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  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • free internet
  • bar lounge
  • free parking
  • public wifi
  • air conditioning
  • dry cleaning
  • smoking rooms available
  • meeting room
  • non smoking rooms
  • laundry service
  • family rooms
  • banquet room
  • multilingual staff
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • arabic amenities
  • baggage storage
  • parking
  • express check in check out
  • currency exchange
  • english amenities
  • french amenities
  • 24 hour front desk
  • hammam
  • ironing service
  • massage
  • free breakfast
  • skiing
  • ski school
  • beach
  • gift shop amenities
  • darts
  • sauna
  • nightclub dj
  • table tennis
  • kids activities
  • poolside bar
  • kids club
  • billiards
  • private beach
  • canoeing amenities
  • snorkeling amenities
  • tv rtr planeta russia
  • entertainment staff
  • mini golf
  • valet parking amenities
  • water park
  • safe

Reviews summary

( 723 reviews)
  • 4 room
  • 4 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 4 service
  • 3 dining
  • 4.5 amenities
  • 2.5 value
  • 2 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 1 location

38 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

What can i say?

Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2012

"Well what can i say, this resort has good and bad things about it and it has terrible things about it. Firstly the rooms are clean enough and cleaners come every single day. they are, in my experience very nice and good at what they do No complaints there. The complex itself has plenty of activities for people to partake if they want to and the private part of the beach attached to it is very nice. The main pool I thought was very clean and inviting for those very hot days. The Amination team are very good and try very hard to motivate everyone into having a great time by taking advantage of what's on offer. the reception staff could not do enough for us when asked I thought they were very good there too although some other holidaymakers there at the same time said they were very rude but i didnt find that at all. There is a Doctor on site where u can get all ur medicines if you need to and there are shops that sell your basic holiday things. A Market is on within the complex every tuesday and you really need to haggle in fact offer a quarter what they ask and stick to ur guns you will get it but watch for quality I got 2 wallets that had poor stitching but they were pennies so no worries. there is a bank that opens six days a week exc Sundays i think but the cash point never worked. there is a bank outside the complex about 500 metres across the road and that has a fully working hole in the wall. There ends the good bits i'm afraid. It is true that the food isnt great, there are all manner of things on the buffet but i couldnt make out what half of it was yes it had labels saying pork beef etc but u couldnt tell what else was in there. having said that we usually found something to eat so it wasnt too bad. A number of us did get the trots though and i'm not putting it down to the poor quality of food more the way its cooked we English do have rather delicate stomachs when it comes to food and the different oil and spices can cause upset alone. The local drinks are indeed vile virtually unpallatable, someone said to me try Whisky and red I said what is that and they told me its something that resembles whisky mixed with strawberry. Well that tells me not to bother cos if u need strawberry juice to hide the taste of the alcohol it cant be good. We do like a drink so it was important to us to find decent alcohol now i am not going to get anyone in trouble all i will say is befriend one or two of the locals ie the staff and they will sort out some real drink for you at a price. Or go to Tunis yourself and get your own..at the time we went it wasn't safe due to some American video or something that has upset the muslim world. Once we got the drink we were fine and we put up with the rest it was bearable. Helped by the fact that I paid less than 600 quid for two. I am a firm believer in u get what u pay for and so we did. i wouldnt go back there again but i am glad i went, the weather was superb in September and British Airways was a pleasure to fly with. my advice if you go here bring plenty of booze and be pepared to pick food wisely..o and bring Imodium you may need it."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 24th of October 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

Don't Go

Reviewed Fri 5th of October 2012

"This was a cheap all inclusive last minute holiday which we found online just 2 weeks before we went. Having read some reviews post booking, i decided to make up my own mind about the holiday as i didn't for one second think it could be half as bad as people were saying. How wrong i was. The hotel was clean and the rooms were spotless, no complaints there. However, the food was inedible and the local alcohol undrinkable. I became ill on day 2 of a 14 day holiday. The food was never aimed at the English (fish heads is not my idea of palliatable food). This should have been indicated before booking as i would never have subjected my family to the longest 2 weeks of our lives where we ended up living on crisps and kebabs from a shop outside the complex. We all experienced diarrhea at some stage as did most of the English people on holiday here. The food was the same day after day and was infested with flies, although we didn't care in the end anyway because we could'nt eat it anyway, Some of the foriegn holiday makers allowed there children to wee wherever they felt like it, run around naked, which many of us felt extremely awkward about and they felt a need to touch all the food and then put it back for someone else to eat (disgusting). We complained, but nothing changed. We arrived home 2 days ago and i have been diagnosed with dysentrey, i have been signed off work for at least a week. So, word of warning, save your hard earned money and go somewhere that doesn't make you ill, we will never visit Tunisia again, it has put us off for life sadly as i am sure there are some wonderful places to stay, this wasn't one of them."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 5th of October 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

very good

Reviewed Mon 3rd of October 2011

"I went to this hotel and yes it is full off french and spanish etc but i had the best time of my life the staff was fantastic the food was nice everything was fantastic :) i would go there i really would it was fantastic for me and my boyfriend loved infact me and my sister are going back and about the oastys if you go between end of june and end of augest there s a party on till 2am in the morning xx"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 13th of July 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 3 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 3 Food

Very Cheap, Great weather, Perfect if you speak Russian, German, French or Arabic

Reviewed Wed 22nd of September 2010

"We paid very little for a 10 day all inclusive holiday and I was apprehensive before we arrived. Apart from our transfer taxi driver not knowing where he was going and all Tunisians driving like maniacs, our journey was a pretty smooth one. The surrounding area is very empty and reminded me of an abandoned town from a western. The resort itself was shut off from the outside world with security controlling the gates but once inside it was everything you would expect from a holiday resort. The weather was great- only 1 day of rain and an average temp. of circa 30 degrees. Excursions available were good excpet for the boat trip which bored me to tears, but quad biking was so much fun we did it twice. The only real draw back that we found with this hotel is that the guests are all Russian and German. We met 2 english couples the entire duration of our stay and the staff speak very little english. There are also a la carte restaurants which are included in the all inclusive package; Italian, Indian, Chinese & Mexican. We only managed to get into the Italian on our last night as you have to book a table in the reception at 10am each morning and they are very popular. It was nice to have table service and to have our food cooked fresh for us rather than the prison hall cantene.

In summary I have no regrets about this holiday as it cost us peanuts and we had a great time. After all a holiday is what you make of it and we did meet a grumpy stick in the mud who thought totally the opposite to us.

Egypt next i think.

PS. you only have to tip if you think they deserve it!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 19th of September 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 3 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 3 Food

Borj Cedria translates to Beirut

Reviewed Fri 16th of October 2009

"I found nothing much about Borj Cedria on the internet before booking- that's because I found that there is nothing much in Borj Cedria.... apart from 2 all inclusive hotels right next to each other and some very poor country surrounding. This does lend a reality check though and the return transfer which takes you through their streets really made both my Husband & I appreciate what we have at home.
So that's the location - I NEVER thought I would have been glad to have been locked away in a sunny Butlins. Because folks, that's what it is.... a 'sunny butlins'. Most of the staff, especially the Animation team- who work very hard, do a good job of representing the flavours of the Caribbean but, having spent a magical 2 weeks in the Caribbean, I can say with all honesty that there is no way the Caribbean heartbeat is within Tunisia.
The energy of the place felt very low - neither of us had a good night's sleep once & we both had vividly bad dreams EVERY night. We had booked a 'bungalow' but were given a hotel room overlookng a garden with a piece of wood against the door holding it shut. Big Mozzy love for sure!! Take more than 2 cans of spray - you will need at least 4. We changed our room and the one the reception (reception staff very pleasant) gave us reeked of damp so we changed again 5 mins later. The air freshener that the maid had used to disguise the damp here was pungant but we realised that we weren't going to get anything better - and the bungalows looked awful anyway - so we took that pool view room with the air freshner. Maid did a v.good clean every day.
We both had horrendous delly belly. We were in Egypt 10 months before where we had it but no where near as bad as this time. My husband who very rarely gets ill was shivering and shaking all night until we went to the docs in the morning. Lovely Doctor but OMG at the clinic! I don't have to describe - your imagination will do that for you. I too felt poorly at that time so he gave me anti biotics also but that night I turned bad and passed out in the bathroom. The trip to the Docs cost us £100 in all. That could have been 2 trips. If we'd have had a rep but that was the Operator's fault. Hopefully we can claim it back on the insurance.
We actually hadn't eaten much of the 2 star food on offer - we're not big foodies so we probably got the bug from the water. Although it could have been from the salads or meat. If you like your food then this isn't the place for you. We thought in our naivety that the water they produce in (small) glasses would be sourced from a bottle. It wasn't until later on into our stay that we caught the waiters drinking from their own bottles. For 6 days we lived on pasta. And bread. (No butter unless you ask for it at Dinner and then god bless 'em they come out with a such a plate of it that looks as though they've just creamed a cow - and it tastes as though they did it in a freezer). Most restaurant staff wre very friendly.
Bottled water we had to buy from the local convenience store which serviced the 2 hotels, where they charge what they felt like at the time- no prices on anything. As a 4star we should have been provided with a bottle of water once a day, in my opinion, in a country where even they don't drink from the tap. Take more money that you would normally for snacks because you will find that you need it. The outside pizza place was good and staff there were lovely.
Not many English people around which didn't bother us at all but some Brits it might - the guests were mainly German, Dutch, French, Russian and Swedish. The drink was awful - alcoholics beware - beer was cheap, the wine was vinegar, yep you've read it all before; however, I was warned before we went that Tunisia all inclusives don't provide good drink.
There is an aqua park but you have to pay for the priviledge; however, what's £2.50 each a day to get away from the reminder that you're in a sunny hell? Weather was fab first week of Oct but into the 2nd it declined to being sunny for either the morning or afternoon with rain during the down times. Unable to comment on the shows as didn't watch them & the bar/theatre venue where they take place was very smoky.
We found that if you say 'no' to the sellers there then they listen to you unlike some countries where looky looky goes on forever. Was only approached on the beach once & that was for the relax centre.
We went as a couple for some sun & relaxation. Compared to the holidays we've had before in 4 star hotels this was below par. We got sun most of the time and yes we did get relaxation but we paid for it. Overall the holiday was worth at least £200 less than what we paid. Now if you'll excuse me, we've be back two days but I still can't be too far from a toilet .....

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 16th of October 2009

Don't go if you are British

Reviewed Thu 13th of August 2009

"Just had 2 weeks in what i can only describe if you are British as ALCATRAZ...I read the reviews before i went and can only say i was concerned but am easy going and the comments on the glasses being small and the TV not working didn't really bother me so i went with an open mind with my husband, 2 boys 9 and 5 and some friends and there daughter 11...

We arrived after 11pm.No food or drink.(later on throught the week the germans and italians were arriving around the same time but were getting food laid on for them)

Breakfast Omelette/Doughnuts were ok. Bread rolls were stale as were the croissants the same.There was cereals but no bowls or spoons.Butter was there at breakfast only
Lunch & Dinner were crazy.Not enough tables & chairs.Tablecloths dirty.bar always running out of glasses.Flies everywhere.Reminded me of Butlins.

FOOD - Disgusting.and verging inedible.Plenty of Pasta which was ok.Pizza not cooked properly.I photographed the food one evening and asked the guy at reception if he would eat it to which he replied NO.I spoke to the hotel manager about the poor quality of the food and he agreed to add chips that night which i hasten to add 90% of the hotel queued up to get.For one night only cus he didn't do it again, shame really cus they were nice.This was the only night we didn't have to buy snacks.All the english families we met were having to go and buy crisps and bisuits from the shop just so the kids could eat something.

Fruit available was watermelon,peaches and Plums.Yep that was it.

Our kids hardly ate anything but pasta for 2 weeks and usually the sauce was too spicy for them so thay had it plain.Pizza and chip bar ok aslong as you don't mind queing.

Drinks.Beer was undrinkable,friends of ours and the few english people we did meet were buying bottles of heinekin and then they would run out of that, it was that bad !!!they did a cocktail at night, 1 different one every night but the glasses were awful with serated edges and huge cracks in them, we showed the manager of the hotel who said he would sort it and yeh the next night we had more.same with the coffee cups.

Rooms - Ok, cleaned everyday.Cleaner came in whether you wanted them or not even if you had the sign on the door to say No.We had a piece of wood wedging our patio door closed, as did our friends in there bungalow

Some of the english guests had to pay £10 for a safe which turned out to be a 9v battery.

Vitamin bar that is advertised in all inclusive package wasn't even open when we asked the manager he said that's because they can only do fresh lemon juice.

Animation team work hard.In fact they play alot of english music here and do english shows yet they came across as not being able to speak english or even liking us.

The beach is lovely but segregated.1 section for Italians.1 section for French.95 sunbeds for the rest of the hotel.
Columbus club restaurant can only be used if you are french.Tennis courts - 1 for French and 1 for Italians.
I wasn't aware when i booked this All Inclusive i would only be able to use certain things and go certain places if i was French or Italian.

The guests here are so rude,I have never been to such a place in my life.

Sunbeds -Alot were broken and you had to get up at 6.45am to get them and sit there until 7am.
Sat around the pool the waiters will come and one of them even clicks his fingers if you have a plastic cup on the floor so you can pass it to him.So Rude !!!

Clothes & other items stolen.Germans could get platefuls of food at meal times but if you were british - not a chance.

Reception Staff can speak english when it suits them.

The aqua park was great - only issue here is there are no steps in and out the pool so for anyone with a disability may find it difficult getting in and out the pool.you did have to pay but well worth it, just to get away from Alcatraz

Watersports on the beach were from what we seen done very safely.

I have been on many holidays abroad but i have never been anywhere like this in my life.All Inclusive is awful.Pancakes at 4pm and cakes.3 times in 2 weeks pancakes were cooked, they bought out 1 plateful of cakes for 2000 guests, yes you did read that right,they went within seconds and then they would fetch another plate.

Now i read the reviews before i went and thought ok i'm easy going i can put up with what people are moening about.How wrong i was.If you are looking to go here but haven't booked yet and are English i can only say DON'T,if you have already booked I personally would pay the travel agent extra and swap the hotel.We found on our bus back to the airport that all that stayed up the top end of tunisia had the same sort of issues however the ones who stayed in skanes and port El kantoui loved it.

If you have already booked take some money - you will need it to buy snacks and drink ( we got through about £300 and each time we went in the shop there were english guests doing the same) and yes it was supposed to be All Inclusive.Plenty of books too cus you will be bored unless you go on the trips.


I have plenty of photos to back the issues up that have been stated here.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 12th of August 2009

We have just got back from our worse hol...

Reviewed Sun 21st of September 2008

"We have just got back from our worse holiday ever, I am totally disgusted with the holiday here is my account of our holiday

THE OUTSIDE POOL – There were tiles missing in the pool in a certain area there was about 15 big tiles missing and bits were coming off each day people including my self hurt themselves on the sharp tiles (see picture included) I kept picking up pieces so that others didn’t hurt themselves

ANTS – in our room Sunny Beach Hotel there were hundreds of ants there were at least 3 ants nests myself Mr Dawson and my brother Mr D Porter all had ant bites on our bodies they were crawling all over the bed when reception were informed they just wrote our room number down (see picture included)

PILLOWS – we asked reception 8 times about getting extra pillows as we found the 1 pillow they gave us was not enough yet again they just wrote our room number down we asked our rep Shaz on the second week she said ill tell reception and that still didn’t get us our extra pillows

FOOD – this part is disgusting our food was the same every dinner time and tea time (beef which had all the fat and veins showing) Chicken that was on the bone which they put this supposedly curry flavoured, there was no English food even the food labels were in German and French but no English all it was fish, fish and fish and salads in the end we were just living on Rice and pasta with tomato sauce at tea time as we needed food to eat we hardly had breakfast and dinner this restaurant was the dirtiest place in the hotel there was fly’s everywhere when we were eating they were landing on the food, fork and our bodies there was no bug zappers at all I mean it was disgusting.

ENGLISH - This hotel is defiantly NOT for English people in our hotel there were 2 families they went after our 3rd day but other than that there were 2 girls who were staying the same time as us none of the reception or waiters could hardly understand us so it was a lonely place we didn’t see any other English people there until the second week and it was a couple

OUR VIEW FROM OUR ROOM – this was really bad we were on the top floor great we could see the see and also we got the view of the hotel next door that had not been finished and the local tip well it looked like that with bin bags and rubbish (see Picture attached) 1 night we even watched a waiter throw a couple of bin bags over the hotel wall dogs from that part of land were yelping all night so sleeping in the room or getting relaxed on the balcony was a no no we told reception and they did nothing they said they could not do anything

RAMADAM – This was not stated when we booked our holiday because of this all the waiters and staff were getting angry and short tempered as they couldn’t eat or drink and when it was late they closed everything so that they could get there rest which I didn’t mind but we should have been told

ENTERTAINMENT STAFF – some of the staff were annoying keep trying to get us to do things that we didn’t want to and if we didn’t do it they made us feel guilty, they were roughing it at the back of the stage at reception and the main stage which was directly outside our balcony so when we were playing pool late at night we felt that we were disturbing there rest so we didn’t stay there all that long. There was 1 instance where I bought a bottle of water from the shop on site I took it to a show there was an entertainer called Romeo who saw my bottle of water and he opened it and drunk ½ a bottle then put it back I didn’t drink any after as I didn’t know where he had been so on the last night my brother bought a bottle of orange Romeo came over and opened it and drunk some of his drink without asking we were playing poker with some French people and because it was raining outside the entertainment staff brought all the holidaymakers inside reception so this made the room hot so we opened the window and the wind blew the Monopoly money that we was using go all over the place so we started again then Romeo thought this was funny he came over and started blowing the money over again so our French friend went off his head and Romeo was swearing at him in French and our French friend was that mad he wanted to go and have a fight but we stopped him Romeo was looking drunk but we cant prove that.

BANK ON SITE – this bank was just stupid I was allowed to cash in £50 travellers cheques at the bank but I run out of money as my bank supplied me with £200 worth of £50 and £200 of £20 but as I used all my £50 cheques I had to get a taxi in to Cathore where the bank wouldn’t change that so we had to go further to Tunis costing 90 TD originally should have been 40 TD if I was told that we couldn’t use £20 travellers cheques I would of got £50 ones so the second week of my holiday I had no money what so ever I couldn’t afford another £45 to get the other £100 changed to local currency the cash machine was also out of order everyday so I couldn’t get money from there

I reported all this information to the reception but they didn’t want to know or they couldn’t be bothered doing anything about this I even told our rep who didn’t seam that bothered when we had out meeting day after our arrival she told us that the food was crap

OUR RETURN TRANSFER – our departure from the Hotel was at 7am a bus came to the hotel and said 5 people then this French woman jumped up and started getting in to this bus shouting its ours so I was arguing back the paperwork that the driver had didn’t have any surnames on it so they went then I went to reception and they said that there is another bus for you when it turned up it was for them French people as it was ordered by Amplitude so we had to get in there bus and go to other hotels and then to Hammenett to meet another coach and transfer on to that where as if we would of got our coach we would of got a driect transfer to the airport so there was no names on the drivers paperwork or no rep to direct us on to what coach/bus.

I feel that we have just wasted £1482.00 on a holiday from hell I am just deciding weather to get legal advise

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 21st of September 2008

Do not go if you are British full of Fre...

Reviewed Tue 2nd of September 2008

"Do not go if you are British full of French. The worst holiday i've ever been on. Nearly caused my Husband and i to Divorce as there was nothing to do, and what was to do was all in French. When we left though the gates it was like being let out of some kind of prison. plus we had a 3 hour transfer. Never again. BE WARNED.
The food was terrible, and we like everything!!, same all the time rice and salad, with a few prawns which were warm on the outside and cold in the middle!.
Plus there was nothing around, we found a town after a long walk which was empty nobody there at all, although i tell a lie there where quite a few RATS!! and they were big as they must of eaten all the people as there was no one very strange."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 2nd of September 2008

hi people just retured from the resort w...

Reviewed Mon 1st of September 2008

"hi people just retured from the resort with my life partner jennifer and we both in are mid 20s and we thought the resort was great it depends what u are looking for in a holiday if u just wana spend time with a loved one then its fine but if u want party time think again coz once resort finishes at 11 u only got a swift disco and the cd is the same everynight there is nothing of the resort the food was very continental so most english wnt like it the all inclusive is a waste of time for lager drinkers it tastes of watered down skol the wine was vile needed lemonade no spirits available on all inclusive and the spirits u do get are like paint thinner the overall best thing about the holiday was the animation team they make the resort they are very friendly always try to entertain they made are holiday worth while so if u dont mind the above comments then i suggest u go its a lovely country and the beach is good to..... little tip for the water park they use same wrist bands again the next week so save them saves paying ten dinars for a go of one slide hahahahahaha p.s hope u like germans russians czechs dutch coz not an english person in site."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 1st of September 2008

I went here with my 11yr old, 14yr old a...

Reviewed Sun 20th of July 2008

"I went here with my 11yr old, 14yr old and 16yr old children, from 25th June to 6th July 2008 with a tremendous amount of trepidation due to the other reviews I had read.
It took 2 hours in an air conditioned bus (with a very crunchy 3rd gear!!) to get from Monastir airport to the resort and we were met at Reception by a very pleasant man who asked us to sit down, whilst drinks were brought to us. Staff then took our suitcases and led us to our very spacious room overlooking the huge outdoor swimming pool. The room was spacious and had air conditioning which needed to be left on at night due to the heat! The resort was fairly tidy and well kept which was good considering how busy it seemed. The tourists were mainly German, with a good few Dutch and French with occasional other nationalities, but we seemed to be the token English family. I can't really comment on it being mainly German, as I haven't got very many pleasant things to say (rude, impolite, pushy, sun-bed stealers etc. etc.). We got on very well with the staff as we were polite and helpful and made an effort to learn to say "please" (min fadlek) "thank you" (chockoran), "hello" (aslama) and "bye" (beslama) which really pleased them. The Animation team were absolutely fantastic, always there to make you smile and worked from around 9am to gone midnight, their shows are a must. The food was very monotinous and always spicy and the drinks were basic too but the desserts were lovely, but we were so hot, we didn't really want to eat too much any way. Overall I did enjoy the time there, but won't be going back. P.S The weather stayed pretty constant at 35 Deg C so take PLENTY of F60!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 20th of July 2008

if you are british do not go there it is...

Reviewed Sun 1st of June 2008

"if you are british do not go there it is a german/ french resort and they do not speak hardly any english.
accomodation good ,resort good, beach good
food no british food available
the drink is crap beer very weak.no spirits available on allinclusive unless you are german or wine loving french it taste like vinigar
barstaff are light fingered watch your change
all entertainment was non english
bottled beer can be bought at £2.50 for a small bottle
came back from here will never go back, STAY AWAY"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 1st of June 2008

We left for this holiday on 18th April 2...

Reviewed Sat 26th of April 2008

"We left for this holiday on 18th April 2008 feeling a little anxious having read some of the reviews. We need not have ever worried.
The hotel was first class with every faciltiy you could need. The staff were very welcoming and did everything possible to ensure you wanted for nothing. The room (seaview deluxe) was perfect. The food was great - with so many choices and seven restaurants to choose from if you couldn't find something you liked you would be impossible to please!
Everywhere was kept immaculately clean including the beach. The Spa is well worth a visit - the best treatment ever.
We travelled with friends and we all had a truely wonderful and relaxing holiday. We loved it and are rebooking for October this year. There were not many english people there but to be honest we found this refreshing and enjoyed the mix of nationalitles and cultures.

First class - excellent - don't believe any of the rubbish that has been written before."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 26th of April 2008

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