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  • 5 service
  • 5 dining
  • 5 amenities
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Les Citronniers,Hammemet

Reviewed Fri 26th of March 2010

"Had a holiday every year at this hotel.A very friendly atmophere awaits everyone.A layed back team of staff who just cannot do enough.Very clean hotel,good reasonably priced food.Beach is clean and not too crowded.In fact everything you need for a restful holiday is Les Citronniers,consequently,thats why we go there so often.The shops and Medina can be a challenge and you are expected to barter the price,but it"s part of the trader"S way of life and a remembered experience.Lovely people I have to say.Have seen all the attractions and they are well worth a visit.We love Tunisia,especially Hammemet."

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  • Travel date: Fri 26th of March 2010

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  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

great hotel

Reviewed Sat 29th of August 2009

"we just got back from tunis and stayed at the hotel les citronniers hammamet . well where do i start amed and his staff were so very welcomiming and so very helpful . the food was first class at only £5 for three cources set menu . the rooms cleaned every day , the hotel was also keept very clean and tidy . this is much better than a two star i would say three plus . we very much enjoyed our stay here "

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  • Travel date: Sat 29th of August 2009

cuprinol - you get what i says on the tin

Reviewed Sun 5th of April 2009

"i read every review i could find and this place sounded good. its not cheap for nothing. i travlled last year for one week with my daughter. it is not first class; the breakfast leaves a lot to be desired and the accommodoation isn't the ritz. but the food in the restaurant is cheap and varied, the beach is immaculate; the staff are attentive and the even if it isn't the ritz, the place is immaculate. i couldn't afford the ritz, but the welcome we received was first class and the cost certainly met our budget. if you just want somewhere clean and cheap to kip, this is your place. get, up have breakfast, go to the beach or go for a trip and come back to bed - oh and theres bingo every night at eleven; at the end of your holiday you'll be able to count in french!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 5th of April 2009

Great value for money!

Reviewed Fri 31st of October 2008

"What can I say? Absolutely brilliant... from the moment we arrived to the time we left.
Friendly staff, clean tidy rooms, beautiful beach.

If you're looking for lively then this is not for you, but if like us you just want to relax this hotel is perfect. We went in October and the weather was near perfect, only one rainy morning.

Lovely food in the restaurant and great value for money.

Hotel is only 2* so don't expect luxury!

We didn't do much sightseeing, just walked down the beach to Hammanet town and the Medina (45 mins). The medina is not for the faint hearted! Quite claustrophobic and a litle oppressive but still worth the experience. Peddlars on the beach can be a bit of a pain, just be firm and say no and on no account allow them to put anything on you or you'll never get rid without buying!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 30th of October 2008

We have just returned from Tunisia have...

Reviewed Fri 3rd of October 2008

"We have just returned from Tunisia have been before but at another hotel we found staff very friendly also no problem with shopping no hassle hotel clean and tidy food very good great selection on menu (worth a visit to zo zos just down the road) l would recommend hotel to other people, one thing there is no lift (keeps you fit) breakfast is basic but okthe best factor plenty of sun and time to relax thank you to all the staff
Alan Imlach"

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  • Travel date: Fri 3rd of October 2008

Myself and my boyfriend stayed for 2 wee...

Reviewed Thu 18th of September 2008

"Myself and my boyfriend stayed for 2 weeks and really enjoyed it. The breakfast was a bit basic (bread &jam, Croissants, tea, coffe & juice..thats it, no cereal etc) The rooms are basic but clean and you get fresh towels every day. You have to pay extra for the TV and Air Con, although our TV worked throughout and we had not asked for it.

The beach was a short walk away and the sea was warm. The charge for sun loungers at the beach was less than £1 a day. There was entertainment twice a week. A snake charmer & belly dancer, very funny but not the best. Nothing much to do on a night as a young couple - not many bars around but there are plenty of retaurants and shops. A a taxi upto the main part of hammermet or down to hammermet yasmine & marina cost very little - between £1 and £2. They run on a meter and go up 50% after 9pm - but even then they arent expensive.

The hotels own restaurant was a Good. The evening set menu was a bargain. It had variety and was only about £4 each for three courses including steak if you wanted. A pint of lager was about £1.40, the same for a glass of wine."

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  • Travel date: Thu 18th of September 2008

Me and my best friend zoe thoroughly enj...

Reviewed Fri 18th of July 2008

"Me and my best friend zoe thoroughly enjoyed our time here at les citronniers (the lemon trees).
It was our first time on holiday in tunisia we stayed for 2 weeks.
The hotel itself is very basic but great value for money, the staff are very friendly nothing is too much trouble.
The maids cleaned our room every day replacing with clean towels and refilling toilet roll daily much to our surprise as we have stayed in 3star accommadation upwards and have not received that level of service.
At night we did venture to other restaurants on our first and second nights but after eating at our own restaurant at the hotel there was no need to go elsewhere! The food was delicious and menu varied and the waiters were very attentive, if you stayed on drinking till late about 1/2am the hotel front would fill with the local men coming to unwind which made for a really good atmosphere especially when you get chatting to them!
The beach close by is amazing the best beach i have seen soft golden sand and clear blue sea.
The hotel pool is very clean also open between 9 and 6pm and its of a nice temp not to cold to get in.
The trips that we went on were varied also but i would say a tad overpriced!
I will definately be back next year as made good friends with local tunisians. "

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  • Travel date: Fri 18th of July 2008

this was my 3rd time in hammamet and my...

Reviewed Wed 4th of June 2008

"this was my 3rd time in hammamet and my 2nd one staying in this wonderfull hotel the staff and management were the very best i travel alot each year and i have to say it was one of the best hotels i have stayed in it is very clean i stayed in a hotel just down the road from it that was 4 star because this hotel was fully booked but it hadnt a look in with the les citronniers i cant wait to go back am planning my next holiday already i would reccommend this hotel to anyone that wants a nice quiet relaxing holiday the staff are the most friendliest people i have ever met they will make you so welcome and do what ever they can for you to make your stay as comfortable as possible there is plenty of trips to go on so go enjoy your stay at this wonderfull hotel i did Andrea Ireland"

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  • Travel date: Wed 4th of June 2008

When I saw the hotel on the brochure loo...

Reviewed Sun 11th of May 2008

"When I saw the hotel on the brochure looked like heaven, the reality is different. Most people write good reviews and i read them all before i left to Hammamet.

We traveled by night so we arrived at 6.30 in the morning, tired, hungry and in need of showers. The Panorama rep was there , quite helpul but he was there at 10.00. At this stage I haven't slept in more than 28 hours. As we were hungry and we had B&B booked with Citroniers, we headed for the dining room only to find complete and utter shock. They offered bread, butter jam and croissants. THATS IT !!! Some watered down cheap coffee, some sqaush with water that they passed on as orange juice hot milk and cocoa powder, which turned to be out lifesaver as the kids drank that every day of our stay. My kids ate bread and butter for breakfast for the whole stay, which was such a dissapointment.

The restaurant

The hotel's restaurant on the other hand was the best food we had in Hammamet , good clean retaurant with friendly staff. Menu was varied and you could pick from fish to pork, any meat you want. They dont do bacon or sausages but they offer other pork alternatives. We mostly ate chicken which was the best. Average meal costs between 8TD - 13 TD. (which is under 10€)

The rooms

They were clean and tidy, big and spacious, but because its a 2 star hotel , there is no mini fridge, the TV is paid per day (4TD/day) , the safety box is paid per week (7TD/week). I found that quite unreasonable as most hotels offer these things in the price of the rooms not as extras. The hotel is exactly 2 stars and do not expect more, worn down building, with worn down towels and bath tubs that we used only for showers as I wouldn't lie in them.

The pool

There is only one pool with depth from 1.10m - 2.6 m and as we went in May the weather was not very hot therefore the pool water was freazing cold. The cleaned it everyday and changed the water and all, but we only used it once.

The staff

Very friendly but some more than others. Appearantly its run by a family so everyone is related, to me this doesnt matter that much as long as they are doing their job.If you have children they do not offer any special treatment for parents so if you have any crying babies or starving toddlers they wouldnt make sure that you get your food faster. But all and all the staff was the hotel's best asset.

The beach

As promised the beach was very close, but you have to go through some alleys and there are dogs roaming around and sometimes I was terrified they would bite us. There are messy alleys but the beach is nice and you get some chairs free as hotel guest or rent a lounger for 2 TD a day. The water was cold but acceptable. There is a snack bar belonging to the hotel on the beach and you can have perfectly good food there, as the hotel the food was the best value and taste.

Excursions & Trips

The rep offered us a good choice of trips but being with children we were limited on what to do.

African Dreams -60TD /person 30TD /child

Departure from hotel at 15.00 and spend about another 30-40 min collecting from all hotels in Hammamet and Yasmine Hammamtet area.The trip takes about 30 min to Friga Park where you see all sorts of animals including lions, tigers, elephants and so on. Then you are offered an entertainment night with good food and drinks (all included) and the best show I have ever seen in Tunisia. Zulu Dancers were very good and entertaining. The Tunisian dancers were lovely as well and the belly dancing made me get up from my chair and move that extra ring of belly around my waist.

Aqua Palace 40TD/adult 20TD/child

The weather was not on our side as it was cold and we could hardly enjoy the rides, it was a long trip to Kantaoui - leaving at 10 am we made it there at 11 am , we had an hour browsing around Kantaoui, beautiful city the best i have seen in Tunisia, clean and marina was lovely. The Aqua Palace was only 3 hours to the kids dissapointment as I thought it's gonna be a whole day excursion.

Hammamet area

It is the poorest city i have ever been in, buildings that seem to collapse, cats and dogs everywhere, my son was scratched by a cat and we spent half a day in the hospital fo a tetanus shot where we had to pay as they wouldnt accept our travel insurance.(51 €). If it rains or its cold there is nothing to do in Hammamet. Taxis are 3TD to the medina or Hammamet Centre from the hotel, and 5 TD to Yasmine Hammamet where is a beautiful amusement park Carthage Land, where we had good fun and camel rides., train rides, boat rides with splashing water.

The medina

Complete horror, if you do not want to buy something in particular, do not go. They hassle you and invite you and litteraly put necklaces, bracelets , rings on you and then they ask you for money. " Good price madam!!!" this is what they all say, they are robbers.
If you decide to see the medina which is like a big market , a bazaar more so, there is good quality leather but they are pumping up the prices, so beware, the most you should pay on a medium sized leather bag (ladies bag) is perhaps 30-35 TD. Ther sell silver but be aware that in Tunisa silver is sold by object rather than being weighed and sold by Grams, so bargain. I was offered a silver stone engagement ring with 90 TD and in the end I bought it with 20TD.
Also gold has a a Tunisian stamp rather that the normal numerical european stamp. Be aware of that stamp some are fakes, the average by gram is 30-35 TD and in jewlery you pay even 41 TD/gram - but at least its genuine.

There is also lovely pottery and ceramics , bargain as much as you can because the keep telling you is hand made and all that crap and they try to push it down your neck at enourmous prices.
Also my daughter wanted a belly dance costume and a seller told me 120TD when in fact I bought it with 20TD and I found out its only worth 15-16TD. So they really are the most crafted lying sellers I have ever met.


If asked if I will ever returned to Tunisia I said without a beat _ NO .
I visited Tunisia as I thought its was a nice arabic country much safer that Algeria or Libya but definetly will not return there.


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  • Travel date: Sun 11th of May 2008

It was mine and boyfriends non-clubbing...

Reviewed Thu 8th of November 2007

"It was mine and boyfriends non-clubbing holiday, but I enjoyed every bit of it. The staff in the hotel were the most funniest people I absolutely had a ball, I would go back in the morning. I also enjoyed my nights out in Tunisa and I wasn't expecting much but there was loads to do! I would recommend the Mirmar Hotel at night it had loads to do? But if you are looking for sun and relaxing holiday would recommend Tunisa."

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  • Travel date: Thu 8th of November 2007

I went to Tunisia for the 2nd time. We w...

Reviewed Wed 4th of July 2007

"I went to Tunisia for the 2nd time. We went on 1 trip the African Dream that was fantastic.

The staff at les Citronniers are very friendly. The food is ok you have some English food like steak, chips, pizzas of your choice. There are lot of other restaurants around."

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  • Travel date: Wed 4th of July 2007

First time in Tunisia - first holiday my...

Reviewed Thu 21st of June 2007

"First time in Tunisia - first holiday my Wife and I had alone ever. It was fantastic can’t wait to go back next year.

The staff at the hotel were wonderful - could not do enough for you - from the waiters to the receptionist - special thanks goes out to the doorman as well - we would have struggled with the wheelchair had it not been for him.

Food at the hotel was great - English breakfast was way too salty though!

If you fancy a change from eating at the hotel there is a restaurant about 150 yards on the right of the hotel called ZoZo's - we spent many an evening in there and the food and drink was fantastic - Zozo and Nasar the owners were great.

IF you fancy a Chinese whilst out and about turn left outside the hotel follow the road round and at the junction turn right it’s about a 5 minute walk - that’s with a wheelchair - its upstairs but the food is delicious.

The hotel is about a 5 minute walk to the beach and the beach is lovely - many water sports - I only tried the paragliding - which was great and only £10 for about 20 minutes in the air.

If the haggling with the shop staff is too much for you in Hammamet Medina or Yasmine Medina - go to Nabuel - not on market day though - the Medina is larger and you don’t get as much hassle - be prepared to haggle though you get things for peanuts - if your price is too low they will walk away don’t be afraid of offending them as you can't.

Did a few trips - the Pirate Ship - I hated it but my Wife loved it - it would be good if you have kids.

The Cabaret Night with the Reps was great fun - would really recommend.

We also did the African Dream night - that was good fun - the animal was great - although it was very hilly - but afterwards the traditional cuisine and dancing in the restaurant was 5 star.

Back tot he hotel, it is only classed as a 2 star but I would have said a 3 star minimum - maid service everyday - waiters fantastic - definitely 5 star service.

The Rep from Panorama was Sam a Tunisian chap who has the cheeky smile of a school boy - he was great nothing was too much trouble - Panorama are definitely the best travel group about and I will not travel with anyone else in future if I can help it.

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  • Travel date: Thu 21st of June 2007

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