to the airport (half the price we paid to get there). We got our luggage taken to our room for us and shown where we would be staying. The room had what we needed 2 beds and a bathroom, a safe was available but at a cost so we didn’t worry.
Went to have our meal and was pleasantly surprised at the selection of what was available. One problem we had with the hotel is that they speak very little English and we spoke very little French. This was not a problem when it cam to drink as we got by on a regular basis for this and very cheep. By the end of the holiday we had made friends with some of the French that spoke English and got on well. I would recommend going to the local club at least once as everyone mix’s together and has a good night out once the hotel bar closes at 11.00pm"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 17th of April 2006

I can't believe the previous lady was at...

Reviewed Mon 27th of February 2006

"I can't believe the previous lady was at the same hotel as me at the same time! I thought it was one of the most awful holidays I've ever had.

The hotel was HUGE, BUSY, FULL of French & Germans, restaurant FULL of flies, tables never cleared, the pool was so busy that you never got a sunlounger, our room although big was shabby. My entire family had upset stomachs for the first week due to the dreadful food. The absolute best part of the holiday was the trip down to the Sahara Desert - a must but a real long trip down there.

Besides it gets you out of that hotel for the night anyway. Go along to the Medina in Yasmine Hammamet - that's a lovely evening out. Not much out of the hotel - we did however find a brilliant restaurant down the road (the JMC rep will know the name of it - I can't remember at the moment) which served English food (I know - I scoff at English people going abroad and eating English food but this was a necessity) They even do Sunday dinners.

The only plus about the hotel is the beach which was lovely. The entertainment staff do work damn hard and they are good. Tunisia itself is lovely. Just not this hotel unfortunately. It's probably quite alright out of the main tourist season.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 27th of February 2006

I thought I would share my views with yo...

Reviewed Fri 3rd of February 2006

"I thought I would share my views with you from our family holiday at the Hotel Paradis in Hammamet, Tunisia.

The hotel was very well set out. We had a family room which was two very large rooms within 1 room no. with balcony, bathroom, air con, 1 x double bed and 2xtwin beds. Fresh towels daily, beds and room done everyday. Staff very friendly kids loved them. Food in the evenings although catered for mainly French and German was nice although not much variety for the children. Entertainment team great fun with adults and children.

Private beach although you do get sellers walking along the shore line trying to flog you cheap cigarettes, DO NOT buy them as they are like straw!!! Beautiful sunsets horse riding and camel rides early morning and evenings.

Would recommend and very good value for money.
Well done to all those at Hotel Paradis, Thomas cook staff very helpful, my daughter loved the kids reps Ali and Laura especially the Chocolate night!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 3rd of February 2006

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