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Terrible service

Reviewed 15th January 2010

"The Westin Grand seems to be a 5 stars hotel, but still have problems of a 3 stars hotel. I spent a week there with my wife on late December and early January. 16 days before we arrived, I’ve sent an e-mail asking about restaurant options for the new years’ eve and giving all the information about my reservation. They replied about the restaurants 2 days after. Again, on the 28th of December I sent another e-mail with all the information again, asking them to confirm it, just in case. I’ve got no answer at all. So we arrived on the 31st of December after a 10 hours trip. As we arrived around 11:30am they gently asked us to do the check-in around 2pm. So we were back, very tired, at 2pm at the front desk. Again, they asked us to wait more 5 minutes to get the room. At 2:20pm (15 minutes later than they sad) I went again to the front desk to ask about the room. The guy (named Ricardo) said he had to talk with the manager about the delay in giving us the room key. He went inside a room and left me waiting at the front desk. Again, we’ve got no answer. Around 3pm (the official check-in hour) I asked again to another person (named Daniel) about the keys. Incredibly, again, nobody gave us any support. Around 3:30pm I got the opportunity to talk to the manager, Mr. Nathan Pereira. I told him I couldn’t understand what was going on. I knew other people who were in our flight since Sao Paulo (Brazil) got the keys and we didn’t. I told him how important that moment was for me and I could do anything to make my wife happier. His first false excuse was that the people we knew who traveled in our flight were part of a huge group traveling together, so they had the preference in the check-in. This was a lie. We met the people (2 couples) in our flight and they were simply travelling together (2 couples, in my point-of-view doesn’t mean “huge group travelling together” as Mr. Nathan Pereira said). After I told he was lying, he went back to his room and brought back a key. He changed his story telling us was very hard to get a room at the smoking floor. We hate cigarettes smell!!! We told him that and he said this information (the smoking floor preference) was on our reservation. Again we showed him our voucher without any request for a smoking room (he was lying again). Anyway he sent us to the smoking him, telling us the rooms were not smelling cigarettes. We went there and I got an allergy in few minutes (worsening my mood…the room was smelling a pub). At this moment, I told him I couldn’t stay there, no chance! We told us to wait more time until we could move to another room. About 4pm we changed to a non-smoking room. Mr. Nathan Pereira changed again his speech and for the first time said he was sorry about the mistake. So the first hours of vacation were a nightmare. On the next days we got few problems. No menu at the room, for the room service. When I asked one, the guy started to tell me all the items on the phone, I refused to listen it. Then someone went to the room with a menu and said he was supposed to wait at the door for the return of the menu. Come on! Is this a 5 stars service? I told him I couldn’t accept that and to give my message to his manager. Another problem was to replacement of shampoo, soap and others. They waited 3 days to give us a new soap. Meanwhile, they replaced an empty bottle of shampoo for a half empty bottle of shampoo. It was unbelievable! In the last 2 days we left a good tip for the room maid. Then she left even more products than we found there at the day we arrived. I though the money should be given as reward and not as a way to “buy” basic stuff. Apart of the problems, I have to say that the room is very clean, comfortable and quiet; the breakfast was really good and the hotel location in quite good. "

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  • Travel date: 15th January 2010
  • 4 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 3 Amenities


Reviewed 25th June 2009

"• At the time of booking I was not informed of the R1000 with holding fee we had to leave with them • We were not shown to our room or even how to get there or where the facilities are after we told the front desk staff member it was our first time there. • We had to carry our own heavy luggage to our room • The room was not prepared for us and there was only one bath robe which was too small and we booked for 2 people • They definitely need better quality face cloths because those looked like floor rags • We were not informed what time breakfast was or where it is • STAINS ON THE BEDDING IN ROOM 521 • No personal DSTV and this is supposed to be a requirement as a 5 star • We were then moved to Room 924 as we are smokers and there were no ashtrays in this smoking room • The soap holder was used as a ashtray • The minibar fridge was not fully stocked and we had to sign a dispute form to say that we never used what was missing when this should have been checked before we were moved to that room • We switched on the TV and it said Welcome some Chinese ladies name in Room 521 • There was only one face cloth with holes in room 924 I’m not sure how you feel about this, but I will definitely not use or recommend this hotel. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 22nd June 2009

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