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Quirimba holidays

Reviewed Tue 28th of October 2014

"With mouth-watering cuisine like crab and lobster curry, delicious old wine, and accommodation ranging from ultra-luxurious beach resorts to self-catering living facility in the vicinity of nature, a Mozambique holiday at Ibo Island is like turning his dreams and fantasy into reality."

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  • Travel date: Tue 21st of October 2014

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  • 1 Room
  • 4 Service
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birds, birds, birds

Reviewed Mon 19th of November 2012

"An 'away from it all' island. We stayed for 3 nights which more than enough. The breeding bird colonies are an experience. The birds have little fear of humans and allow you to get really close. Unfortunately, due to their numbers you run the risk of being pooped on at all times (don't use the trees for shade!) We also found the smell of bird droppings unpleasant at times.
Very informative guided nature walks given.
No shade available on beaches but good swimming and snorkelling. Meal times fixed and inflexible. Food of good quality but no additional snacks on offer or available for sale between meals."

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  • Travel date: Wed 23rd of April 2008

A Very Special Place

Reviewed Thu 11th of October 2012

"This really is a special place. You must go if you like nature, it has to be seen. The swimming and snorkling is marvellous and so is the food.. The rooms are breezy and very large and the staff are wonderful.... You can go there if you are young and you can go there if you are old, it doesnt matter.. It was our second visit and as good as ever.. The wildlife is quite fascinating and there is always something to learn. Robbie will tell you all about it and answer any questions as he knows nearly all there is to know and he is such fun too... I even wrote a poem there, I must have been chilled...! ! . I am so looking forward to going back one day. It is so nice to have been to an island hotel where they look after their nature and are so proud of it.. I hope it never changes...You look but dont touch..."

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  • Travel date: Thu 27th of March 2008

Wow, what a magical place!

Reviewed Sat 29th of December 2012

"As the name of the island suggests - EXPECT BIRDS (2 million of them!!), the noise they make literally 24:7 and the smell that comes with them, but would return tomorrow if I could afford it.

My wife & I started our honeymoon here on Bird, for 6 nights, before moving on to Praslin. We wished we had done it the other way round because after staying on this island we didn't want to go anywhere else.
Since it was our honeymoon I (using the word "i" deliberately as my wife had no idea where we going on honeymoon, was a huge secret right up until we got to the airport!!) had researched many of the other islands and other romantic destinations. Read review after review and chose this island because of our love for nature, wildlife and all things cute(!).

This magical place treated us to a very natural and rare special event on our first evening. We witnessed a green turtle laying her eggs and returning to the sea. The island does have Hawksbill Turtles laying and hatching eggs at around Nov-Feb time.

The staff, on the whole are very very friendly, polite and helpful (Vanessa our waitress was a star). The one gripe would be the lady on reception, who's a bit grumpy at times. She's worked there for over 20 years apparently, and as ALL the staff there work 7 days a week from 6.30am to 10pm, I think you can excuse that in one way they can have the odd off day.

Robby the resident guide/bird-watcher/nature "park-keeper" is amazing. His knowledge of the island it's habitants and the Seychelles is second to none. He loves talking about the experiences he's had and will keep you riveted for hours.

We stayed here in August in the middle of the breeding season for Sooty Terns, over 1.5 million of them. Also at that time were thousands of other birds nesting including the very beautiful White (Fairy) Tern, White-tailed Tropical bird, and the Common and Lesser Common tern. You see all these birds at different
Resident birds are the Madagascar Foddy, Collared-barred doves which enjoy your scraps of bread etc.

One resident animal that also loves your scraps and banana/fruit peel are the Giant Tortoises, including Esmerelda HE is the world's oldest giant tortoise at over 200 years old and is HUGE. There are around another 25 of them on the island who are also very big..... but you know exactly which he is when you see him.

Other residents are two species of crabs, they are everywhere, but great to watch on the beach as the male every day builds a new sand-pryamid to attract teh females to his hole.

The island has about 25 bungalows - no locks on the door, though a safe is provided in your room which you set the code yourself. The rooms are basic and the hot water isn't that warm as it's powered by solar panels, but when the temperatures are around 28 degrees every day then it's no problem.

You get given a torch on arrival as there are no electrical lighting outdoors, this is a bit "scary" at first when walking home after the dinner in the evening especially as you see and hear the crabs scampering around you, it is inevitable you will tread on one at some point but rest assured the other crabs will enjoy the feast!!

I liked the policy of men having to wear trousers at the evening meal, this gave a special feel and meaning to the stay as you "dress up" a bit more than slouching in a vest and shorts (as happens at many resorts around the world).

You can walk around the whole island in just 90 minutes, at a slow romantic pace (Robby claims he can walk around the perimeter in just 30 minutes), but don't believe him! The beaches are stunning, there is one area that's not safe to swim and snorkel but that is clearly marked. The snorkelling "facility" is a bot over-rated compared to other islands, but is still worth take your gear there.

The plane arrives and departs only once a day, around 3pm ish when we were there, you can actually sit on the southern part of the island and watch the plane fly just metres over your head before landing on the sandy-grass strip behind you. One warning about the plane you can only have a MAXIMUM 10kg as luggage, you can leave excess baggage at Victoria airport on Mahe with the police department for free as long you have a lock on the luggage.

This island is somewhere you can relax and completely forget the time of the day. The night time skyline and sunsets are stunning, as they are not being distrubed by and "false" lighting.

I can highly recommend this island anyone. It's PERFECT for childless couples who want to escpae.
If you have children they may get bored after 2-3 days if they want more "excitement" but if your children are at ease with nature then it'll be no problem.

Feel free to contact me via tripadvisor for any more tips, and I'll try to help."

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  • Travel date: Wed 28th of November 2007

Loved Bird Island

Reviewed Tue 25th of December 2012

"Being bird lovers this was heaven for us. Food was great and staff extremely friendly. Beautiful beaches, idyllic"

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  • Travel date: Fri 5th of October 2007

Beautiful, relaxing - I wish I was still there

Reviewed Mon 3rd of December 2012

"I wish my 1 week on Bird Island could have been a month! I had a lump
in my throat the day I left and really wish I was still there. The very small plane you arrive on gave a great sense of adventure, I loved the journey - flying low over the ocean gave some great photo opportunities.

The plane is met by Nick and Jo the lodge managers on the grass landing outside the main reception. After a small briefing we wondered off to our lodge – our bags had reached it before we had. We had number 26 the furthest away from the birds and the lodge and the moment I walked in I loved it! No keys and completely open to the elements and 30 yards from the most amazing beach!!! (No rocks or currents at all so not sure which island the previous reviewer was on!?) You could spend all day on the beach without seeing anyone else!

Out first night we had 28 lizards on the ceiling – and anything else that cared to join them so if you don’t like bugs/creepy crawlies this place isn’t for you!

We’re not into birds either and if I’m being completely honest I would have preferred the island without them but I defy anyone not to fall in love with this place. I knew about the noise of the birds at night so had taken earplugs – I would seriously recommend taking them if you are a light sleeper as the birds are loud but you stop hearing them after a few days.

We had giant tortoises outside our lodge most days which was great, the nature walk was ok for the first hour but I kind of lost the will to live after that – people just asking daft questions. Food was fantastic on Bird – very imaginative and different every night. Breakfast was lovely and lunch was as plentiful as dinner but for me rice, fish, curry and this kind of food is just a little too heavy for lunch so a few times I just asked for a small sandwich for lunch which they were fine about. The staff on Bird are just great! The best we encountered anywhere in the Seychelles. Jo and Nick the islands managers are such great hosts and lovely company. There really isn’t much to do on Bird apart from read, relax, walk, swim, fish, snorkel and sunbath – for me this was perfect and I left the most relaxed I’d felt in years (with a great suntan too!) All in all I would go back tomorrow!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 12th of June 2007

A different experience but not one we would personally repeat

Reviewed Mon 19th of November 2012

"It's probably worth us stating to start with that we don't really have any interest in birds, so we weren't here as nature-watchers. If nature is your thing, then you will love Bird Island. However, for those treating this as a regular relaxing holiday destination, we hope this review will be helpful.

We stayed three nights on Bird Island and it was a great experience, but we were glad to get off the island. The hotel was lovely, the staff very helpful and being cut off from civilisation was great. However it was just a little bit too natural and small for us. The sound of the birds does get to you after a while and your bedroom was full of living stuff all the time, some of which was less desirable that others.

The food was very good but we were bored of it after three days. It was also quite claustrophobic in the sense of the smallness of the hotel and hence number of guests. There wasn't an awful lot to do on the island, as is to be expected. if you're not hard-core into birds. The nature walk was interesting but was rather dominated by keen bird-watchers getting one up on each other with their knowledge. The sea was not great for swimming/paddling due to rocks and currents.

Just a tip - as you may expect, being a flat island in the middle of the ocean, heat became quite oppressive with little shade. Take plenty of sunscreen and hats. We ran out of sunscreen and the only cream they had on the island was SPF8 and very expensive.
In this heat we suffered for the lack of air con.

For non-twitchers, it's good for a few days as a different experience and to truly get away from it all. Any more than that you may start to develop island fever....."

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  • Travel date: Sun 15th of April 2007

True Paradise!

Reviewed Sun 4th of November 2012

"As the title says the Seychelles is truly Paradise and the same goes for Bird Island. 100 miles from Mahe you truly feel like Robinson Crusoe on Bird. There are 24 chalet style bungalows which are all pretty much the same (we were in number 9 which was just right for walking to the restaurant in the dark!), very well decorated with a huge bed, living area, shower etc...! No keys are given as there are only us the guests and staff on the island -oh, apart from all the birds of course!

The noise at night is incredible as sea birds don't sleep but you get used to it! Robbie is great and do take his nature tour as he really does point out things you would never see yourself. We saw turtles laying eggs which is the most incredible sight if you've never seen it before, fairy turn babies, noddy babies and the red foddies are beautiful too.

The food is lovely and there is plenty of choice whether you eat fish, meat or vegetarian. Everyone congregates at the bar in the evening which is really the only time you realise there are other people on the island! We could sit on part of the island all day and not see anyone except the game fishing boat coming and going.

You really don't need to take many clothes to Bird and the 10kg luggage allowance is more than enough (we still didn't wear half the stuff we took!). Day time seems to be just a swimming costume and evening is casual (long trousers for the guys though!).

If you truly want to get away from it all (no phones, no tv, no nothing!) then this is the place to go! We spent a week here which was just enough before going to Praslin (see Villas D'Or review).

We will certainly be returning to Bird as we felt it was just stunning!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of December 2006

Heaven on Earth!!

Reviewed Thu 1st of November 2012

"Wow – what can we say about Bird Island – absolute paradise! If you want to get away from it all and just relax, then this is the place. We spent five nights on Bird Island at the end of August 2006 for our honeymoon, after our marriage in Mauritius, and had the most amazing time – we cried when we had to board the plane back to Mahe.
The Bird Island experience starts with the incredible 30 minute plane journey from Mahe, you get onto a tiny little 20-seater plane (we sat just behind the pilot, our 20 month old daughter thought it was great!) and have an unbelieveable flight to Bird Island where you land on a small grass runway. On landing we were met by a lovely lady who led us over to reception (a few steps away!!!) to have a nice cool drink.
We stayed in Chalet 10 which was right near the restaurant. Our chalet was so spacious and spotlessly clean, there’s no air-conditioning but you don’t need it as the Chalet is very open with slatted shutters on the windows to let the breeze through and a ceiling fan above the four-poster bed. We found the noise of the birds at night very off-putting to start with, but soon got used to it and really missed it once we left the Island. Our daughter loved the gecko’s that climb up the walls in the evenings and still looks for them now we’re at home!!
The bird colony on Bird Island is incredible, we’d never seen anything like it, and we’d definitely recommend going on the nature walk with Robin the guide, he showed us things that we would never have seen on our own. Our daughter absolutely adored the giant tortoises that roam round the Island and it really made her day when we found Esmerelda outside our back door one morning!!!
The beaches on Bird Island are absolutely beautiful and completely untouched. Each time we went to the beach we didn’t see another person – incredible, and the water is crystal clear. We spent most of our time just walking along the beaches, swimming, building sandcastles etc. You feel like Robinson Crusoe on the Island as everything is just as nature intended it to be – no sunbeds, no pool – bliss!
The food in the restaurant is wonderful. Breakfast is served at your table by friendly waitresses – they loved our daughter and couldn’t do enough for her – then lunch is a Creole-style buffet and dinner is usually a European buffet. We loved every meal we had there – especially the puddings which were different each night – fab! We spent our evenings sat chatting in the bar and just enjoying the chilled out atmosphere.
We found all the staff on Bird Island to be so helpful and friendly, everything was so relaxed and laid-back. We felt relaxed the instant we landed on Bird Island and can’t wait to go back, it was the most incredible experience and we’d recommend it."

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  • Travel date: Wed 27th of September 2006


Reviewed Sun 4th of November 2012

"we were married on mahe and then flew to Bird Island for our
honeymoon. Just flying there was an experience, to see white powder
sands surrounding this tiny island in the "bluest" sea you have ever seen.
it took me a while to get used to the lizards and birds, and the lodge issued you with a torch for your walk home from the bar to your lodge, all you could hear walking in the dark was - crunch, crunch - which were the hundreds of crabs on your path home!
we saw turtles laying eggs, stingrays whilst we were swimming and we
had the whole beach to ourselves - not one other person!
the food was excellent, the lodge was comfortable, but the best thing of all is that you TOTALLY relax as there is nothing to do, no tv, no cars.
Since we have been to the Seychelles most island resorts have become over priced for the normal working class traveller, but this one we would definetly reccommend."

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  • Travel date: Fri 29th of July 2005


Reviewed Thu 1st of November 2012

"There is nowhere in the world like bird island. After a short (and rather choppy) flight from Mahe, you land on a grass airstrip. The Lodge is the only thing on the island - apart, of course, from the extraordinary sooty tern colony at one end of the island. This has to be seen to be believed. The accomodation is basic and now quite old, but it does have its own unique style. We had a bit of a problem with insects, since the chalets are open to the air, but they did their best to sort this out. More amusingly, we did have small birds flying into the chalet from time to time. The food is traditional and remarkably good given the limited resources at their disposal. The beach is fantastic. All in all, don't go here if you're looking for luxury, but do if you're looking for a unique experience."

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  • Travel date: Tue 14th of September 2004

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