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The worst hotel we have ever stayed at!!...

Reviewed Tue 4th of September 2007

"The worst hotel we have ever stayed at!! Definitely not 3 star. Rooms small, cramped and very dark - unable to open curtains as all rooms were overlooked. Beds were very uncomfortable as they were handmade wooden slatted beds with worn out feather saggy mattresses.

Bathroom large with grimy floor and wall tiles and towels which were grey and badly stained but not out of choice as they should have still been white!!!

The hotel was very overcrowded and the pool area resembled a 1960's lido as it was far too small to cater for the number of people. 1 pool is not adequate to cater for in excess of 800 guests!!

If you did not set out your towel to lay claim to a sun bed by 7 am then you had no chance until around 5pm at night. The whole circumference of the pool was covered in a rusty brown scum/tide mark of around 4" depth, this remained for the whole of our stay despite us pointing this out to the reception desk.

The kiddies paddling pool with a shower water feature was used as a pre dip shower by the main pool users and, consequently, had a permanent film of grimy grease on the surface and terrible scum around the water level!!

Restaurant/food - appalling!! A vast open plan canteen (think 1960's Butlins if you can!) with no air conditioning - the outside temperature was in the 40's so eating became unbearable.
Tables were never cleared and reset so you had to search out cutlery and brunch off crumbs before you could eat.

The whole hotel was understaffed apart from the animation team. The animation/entertainment was like Butlins on speed!!!!

One evening’s entertainment consisted of a series of 'comedy' sketches which were vulgar and distasteful, including 1 poking fun of disabled people!

The nicest part of the hotel was the reception area! Don't be taken in by the photographs shown on various websites - these were taken inside of the 'speciality' Indian restaurant and the bedroom photographs were obviously taken when the hotel 1st opened.

We are a very well travelled family and have stayed in all sorts of hotels, from hostels in India to 5 star in the Caribbean/Middle East but I can safely say that this is the worst hotel we have ever stayed in - obviously this is why it doesn't appear in any of the mainstream UK brochures.

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  • Travel date: Tue 4th of September 2007

Hotels near Caribbean World Palma Djerba

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