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Reviewed 19th August 2011

"We booked having read the glowing reviews. Airport transfer (as recommended in reviews) left us in small square where we were accosted by two young boys wanting to take us down dark alleys (it was 9pm at night) to the Utopia, we declined until others said it was deffinately down that way. They then asked for 200 dirams after taking us down tiny alleys ie 4ft wide and under lots of low arches! On arrival the guy on reception just laughed and smiled and didnt tell the boys to leave us alone (we did give them 50 dirahm the next day. We asked if we could have dinner in the hotel and he said yes, so we unpacked and went to have dinner, no dinner its Ramadam! OMG we had to o back into the darkness to find food, he recommended somewhere - it was shut! DAy 1 We had an awful experience in the souks which ended in my husband being hit and then bricks picked up right by the hotel - yep right by the dark alleys local sawe him off and yes we paid him to walk us back to Utopia! On arrival back at the hotel in a state and shaking it took 3 attempts for me to get a drink to help calm us and ignored countless times. Thankfully we had a hamam booked (part of a a deal with a massage when booking) but didn't happen after nearly an hour of waiting and asking - told therapist sick having been told busy, with someone etc etc. Also didn't beleive us that we had it in our deal until he rang the boss to confirm it. Eventually another therapist did a massage for my very shaken hubby. We requested an escorted taxi out for dinner that evening they wanted 300 dirahms (30 each way is the maximum as quoted in Utopia book!) we eventually got it for 120, but they took another couple further away first, making us late and then on our return left us in the very square where the attack took place which is what we wanted to avoid at past 11 at night! Day 2 juice off and so was milk! Dune buggies booked for 10am 65euro each to pay when we left the hotel as we had checked when we booked. 10am no driver and he started ringing (Doubt it had even been booked!) told me he wanted to make me happy and no charge for buggies, i said i doubt he could make me happy given the previous days events. Guess what by past 11 we were finally on our way with the very driver that left us in the square high and dry! After nearly an hour into the dessert we arrived and company wanted 1200 dinahs each and cash! Thats nearly £100 each not what was agreed and we got taken back to the Utopia livid! Driver said talk to owner, he had already and that he would help us. Guess what apparently he doesnt speak english and the staff wouldn't let us speak to him! We left and they still charged us for the next 2 nights that we didn't stay - oh and tried putting over 50 euro of bar bills on that we hadn't had! Stayed in dearest room Night D'Arabie its next to bar & computer where they sit with music til gone midnight and woken by 7:30 as they set up breakfast as on ground floor. The smile of one of the staff (which has been mentioned) is irratating when you are livid and it made us feel that he was just laughing at the whole situation. There are great restaurants in Marrakesh look at the trip advisor list, NEVER go into the souks without an official guide, stay outside the Medina (Hivernage is nice we went to the Dellarosa and got a REAL suite) Failing that go to another country where you can feel safe and not harrassed CONSTANTLY. NIGHTMRE of a so called break. Perhaps the boss might read this an actually contact us and ha ha refund the money they took from us given the total breakdown in trust from his staff."

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  • Travel date: 13th August 2011
  • 2 Room
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