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We have just returned from a week at the...

Reviewed Thu 30th of September 2004

"We have just returned from a week at the Hotel Caribbean in Tunis. We had problems right from the beginning - lost luggage, delays etc. On arrival at the hotel we were not given any info regarding the facilities, times etc. The room did not have half of the facilities we were promised in the brochure. Having settled in the room we were told to move as they had made a mistake in room allocation. Restaurant - no forks, salt or plates available- had to wait for them. Food was the same during the whole week. The water in the pool was ice cold. The staff were unhelpful. Drinks??? Well what they did have was watered down and provided in dirty plastic cups. The beach?? Polluted with sewage for 2 days, dogs everywhere. No milk facilities for the baby. No customer service and finally NO telephone system in the hotel. In comparison to others in the hotel our experience was much more pleasant."

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  • Travel date: Thu 30th of September 2004

We’ve just got back from 1 week in Tun...

Reviewed Fri 30th of April 2004

"We’ve just got back from 1 week in Tunisia, staying at the Caribbean World Resort Hotel. We enjoyed the break but felt that 2 weeks would have been too much. There were very few English people, mainly German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, but don’t let that put you off.

The entertainment was different; we felt they tried hard, however they catered well for children. There were plenty of activities arranged, French bowls, water polo, and aerobics on a daily basis. Group dancing plays a big part in this holiday, with them at least 3 times a day wanting everyone to join in with their ritual sun dance!! We didn’t participate, but it was amusing watching everyone else.

Our room was exceptionally clean, and we were impressed with the standard. The food and drink was a bit disappointing, and there seemed to be reluctance for you to have seconds, which when your all inclusive you do not expect. The transfer from Monastir to Caribbean World Resort Hotel took almost 2 hrs, and again we were disappointed to discover that upon our arrival at midnight, we couldn’t get a drink or anything to eat, as after 11pm you have to pay for drink, no food is available, and with not having any Dinars (Currency Used) were unable to purchase anything. It is easy to convert your money into Dinars, but they like the Euro or Pound. Remember to change your Dinars before you go through customs, when you leave, as you cannot spend these in the Duty Free Shop.

Our rep was friendly, and gave us a lot of information on different excursions. However with paying for an all inclusive we chose to give these a miss. We did go Quad Biking, which was excellent, and would recommend. We’ve been on better all-inclusive holidays, and there found it to be disappointing. However the weather was good, the entertainment, entertaining, and have returned with our batteries full recharged. We were amused though how the male members of the entertainment team loved to dress up as women!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 30th of April 2004

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