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Stunning location, great hosts

Reviewed 7th January 2011

"Stayed at the Knysna Country House over Christmas and had a wonderful time. The spacious house is set in a big garden, with views of the town as well as the lagoon. What I liked about the garden is the many different bird species that came to visit, especially early in the morning, while we were having breakfast on the balcony. The hosts, Eric and Yipie, had recently taken over but knew exactly how to point us in the right direction for Knysna oysters, the best sunset and great sailing trips on the lagoon (highly recommend Springtide Charters for their sunset cruise!). Room was spacious and clean with bath and (double!) shower. And our own little balcony.... Oh, and a well-stocked minibar:). They have two little dogs, both very cute, but Boris is a character! He barks when people leave, not when they arrive. All in all I can highly recommend staying here! "

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  • Travel date: 1st January 2011
  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Amenities

Generally a nice place to stay for a few...

Reviewed 28th April 2008

"Generally a nice place to stay for a few nights but unfortunately when we stayed we had rain for the whole time which spoiled our plans. The cleaning of our chalet was generally good however there was a blatantly obvious tea stain on the floor which wasn't mopped over the whole time we were there. Breakfast was ok. There wasn't a huge amount of choice but what we had was quite nice. I agree with the other review - the staff are not too friendly which seemed odd as before we got to Knysna, everyone else we came across had been extremely friendly. The surroundings of the hotel are lovely though. Really relaxing setting. Would recommend staying here but only for a couple of nights."

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  • Travel date: 28th April 2008

Stayed here for two weeks which was a hu...

Reviewed 31st August 2007

"Stayed here for two weeks which was a huge mistake as its one of those places that gets full of German tourists just staying one or two nights. Had money and a watch stolen from our garden chalet but the manager wasn’t interested, he just moved the staff on duty to a different chalet and gave us a new one, which then made us feel uncomfortable as they all knew we had complained about the missing items. Food in the restaurant seemed over priced but was quite good, but the breakfast was pretty awful and greasy. They also had three dogs that were allowed to roam around the grounds which many people weren’t happy about, as there was a family with a baby and one of the dogs wouldn’t leave her alone, also my son isn’t too keen on dogs and they kept pinning him up against the wall, which didn’t do much to help him conquer his fear of them. All in all It was an ok place to stay, the garden chalet was beautiful so that sort of made up for the other things but the staff need to be trained to be friendlier with the general public!!"

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  • Travel date: 31st August 2007

Top traveller tips for Knysna Hollow Country Estate

  • by SamSmith

    "Knysna is right in the middle of the Garden Route, great to explore from here!"

Knysna Hollow Country Estate is also called

  • Knysna Hollow Country Estate Hotel
  • hollow hotel knysna
  • knysna hollow hotel

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