Eden Andalou Hotel Aquapark & Spa

Km 4, route d'Amizmiz, Marrakech 40000 Morocco
5 star hotel


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  • 3.5 room
  • 4 pool
  • 1 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3 value
  • 3 food
  • 3.5 cleanliness
  • 2.5 location

13 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

lovely hotel, shame about the staff. only go there to relax!!!


"the hotel itself was really nice, spotless and not over crowded. there were a few things which we wernt happy with. 1) you were not allowed to take your own food or drink in to the hotel and a 1.5 litre bottle of water was about £2.50- £3.00. 2) there never appeared to be many staff about, so you always had to wait, and when you did see them not all, but most of them were not friendly. I dont know whether this was due to a language barrier, but it was a common occurance through out our stay. 3) the hotel is situated about 12km away from the main medina not 3km which can cost up to £20 in a taxi. the "free" shuttle laid on finishes at 2000hr and does not return to collect you. the spaces are limited and you have to book in advance. there is a bus service if you cross the road outside the hotel, but that finshes at 2100hr. The pools are lovely, but the entertainment lacked a lot. the night we stayed in was very boring. it is a relaxing holiday, but can be quite costly towards the end. the 24hr menu is bland and the hotel charge an extra 4 euros per person per night on top of your room cost. the room we stayed in was amazing, you could not fault it. im not sure about the kids club. there were quite a few children there, and they seemed happy enough. and lastly the internt is charged by the hour at 60 dirhams. i think this is very expensive when you can get it for 4 dirhams in the medina. i hope this helps."

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  • Travel date: Tue 10th of August 2010

Lovely - except for the complete lack of atmosphere, overpriced extras and nowhere near Marrakech


"We booked a last minute holiday and this seemed to best fit the bill. Unfortunately, we thought wrong - the hotel itself was undeniably well fitted and rooms pleasant and clean but this is where the positives end.

The hotel was at least 9km out of town and an infrequent shuttle bus (which has to be
pre-booked!) was far from ideal. If you want to go to town for dinner or the night market, you will HAVE to get a taxi and it will cost you around £10 every time even with haggling! It would have been much better for us to have saved the money we spent on taxis and to have stayed in a better hotel in town!!!!

The 'fitness center/sauna' etc is not included at all, you have to pay to use the gym and indoor swimming pool and all of this is at a ridiculous cost. Internet is chargable, a beer is abut £4.20ish (thats for half a normal size bottle) and the price of water changes
on a daily basis depending on the member of staff and whether or not they feel like
keeping your change!

All in all it is definitely NOT a 5* hotel - there is no entertainment, most of the restaurants/bars are closed due to a lack of guests and aside from sitting by the pool there is absolutely nothing to do in the hotel itself. It is in the middle of nowhere and
to be honest feels like a ghost town.

Oh and we were also promised to be able to watch the England world cup match and guess what? They couldn't accomodate us and 13 others because one local wanted to watch Algeria. They only relented when we asked for a taxi into town and even then we only got to watch the second half - the receptionist denied all knowledge of ever being
asked about the football right in front of our faces! Not good!!!

This place could be great if only the managers would perhaps try and put a bit more energy into customer service and the whole 'moroccan' experience, instead of trying to trap you at the hotel so your money can be spent lining his pocket..."

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  • Travel date: Fri 9th of July 2010

Great hotel!


"We stayed for 4 nights B&B:
- Very attractive and modern hotel, it actually looks like the photos on their website except for the Atlas Mountains back drop - that is fake lol.
- We had lunch in the hotel twice - very reasonably priced and good quality food. About £6 for a club sandwich and chips.
-Swimming pools are lovely and big.
-Free shuttle bus to the town centre and back - you HAVE to book this each time, we simply block booked it for every evening at 8.00pm but made our own way back I think the last bus back is quite early.
-From airport to hotel its about 15 mins taxi ride. PAY NO MORE THAN 150 DIRHAMS. They will try to change you a lot more.... 150 is the price you should pay.
- Hotel is about 10 mins away from the Medina, THIS REALLY IS NOT A PROBLEM!
-There is an ATM in the hotel.
-Alcohol is very expensive in the hotel - we bought some duty free to take with us. A Vodka will set you back about £10.
-Customer service skills not strong but not terrible. Ive had a lot worse. I think its because the hotel is still new. I also think it could be down to the fact their English language skills are poor. The speak French and Arabic.
- If you want a nice, quiet relaxing break I really would recommend... its beautiful!
There are plenty of cool bars and restaurants about that serve alcohol. We went to Silver (nightclub) it was fab.
At the airport they DO NOT accept DIRHAMS. Only EUROS. Duty free can only be purchased in Euros. The only place you can get rid of them is in the cafe bars.
The Medina is truly excellent, we got some right bargains!
Taxi from the Medina to the hotel should cost also no more then 150 dirhams. We did get it fot 120 one night.
-There is a gym in the hotel but you have to pay £10 per day.
-No need to take beach towels, they are provided FOC
-There is a safety deposit box in the room
-Beware of mosquitos
-WIFI is not free.... there is a daily charge if you want it."

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  • Travel date: Mon 28th of June 2010

Peace, quiet and high quality


"Marrakech is an exciting and exhausting place to visit. That's why we were happy we had chosen this high quality hotel in a quiet location 9 km outside of town where we could relax and unwind by the pool or by the fireplace and enjoy the view of the Atlas Mountains. And getting into town was no problem with the free shuttle bus. Service was great and the staff were friendly. All the rooms are junior suites -- starting at 40 m2. The decoration is stylish with a lot of traditional Moroccan elements like rugs and tiles."

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  • Travel date: Tue 9th of February 2010

beautiful hotel with staffing problems.


"I have just read a couple of very negative reviews, which I feel are unfair to the senior management and to the facilities provided by this beautiful hotel. For the most part the staff were friendly and helpful, although not up to 5 star standard. We, too, had problems with money exchange at reception, but only once and with one member of staff. We found the shuttle bus a boon and the driver always came into the hotel to check for passengers and did not depart until after the due time. The plus points were lovely rooms with excellent housekeeping, a glorious pool and poolside service, the shuttle bus and excellent cocktails. Witer service in the restaurant was hit and miss, but we decided not to let it spoil the visit and realised that the management were aware of the situation, and were doing their utmost to put things right. We had two wonderful meals in the gorgeous Fez restaurant on the Friday evenings, which were special Moroccan nights. All in all we had a very enjoyable holiday at Eden Andalou and, having paid roughly £75 per night for a mini suite including breakfast, the value could not be faulted. During our trip we visited other hotels in the area,including Jardins de la Koutoubia, Le Meridien and Atlas Asni. The first two named were luxury hotels and very expensive, but served excellent food. The service also was good. The brasserie at Atlas Asni was very good , although their ribeye steak was not as succulent as the two I had at Eden Andalou! The cocktails in Jardins de Koutoubia were disappointing. Finally, no matter where you are in Marrakech it is useful to speak French and Eden Andalou does not cater as well as it might for English speakers, having no notices around the hotel in any language other than French"

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  • Travel date: Fri 25th of September 2009

Faites Attention/Beware


"On the face of it this is a beautiful hotel, with good pool facilities and spacious,clean bedrooms, however a hotel is only as good as its staff and certainly in a hotel which purports to be a five star hotel, it is the staff that make the difference.

Unfortuately i had several unpleasant experiences with the reception staff in this hotel who were basically very dishonest. I was told that i could not get an outside line from my bedroom and was told i would need to call from reception i was then asked for an extortionate amount for a five minute call i made to France, when i supplied my card for payment i was told that they would only take cash, suscpecting something was amiss, i insisted on a bill for the call, which they were unable to supply, my sister in whose name the booking was made was then harassed for payment by the reception staff ( basically they were pocketing the money). Other numerous incidents included being short changed when using the recption foreign exchange service. The general attitude of the reception staff towards us ( we were three sisters staying there for a birthday treat) left a great deal to be desired.We ordered the shuttle bus for 6pm. the bus left without us at one minute to six, and when i asked the reception to call the driver of the bus who had just left to ask him to wait the person on reception just started laughing.Several guests had slipped one morning on a newly washed floor and again when i mentioned this to recpetion i was met with laughter. i am someone who has travelled a great deal, but even allowing for cultural differences the attitude was disgraceful. i certainly would not recommend this hotel to women travelling by themselves. Further problems included;

We paid and booked for a room for three adults, but we were given a room with two adults bed and a child bed.

We were unable to lock the patio door going out into the patio area.

If you book this hotel on some amazinglly cheap promotional offer then you may be happy to put up with the inadequacies, but if you have paid five star prices you are going to be extremely disappointed."

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  • Travel date: Mon 7th of September 2009

Not Recommended


"The hotel was 9-10 km out of Marrakesh...an inconvenience to start with. The hotel and resort itself was made well but shame about the service. The restaurant food was sub standard, service was amateurish, maids used and swapped towels (used with make up) to renew bathrooms, room service was slow. If you do not speak French or arabic, this place becomes a nightmare. If they continue their service as they do, they will surely close down soon. Not recommended, There are far better hotels closer to marrakesh,"

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  • Travel date: Wed 16th of September 2009

Too far out


"The good:

- This is a very nice hotel, the rooms are lovely and the staff are very helpful and friendly. We did however book a room with two double beds and ended up with a room with two single beds pushed together.
- Pools were nice and quiet.

The bad:

- Location is awful. You are a 20 minute bumpy ride into the centre, and though the shuttle bus is free from the hotel, there is no air conditioning on it. The shuttle bus runs 4 times a day to the centre and it can get very crowded. Due to poor location , we felt we were at the mercy of the hotel. Although there are two/three restaurants in the hotel, they all have the same menu and we started to get very tired of the food after a week of eating pretty much the same thing.
- The restaurants also have a big fly problem, this made eating there a nightmare.
- Only a few members of staff can speak English, and even then it is limited, as such, communicating can get tiresome and frustrating.
- There is a charge to use the indoor pool which I was very disappointed with.
- Spa was fairly expensive.

Overall, I would not stay at this hotel again based on location, it was too far out with nothing within walking distance."

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of August 2009

Nice Hotel


"Nice Hotel I had a good week, the restaurant has nothing to say , welcome staff, green pool, except that the location is far , but I think it's a good destination for families, good continuation"

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  • Travel date: Tue 14th of July 2009

Think very carefully before going to this hotel


"Ok on the plus side: Absolutely beautiful bedrooms with lounge (3 setees, which i believe convert to beds for families) great bathroom and seperate toilet. Superb swimming pools, with comfy cabinas if you want a siesta in the shade.
Their spa is great both me and my husband had some lovely treatments.
Now the minus: It is about 15 minute journey to the main square, yes they have a free bus service every couple of hours, which is handy. Most nights the last pick up is 9.30 pm, however last night it had changed to 11.30 pm
One night we got a cab back-cabs are not cheap, arrived at the hotel 12.30 pm, no outside lights on so couldn't see the money to pay the cab. Inside lights switched off-5 star-no
First day we had lunch, at the only place open there to eat at lunchtime, and was charged for an extra cesar salad. They said they would inform reception immediately as we were putting it on the room bill. Luckily my time in Marrakech served me well and as much as they did not want to put the refund in writing I insisted. On checking out, no body had spoken with reception and no note of refund. Breakfast, not great, i noticed the sugar puffs all clumped together, so reckon same bowl all week. Croissants, bread, and a meagre selection of fruit. Not great quality, if you paid extra you could have sausages!! looking at them i wouldn't bother. The food definately not 5 star, more like 3 star. Ate in the same restaurant one night, Buffet style, again very 3 star, and not a great choice, the only other choice was the Fes restaurant, which had no menu displayed outside, so draw your own conclusions. Bar du soleil, closed every time we went for a drink, Jazz bar very pleasant though. Pool bar closed, went to the restaurant we had eaten in to get some drinks, as the pool boy, was dedicated to his stool, and not his job to get drinks. Was told to go to the jazz bar, ended up going to the room to get room service cokes 35 dirham around 3 euros.
There are plenty of staff there, but they are mainly doing nothing or talking. Definately not a 5 star , i would rate the service and food as 3, would I go back , definately not. The place should be closed, it was very quiet, maybe in the busier season it is better. If you are looking for a spotlessly cleaned hotel with great pool and bedrooms fine, just don't bother eating and drinking there, would recommend being nearer to life. forgot to mention unbelievably slow internet."

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  • Travel date: Fri 19th of June 2009

Great time


"We came to Marrakesh for the first time with the children and we wanted to experience the full spirit of the town and culture, but we felt an all inclusive hotel was the safest solution.
The hotel was good: rooms are big and clean. Food was the right balance between typical Moroccan and international food.
The entertainment team was great and involved all family in lots of different activities; during the day yoga, aqua gym, Zumba or volleyball, football and water polo!!! In the evening dance, show and games. And if you are not tired enough the disco after 11!!
The only negative side of the hotel is the lack of WiFi connection, but again you are on holiday!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 6th of June 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

I supply the facts, make up your own mind, contact me to know more


"This hotel has good points and bad points, also tips for your stay...

If you like a cup of tea in your room, bring kettle, tea bags and powdered milk, no tea, milk hot water available on site to take to your room.

Bring your own sun bed towels, hotel charge £20 if you lose theirs, all the towels are old and colored and all look the same so yours will go if you don't keep your eye on them.

When exiting the bus in town, get your excursions from the locals and only pay when done.
One couple had paid £110.00 upfront for the Ouzoud falls from the reception, they got driven around Marrakech, took for a meal then back to the hotel, only got £50.00 compensation.
We used transport touristic, Mohamed 00 212 6 66 01 36 29

Buy bottles of pop and snacks from shops in town, you will go hungry and thirsty in hotel if you don't.

On your last day, don't go for your last meal until just before it closes, they cut off your band then everything stops, no drinks or anything after that.

Good points..
Everywhere is clean, rooms are big and clean, food tastes nice, all staff are friendly, adult night entertainment is good, adult day entertainment is ok, sun beds ok, pools good size.

Bad points....

Hotel is 8 miles away from any civilization, transfer bus does 10 trips per day, holds 17 people and must be booked the day before to ensure a place, taxis are about £15.00 to and from town.

Hotel charge £1.00/min for local phone calls.

Small bottle of lager from Fes Bar is £5.00.

Excursions from the hotel cost twice the amount from anywhere else.

Hotel shop is very expensive (Asda £3 plastic hair brush shop £15) no other shops around.

Snack bar consists of croissants and other rolls, no junk.

Breakfast consists of 10 things to choose and does not change from day to day.

Lunch consists of 15 things and same every day.

Evening dinner consists of 20 things and same every day with only two types of cakes,

No children's food.

Same utensils used by staff and people no good for nut allergies or vegetarians, not much choice for vegetarians.

No free bottled drinks, all soft drinks are on tap and use tap water with syrup, water supplied via water fountains and sometimes empty.

All free cocktails use rum and lemon cordial, no fresh juice to drink.

To take soft drinks to your room you need to pay £3.00 per can from the Fes Bar, Fes Bar do not accept money and charged to your room you may be overcharged if you settle your bill and leave for airport before the bar is open to question the bill.

Moroccan restaurant must be booked the day before and choice of food ordered at that point.

No children entertainment through the day, half hour children entertainment at night.

Daytime drinks at pool bar 200 yards away from main area.

Gardens consist of paths to rooms with trees and grass.

Hotel 3 star at best.

Pleats contact me for any more info..."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 17th of September 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Location
  • 1 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 2 Value
  • 2 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness
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