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The prices for the rooms are ridiculousl...

Reviewed 7th September 2008

"The prices for the rooms are ridiculously high for the quality of food and service offered. The quality of the food offered is far from being satisfying; the quality of the service is simply unacceptable. La Digue Island Lodge is simply not worth the money you have to pay for it. Service Standards The hotel personnel are moody and unfriendly. This is clearly connected to the manners of the manager/owner, who do not consider it necessary to greet his guests personally and even goes to the extent of even attacking guests physically, as witnessed by us on the night of 17th of August 2008. The manager/owner, a short stocky man who was highly intoxicated and in the company of two ladies attacked a guest in front of the restaurant entrance in full view of his guests and staff and chased the guest asking him to “get out of my hotel” and then went on to verbally abuse the man who was I think a security guard and drove away in his Toyota SUV bearing # S 1787 (as I can recall). The guest (a man) humbly left bleeding from his mouth/nose. This type of behavior is not what you expect after all the money you have spent on a “dream vacation”. I wonder how he treats his staff. – Like the colonial slaves I suppose. Food & Drink breakfast clearly misses the usual tropical fruits instead canned European fruits are served but just 30 mtrs down the road near the jetty one can find plenty of tropical fruits at any other small guest house. Hygiene in the restaurant is the poorest I have seen, with birds helping themselves to bread and cakes and walking all over the food and tables. I doubt that the hotel management has ever heard of the H5N1 virus. Tips and Recommendations Unless you book Le Petit Village or the ‘A’ frame chalet, you should stay on Praslin Island and visit La Digue for a day trip. In general, prepare yourself for an unfriendly reception, a manager/owner with a bad attitude and temper. In the restaurant, prepare yourself for zero hygiene, long wait for tea/coffee service and the distinct possibility of bird flu. "

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  • Travel date: 7th September 2008

About the only good thing I can say is I...

Reviewed 14th April 2006

"About the only good thing I can say is I stayed just three nights. Aside from the very sparse, almost sterile 'chalets', there isn't enough hot water to nearly fill the tub, the room safe doesn't work, forcing you to deal with a reception staff that ranges from professional and polite to completely rude, and the food gets very monotonous after the first day. The employees are a complete hodge-podge of genuine pros to inept, pretentious, "I'd rather be anywhere but here" types. The beach water is completely not fit for swimming, with sharp rocks everywhere - it's a knee deep wading pool disguised as ocean. The air conditioner features "fuzzy-logic", which translates into either "too hot" or "too cold". The TV. is antique with a remote control I defy anyone to understand, let alone use. The place is very close to Anse Source D' Argent, arguably one of the most stunning beaches anywhere, but skip this place if you're looking for anything more than minimal accommodation (a roof over your head) with a variable staff skill-set and seemingly endless series of identical buffet meals. I recommend seeing La Digue as a day trip from Praslin, which has fine accommodation. Or try a bed and breakfast -anything to avoid this disappointment. My visit to this "Lodge" was the longest three days of my life. Truly sub-par."

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  • Travel date: 14th April 2006

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