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Great value

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"One of the best value you could find for family vacations.
Accomodation is big, on a huge tropical well kept garden.
The beach is white sand, with mostly mild waves and clean water.
Activities are plenty, from tennis to fitness, with catamaran and roller blade! Choice is huge with very professional team.
The only mild feature is the food: simple dishes are usually good, but the dining room is very noisy. You'd better head for the side rooms.
Children are very happy since there are 3 amazingly huge pools. 1 of 40cm deep, 1 of 80cm deep and 1 of 2m deep. People don't bang into each other, kids have plenty of room to jump and play ball.
Petitclub was ok, not great since they usually take the kids to lunch at 11.15am (early...) and put them for a nap at noon! But you can find pleany of toys there, and if not at the petit club, you can check the mini club (from 4 years old) for more actiities.
After 1 week stay, we would've liked to stay for 1 more! Moreover, we had an amazingly nice weather (28degrees sunny all week in October), which is apparently not usual.
staff is mostly nice, from reception to waiters.
Great family vacation!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 24th of October 2008

A relaxing short break

Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"We have just returned from 4 nights at Club Med in Hammamet. We went as a couple leaving our son at home with the grandparents. Our objective was to chill out, get some sunshine, read books and not have to make any decisions - this was achieved - so a great success! We booked our flights ourselves and we arranged a taxi transfer through Club Med - 45 euro each way well worth it as it was hassle free and quick (crazy driving though).

We have been with Mark Warner and Sunsail in the past so we were expecting a similar style of holiday and we were not disappointed. We hadn't realised that everything (and nearly everybody) would be French - but we were happy with this. The other surprise was the G.Os - they are like red coats - amazingly extrovert people who organise everything - the childcare, the sports & the entertainment - they do a lot of singing, dancing and they all seem to be having so much fun - we managed to avoid getting involved - a lot of the the French guests seemed to think it was a highlight and enthusiatically joined in with everything on offer. We did not and thankfully we not approached by anyone to participate! The bar had a great atmosphere, the cocktails were excellent, the staff were friendly and in the evening there was always something going on and we had some laughs (especially watching the French Karaoke). We loved the beach restaurant at lunchtime - it was relaxed, looking out over the beautiful beach and the food was good (mediterranean salads, grilled vegetables, meat & fish etc). We didn't like the main buffet at breakfast - it was huge, hot, lots of flies and we just didn't feel relaxed - however the same place was transformed in the evening with clever lighting, proper table linen, air conditioning and opening up the interior dining rooms that were more cosy. The food was of a high standard (good choice and well presented) and the atmosphere was pleasant. We also enjoyed the Tunisian speciality restaurant (need to pre-book) - a quieter, more refined experience with excellent food (but no choice - it is set meal). Coffee was only good at the bar - where they have a proper machine with real coffee - the restaurant coffee was a Nescafe instant machine and it tasted bad.

We were happy wth our bedroom - we paid for an upgraded room and it was spacious with a lounge area & balcony - it was on the 3rd floor in the main building and there was no lift so it was good for the legs! There was quite a lot of noise early evening when the kids entertainment took place outside the bar just below our balcony.
We enjoyed our sailing lesson (in French) on a Hobie Cat catermaran - there was no wind but it gave plenty of opportunity for us to be taught the technicalities (and for us to translate) before paddling our way back.
All in all a great short break - not necessarily a peaceful, romantic retreat - but we enjoyed it."

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  • Travel date: Tue 30th of September 2008

A great resort which suited us brillantly.

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"A great resort which suited us brillantly.

As the parents of an 8 month old baby, whose grandparents (ie respite from the baby) are on the other side of the world, we badly needed some time-out. Club Med was able to provide this in spades!!

She seemed very happy in the creche & towards the end of our stay was wiggling & smiling in anticipation whenever we dropped her off.

We've never done the all-inclusive sort of thing & if anything shied away from such a 'soft-option' holiday. We had no expectations but were well & truly satisfied with our stay at Club Med Hammamet.

The inclusive range of activites such as archery, sailing & circus school, as well as the fantastic pool meant that (embrassingly) we never left the complex - quite a change for us. But we know we'll definitely be back so there's always next time

The GO's (like yellow coats from hi-de-hi) are cheerful, friendly & encouraging without being in your face

The only negative comments that are probably specific to us with a young baby: - the dining room is noisy & hot which isn't always conducive to trying to have a family meal. The dinner hour was late-ish with the restaurant not opening till 8pm (not great with a hot tired baby) & finally don't leave things on the veranda that you don't want stolen (my husband lost running shoes and a sports top & friends lost a pair of shoes).

Oh - & order an orange juice or lemonade with the free cocktails as they can be a bit strong :-)"

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  • Travel date: Tue 16th of September 2008

Good, but huge and noisy

Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"Having done the Mark Warners a few times, decided to go for Club Med.
Compares very favourably in terms of food, wine and facilities, and rooms, but water sports were not great.
This is a huge facility of 1000 beds geared up for families. We were 80% occupancy, and though there was more space available in the dining room, any more would have felt very busy, and space at the pool was already tight.
Staff service, friendliness, cleanliness and organisation was excellent, a good manager I am sure.
Rooms quite nice but a bit tired with chips on the tiled floor, and a bit of an ant problem.
Kids loved the circus school, and there was quite a bit on in the evenings.
Not too dominated by the French, in fact a good mix of different european nationalities. No language problems for english speakers.
Tunisians were friendly, more than many arabs I have met.
Windy weather is typical at beginning and end of season, and it was quite windy.
Overall, well managed, good food, just a bit too big and noisy. Kids loved it and we had a good family holiday.
Dont expect to spend your spare dinars at airport, you can, but only in cafe not duty free."

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  • Travel date: Fri 13th of June 2008

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