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Reviews summary

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10 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

stay away

Reviewed Wed 21st of November 2012

"please please do not go, you'll be very dissapointed,as in other recent reviews, apart from quite nice evening meals every thing else was a serious let down, air conditioning was a joke,and we had ours fixed( apparrently), won't change towels or sheets unless you insist, although rooms were cleaned fairly well.i would say this hotel was a 2 /3 star at max...never a 4star,also hotel was full of tunisians, i regard myself as well travelled and found this resort and hotel full of rude ,ignorant people,i would never return to tunisia after this experience,YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED"

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  • Travel date: Fri 25th of August 2006

Awful - don't change sheets

Reviewed Tue 27th of November 2012

"This place was terrible and I would never stay here again. Four star? Hardly a two star. The place has so much potential and the location is nice. However, it's dirty and they did not clean our sheets (there were stains and holes) even after asking four times for them to do so. At one point, the concierge just handed us sheets for us to do ourselves. The toilet didn't flush and the cleaner kept forgetting to give us towels. The rooms weren't cleaned until 5pm. There is no English channel as stated. Kids are abound here, so don't book if you want a romantic holiday. The breakfast is also quite limited. This is not some place I'd recommend. I would go look at Yasmine if you want real luxury."

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  • Travel date: Tue 15th of August 2006

To be avoided

Reviewed Tue 27th of November 2012

"This hotel has faded from any former status which earned it a star rating. While the location is superb (the best in Hammamet), and the building and rooms quite nicely arranged, the service was terrible. In the three days I was there, the wastebasket in the the room was never emptiied. Repeated requests for tissues, lightbulbs, went ignored. The towel was very small and well past its useful life. The front desk staff was hostile at best. We had a fax come in that they denied having until a friend who speaks Arabic had a "chat" with them. They refused to take a credit card from me, yet when the next guest came to check out and was more insistent the credit card machine came out. They tried to charge me for items (eg restaurant) which were not mine. At the breakfast one day there were no napkins, and another day no attendant at all to help finding, for example, spoons. There are many other hotel choices in town, unfortunately none with the superb location this hotel has, I recommend avoiding it."

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  • Travel date: Thu 6th of July 2006

not a 5 or 4 star by a long shot!

Reviewed Thu 18th of October 2012

"This hotel is a lovely little hotel and could be a great place to stay but there is no way the hotel can call itself a 5 star or med hotels can give it 4 wings!

The rooms are basic but spacious but I was shocked to find that there were no hairdryers in the room. when i asked for one at reception i was told that another guest was using the only hairdryer available. unfortunately we had no air conditioning in our room although my parents did in their poolside view room. when i asked at reception on the third day they said they would fix it however on returning from a two day trip i found there was still no air conditioning. i asked for our room to be changed which reception refused to do until the next day when the hol rep arrived and managed to get our room changed. incidentally there were lots of other people complaining about room temperature also and one poor couple had a broken shower also!!

The breakfast was very basic and that of a 3 star hotel in europe. The dinner was nice on most evenings in a nice setting but it would take 3 hours to have a 4 course meal which is difficult for any family with a young child/elderly or ill person. We also noted that half board people were served after paying customers which is not good enough.

We found that people at the reception were not helpful and could even be very difficult. On the night before i left I asked to setlle my hotel bill with a credit card which the girl at reception refused to do at first claiming the line was down only when i made it clear that i was not planning to walk to the bank late evening by myself to withdraw cash did she finally accept my card for payment.

The hotel is in a good location as it is a near a bank, local shops and in short walking distance to the town however I think if i had booked this holiday as 3 star holiday then i would have been happier instead booking it as a 4/5 star hotel made it very disappointing."

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  • Travel date: Fri 23rd of June 2006

Nice hotel, mixed experiences with the staff

Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"Nice hotel, basic but clean with definite character. The rooms were big and the hotel is right on the beach and just a couple of minute's walk from the centre of Hammamet. The breakfast I found too early (finishes before 10am) and is basic. Dinner, on the other hand, is excellent; the food is fantastic and half board is strongly recommended. The restaurant is wonderful, right on the beach and, when candle-lit at night, looks beautiful and has lots of atmosphere. It's fantastic to sit there and watch the sun go down.

We had a room with a "garden view", which was a hedge! We didn't upgrade though, as contrary to other reviews on here, we were told it would cost £5 per person, per night to upgrade to sea view, and even at discount they wanted an extra £60. Garden view rooms do not have a balcony. You will also get charged extra, if you have a late flight leaving and want to stay in your room for longer, but again this doesn't appear to be a fixed price, and alters as soon as you say the price is high, so barter hard even in the hotel.

I had mixed experiences with the staff. The waiters in the restaurant in the evening were fantastic: friendly, welcoming, charming and very accommodating, especially Mohammed. They made us incredibly welcome and really made the holiday for us. Some of the other staff were also helpful and friendly, including the cleaners, who were always happy and ready with a smile and a greeting; the female receptionist and the day time security guard, who worked very hard and always guarded your property when you went swimming and helped protect you from beach hawkers.

On the other hand the hotel was let down particularly badly by three of the staff. The night security guard tried to blackmail a friend of mine, the night time receptionist was very lecherous and an older man who lived in the hotel and hung around all week trying to sell timeshare in the hotel, tried to persuade my 14 year old daughter to enter his room when she returned to our room alone on our last day, and went so far as to block her passage on the stairs for a while, which terrified her and ruined the holiday for her.

It is also not safe to be on the beach at night anywhere other than outside the hotel where the security guard can see you. Sitting on the beach just a few meters from the hotel, but out of site, by a rocky outcrop, me and my friend were hassled by a group of four men. I returned to the hotel safely, but later found out that these people wander up the beach looking for people in ones and twos in dark areas, and frequently attack and rob them.

In conclusion, nice hotel, fantastic restaurant, but be very careful of the male staff, especially if women travelling alone."

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  • Travel date: Sat 17th of June 2006

Atmospheric & individual

Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"booked hotel because it sounded a bit different & indeed it was. Converted from a private home it oozes character & is one of the few centrally located Hammamet hotels. Looks like someones house from the outside. Reception has comfortable sofas arranged around a fireplace. A bit of a change from the opulent interiors of majority of upmarket hotels in Tunisia. Reception staff could be more helpful. Bar service in hotel virtually non-existent. Pool area lovely and enclosed, slightly elevated with direct access to beach. Rooms pretty basic for this standard of hotel.

Breakfast is quite limited but the evening meal is served in seperate Gelamir Restaurant by the beach in intimate surroundings. Based around a 4 course set menu it is very good quality with a different meal each night. Makes a change from queing with the masses at the buffet!

Sunbeds are free both by the pool & beach & the pool attendant is extremely polite.

If you go for a "garden view" room you will probably get a view of a wall. We upgraded to sea view for 14 dinars (about £6) per day which was superb. Going back again next month!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 27th of May 2006

Cheap and Cheerful

Reviewed Wed 21st of November 2012

"This hotel has long since faded from the former glory that earned it a 5 star rating, but in spite of the cracked paint and rusting balconies it retains its African charm.

We were happy with our room which was very large and had an excellent sea-view.

The hotel is very close to the town centre. The staff were friendly and helpful.
Visited a few hotels for drinks (cos it was raining a lot) and in my opinion Dar Hayet was the best place to stay in Hammamet.

(Yasmine Hammamet is a soulless tourist camp and should be avoided. )"

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  • Travel date: Wed 10th of May 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"Well, I must admit to some surprise as to the very positive reviews already on this site. My family and I stayed here for well over a week, and our feelings were mixed at best.

The Good...

The hotel is right on the beach, with a couple of corner shops close by, and a main road (including banks - very useful) only a short walk away.

The reception and the rooms are spacious, and the decor and architecture are pretty good.

The quality of the dinner is fairly good too.

The Bad...

The telephones and TVs do not work*, unless you are lucky to get a TV that shows only the Italian channel Rai Uno. (* a survey of half a dozen different families all said the same).

The promised "garden view" was a tree and a wall.

The service in the Gelimer restaurant was unfailingly polite, but painfully slow (up to 3 hours for dinner). This seemed to single out those, like us, on half board (we had already paid for dinner and were captive customers). A few words of warning to vegetarians: don't have dinner here, as the restaurant is pretty clueless - unless you want to live on plates of pasta (my situation was not exactly unique - one evening there were at least three groups of vegetarians in the restaurant simultaneously, and we were all struggling to eat properly).

Breakfast was OK, but with a limited choice - especially if you went there after about 9 when mysteriously there were usually a lack of crockery, and often a lack of food too.

When one of us was taken ill (not the hotel's fault), reception was relatively unhelpful, and took little interest (the cleaning staff, however, asked frequently how the patient was doing).

The first morning, after we had got to our rooms at midnight thanks to Tunisian passport control (bureaucratic slowness at its worst), we had a knock at the door early the next morning for a "meeting". This turned out to be a fairly hard sell by MedHotels for excursions. We went on a 2 day Sahara trip. A few comments:
1. It is not for young children, or anyone ill. The coach journeys are VERY long, and exhausting. They also start very early and finish late (we heard that we had travelled 1200km in 2 days, whilst not travelling fast). The days started at 5.20 and about 6 respectively, and finish at about 7pm. Take plenty to read or otherwise do.
2. Although some of the stops are interesting, inbetween the countryside is, in my opinion, pretty boring (especially day 1). When you have seen the first 500km of featureless scrubland, you have seen it all...
3. Take LOTS of water - despite airconditioning, it still gets hot on the coach, let alone at stops.
4. Watch out for your luggage, one family lost theirs.
5. We stayed overnight at the 3 star Sahara Hotel; pretty basic, but the food is great in both quantity and quality (Dar Hayet take note).
6. There are extra costs which you might not be told about, such as the horse ride.
7. The camel ride is also not for the faint-hearted -at least make sure you are well hydrated before an hour long ride through the Sahara.

The Ugly

One reason why I booked the Dar Hayet is the "Fitness Centre". This turned out to be a grotty little place, next to the pool, with a few ancient pieces of equipment (pec deck, lat pulldown, treadmill) and a free weight which had nothing to keep the weights in place - it is easy for a 15kg or even 30kg weight to fall off and land on someone's foot.

I heard from another guest that the massage room was equally grim.

The pillows in our room were blood-stained.

If you want to buy a large bottle of water (you probably will as it can be hot): local corner shop price about 0.400 Dinars, hotel price 2 Dinars. I wonder why the hotel has a rule against bringing food or drink into the hotel?"

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  • Travel date: Sun 16th of April 2006

A romantic little hotel great for relaxing getaway

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"The hotel is situated in a mostly residential area of Hammamet town, just a few minutes walk away from the town centre and historic Medina. The new resort of Hammamet Sud with its modern multi storey hotels, marina and theme park is several miles away.

The hotel itself was formerly a grand private residence and this is evident in the very elegant public areas of the original building and its classical North African architecture. The hotel is however somewhat shabby and run down around the edges, as is much of the local area. Paint on the shutters and canopies was peeling and the decor in the bathrooms particularly was in need of updating. During our stay however, a lot of work was being done on the hotel and had we visited a little later on in the year I'm sure the hotel would have rated considerably higher.

The rooms are large and very comfortable and decorated in classical tunisian style with twin beds and a day bed, loads of wardrobe and storage space, minibar, tv (no english channel, only Arabic and French)and separate bathroom and toilet.

At the rear of the hotel is a very nice pool area with an ample terrace space and plenty of sun beds. The poolside grill serves lunches and soft drinks between 12.00 and 16.00 and you can choose to eat at open air tables overlooking the beach or in the enclosed garden area. In addition there is the cafe Maure also situated by the pool but this was closed during our stay.

Next to Cafe Maure is the spa with its small gym, hammam, sauna and massage room. The charges were very reasonable and we enjoyed over an hour in the hammam (turkish bath)for only 5 dinar (around £2) each.

Our stay was on a half board basis with breakfast and dinner included. The continental breakfast left quite a bit to be desired and the choice was very limited, consisting of 2 cereals, cake, baguettes, cheese, fruit and jams with the occasional addition of salami.

Dinner was in marked comparison absolutely fantastic. Served in the Gelimer restaurant below the sun terrace with its very comfortable and modern decor which would be at home in a high class European restaurant. There are comfrotable sofas and tables where you can enjoy drinks after dinner. The soft lighitng and furnishings gave it a very romantic feeling and there are large patio doors opening onto the private beach where you can eat during the summer months. The food itself consisted of a four course meal with Tunisian, French, seafood and international courses, all of which were immaculately presented and of excellent quality. The only downside being that each nights menu was set but each night was different and we never ate the same course twice.

Overall a very enjoyable stay with extremely friendly and helpful staff that realy made you feel at home. Very relaxing with an old world romantic charm."

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  • Travel date: Sat 8th of April 2006

Beautiful hotel!

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"If you're planning to visit Hammamet, I highly recommend staying at the Dar Hayet Hotel. It’s not as huge as the resorts in Hammamet Sud, but the hotel is ideally located near Centre Ville and the medina, which is about a five to ten minute walk. The décor is elegant and simplistic in style, like living in someone’s house. The staff is incredibly attentive and helpful, and the hotel itself is impeccably clean. I stayed on the second floor of the rear building, where my room had two single beds, a television, a sliding window (with a view of Hammamet Sud) and lots of closet space. An environmental feature of the hotel I thought was genius was the conservation of electricity: plugging your key into a port near the door would allow you to turn on the lights in your room.

Dar Hayet has several on-site amenities available for guests. The pristine pool is located in the rear of the hotel just before descending onto the private beach (where a guard watches your stuff while you go swimming). Both the pool and beach are equipped with beach chairs and parasols, and food service is available in both areas. Near the pool is a spa, and although I did not get a chance to try it out, I was told that the cost for a one hour massage (including use of the hammam) is 20 Dinars and henna painting costs 10 Dinars. The restaurant, Gelimer, is right on the beach and has great views of both the medina (to the left) and Hammamet Sud (to the right). The menu includes pasta dishes and salads, as well as several fish and meat entrees. From the sample plates I’ve had, I’d say overall the food is excellent. Dining at night has more of a romantic ambience when the restaurant is lit by candlelight, and you could hear the waves roll onto shore.

Dar Hayet offers its guests a few, appealing excursions such as a three-day Sahara tour, attendance to a typical Tunisian Berber party, and a trip to Nabeul, where most of the Tunisian pottery is made. I opted for a one-day tour of Tunis, Carthage and Sidi Bou Saïd, which was priced at 55 Dinars (plus tip) and included transportation to and from your hotel, as well as lunch.

I used my timeshare to reserve the hotel, but the Lonely Planet Guide Book for Tunisia suggests rooms are 150 – 225 Dinars a night, depending on the season.

Dar Hayet is well-deserved of its five-star status and I admit this is definitely one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in on vacation. Absolutely fabulous! ----"

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  • Travel date: Mon 19th of September 2005

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