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  • 3 room
  • 3 pool
  • 2 beach
  • 2 service
  • 3 value
  • 2 food
  • 2 cleanliness
  • 3 location

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Mixed feelings

Reviewed Thu 25th of July 2013

"Our family booked an all inclusive package for 7 nights (2 rooms). It was our first venture into Africa. The flight from Heathrow was delayed an hour and the plane seemed well worn though the leg room was very good. 3 hours later and an hour transfer by coach we checked in. The rooms were together and were large, clean, aircon worked and both had sea views. So far so good.


Majority of the staff
Red wine
Italian evening
Marina area - quiet but pleasant if you brave the walk to get there


Food in general was bland and catered more towards the majority of guests who were from Eastern Europe
We were advised before we left to tip staff if we wanted good service - this unfortunately is necessary.
Hassle from local street traders when you leave the hotel or go to the beach
Lifts - more often that not one of the only 2 serving the lobby of the hotel was broken
Hassle from hotel authorized local tour dealers
Hassled for days then ripped off by the poolside Henna tattoo guy - £90 for 3 - reported to the Holiday Rep
Temperamental room safes
Poolside snack bar had an open drain on the terrace and stank of filthy toilets

Overall the negatives outweighed the positives so will not return

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  • Travel date: Thu 18th of July 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 2 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

Loved the place

Reviewed Sat 17th of November 2012

"I stayed for eight days and still think of the place.
Very good service, nice clean pools to swim in. Good staff especially the animation team. Hi to Belel, Petra, Noara, Hammed and all the rest."

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  • Travel date: Wed 23rd of July 2008

We won’t go there again

Reviewed Thu 11th of October 2012

"We were looking for a low budget holiday on the beach. We found (with Spanish Travelplan operator) Hammamet and chose the El Mouradi El Menzah Hotel to spend 8 days in Tunisia (from 07 to 14 July). We paid 651€ each with all inclusive, travel insurance, transfers and flight in Karthago Airlines. So far so good…

The flight: The Boeing 737 didn’t look very good and this is confirmed when you walk in to the plain. The seats were partially broken, and the trays for the food, one out of three, were ok. The food was tasteless couscous and chicken. The air con was too cold. Mind to bring a pen with you because they ask you to fill a form to the local police (there are two sheets so keep one of them with you because you need to give it on your way home).

The transfer: Outside it was very hot, with high humidity. The bus was good despite the air con being too cold (again!) .Its one hour and a half to Yasmine Hammamet.

We arrived at the hotel (along with other 12 Portuguese) at 4 am feeling again the temperatures differences… The air con against a hot and humid heat…

El Menzah reception: First impression – Rude (Again… If you don’t bring a pen… you can’t check in…) If you’re not fast enough filling the form they give you, they take it off without asking and if you reply that you’re not done they don’t care. We don’t know if this is common. They will take your luggage to your room and a few minutes later it’s there. The luggage may arrive faster than you because nobody explains the nearest way to your room and most of the common areas lights were shut down.

El Menzah room 4106: Very far away from the reception facing the new Medina. The room is big and was in a regular condition (not as the ones in the older part of the hotel) but we didn’t exactly needed the extra bed and cradle (were there by mistake). We were lucky because our room had a working air con and a decent bathroom. The unlucky part… The loading area of the hotel and the machines to cool off the swimming pools were below our room along with the new Medina´s noise (just a street away). The rooms facing this area are 4098, 4100 and from 4102 to 4118 in the fourth floor. It’s the same in the other floors (pair numbers).

El Menzah restaurants: They have three – Buffet, by the pool and “à la carte”. In the first too the towels are dirty and they don’t have enough forks, knifes, spoons and glasses (some are dirty so look carefully before using). The buffet is chicken, pasta and stew beef every day and at every meal… sometimes for a big tasting experience they add some carrots or some spicy sauce… The salads and desserts are good. The restaurant by the pool is a little bit better with grilled meat and nice salads.

El Menzah Swimming pools: It’s very difficult to get a swimming pool bed. One day we woke up earlier (at 7 am) and there were very few left because people put their things to reserve them and show up several hours later. Despite this you can get a table and some chairs. The pools are great! The water is very warm and clean. The kid’s pools are always under the control of the lifeguards.

El Menzah bar: The only one in the area (along with an English Pub outside). The staff is very friendly but as all the other Tunisian they don’t speak any language properly. Just some words of Spanish, Italian, Russian, English and French… It’s a bit confusing because you can speak 3 different languages in the same conversation. You can only have a bottle of water a day (bad water by the way…) but there’s free drinks all day at this bar and water and juices machines in the common areas. Again… look carefully at the cutlery and cups.

El Menzah animation: Nice entertainment on the pool aerobics and activities for kids. There’s some animation at night that we didn’t attend.

El Menzah beach: The support bar at the beach was small and old. They only serve glasses of water or juice. They have shadows and beach beds. There’s also a lifeguard and security. Again it’s hard to find a place to stay… The water was full of seaweeds and we were told that it only happens in July. You can also find some men or very small boys at the beach ready to sell you all kinds of things

• Don’t fly in Karthago Airlines.
• Tunisian sells everything everywhere. Go to the fixed price stores where you can find what you want at a reasonable price.
• If Tunisian men see girls alone they don’t leave them alone.
• The new Medina salesmen’s are annoying and try to drag you in to their shops.
• Go on a trip to Cartago ruins and Sidi Bou Said (on the way except to see very dirty streets and old and dirty houses).
• If you smoke don’t buy cigarettes on the beach. These are made to be sold only in Algeria or Libya. Go the new Medina shop (it’s 4 TND – around 2,10€ a pack)

• Don’t drink tap water. It smells like bleach. If you need a bottle of water outside the hotel it’s less than 1€.
• Be careful crossing the roads. They drive slowly but apparently with no rules…
• You can’t bring Tunisian money home so you can either spent it or change it on the airport.
• Be careful with the sun. Be sure you have sunscreen all the times.
• Make sure you take some pills to stomach problems. The heat, the food and the water can ruin your holiday.

Liked: The pool
Disliked: The food and lack of cleanliness

Finally… We won’t go there again."

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  • Travel date: Thu 17th of July 2008

What a shame

Reviewed Fri 2nd of November 2012

"Great location, lovely pool, freindly locals and that's where the good ends and the bad starts.
Overworked , surly staff, dirty rooms, low grade, pile it high, feed the masses food. chances of getting a sun bed - low unless you had a side deal with the pool attendants. Thank goodness we only had a week at this hotel, very glad to be back at work"

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  • Travel date: Sat 12th of July 2008


Reviewed Wed 28th of November 2012

"We booked this hotel last minute, so were not sure what to expect after reading some of the other review. We could have booked all inclusive, however I am relieved we just stuck to B&B. Breakfast was a bit ordinairy if you were not up early, you have to hassle a waiter to bring you a knife and fork. The pancake man was only there once-teasing me!!!!
The cleaners were fine, no problems, quite amusing what they do with your towel, nightdress etc!!!!
The pool was a no go area- everyday there were no seats around it, as I suspect the Gremans (it's a very multi-national) were putting their towels around at the crack of dawn!
We booked the pirate ship trip at the harbour as it was cheaper, however it ws cancelled due to bad weather (very windy) so the man around reception said he would match the price athe same as the harbour-so be prepared to haggle.
We had a very chilled out week, there isnt all that much to do there, but nice and quiet, and jsut accross the road from the beach-were we always got a sun lounger-and friendly beach boys.
No hassle from beach sellers.
Deffo not a 4* though, we stayed at the new winter palace, luxor last year which is 4* AND WAS MUCH BETTER!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 13th of June 2008


Reviewed Fri 2nd of November 2012

"We also visited this resort at the same time as the below traveller and had pretty much the same experience. If you enjoy going on holiday with lot's of different nationalities then this is the place. I am not a typical brit who has to be surrounded by them on holiday but it is nice to mingle in the evening with other holiday makers and enjoy a drink. This wasn't the case here. This hotel caters for the French, German, Russians and generally eastern europeans. The food is ok, its gets very repetitive and Chicken curry is on the breakfast menu??

The hotel is clean but somewhat dated. The maids have no concept of knocking and walked in on me in the nod. I also caught one of them having a sneaking squirt at my perfume, so I dread to think what else she was up to when we weren't around??

The hotel ran out of alcohol at one point due to the rowdy russains drinking it dry and the only entertainment we could find to do was play pool. The pool area is clean but there is no atmosphere. The beach is lovely with friendly staff but do watch out for the hagglers, they will try and sell you anything at riddiculous prices.

There is a small bar next door to the hotel which has a little bit more of an atmosphere but don't get carried away it is only slightly better than the hotel.

The gym was a bit of a health and safety hazard with wires hanging out of the bike (photo's attached). I'd stay well clear and just relax in the sun!

Don't be fooled by the 4 resturants, 6 bars and endless food as that is rubbish, there was one resturant and one bar, possibly because we were out of the season but the hotel was jam packed??. Food times are also limited.

Overall I wouldn't go back to Hammamet Yasmin as it seems very dead. This certainly is a relaxing holiday with just the beach and pool to entertain you."

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  • Travel date: Sat 17th of May 2008

Very Average

Reviewed Sun 11th of November 2012

"Hi Fellow Travellers,

Well where can i start....

The Hotel - I have to admit the hotel was kept very clean and me and the misses were very happy with this, the food was very average and being all inclusive became very boring after a few days. The staff were helpful, but watch out for the cleaners, they do not understand the concept of knocking on your room to check if your there, they just simple open the door and walk in, first couple of times we understood, but not for the the whole week, the main downside of this hotel was the noisey drunk russians, who have no respect or courtesy for anyone apart from the barman (even he disliked them), they literally drink the bar dry, also be warned about the timings food is being served, it is so confusing.

The Area - I do admit we did go in the off peak season, so many place werent open and it got to the point where there was not much to do, the hotel is literally a stones throw away from the beach which is always a good thing, the beach was nice no compliants there apart from being hassled by the locals to buy fruit, nuts extra....make sure if you do haggle as they seem to pick a price out of thin air.

Things to do - we went Quad biking which was AMAZING a must do they take you into the proper Tunisian countryside, we also went on the Pirate ship cruise which was interesting. I also advised getting your tickets from outside the hotel as you will find better prices. You can also vist the Medina, but be warned of the traders they do not stop hassling you and they have no respect for women out here be firm with them and you will be ok. DO NOT go to Carthage Land as we were told it was an amusment park...yes this is true but its is for kids under 10 and we literally walked around the whole park in less then 10 minutes, unless you have kids avoid this.

Overall the holiday wasnt to bad dont get me wrong i think we went at the wrong time of season, this is an holiday if you want to just go relax by the pool or beach all day long, which isnt really me, as the saying goes you pay for what you get!!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 16th of May 2008

Not The Holiday We Hoped For

Reviewed Wed 28th of November 2012

"Our party of 10 people have just returned from The el Mouradi el Menzah hotel in Jasmine Hammamet and are very disappointed.Just some of the bad points are ,the A/I we paid for was very limited as there was no other eating places except for the main dining room for the first week of our stay.No ice cream for the children,no aircon,no safe in .the room,no mini bar,no hairdresser,no internet . On the whole the food was very poor and very scarce, and repititious .I have travelled around the world and I would definately say this is not a 4 star hotel.A 3 star rating would be very generous.Another important point ,not many of the staff speak English and as the fire alarm went off at 3am this was quite worrying as we weren't sure if this was guenuine or a false alarm.We have been to Tunisia 3 times before and we would certainly go back again as in general the people are very friendly and the weather always good.Unfortunately it would not be to this hotel.The grounds and the staff are very nice but as for the rest of the hotel don't set your expectations too high."

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  • Travel date: Tue 29th of April 2008

Fantastic location & Great Hotel

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"We had a great room, overlooking the sea.
Hotel is very good, clean and the staff were excellent too.
Loved the pool.
Beach just across the road and very clean.
Would love to stay here again next year.
Was still very hot in October, in 30's every day."

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  • Travel date: Tue 23rd of October 2007

A pleasant hotel

Reviewed Sat 17th of November 2012

"I stayed for a full week in El Menzah and, in the end, I had a good impression. It's a four star hotel however, for european standards, it should be qualified as a 3 star. The room was spacious and it had a nice balcony facing the swimming pool, quite good too. Everything was very clean, but the restaurant had its flaws such as the cleaness of the napkins. The food itself was tastefull and the buffet area had a good variety but was also very confused and hard to get an empty table at the meals "rush hour". The majority of the hotel staff was not fully customer satisfaction oriented. The location was also good, in the center of Yasmine Hammamet, with the beach just accross the road."

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  • Travel date: Mon 19th of September 2005

Nice place to stay

Reviewed Sun 11th of November 2012

"We visited El Menzah on a week-long package with a French package firm. The food was excellent, with great variety in the buffets. The pool was also very good and clean. Our room looked out on the sea and was comfortable; however, we kept the windows closed during the night as on some evenings there were swarms of mosquitos. This was okay in May, but in July/August (when the temperature can apparently reach up to 45 degrees centigrade), living with the noisy air conditioning might be unpleasant.

Overall, we had a nice relaxing week."

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  • Travel date: Sat 11th of June 2005

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  • Mavis E by Mavis E

    "Stay within the hotel grounds, tip the waiters, pool guys, barmen, cleaners if you want the best service, tell the hotel authorised outing agents firmly if you don't want to arrange trips etc, avoid the henna guy like the plague. "

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