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  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • free internet
  • restaurant
  • bar lounge
  • fitness center
  • free parking
  • spa
  • business services
  • suites
  • wheelchair access
  • room service
  • air conditioning
  • meeting room
  • non smoking rooms
  • laundry service
  • flatscreen tv
  • concierge desk
  • banquet room
  • family rooms
  • multilingual staff
  • breakfast buffet
  • outdoor pool
  • conference facilities
  • private balcony
  • poolside bar
  • safe

Reviews summary

( 1270 reviews)
  • 1 room
  • 4 pool
  • 1 beach
  • 2 service
  • 1 value
  • 1 food
  • 2 cleanliness
  • 1 location

12 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Awful stay

Reviewed Mon 11th of July 2016

"This has to be the worst hotel i have ever stayed in, hotel guide too us to the Sook ( market) left us, gave us wrong directions back to hotel and we ended up in a shanty town, light bulbs blew and offered us candles, promised a gym as I'm a athlete but there was not one, rooms old and tired, food was the same every day, large holes in shower, terrible language barrier but did try to speak french and got told by reception I should learn Arabic or French properly.
WiFi was awful could never get a signal and our room over looked a waste ground with sess tanks.
The only think I could say was the pool was lovely and the weather "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 11th of July 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Location
  • 1 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

booked this hotel on the strength of it...

Reviewed Mon 14th of April 2008

" booked this hotel on the strength of its claims to be 5 star standard. Foolishly, I expected a degree of opulence, I was sorely disappointed.

In appearance, the hotel has a low quality of finish (nylon carpets for example), it was poorly decorated a number of years ago and has become grubby and chipped since.

Concerns raised by other reviewers are all true, the vents in the bathrooms bring a wiff of the sewers to the bedrooms, the staff are surly and seem to have no interest in British guests, the rooms were not properly cleaned. Our room was above the kitchen which was very noisy throughout the night.

There were a variety of outdoor facilities but think British holiday camp rather than La Manga, with line dancing and aqua aerobics being some of the activities taking place, but unless you are all inclusive you will be charged extra for pretty much everything. They do have a good pool if you can bear the pounding non stop techno coming from the poolside soundsystem and the pool staff bellowing at each other across the pool.

Sadly, the rude duty manager my girlfriend spoke to genuinely believed that this was a 5 star hotel which says to me he has no idea what a real 5 star hotel looks like. I don't know who has awarded this hotel 5 stars but I suspect it was Hotel Kenzi Semiramis themselves, it certainly wasn't michelin or the AA . My girlfriend thinks its akin to what we brits would consider 3 star, I personally think even that is a stretch.


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  • Travel date: Mon 14th of April 2008

Nice Place!

Reviewed Mon 15th of October 2012

"Smart airy reception no corridors open areas leading to rooms. Separate toilet/bidet from bath with shower over. Extensive buffet with friday Morrocan night with music & belly dancer. Long way from the square & Medina. But No 1 bus from outside the University takes you there for 7 Dirhams for 2, fixed price, the square is the terminus & you get the bus back from their. Lack of French a pain but we got by."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 10th of March 2008

Don't believe everything you read

Reviewed Fri 16th of November 2012

"Above expectations, particularly given reviews on Expedia as opposed to Tripadvisor. Hotel very good; language not a problem - if someone not unnaturally speaks only Arabic/French they will soon find someone to speak English. Yes the pool was cold but it was February! Highly recommend having regard to standard of accommodation, price and location."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 6th of March 2008

Great Hotel

Reviewed Sun 2nd of December 2012

"Having been allocated this hotel when our booked hotel was pulled by Kuoni i was worried having read some negative press about it as we have limited French . No problems with staff they were fantastic and the hotel is also fantastic we say book it and enjoy treat the staff as you want to be treated and you will have no problems"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 14th of February 2008

Charming Hotel

Reviewed Fri 9th of November 2012

"We booked this hotel through Expedia and did not really know what to expect. However, we were quite pleased with our experience at Kenzi. The buffet breakfast was good and food was abundant and varied. Our rooms were very clean and the hotel staff was very friendly and welcoming. The only unpleasant surprise was the cold water of the pool!! Clearly, they don't have a heated pool as advertized but we made sure to let them know on the first day we arrived but that did not change over the course of our stay. Overall, it is a very charming hotel and not far from the Medina. We enjoyed our walks even at dark. Dave"

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  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of January 2008

Perfect Holiday resort!

Reviewed Fri 9th of November 2012

"Just come back from a week long break at the Kenzi Semiramis Hotel in Marrakesh. Do not be put off by negative reviews the mrs and I were very close to changing hotels ater reading negative reviews but we were so happy we didn't. The hotel is lovely,spotless and very tropical. The staff are extremely helpful with good animation staff. I cannot speak French but this was not a major problem as everything is translated. This was one of the best short breaks I have ever been on. Just aquick note do not pay more than 100 Dh for the taxi to hotel from the airport - haggle and they soon give in. Taxis are oppsosite hotel and a very cheap way is to Hire them for a day and get them to show you the sights - wil cost you about £15............bargain. Back to hotel lovely pool, queen size beds and power showers rooms very clean and very big with balconies. Only 1 english channel - CNN but you wouldn't stay in??? - 3 good restaurants and very good accessibility to all major sights. Go to the Djmaa el Fnaa square at night it is awesome. Looking forward to go here again next year!!!!! Go for it excellent hotel!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 10th of November 2007

Terrible Place

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2012

"Very bad experience. Booked through Ryanair.

No working air conditioning in the room and all complaints ignored by reception staff. Very hot in room.
If you are not French nobody seems interested in you.

Hotel is not 5 star standard in my opinion. It is jaded. Approach is lined by a huge mound of rubbish. See photo.

Only one TV channel for English speaking guests (BBC World - a news program)

No towels for most of the day.

Blaring noise (maybe Eastern Music) from poolside loud speakers most of the day.

La Strada restaurant food is expensive and very poor quality.

Advertised as 20 minute walk to the Medina. more like an hour. Situated in a out of the way place that needed taxis to get most places."

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  • Travel date: Sun 14th of October 2007

simply awful food

Reviewed Sun 21st of October 2012

"This hotel is not ,I repeat, not ,5 star. We found the the reception staff quite unfriendly, some of the restaurant staff on the other hand were very friendly. If you do`nt speak fluent french they are not bothered. If you look closely you can see its not as clean as it should be, the pool area is lovely but freezing water, so it is not used as it should be. The food! Where shall i begin. Firstly it is very repetitive, it looks unappertising and the taste matches. We pushed most of it away, we simply could not stomach it. And to cap it all, my partner and myself developed stomach bugs and became quite poorly,as did a few of the other residents we spoke to. Needless to say, we would not recommend this hotel."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 10th of October 2007

Unfriendly place

Reviewed Fri 19th of October 2012

"I was relieved to get home after a week's stay at the Kenzi Semiramis in Marrakech.

The reception staff at the hotel were unfriendly and unhelpful to anyone who did not speak fluent French. There seemed to be a drainage problem as the smell from the bathroom was really bad a lot of the time. There was also thumping disco music throughout the night from about 9.30 p.m. until 4.30 a.m. which meant it was difficult to get any sleep. Then during the day there was loud disco music at the pool throughout the morning.

It was not only the hotel staff who were unfriendly, the locals did not appear to want British people around. We were told that before getting in a taxi you should negotiate a price for the journey and that you should offer half of the price suggested by the driver. We did this and each time the driver concerned was aggressive and seemed really annoyed but did agree to half the price. I don't know whether the advice given by the tour rep was correct or not so far as haggling was concerned in the circumstances but in the end we stopped going out because it was too stressful. We did not see the Thompson tour rep at all after the first day of the holiday so were completely on our own.

I do not think that British women in particular are welcome in this country. There seemed to be hardly any local women around and the cafes in particular were full of men. We were stared at alot when we went out during the day (even though we were dressed conservatively). We went to the souk which was not an open market as I had imagined but rather lots of small winding streets with traders shouting on both sides and motorbikes and horses and carts being driven fast down the middle of the streets meaning we had to keep jumping out of the way. We got very lost in those streets which was very stressful but thankfully a boy led us back to the square eventually.

This is not a country I would ever want to visit again. I think we should have been warned that British visitors and particularly women are just not welcome."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 18th of August 2007

Never again!!!

Reviewed Fri 16th of November 2012

"We have just returned from a holiday in Marrakech at the Kenzi Semiramis Hotel. We are a party of 3 girls (28-34 yrs old).
We have travelled around the whole world and have never experienced anything quite like it.
Unless you are fluent in French, do not bother. The attitude towards British guests is very rude and we are clearly not welcome. A rep said that they are aware of this and holiday companies are trying to improve the experience British holiday makers have in Marrakech and have been trying since October 2006 to "bring more British people out here". This seems to be for the local economy's sake not ours! She was clearly aware that we were not welcomed by locals and did not even ask our coach load if we had enjoyed our stay - (we had most certainly not!)

Both of our rooms were by no means 5 star! A repulsive sewage smell belched through the vents in the bathrooms throughout the day, making it impossible to stay in the room for any period of time.
Our towels from the bathroom were removed every morning at 8.30am in order to be changed, yet were generally not returned before 5pm. This was not hygienic and we would cretainly recommend you take one of two of your own.

The Reception Desk staff were extremely rude and at one point,(even though we were speaking in French to them, asking to rent the room safe) we were told to "kindly remove yourselves to over there" whilst they dealt with a French family instead.

The noise from the "Entertainment" staff was unacceptable. There was constant disco music pumping out around the swimming pool and a DJ shouting out whilst staff wandered around disturbing guests and pushing them into the pool. Fine if you are on that sort of a holiday, but a little annoying if you just want five minutes peace to read your book or sunbathe!

The disco music from their nightclub was very loud and went on until after 4.30am every night. We had to wear ear plugs in the end to get any sleep! Certainly not ideal if you are travelling with children (we were not).

The food was acceptable (although not very varied) and we enjoyed breakfasts which were served overlooking the pool (before the entertainment music started).

As is often the way, sunbeds were difficult to find after 7am, most guests having put out towels long before then. The poolside is very overcrowded so do not expect a quiet corner to yourself, beds were lined up like sardines!

There is very little to do locally and it is certainly not an area that females should walk around in. We did the obvious, souks, camel rides etc. which was fun but be careful that you don't get ripped off - some very harsh haggling is required!

Overall, not an enjoyable trip for us (other than the beautiful weather). Certainly not a place or hotel that we would recommend to British travellers."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 14th of August 2007

We will be going back.

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2012

"The Hotel,Staff,Rooms,food and service were 100% as far as we were concerned.
Maybe not 5 star for people from the U.K. but for North Africa yes.
There is a little bit of work going on in the sports area but so what, its improving all the time.
We spoke to many French people staying there and they were also very happy with the hotel.
We will be going back to this hotel hopefully later on this year."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 24th of April 2007

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    "Don't stay here it's not worth the money "

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