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  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • free internet
  • bar lounge
  • fitness center
  • spa
  • free parking
  • business services
  • wifi
  • suites
  • public wifi
  • wheelchair access
  • room service
  • air conditioning
  • dry cleaning
  • meeting room
  • non smoking rooms
  • laundry service
  • concierge desk
  • flatscreen tv
  • family rooms
  • banquet room
  • multilingual staff
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • baggage storage
  • conference facilities
  • breakfast in the room
  • car hire
  • currency exchange
  • fax photocopying
  • 24 hour front desk
  • ironing service
  • massage
  • shops amenities
  • snack bar
  • private balcony
  • beach
  • gift shop amenities
  • fishing amenities
  • table tennis
  • kids activities
  • iron
  • tennis court
  • poolside bar
  • kids club
  • babysitting
  • billiards
  • canoeing amenities
  • snorkeling amenities
  • diving
  • safe

Reviews summary

( 1167 reviews)

10 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

beautiful hotel but more appearance than substance

Reviewed Thu 11th of October 2012

"A beautiful resort.laid out on a grand scale with an excellent swimming pool.Rooms were luxurious..great decor and lots of space.Beach and sea were great and well policed.We weren't hassled at all by beach boys or anybody else.Weaknesses were a poor understanding of english from the staff..so much so that u could ring housekeeping and have someone pick up the phone who couldn't communicate back.Staff were fairly poor in general. We had a fault with our kettle.When it was finally replaced the new kettle then blew all the fuses in the block(the maid had dissappeared without checking)..it was that kind of place.TV purported to have a whole range of channels when in reality very few were available.Food was very average .Having just come from the serena hotels in kenya it didn't compare well.Croissants dry and dense.Good selection at the buffet dinners but any meat tended to be overcooked/tough.Service in the lunch restaurant could be very slow even for the most simple orders.The only time waiting staff appeared attentive was to clear your plate..often before others had finished eating.Our best experience was to eat at the alacarte restaurant (one you pay for)in the evening which was very good indeed.I am sure tho'.that for many the surroundings /rooms etc will more than make up for the below par service and food."

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  • Travel date: Wed 30th of August 2006

A dream hotel

Reviewed Sun 14th of October 2012

"An excellent hotel, with friendly helpful staff, excellent food and a very calm environment.Would definately go again and would certainly give it a 10/10.

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  • Travel date: Mon 24th of July 2006

V Good but didn't knock us out

Reviewed Tue 4th of December 2012

"This is a late report on a visit we had to Bluebay last year. We found it it to be very good but not great. Given the resort is not that old, the bathrooms were in fairly average state of repair and we had to call maintanance several times.

The food reasonably good, the layout of the resort is excellent.. The beach is very nice as is the pool area. The service is ok by western standards, you just have to remember you are in Africa and chill out a bit.

I would not put anyone off going as its a lovely place, but it is a good 4* rather than 5* by most reasonable measures. Recent reviews suggest they are moving in the right direction with the service which is great as they are lovely people and the manager in particular is battling to get it right"

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  • Travel date: Mon 10th of July 2006

Nice resort, nice beach, great food...

Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"My wife and I were at the Blue Bay after a safari that brought us in four countries of East Africa. We were looking for an all inclusive comparable to the five star resorts that we are used to visit in the Caribean (Sandals, Breezes and all the alike...). We took no chances, we booked for the Sultan Suite....

Grounds of the resort are nicely maintain but dont expect to lay on a beach chair on the sand. The beach is good for walking and swimming but no chairs or palapas etc. Guests relax by the pool or close to the ocean on the grass. Water clarity is over average, similar of what one can expect in Cancun or Cayo Largo in Cuba. Sunsets are fabulous...

Our room was very large, may be too much for nothing; A giant four posted bed, walk-in closet and large bathroom. Furniture was a bit old and a bit cheap for what you should expect in a palatial suite. The highlight is however the private cathedral ceiling covered porch. Great to relax and read and fall asleep on what I called a reading bed.

Service was outstanting. As advertised we had two butlers at our service: Luky and Rafael who were most available for us, getting lunch to our patio and reserving for us the best places at the dining room.

Food was better than average on the buffet style except for lunch which is a la carte.

There is a dive shop on the premises; equipment was up to date. I went for a two dive trip that brought me north of the island (30-45 minutes boat ride under... beware a burning equatorial sun... Dive was allright, water temperature around 28 degrees and visibility over 50 feet. We did a small wall dive looking at coral, schools of colorful fish and sea turtles... Staff was friendly and competent.

Overall, it was a nice stay and I am sure this is a nice destination for Europeans but it doesnt really worth the long trip from America, since the scenery in Zanzibar is not that different or outstanding from what can be found in Equatorial America."

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  • Travel date: Sat 31st of December 2005

Life is a Beach at BlueBay

Reviewed Tue 23rd of October 2012

"We (me and my partner) have travelled in many resort places and it is hard to beat the fab beach life style at BlueBay. Our charming and well equipped bungalow was so close to the ocean and nothing beats a sunrise walk on the hotel's miles stretching beach. We later turned the walk into a day's excursion as we decided to ride a motor bike and ride across sand dunes and rock formations for miles past the hotel's beach. We got the chance to see some local village life by the beach and to find some totally undevelopped stretches. The staff of the hotel is friendly and caring, the Masais great security guards and the facilities are well maintained and you can have total privacy or mingle with the hotels' other European mostly guests. But do leave behind your Four Seasons Maui kind of expectations and enjoy the hotel's local flair, culture and relaxed but yet sumptuous lifestyle. We organised a trip to Stonetown from the hotel and then exploted the other side of the island, living up its rich Arabic and Indian influence. We took more excursions, one to a another small island that provided some nice snorkeling. But we always looked forward to our beach life time, sipping cocktails by the sand and experiencing fab swims in the evening past sunset, when the nature was unwinding....You won't get the blues at the Bluebay Beach resort, just a Beach Life that you will want to return to!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of November 2005

Some people are never happy!!!

Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"My wife and I have just returned from a 12-night stay at Blue Bay Beach Resort, and found that some of the reviews that were posted on Tripadvisor indicated that the visitors were obviously not used to anything other than Torremolinos! From first to last this was an excellent value for money hotel with a wonderful location, more than adequate accommodation, lovely staff and good food. The boys on the beach could be a bit of a nuisance but usually got the message with a polite "no thanks"
In fact, the only offensive people we encountered were a small group of South Africans who thought it was quite acceptaple to curse their way through the day. The staff also found them objectionable and their behaviour was generally accepted as being that of uneducated people.
The Spa and other available facilities were very well run, and the management response to minor problems was always prompt and courteous. The entertainment could have been slightly better, but was catering for a cosmopolitan audience - never the easiest thing to do.
We were fortunate to meet, and enjoy the company of the owner and his charming wife, who were ever mindful of the need to maintain a high standard of hospitality and comfort for all their guests, something which was obvious in the general ambience of the resort. My wife and I would certainly visit Blue Bay again, and would have no hesitation in recommending it to others."

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  • Travel date: Sun 23rd of October 2005

absolutely awful!!!

Reviewed Tue 4th of December 2012

"Well where do I start!!!We went to Blue Bay on our honeymoon after spending a weeks safari in Kenya, and quite frankly it really put a downer on what is supposed to be the best time of your life!

We paid alot of money to come to this "5 star" Beach resort - On arrival, it all seemed very nice, lovely reception area, pool, restaurant ares, and then we get to the room (Deluxe)....

As Honeymooners we were greeted in our room with warm cheap white wine and fruit!! the room was, on first glance, pleasing to the eye, with it's corner bath, outside and inside showers and huge bed - However it's the smell that kind of grabs you first, then you look at the wall, which have a sneaky rising damp thing going on. I called the reception at that point, being an astmatic, I didn't want to end up ill because of the damp, they advised me it was not damp (puttig your hand on it, it was very much damp)

Ok then we tried to put our warm wine in the MiniBar, oh and guess what, that did not work!!

So decided to get a nice bath (only runs tepid!) gets out and then the bath water release would not work - had to wait for a man to let it out the next day to fix it, but NO, took a bath the following day and it does not work again (once again reported it!!)

Ok, so went to go to the toilet, shut the door and BANG on my head fell the light fitting!! on inspection it was shockingly evident that the thing was an incorrect size for the fitting and had been held on with toilet paper!!

Ok, Husband opens the double doors to let the fresh air in to rid the damp smell, we go to close them to go to dinner and guess what? both handles on both sets of doors come off in our hands leaving a lovely 5" spike!!

Oh and there is more.....fast asleep, 2am - and there is a massive crashing sound by the front door, terrified out of my wits, my husband went to investigate......this time the light fitting in the hall way had fell to the floor smashing into bits!!!

So , because of all this, there were constantly men in our room doing maintenance, at one stage 7 of them with 2 massive big Oxycetyln (spelt wrong) cylinders to weld the bath - now the only problem is that if you want the work done, you have to be out of your room, sometimes this was very inconvenient indeed!

Now you think that the management would be trying to make us feel bit better about all of this, but to be honest they made us feel like we were getting on their nerves by moaning - I was desperate to get out of the complex for a while, but the staff of the hotel could not be bothered to come and find us by the pool when our travel rep came to the Hotel, just told him that we had gone out!!!!

Now you think that the services in the restaurant would make up for it wouldn't you? think again....unless you look like you have lots of money, you may as well be invisible - order drinks and they don't come, and when being seated, if you are not that rich looking type, they put you in the tables where you can't see the entertainment, instead of the romantic looking tables around the pool!!

To be honest, if you are thinking of going to Zanzibar, I would really advice against staying at the BlueBay, it is not "5 Star" which you will pay for, it's quite frankly blody awful!!

We did receive an letter from the managemnt hoping that our stay was enjoyable and that the problems that we experienced did not spoil our holiday?!?! and a £2 book - very patronising."

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  • Travel date: Mon 10th of October 2005

Wonderful relaxing ambience

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"We spent a very relaxing week at the Blue bay after our safari and were pleasantly surprised by the competence and friendliness of the staff, the choice and quality of the food and how well laid out and attractive the resort was.

Our room which was just a superior room - the most basic - was amazing with the biggest 4 poster bed we have have ever seen - everynight when we were out for dinner the room was sprayed with mosquito repellent to make doubly sure we would not get bitten - actually we only ever saw about 2 or 3 mosquitos. the bathroom was very clean and the shower was huge.

The beach was beautiful with incredible white sand and clear turquoise water. there are guards around the beach area so you dont get hassled.

Every night there was some sort of entertainment after dinner which was interesting but would get repetative if you stayed for more than one week.

We used the gym and spa facilities v- the gym was medium sized and did the job.

Overall we found our time at Blue bay to be very relaxing - probably not the place for party animals but if you want to chill out and relax then I would give it ten out of ten."

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of October 2005

wonderfull relaxing

Reviewed Tue 23rd of October 2012

"We spent 11 reaxing days in this hotel after a visiting trip to our partner church near Lake Viktoria.
After reading some of the ratings here, we were expecting the worst, but none of this expectations have been fullfilled.
We found a very well organized hotel with spacious and clean rooms (superior) . On halfboard basis, the breakfast and dinner was very tasty with a variety of choice and the service in the restaurant fast and very helpfull.
The pool and beach area invited for realxing with very helpfull staff.
We booked this hotel via Thomas Cook Germany, where it is rated as a 4 1/2 star hotel. This rating is absolutly fair."

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  • Travel date: Wed 21st of September 2005

Not at all Club Med

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"We stayed at the begining of August and after reading the reports in July, we were a bit worried about our choice of hotel. We found the hotel to be fanastic. Any of the problem with the tiles in the pool were sorted and no sign of damp in our room. Zanzibar is a very hummid country and everything gets damp. Our room was whitewashed while we were at the pool on one day. No smell or evidence that they had been. We would not have know if it wasn't for my son going back to the room. The staff were very friendly, especially Pheobe, who my 7 year old daughter got on very well with. As we had our childern in the same room as us ( i feel the are too young for a room of their own and my husband and i didn't want to be in different rooms) the managment up graded us, at no extra cost, to suit. This was a nice surprise. The food and entainment was good but as we stayed for 11 days, it was repeated on the second week. The hotel guests were mainly people having a few nights relax after their safaries so the guests did not mix together much. Not at all Club Med. This hotel is a 5* hotel, with 5* service. We would go again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 14th of September 2005

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