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The best in its pricerange

Reviewed 29th October 2012

"I visited Zanzibar for a week and spent half the time in a resort (mistake by travelagency) and the other half in Tamarind, wich me and my mother, sister and girlfriend booked ourselves. Ofcourse, the rooms were simple in comparison to the fancy resort, but the food... oh lord. Try the masala, try the fresh juice (fresh meaning: straight out of the blender), it is great local food and for 8$, you're stuffed. I expected the menu to be full of dishes that weren't available, but no: almost everything was there. The rooms are simple, but clean. The beds are actualy horrible, but then, they were as well in the fancy resort. I've seen these matrasses being sold all over Stonetown so apparently Zanzibari's think nothing's wrong with them: you'll get used to it too. The beach in front of the hotel is peacefull and the sand is so white; you'll need sunglasses (no, really). In Zanzibar, the eastcoast is full of hotels and the building continues. So some parts of the coastline are crowded with beachboys, trying to sell anything. These people are friendly but... annoying. Tamarind is more quiet because there are only three hotels around, so most beachboys rather safe themselves the long walk. From the hotel you can book some tours, like a spicetour, scubadiving/snorkling or diving with dolphins. The prices seem reasonable: more expensive than what a beachboy will charge you, but cheaper than what the resort charged. So in short, the Tamarind: + = food, staff, (almost) beachboy-free beach and in its pricerange the absolute best you can expect. Tip: ask for a 'downstairs' room, they're better in the atmosphere kinda way. PS: a lot of tourists are taken here to have dinner or lunch, because the restaurant is so good. So if you're in Zanzibar, you could also think about having dinner here."

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  • Travel date: 22nd August 2008

Great Hotel Great Beach

Reviewed 1st November 2012

"I stayed at the Tamarind Beach Hotel in Uroa for 3 nights with a group of young people and 1 child. The private bungalows were of a good standard however make sure you lift up the plug before useing the shower if you dont wont to be flooded. This hotel is ideal for anyone who wants to relax in a resort that is not overcrowded by tourist or to use as a base to explore the Island. The beach was excellent as was the lounge area. The resturant was a bit pricey but the food and service was very good. The hotel can arrange seaport or airport transfers as well as excursions as a resonable price."

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  • Travel date: 30th July 2008

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